Grandma catches me in her Stockings


Topic: Grandma catches me in her StockingsI was only 16 years old. and staying over at Grandmas place like so many times before. I'd ben doing it since I was very young and it usually happened at least once a month. sometimes more. I suppose it gave mum and dad a break and a bit of time on their own as well. Even though I was getting older I didnt mind going over because Grandma used to spoil me rotten, especially since Grandpa had died about 2 years prior. I suppose she turned her affections to the rest of her family after that. Anyway, it was late on a saturday night, we'd been watching TV a bit and I was slightly embarassed a couple of times when there were sexy scenes on the show we were watching. Embarrassed because of the content, but also because I'd noticed that Grandma was wearing her usual stockings and suspenders. Every now and then I'd catch a glimpse as she moved around the house, and her skirt would swish up a little. In her very early 50's only, Grandma still managed to look quite stunning and often I'd find myself fighting off an erection with her around. Her job was as a PA to a high-powered execitive so she sure knew how to present herself in the best possible light. Sometimes I'd sneak into her room while she wasnt around and sniff the many pairs of high heels, and once or twice I even tried on her stockings and shoes myself. I loved the feel of the nylon on my skin and I sometimes fantasised about having her catch me while I was doing it. I excused myself from the tv and went to the bathroom. There, hanging up over the shower rail, was a pair of her black stockings.

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   She must have washed them out earlier in the day and hung them up to dry. I felt them with my hand, they were so soft and silky. I couldnt resist it, and I sat down and pulled my jeans off and tried them on. . . As always I loved the feeling, the stretchiness of the nylon, and the way it made my leg feel so good. I must have lost track of time and the nest thing I knew the door handle turned and Grandma walked in. . . "Oh my God, what are you doing?"She stood and looked at me in stunned silence. My legs fully covered in her black stockings, and my hand furiously pumping away at my engorged cock. . "Oh umm, Oh god, I'm so sorr. . .

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  . "She put a silencing finger to my lips and said"It's OK baby, I understand, young boys like you have very strong urges, and I know that sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands unexpectedly"She then leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. She'd kissed me before of course, but this time it was different. A lot softer, and more sensual. Then she did it again and then whispered into my ear"Would you like me to help you out?"I couldn't believe what I was hearing. . Grandma? But?. . . She lifted me up to a standing position and kissed me again, but this time it was more passionate and I felt her hand stroke my hard cock. Slowly at first and then a little more as she tracked her way up and down its full length. "I know this is wrong baby, but Grandma Mary hasnt had any fun for a few years now and isnt it better to keep it all in the family so to speak? Let me show you just how wonderful sex can be. I know you're hot for me, I've watched you masturbate through the door a lot of times and each time I so desperately wanted to come in and lick that hot spunk off you as it spurted out. This time I'm going to do all that, and more. .

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  . ""But grandma, we shouldn't be doing this, surely?""Maybe not, but we both want it, and I understand you better than anyone else, so come along and lets make each other happy"She pulled me closer to her and then led me to her bedroom. With only a soft light on she looked absolutely stunning as she slowly removed her clothes. Eventually she stood there in just a bra and her stocking and suspenders. She stepped into a pair of patent black stilettos with massively high heels and paraded around in front of me. "Not bad for a woman of my years am I?" she said. She didnt really need to ask the question because my massively twitching cock answered for me. "Now, I know you've got a bit of a thing for ladies undergarments etc, I know that some of my stuff has been disturbed over the years when you've stayed here. But don't worry, thats fine with me, in fact it quite turns me for some reason. So that you don't have to live your life denying your fetish, we'll play it out tonight. . . Leave those stockings on and put these shoes on as well"She offered me a pair of black slingbacks with only a small heel and I slid them on. I knew they'd fit, I tried them once before myself, although I had to wonder how she knew they'd fit me?"Now put on these panties and bra as well, I want you to feel like a lovely little sissy girl, then we can be two girls together"I meekly submitted to her requests but couldnt deny that she'd nailed my fetish squarely first time, and I was getting incredibly turned on. "My god you look gorgeous, so cute.

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  . and those panties dont have a hope of restraining that beast that you've got in them"I started to relax a bit now and enjoy myself. I felt completely safe, and I was more exceited than I'd ever been in my life. I walked around the room feelling so sexy and horny and Grandma grabbed me and we kissed passionately and fell onto the bed. "Now baby, this is strictly between you and I OK. We'll have some fun here tonight and never speak of it again. But for now, anything you want is OK with me, nothing is out of bounds"I could barely believe what I was hearing, but I certainly didnt object as her mouth found its way down to my cock. She released it from its nylon prison and then slowly took it into her mouth. I looked down and I could see the entire length sliding in and out as she sucked the shaft. I'd never had a blow job before and it only took a moment or two and I could feel myself starting to explode. "Ohhhh. . . :"She quickly grabbed the base of the shaft and held back my imminent ejaculation. "Not yet baby, Grandma Mary wants you to enjoy it some more first" and then she resumed her ministrations on my swollen member.

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   Her tongue found its way into all parts of my cock and I felt like I was in heaven as she devoured it in front of me. I couldnt wait any longer though and my back arched as the first spasms of my orgasm kicked in"Ok baby give me all that lovely sticky cum, give it to Grandma" she shouted as wave after wave of ejaculate spurted out of my cock and she directed it all over her tits. I'd never seen so much before and it dripped down in long rivers off her hard nipples and settled in pools on her tan coloured stockings. . . "Oh Grandma, that was fantastic, oh god. . . . ""Yes baby I know it was, and the best thing is that being so young, you're still hard. . . do you know what Grandma Mary would like now?"I smiled at her and nodded 'yes'She wiped the cum off her breasts and positioned herself over the edge of the bed, legs apart and facing away from me. She put her hand back between her legs and guided my cock inside her. With one movement I was inside, and I heard her gasp as my full length entered her.

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  "Oh fuck me baby, fuck me, Grandma Mary needs to be fucked good and hard"I didnt need any prompting and started to stroke inside her. I didnt want to cum again too soon and I went slowly at first with long measured strokes, each one fully in and then almost completely out. After a few minutes she started panting and said"C'mon baby, more, more, more. . . faster, faster, faster. . . "I upped the pace a bit and we both started to maon and groan, filled with the intense pleasure of our own bodies. I felt her start to go a little weak at the knees and she started to scream"Oh go, oh god, oh god. . . " and then I heard her give a huge moan and she collapsed on the bed. My cock fell out of her as she fell onto the bed but it didnt matter as my own orgasm was close at hand and once again huge spurts burst out of my cock all over her ass and down her legs. Some even splashed onto my own legs dripping down the lovely stockings that Grandma Mary had caught me wearing only 30 minutes prior.

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  I climbed up on the bed next to her and kissed her softly. "Was that OK? I'm sorta new to this""Baby, that was wonderful. . . and Grandma's very happy that you're staying here all night tonight I can tell you. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . ".

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