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There is a fine line between being in control and losing all self control . . .
Sleep did not come easy last night. My dreams conflicted between remorse for taking advantage of my teenage granddaughter and unbridled lust for sex with a young girl. Sometimes I’d dream of being caught by my wife while naked and ravaging the girls and other dreams showed that I was trying to devise a plan for including all 3 girls in my dangerous new game. In order to ease my conscience I promised myself that I wouldn’t take advantage of Kellie.
I awoke from a fitful sleep about 5:30 that morning. And to prove that I had lost the battle between right and wrong I had an erection. I turned and saw Amy sleeping soundly next to me. Without an instants hesitation I moved to her and slid the covers down to uncover her sleeping body. I slowly pulled up her tee shirt to expose her lovely breasts. I reached across her to fondle one while I brought my lips to the nipple in front of me. I gently massaged one breast while licking and nibbling the nipple of the other. This elicited a moan and she stirred, about to awaken.
“Uummm, that feels good!”
Emboldened I let my hand leave her breast and trace its way slowly down her stomach to the waist band of her shorts.

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   I gently slid my hand fingers across her mound to her treasure. I cupped her and lightly rubbed up and down and then divided her lips with my middle finger, feeling the moistness within.
This was a reenactment of the last diabolical dream I had. I would awaken before anyone else and begin to fondle Amy before she awoke and might perchance protest. And by leaving my bedroom door open last night, we would be plainly visible to the other girls when they awoke and made their way past my room. In this way I would provide them with an opportunity to do one of 2 things: passively observe or actively participate.
She was spreading her legs and providing me with easy access and I chose to interpret this as a sign that she was open to whatever I wanted to do. I shifted to my right, my knees at her side, and began to rise up as I licked and kissed my way towards her mound. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt her hand wrap around my engorged penis, and she began to stoke me as she continued to moan.
I slid her shorts down and threw them off of the bed. Then I leaned forward and reached my objective. I lightly stroked her clit with my tongue and returned to fingering her. I added a second finger to further please her. I was once again overtaken by the taste of this lovely young woman. I licked and sucked her clit and labia, withdrew my fingers and tasted her as I sucked on them as well.

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   And while I enjoyed having her stroke and fondle my cock, I had to move away from her so that I could position myself below her and place my hands under her to raise her up so that I could devour the pussy that I intended to fuck!
I was lost and I knew it. I planned to bring her to an orgasm and before she could protest, I would move up and thrust myself into her. I terribly wanted to feel her tight young cunt around my cock as I stroked myself to orgasm! And I had to fight the urge to forget her pleasure and to worry only about mine!
“Grampa, Amy, what are you doing?”
I stopped cold! That was Jenny’s voice. It was the moment of truth!
I turned to see the girls standing at the entry of my bedroom. Jenny was dressed like Amy had been and Kellie had on a long nightgown. I saw a look of disbelief in their wide eyes and wondered how they saw me at this moment. I wanted to scream “GET OUT!” because I wasn’t finished but once again the rational side of my psyche came to the fore front and I let the adrenaline rush subside.
Then I heard Amy say “Its okay girls. Grampa knows our secret. ”
Oh my god, she’s going to help me!
The girls stood motionless, staring at me. I smiled and said “You have to trust me. I saw you all together last night. And like I told Amy, there’s nothing wrong with being curious. And I heard about Amy’s disappointment in the experience she had with her friend Matt. I thought I could help by teaching you.

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   If you trust me I promise I won’t disappoint you. Does that sound okay?”
They looked at Amy and then at each other. Jenny said “I guess so . . . ”
“While I watched you last night I could see that Amy and Jenny like being licked down there. I decided to help Amy last night and now I’m helping her tingle again! Would you like to come and watch?”
Slowly, hand in hand, they moved towards us. When they reached the side of the bed they stopped and stared. I realized they were looking at my erection.
The girls had watched their mother having sex and had become curious. Then as they experimented and watched each other they became jealous, not wanting to be left out. Each wanted to try what the other enjoyed.
I returned to the business at hand and continued to work on Amy’s pussy. My fingers were inserted all the way so I was able to stimulate her g-spot. “Amy honey, yesterday I heard you and Jenny tell Kellie what to do and how to do it.

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   I want you to tell me what you want also. ” That elicited the desired response from her.
She brought her hands to my head and said “Your fingers make me feel so good! Lick me some more. Oh yeah, oh that feels good!” I could feel her legs tense and her grip on my head tightened. I lightly licked her clit as I pressed my fingers up inside her. The she moaned and I could feel her body tense and spasm as it hit her! “Oh my god, this is the best one yet! Oh my god! That’s perfect!” When her orgasm subsided she relaxed and I pulled away and she began to touch herself.
I slowly inched my way up her torso, licking and kissing until I reached her breasts. I gently worked over each one and then I rolled over and lay on my back. I propped myself up on some pillows and used a finger and thumb to hold my erection. I stroked it at the base while pointing it straight up. “Amy, would you suck on me?”
She turned over, moved down and began to stroke my penis.
I decided to try and lure the others in. “Girls, why don’t you climb up on the bed so that you can get closer and have a better view?”
Amy lowered her head and began to lick the head of my penis. “What’s this slippery stuff?”
“That’s called pre-cum. When a man gets excited he gets an erection.

