Grandpa's Cabin


Ellis pushed his prick slowly at first and I could hear someone lowly moaning inside. The cock went further and further into the hole and was increasing in speed. Soon Ellis was fucking that hole for all he was worth. His back then arched and he trembled from head to toe as something happened inside the outhouse. Ellis withdrew his cock from the hole and it was bejeweled with brown shit. Soon the door opened just a little to hand him some paper to wipe it. Wow, was I astonished by what happened in front of me and so was my cock. My prick was harder and extended farther than ever before. I wondered what would happen if I put my cock in that glory hole. After Ellis had slunk off into the woods, I crept up to the knot hole and just like Ellis knocked 3 times. Someone whispered, "What again? Well come on you horny fuck, but this has to be fast before someone else comes. "With that assurance my long hard prick was instantly thrust into the knothole and I felt eager lips surround it. First, the head of my prick was licked and nibbled at. A and was holding my balls, squeezing and twisting them. It hurt a little but still it stimulated me even more. By now my cock was buried in the mouth and I believe it began to go down someone's throat.

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   I could not help from pumping my ass and driving my cock into that throat for all it was worth. Then a hand grabbed my dick and pushed it away. I remembered what I saw Ellis do so I removed my cock from the hole. Inside someone was moving around and I could see an ass pushed up against the hole. I pushed my cock into the knot hole and against the little ass hole bud inside. It was so well lubricated that it slid in with no trouble. This was obviously an ass hole that had done this many times before. A hand directed my cock and I really began pumping. The hand left go and the ass itself began to meet my every thrust with a thrust of its own. Being a young boy and having little or no control I was cumming buckets into that ass hole in just a few seconds. When I was through I withdrew my cock and found that it was also covered with sit. The door to the outhouse slowly opened and there sat Grandma staring at me with her panties down around her ankles. "Billy, let me clean you up. " Saying that she took my cock into her mouth and by licking and sucking cleaned up all the cum and shit that had there accumulated. "Billy, this has to be our little secret.

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   You see I need more fucking than Grandpa can provide, so he invites friends to the cabin to satiate me. I approach them and tell them about the knot hole for which they are truly thankful and no relationship ever develops. This also means that every weekend I get my full share of cocks of all sizes, colors, shapes and hardness. ""If you want Grandma to suck your cock again Billy, just come to the outhouse and knock 3 times when I am in it. Now be a good boy and run along and keep our little secret. "Grandma had sucked his cock so hard than he could feel it for days. Of course going back to the outhouse every time Grandma was inside didn't help, but Billy's cock could get hard in an instant at his age. He was also relieved when Grandma assured him that what they were doing was natural and that he cun as often as he wished without doing any harm to himself. It was a wonderful summer for Billy and Grandma and he became very close. Many times when they would be sitting on the glider together Billy would feel Grandma's hand stroking his cock through his pants when no one was watching. However, technically Billy was still a virgin. His prick had not yet has the good fortune to penetrate a pussy. For whatever reason, Grandma was not up for that, but this was soon to change. Grandpa's brother Lamont and his wife Hazel came to visit for a few weeks with their sons and their wives. It was never fully explained why Lamont was black for he was fully accepted without question.

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   Sometimes, Billy noticed that Uncle Lamont would brazenly follow Grandma to the outhouse which would shake in response to whatever they were doing. At such time everyone else made themselves scarce. One time Billy hid in the woods before Grandma's regular trip to the outhouse and waited. Soon Grandma went in, pulled down and removed her pink panties. This time the door remained open. When Lamont arrived he was out of his pants and underwear in a flash. Grandma stood up so Lamont could sit and then lining her huge hairy pussy over his prick sat down on it. Lamont's prick was long, hard, and black with an almost purple head. It length must have been around 12 inches. Certainly as long a John Holmes. Grandma really enjoy this monster black cock, squealing with delight as she slide up and down on the joy stick. After a while to his surprise Grandma had the whole monster in her cunt. The soon climaxed and when Lamont pulled out his slimy cock Grandma was on it in a second sucking and lapping up his huge load of cum. Now, Billy, was really really hungry for a cunt to fuck and he jerked off even more in the next day or two. Uncle Lamont and Aunt Hazel had brought with them a newly widowed named Belle.

