Grandma's Rose (Part the final chapter)


Topic: Grandma's Rose (The final chapter)Grandma’s Rose (The final Chapter) A footnote in time: We spent three more days at grandma’s house. Mom was definitely pregnant having missed her period after many in-depth sessions that even grandma begged for mercy. I graduated high school with mom’s belly only a month away with our child. A few years have slipped by since Grandma moved in with us; Mom gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy (we named it after Grandma’s husband). My estranged older sister who called mom a shameless slut and me a bastard for making mom pregnant that grandma had walked up to her during that hysterical fit and SLAPPED her face so hard while giving sis a piece of her mind over the situation, that sis walked out of our lives and stayed away.
 I lay on the Master bedroom bed while grandma lavished my cock with what she called Grandma’s gum job (she’d pull her teeth out) but she could deep throat my cock easily now. “Mmm … I love your cock!” she’d say as she lay between my legs feasting till I’d either blow my load into her throat or fuck her sweet old beaver until I creamed her good. She was trying to give mom a rest since mom was now in her 5th month of pregnancy (at age 45) with our 2nd child.
----------Two days ago, grandma had encouraged me after another special rose massage to fuck her ass; I was a little taken back at first (she was weeks away from her 69th birthday) but she persisted and I gave in. My god her ass was tight but after an hour of finger stimulation with plenty of lubricant I sank my cock ever so slowly into grandma’s rectal depths. My 11-inch cock felt like it was held in a vice! Time and an increasing need to pump prompted me to begin thrusting into her tight ass. Grandma’s cries of discomfort in her belly urged me to new heights but also brought mom in to see what was happening.
 “Oh – mom are you ok … Patrick please be careful!” she complained with urgent concern.
 Grandma’s hand grabbed mom’s hand as she grunted between my increasing deep thrusts, “I begged him too …” Grandma’s cries of discomfort slowly became grunts of pleasure as she relaxed and my need to cum
drove me into her ass with abandon; this incredible aged woman woke me this morning with a blow job, then mounted me riding me to orgasm, cleaned my cock and now has me fucking her ass. I was certainly in heaven.
 “Go to slow deep thrust Patrick … your close now, don’t hurt grandma …” I desperately tried to switch to slow powerful deep thrusts, grandma now tightening and loosening her rectum driving me insane and soon I was humping her virgin ass like a dog in heat.

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 “UMMMM uggggggg …AHH ummm” I growled as I exploded into grandma’s bowels to lay panting as mom complimented both grandma and me for an incredible love-making session.
 Mom helped Grandma to clean up and together they walked naked into the rest of the house, I lay resting since grandma had literally “fucking” exhausted me being barely 10:30 AM. I started awake to the doorbell ringing. I got up going to the bathroom and showered.
 When I finally came to the kitchen with just a pair of shorts on, I stopped dumbfounded as the ladies wearing loose partially open robes sat at the kitchen table with my sister who was crying. I listened for several minutes till mom said, “Look son – your sister is here …” (she indicated with her head that I should come over and then pantomimed a kiss while nodding towards my sister)
 I did as I was told leaning down to kiss her cheek, “Hi Sis – good to see you again. ” I stepped back in shock, Sis was sporting a black eye and numerous bruises to her face.
“What the hell happened to you … who did this … they had no right …” I blurted angrily, somewhat surprised as Sis quickly stood throwing her arms about me in a tight hug.
 “Its ok … I deserved it, my mouth… (sniffles and sobs) … will either you or mom (as she reached her hand over to touch mom’s shoulder) ever forgive me for what I said …” she babbled.
 In short, Sis has had a rough 3-years floating from job to job and boyfriend to boyfriend and with her last assault ran home to mommy. I had slipped out to do some errands while the ladies talked the rest of the day away. On coming home, I walked partway through their conversation, “…ohhhh, your brothers’ baby just kicked … (while grandma was adding her two-cents) “… he just finished giving me a hell-of-a-work out just before you came …” “Come sit with us son…” mom said with her legs spread nicely to expose her bare cunt. I went over to sit beside mom, grandma was in the chair and sis sat on the love seat, mom’s hand caressed my inner thigh as sis watched with amazement.
 “Candice, if you are going to live with us – you are going to have to accept that your brother is my lover and father of (patting her tummy) … several of my children!” mom spoke with firm authority (Candice nodded her in acceptance of the situation) “… In addition young lady, we… (indicating Grandma and herself) … are having incredible sex every single day to which YOU will willingly submit yourself continuously as we do for your brothers’ pleasure…”  again she spoke firmly with stern authority (while she stared hard at her … long intense minutes passed before Candice again nodded her acceptance) “Good – are you on birth control?”  mom demanded. Candice again nodded yes.

