Grandma's Love


"Where are you Grandma," I yelled back. "I'm in the bathroom, get my robe in the bedroom before you come in here. "I ran to the bedroom and got the robe off the bed then ran down the hall to the bathroom. I stopped in my tracks when I saw my grandmother, naked, in the tub. "Turn your eyes away while I put my robe on. ""Are you alright Grandma?" I said as I tossed her the robe. "Yes, I don't think I hurt myself. These old bones won't let me get up. Now turn away. "I turned away, but not before I got a quick look at her naked body. Her skin was kinda wrinkled and her apple size breasts drooped. I did not see her pussy. "OK, Bobby come help me. "I helped her out of the tube. The robe gaped open slightly and I got another glance at her little tits. I took her to her room and she lay down on the bed.

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   The robe parted around her legs and I saw most of her pale thighs. My dick started to get hard and I got embarrassed. She patted the bed beside her and I set down. "Thanks baby, I don't know what grandma would do without you. "She put her hand on my leg near the crotch. "I just glad you are alright," I said, my dick making a bulge in my jeans. "I see you all grown up now and like to look at a women's titties. "I looked down at her in shocked surprise. "I. . . uh. . . .

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  I. . . ," I did not know what to say. "Your old grandma gave you a hard on didn't she?"She squeezed the rock hard bulge in my pants. I decided to play along. "Yeah grandma, you sure did. ""You are really hard. You want to see grandma's pussy?""Yeah," I said wondering how far this was going to go. She raised the robe and bunched it around her skinny hips. She spread her legs. Her pussy mound was plump and perfect. The hair covering the top and the sides of the lips was spare and gray and black. I have never seen another pussy as pretty and inviting as that of my grandmother. I stared at it.

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  "You can touch it if you like," she said as she started to jerk my dick through my jeans. "I know you won't take money from me so maybe I can give you something else, OK?"I nodded and put my hand on her beautiful pussy mound and rubbed up and down her slit. Her hips jerked. "Nobody has fucked me for more than 4 years, Bobby. Would you like to fuck grandma with this big dick of yours?"Again I nodded, as she pulled her robe off. "Then take your clothes off," she said. I quickly did as I was told, all the while never taking my eyes off her tiny naked body. I was a little embarrassed to face her with my naked dick sticking out in front of me like a flag staff. "My," she said, staring at my boner, "You really are grown up. ""I. . . guess. . .


  so. . . ""You ever do it with a girl before honey?""No. . . I. . . . no. . uh. . .


  ""That's alright baby, grandma's gonna show you how. "She rubbed her over her mound and let out a slow moan. "I want you to kiss it for me, Bobby. I want you to kiss grandma's pussy and make it wet so your dick can slide in better. Come on baby, kiss my pussy. "I crawled on the bed between her legs. She pulled her knees back and with one hand, spread her pussy lips apart. I kissed the slit. "Use your tongue and lick it up and down, honey," she whispered. I did as I was told. Her hips begin to jerk up and down on the bed. "Oh. . . oh.

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  . . oh. . . God. . . oh," she repeated, as her other hand held the back of my head forcing my face into her bucking pussy mound. After about 3 minutes she whispered, "You gonna make grandma cum, baby. . . oh. . .

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  oh. . . oh God. . . I'm gonna cum. . . oh. . . I'm gonna cum. . NOW.

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  . . JESUS GOD. . . CUMIIIIIIIIING!"Her hips lifted off the bed as she raised to her shoulders, still holding my face in her pussy. When she finally came back to earth she released my head with her hand and lowered her legs.
    Her pussy was glistering wet with my salvia and her fuck juices. My dick was very hard, and pre-cum soaked the bed spread. "Oh honey, I haven't cum like that in many years," she said, smiling down at me. "Now, you ready to stick your hard dick in grandma's old pussy. It's nice and wet for you. Come on up here and get on top of your old grandma. Let me show you how to fuck a women. "I crawled up between her legs and rested my elbows at the sides of her head.

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       She reached down between us and took hold of my dick. She raised her legs and spread her thighs. She put the head of my rock hard fuck stick into the mouth of her deliciously wet pussy. She then slammed her thin hips upward until I was buried in her fuck hole to the halt. She let out a loud moan. I had never felt anything like it in my young life. "Push it in and out of my honey," she said to me. I needed no further guidance. I started fucking my grandmother, slow at first, then faster. She pulled my head to her neck and held me tight, matching my strokes. "That's it . . . baby. .

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      . that's it. . . . fuck me. . . fuck grandma's pussy. . . fuck it good, baby. . . make grandma cum again.


      . . oh. . . oh. . . uh. . . uh. . . uh.

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      . . fuck it good and hard. "I speeded up. The feeling in my loins was incredible. I felt something boiling in my guts something moving around my insides, it felt so good, so fucking good. I drove into her with all the force I had. The bed was thumping, back and forth, each time I slammed into and nearly out of her hot swollen pussy. "I gonna cum. . . Oh my GOD. . . " she screamed.

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      She held me very tight and I felt her wet cunt squeeze my dick. "Oh GOD. . . fuck me hard. . . gonna cum. . . make grandma cum. . . OOOOOHHHHH, FUCK. .

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      . "Grandma came, very hard. That was it. I lost control of all my senses and my soul released itself and shot through my dick into the depths of my grandmother's contracting pussy. Rope after rope of my thick cum flooded her insides. I yelled and nearly passed out. We stayed in that position for a long time. My dick soaking in her glorious pussy. She ran her hands over my body and kissed my neck and face. Every now and then she would hump her mound up an down on my semi hard dick. "We must not tell anybody about what we just did," she whispered to me, "As long as nobody knows we will keep doing it. Is that alright with you Bobby?""Yes grandma, that's alright with me. . . .



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