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   Lamont and Hazel were concerned because since her husband's recent death, Belle had been in a deep funk. Even Billy could see that Belle was a prime piece of ass. She was a full figured woman of 40 with beautiful red hair, big tits and ass, and a creamy white complexion. Billy spent all his waking hours watching Belle's every move. They were staying in a three bedroom cabin and Billy noticed that if he adjusted the mirror just right in the bedroom where Belle was, he could see her dressing and undressing. Every evening there was the usual card game among all the relatives. Belle did not participate and was in the bedroom changing. This was a golden opportunity for our little voyeur Billy to get an eye full. To his great joy Belle had her back to the mirror and had already stripped to the waist. Her large breasts were in her hands and she was massaging them slowly. While, her one hand squeezed her tit the other slowly went down her body to the pussy between her legs. She was really hot now and wanted to satisfy herself. Pulling her pants and panties down she turned around sitting down on the bed. Billy saw the biggest bush of hair anyone could imagine. Her labia in fact was invisible until Belle spread her pussy lips and started rubbing the inside of her cunt.

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   The harder she rubbed the more her body responded. As the first orgasm reached her she fell back on the bed with a groan. After a small wait, Belle reached into her purse and pulled out a big red dildo. It was the first dildo that Billy had ever seen. This was really becoming a summer to remember. Soon, the red dildo was plunging in and out of her pussy. Her first clitoral climax was only a starter. Half sitting, half lying, Belle was getting hot. The dildo was wet with the juices from her pussy. Belle glanced up full into the mirror and both her and Billy's hearts almost stopped. This seemed to excited her even more and with one last deep plunge of the red dildo she came again. Belle looked in Billy's eyes and smiled. Pointing to her pussy, she spread her legs and gave him his first real in depth look at a mature unshaven, red haired pussy. Belle inserted the dildo again so he could see its action. With his hard cock in his hand he watched as Belle licked her crimson lips and then stuck her tongue out at him.

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   At that moment, oblivious to it all Grandpa came through the screen door. Billy quickly covered up his hard on and when Belle heard the door slam she quickly threw on her shorts and halter. Wow, it was really a close call. Billy slept with his cock in his hand that night, jerking off numerous times as he thought of belle's luxuriant pussy. The next day Billy was slow getting up and when he got to breakfast everyone was already eating. Helping himself to the eats and listened to the conversation already going on. "How do you like our little hide away, Belle?" Asked Grandpa. "It's beautiful and just what I needed. I'm more relaxed now than I've since Terry's passing. What do you suggest that I do today?" "There are plenty of trails through the forest that might interest you. Next door through the woods there is a trail to an old abandoned nudist colony. Even the colony is fun to look around. One of the reasons this cabin was located here was to have access to the nudist activities," said Grandpa. "Oh, Ill get lost in the woods by myself. Is there anyone who could show me the way?""Billy knows the whole mountain like the back of his hand.

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   You would be happy to show Mrs. Furry through the woods, wouldn't you, Billy?" Grandpa asked the nervous boy. "Certainly, Grandpa. When do you want to leave?""Let's go in about an hour after we wash the dishes and I get dressed for our journey. "Forty-five minutes Billy and Belle were strolling through the woods towards the nudist colony. Belle was wearing an ankle length dress to Billy's great disappointment. However, they came to a place in the trail where there were bees of which Belle was frightened. Belle had heard that bees will sometimes fly into your hair and sting you unmercifully. "Billy, I going to put my dress up over my head to protect my hair. " With that statement Belle reached back and drew the back of the dress over her lovely red locks. Billy quickly got behind Belle and to his delight discovered that she was wearing no panties. As she waked he could see her red bush move back and forth as her labia moved in unison to her stride. It was a beautiful sight to see the creamy white ass cheeks bouncing up and down. For the rest of the day Billy knew he would have a tremendous hard cock. Arriving at the grown over lawn at the nudist colony, Belle let down her dress after giving Billy a meaningful glance.

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   She lowered her eyes and say the enormous bulge in his pants and a broad grim spread across her rather large mouth. "I'm at you mercy, so it seems, Billy. Show me the points of interest. ""There is a very nice swimming pool fed by springs over in the direction. Let's go there first. "When they reached the pool it had been drained, but Billy knew where the valve was and soon dammed the pool.
    "It will fill pretty well in about half an hour. Would you like to sit down on the blanket we brought, Mrs. Furry?""Billy, you can call me Belle when we're alone. After all I think we know a little about each other by now. You could see last night how much I need a man like my husband. I need a lot of attention and dildos are no substitute for a real man. Sit here beside me, please. "As Belly sat down Belle slide her dress to her waist and revealed that she was also naked above the waist. Her breasts were even larger that Billy anticipated and he could hardly hold one without using both hands.