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   “Open your bag and give them to me right now – you are forbidden to use birth control so your brother can impregnate you as well – is that understood as well!” Candice looked hard at mom and with tears slipping quietly down her cheeks she walked over to her suitcase, opened it – removed several packages and walked back over to mom, knelt down beside mom putting her hand on mom’s swollen belly and handed her the contraceptives.
 “Good choice and welcome to the family. ” Said grandma.
 “Patrick – take Candice’s bags to her old room, while we have some tea …” mom patted my leg.
 I had left carrying the bags, I barely heard mom’s voice, “I take it your not a virgin, so you know something of pleasing a man … when you go to your room, you sit there and think – when your ready come out here ready to become your brothers willing slut … is that understood (Candice nodded yes) … good. Tea anyone?” When I re-entered the room all were in good spirits talking happily. Sis kept stealing glances at me often blushing as my eyes met hers as she stared at my groin. I began rubbing the inside of mom’s inner thigh and she shifted to allow for a better spread for access to her cunt. I rubbed my finger up and down her moistened slit. Candice watched openly with somewhat widened eyes as I leaned over to suckle on mom’s lovely swollen breast. As mom encouraged my groping Sis excused herself to use the lady’s room and slipped from the room.
 Sometime later Candice came back into the room – naked. I had been busy between mom’s spread legs eating her pussy of its creamy nectar to stop and turn my head as mom stopped moaning to say, “There, such a beautiful young 22-year-old lady, come closer – give us a look-see with a slow turn … very nice … what are your measurements?” “Afraid I take after you mom – 38-B – 27 – 32 … does my brother approve?” she asked in a very sensual soft voice.
“Oh yeah, very lovely Sis …” I nodded as I checked out her beautiful trimmed pussy, long legs and perky breasts with erect nipples.
 “I am now your slut Patrick, use me as you want … I hope you will soon provide me with a very swollen belly like mom’s and if you are pleased  with me … to continue to pump baby juice into me till I can no longer have any children…” she intoned very seductively as she widened her stance into a lovely sensual spread.


 “Can you suck cock Candice …” asked Grandma.
 “Yes, not well – but I am eager to please my brother… maybe he’ll let me practice a lot. ” She blushed again sweetly and seductively speaking.
 “Well – lets see what you can do … give him one now so we can give pointers. ” Chirped grandma.
 I sat back down beside mom as Sis slid the coffee table away and knelt between my spread legs. She winked at me and lowered her head to lick me cock, then her hand took my shaft as she slowly and wetly began to bob up and down, her hand softly cupping my balls. She could get about half down her throat (as Grandma urged her to go deeper even if you have to gag); Sis continued to work my shaft, her technique was adequate but her throat was tight, she gagged repeatedly (to Grandma’s immense pleasure and encouragement while mom stood up and disappeared). Sis worked with enthusiasm with tears steaming down her cheeks as she gagged chocking down the potential emesis (mom was back touching her shoulder, Candice stopped looking up as mom whispered into her ear, “Go slowly down, time your breathing … let your throat relax as his cock enters it… use this towel if you need to vomit … your doing wonderfully my girl” I lost count after eighteen times that Sis persisted – each one resulting in her retching into the towel but she was now ¾ of my 11-inch shaft working hard as my balls began to ache. “Feel his cock twitching … he needs to cum! Swallow his cock so he can spill his cum in your throat. ” urged Grandma as she sat back fingering her cunt as the other hand played with her clit.
 Candice looked up at me with tearful eyes as she moaned and worked on my cock, her hand pumping me rhythmically for she knew I was very close, she winked at me turning her attention back to what she was doing and deep throated my entire length as she squeezed the bottom of my shaft which caused my explosive cum splattering her throat which unfortunately the next blast caught her tonsils as she had pulled back, between gagging and trying to puke I covered her face, upper chest and hair with many more blasts of stringy cum.
 Candice went back to trying to clean me up till mom said, “That’s very good Candice, you please your brother and me with your efforts … in a few days you’ll be very good at it. ” Candice stood with her legs slightly spread and on an impulse I reached forward to cup her cunt. I was right she was immensely slick with wetness and gave her a wink letting go of her; she sat back down on the love seat.