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   Then the body provides pre-cum to make the penis slippery so that it will be easier to enter a woman. ”
Jenny said “Can I see?” and she moved closer.
Here’s my chance. “Jenny, would you like to touch it? Go ahead, I’d like you to. It’s alright. ”
Amy let go as Jenny crawled closer and took me in her hands. She was holding it very gently like she was afraid it might break. “It’s so hard!” She tightened her grip and slowly stroked it. “What does it taste like?”
This was better than I’d had dreamed. “Lick it and taste it . . . its okay . . .

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She bent down and licked the head and then she licked her lips. “It’s not bad . . . can I suck on it?”
“Oh please do!” was my reply.
She opened her beautiful lips and took the head into her mouth. Just like her sister she performed as I’m sure she had observed. Her fist was wrapped around it and she stroked the base as she kept her lips just above her fingers. And her tongue was on the underside massaging it. This was awesome! I was torn between offering words of encouragement or just letting her continue and shutting the fuck up! I chose the latter. She was doing a good job of it and I was worried that I might cum and then we might be done. “Jenny honey, you’d better stop for a moment. You’re doing it just right and it feels so good that I’m afraid I might cum. ”
Then the devil rose up again! “Can I try?” It was Kellie.
I looked at her and really wanted her to take me in her mouth and suck me, but in order to reconcile at least some of the conflict between morally right and morally wrong I had to try to show some restraint.

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   “I think you should wait a little while before you try it. Maybe you can try it later. Right now I’d like to let Jenny practice and then I’ll help her tingle.

    “Oh come on Grampa, that’s not fair! How come you let them and not me?”
    “Kellie honey, you’re really not old enough yet!”
    “But they let me lick them and they say I’m good! Come on Grampa, Please?”
    I was fucked! “Okay honey, but just for a little bit . . . ”
    Jenny moved aside and like a child going for chocolate Kellie moved closer and put her little hands on me. Following her sisters lead she began to stroke me. She appeared mesmerized and started to move forward to put her mouth on me. I had to draw the line.
    “Kellie honey, I promise I’ll let you do that later, but now right now. Is that okay?”
    “Do you really promise?” I nodded. “Okay . . .

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    I asked Jenny, “Would you take off your clothes for me?”
    I was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t hesitate to pull off her tee shirt and pull down her shorts. Her breasts aren’t as full as her older sister’s, but her nipples looked bigger. Now that she was naked and close I could see that her bush was not nearly as thick as Jenny’s. The hair was fine and sparse. It was fuller above her vulva and very sparse around her labia. And to my surprise, Kellie, who didn’t want to be left out, quickly removed her nightie. The contrast of her hairless body was exciting. Seeing her bald mound so intrigued me that I could feel my self slipping further into hell. The sight of her naked body so close started to further erode my confidence that I could keep from touching her.
    I turned my attention back to Jenny “Would you like me to pleasure you like I did with Amy?”
    “Yeah . . . ”
    “I saw you fingering yourself yesterday, would you lay on your back and touch yourself again? Show me what makes you feel good and when you’re ready, ask me to lick you. ”
    She lay down and closed her eyes as she began to lightly finger her labia. I could see that she was wet and watched her fingers spread her lips as they spread her moistness.

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       Then her finger moved up to her clitoris and she pulled the hood back to expose it. She used her other hand to lightly tease her exposed clit. I began to stroke myself as I watched the teenager masturbate. After just a minute or so she said “Would you lick me now?”
    I moved between her legs and began to explore her private area. She was very wet and I leaned forward and tasted her mucus. She was different from her sister, not as thick and a bit sweeter. As I licked her I inserted a finger and even though she was very tight, I had no trouble entering her. I was so excited and now I desperately wanted to cum.
    My peripheral vision allowed me to observe Amy and Kellie. They both had their hands between their legs and were absent mindedly rubbing themselves.
    “Honey, I really want you to suck on me again. Let me show you something I really like. I can lick you at the same time you’re licking me. ” I had Jenny sit up and turn so that she was straddling my chest facing my erection. “Now lean down and suck on me and I’ll lick you.

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       When I’m ready to cum, I’ll tell you. If you don’t want to taste it, then you can stop sucking and just stroke me, okay?”
    “Okay . . . ”
    She leaned forward and her cheeks opened to expose her beautiful cunt and little brown hole. Because she is so short I had to struggle to bring my mouth to her. So I used my fingers to stimulate her between intermittent licks. I was in her mouth again and she was slowly working up and down my cock. It felt so good and I couldn’t hold out any longer.
    “That feels so good that I’m going to cum! Stroke me honey, please make me cum . . . ”
    She lifted her head and tightened her grip as she worked my shaft. Then as I came I said “Oh yeah, keep stroking! Oh that’s great honey, perfect!” I was shooting cum and it ran down to her hands as the other girls watched. When I was finished I said “Now let me finish with you.


      ” Jenny returned to her back and spread her legs. I moved to her and resumed licking and kissing her lips and clit. After a few minutes she tensed and said “Lick me slower, yeah, like that! Oh, yeah . . . ” and she had her first orgasm by me.
    I was spent and said “That was wonderful girls. Just remember that we can’t let anyone know about what we’ve done together, okay?”
    In unison they said “Okay Grampa. ”
    Then I suggested that we all take showers and go out to nice breakfast.
    I knew that tomorrow my wife would be returning. So I had one more evening to play with my girls and I didn’t know when I get another chance to have them all to myself.
    After we had eaten I decided that I couldn’t take them home because I’d be tempted to go after them again. We went shopping for new clothes and treats and spent an uneventful rest of the day together.
    Thinking about this upcoming evening I made one special stop on the way home. I parked about a block away from a porno shop and told the girls I’d be right back.

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