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      "Oh, Billy, make me happy today and I'll do anything you want for the rest of our vacation. " Saying this she pulled Billy towards her and thrust her pink velvet tongue all the way into his mouth. He sucked on her wonderful tongue and his erection almost burst through his pants. Before this could happen Belle had released the white monster and gasped as she saw it for the first time. Billy's cock was at least 8 inches long and growing. The shaft was already bulging with thick veins and the head was blood read in color. Billy came almost as soon as Belle touched his prick. "That's okay, Billy. I'm sure this is only a temporary set back. How many times a day do you jerk off and cum?""At least 10 times, Mrs. Furry. ""You know I have a son your age and he cannot leave his cock alone, either. Let's rest for a little. "By now both were completely naked with their arms around each other. In only a few minutes Billy prick was again rampant.

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      Seeing he was revived, Belle said, "Let's go for a swim, I believe the pool is deep enough now. "Billy jumped into the water only to discover that it was frigid from the springs below. His pecker shriveled up in no time to his great disappointment. Behind him he heard Belle dive into the water and he watched as she swam between his legs. Instead of coming to the surfaced she sucked his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Bang, Billy shot a load of cum down Belle throat and she surfaced with Billy's cum running down over her chin. "Too fast Billy, you must learn to pace yourself. We have to slow down so we can both enjoy you beautiful cock. Let's go back to the blanket and let the sun dry our bodies. "Back on the blanket with their bodies glistening in the sun Belle and Billy were soon deep kissing again. Just like always Billy's cock once again rose for the ashes. "Lay back and enjoy yourself, Billy, and let me suck that big boner of yours. "Slowly taking Billy's cock in her mouth and slowly and gently sucking she soon had Billy's ass bucking on the ground as he strove to fuck her hot mouth. "Wait, Billy. Do you mind if I sit on your face for a while and you can eat my pussy?""Certainly, Mrs.


       Furry, anything you like. I haven't done this before. You'll have to show me how. " Before he could say another word Belle's pussy was above his face and was slowly being lowered onto his nose and mouth. Belle's red pussy smelled musty with the natural odors of a woman. It was not liked any perfumed pussy and was something that Billy always remembered. "Lick my pussy lips and then put your tongue as far into my cunt as it will go, Billy!"Not needing much encouragement, Billy was soon licking the pussy as hard as he could and was sticking his long tongue way up inside her vagina. Billy found that belle enjoyed it even more when he stuck a finger into her pussy, and then two and then three, and then four and then his whole fist. He also discovered a rather large bump above her pussy cavity that when he sucked it Belle went wild. Belle could no longer control herself and had a huge climax right on Billy's young face. Her juices were running out of her snatch all over Billy's face and he with licking and drinking them as fast as he could. Belle leaned over and gave Billy's cock a long suck and the lay beside his again?""You've really satisfied me, Billy. Now what can I do for you?"Billy, who was gasping for air after being trapped almost inside Belle's cunt, just pointed to his cock and her cunt. Understanding, Belle lay back and got ready to give Billy his first all American fuck. Billy crawled over to Belle and began to mount her.

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       She grabbed his prick and guided it towards that glorious hole of hers. She let the head penetrate a little by little. The feel of that gigantic head moving inside he pussy lips got Belle as hot as a fourth of July fire cracker. Deeper and deeper Billy cock penetrated Belle until it was almost in her womb. She could feel every one of the huge veins in that sensational sex weapon. Grabbing Billy's ass she began to encourage his to move faster and faster. Soon Billy was pumping his cock into Belle cunt as fast as he could. Belle was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Fuck me, Billy, Fuck me. Harder. Deeper. Tear me apart with that big prick of yours. I need it so bad. I haven't had a good fuck in years. What a big cock you have, Baby. Drive it home for Mamma.

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      With that last expostulation Belle and Billy climaxed together and fell back exhausted. After a sweet rest by the pool they realized it was time for lunch and they might be missed. So they dressed and trudged tired but happy back to the cabin in the woods. "When they arrived in the cabin's clearing Grandpa was at the edge of the woods to greet them. "How was you little excursion, Belle? Was Billy a good guide? Did he show you everything there was to see?""I hope not. It was very interesting and I would like Billy to return with me tomorrow and show me once again what and show me more if possible. "Billy was grinning from ear to ear as they went in for lunchmilford@hotmail. comMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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