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   She caught mom’s glance at her groin and quickly opened her legs into a nice spread that brought a smile to mom’s face.
Later that night mom whispered in my ear, “Take your sister to our bed – fuck her all night; we want to hear her scream in passion as you plan your seed repeatedly in her belly – do it good now son. ”
 Grandma brought my sister to the bedroom naked and right to the bed, folding back the sheets she patted her backside to urged her under the sheets,  “Surrender and enjoy girl” whispered Grandma.
  Sis lay there like a scared virgin, I cuddled her as her arms folded around me with tenderness whispering, “I’m yours – do what you want to me … I just want to please you …”
 We didn’t talk. I suckled her erect perky tits with hunger; I nibbled, bit and tongued her as I manipulated her swollen globs. She responded to my touch and was soon panting with desire. I roughly played with her furry muff waiting for her to start getting creamy, when she did I knelt between her spread legs leaning in to inhale her. I began to eat her cunt with wild passion suckling and nibbling her outer and inner lips, soon tugging as I worked my way to her clit which had now popped out from under its hood to peek at me, it was small rose bud which I intended to devour. I suckled, bite, tugged and nibbled till she was breathing heavier, her legs trembling as they flew about; one minute feet firmly planted on the sheets the next in the air … her passion was becoming intense, her moans became a whimpering cry that grew into she-ban screams. She was slick with flowing nectar her lips swelling as she entered her orgasm that shook her body and rolled into waves of orgasms as my tongue flicked in and out of my sweet sisters cunt; Mom had hinted strongly that she was not a virgin which somehow excited me. I licked and tongued her now gushing twat. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably. I needed my sister more than ever.
 I teased her, nibbling her inner thighs till she begged, “I need you, mount me – mount your sister…”I want to be your slut, take me as you take mom … oh please I can’t take any more!” I climbed slowly between her heaving hips, looking into her eyes (she nodded as she mouthed TAKE ME … please). My hand slowly opening her engorged pussy I pressed my cock against her slick opening and sank in at least half way (she was creamy and tight) She screamed slipping into an intense orgasm “EEEEEEEE ouuuuuuu Son of a ummmmmmmm” that left me to slowly push deeper and begin to pump into my sister.

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 Her hips were pushing up as I drove down into her forcing her spread wider; I succeeded, my full 11-inches was buried in her pulsating twat that held me intensely tight; tighter than Mom or Grandma.
Sis between her rampant panting asked hotly, “Do I feel good … (I nodded yes and kissed her lips for she was incredible hot beneath me) … good enough to make pregnant with your baby … (again I nodded as I kissed her passionately, my tongue chasing hers and dipping into her throat)  … I haven’t taken any birth control pills in months … I’m very fertile right now!”
 We fucked, her mouth spoke dirty incestuous words driving me wild. She screamed very loudly for mom and grandma as we did every position you could think of  in our attempt to make her pregnant.
Her screams intensified as my cock worked its way into her uterus – after my 5th straight full cum I collapsed in exhaustion. She whispered in my ear “I pretty sure little brother that my belly will be swollen before long…” She kissed me and we fell asleep.
 I woke to a pleasing sensation of my sister socking my cock which had probably been going on for some time, she noticed I was awake, stopping long enough to whisper, “Ready …” as she crawled up shifting slightly to guide me into her soaked creamy cunt. “Ok little brother …” she rode me hard, her screams drew mom and grandma into the room as she shivered with multiple orgasms coating my cock with burning hot pussy cream.
 What started with a rose massage, led me to impregnate mom 3 times and my sister is due in 2-weeks with our 3rd child and grandma can still suck cock the best of them all at age 78. We live very well in a northern mountainous state and I’m pleased to say that my sister was chosen to deflower my first son on his 12th birthday in 4 months.
 If you enjoyed this real story I’d be pleased to hear it opbone11@yahoo. ca.