Grandpa’s Pool Party ~Holly’s coming out.


As mom was driving off the three of us girls went into the house and Aunt Jen told Holly and I to go and play while she took care of some bills in her office. Holly took me by the hand and led me up to her room on the second floor. As soon as the door to her room was closed Holly started in on me, asking about the party and what she could expect that weekend. I said that before I would tell her she had to answer a few questions. The first one was if she was still a virgin. She said yes but only because her mother forbade her to fuck anyone even though she really wanted to get our cousin Fred to be the first. Then I asked her if she had ever seen a cock? She told me that she had when she was spying on her mom and Jo and their boyfriends fucking in the living room several times. So she had not been fucked and had only seen cocks when she was spying on her mom this was turning out better than I had hoped for. I then asked her if she had ever had any sex with another girl and she told me that she and some girls at her school had been doing it for the last year. This was going to be a real fun week I could tell. I then suggested that we get naked and she was all for that. I took off my cloths and was nude in no time. I do not wear a bra or panties so all I had to do was remove my T-shirt and shorts. She started to disrobe by pulling her shirt off and I got to see her budding tits for the first time, they were smaller than mine by far, Just nipples and bumps, and when she dropped her pants and removed her panties I saw that her pussy had only the faintest of hair around its otherwise smooth folds. Once we were nude I told her that I was going to eat her out and that I wanted her to do me too and we got onto the bed in a sixty-nine position and I began to lick around her little pussy. She did the same to me and I must say that she was a very good cunt licker for her age.

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   We spent the morning exploring each other and when aunt Jen called us for lunch we put on our bikinis, I wore the same white flimsy thing that Grandpa had given me at my party, and Holly had a more sedate red thing that covered her almost as much as shorts and a halter-top would. Aunt Jen had fixed Kielbasas for our lunch and I was glad that she had boiled them whole and not cut them up. I chose one that was twelve inches long and about an inch and a half across and put it on my plate to cool while Jen and I talked about what we were going to be doing for the coming week. She told me that she had spoken to her brother Bob and he said that he wanted to take Holly and I out for a night on the town if I wanted. I told her that I would really like that. I said that I had not seen uncle Bob for two weeks and was hungry for his cock. Jen smiled at that and asked me if I could take his full size into my mouth yet. I then picked up the Kielbasas and acting as if were a cock I put it in my mouth and deep-throated about three quarters of it. I acted as if the twelve-inch sausage was Bob’s dick and gave it a good sucking. Holly watched me with admiration in her eyes and Jen with pride in hers. Jen said that I must have been practicing and I nodded not being able to talk with a huge tube of meat in my throat I kept taking more of the length into my mouth until I was able to close my lips and smile with the full twelve inches behind my closed lips. I then opened my mouth and withdrew the sausage and told Holly that I had a better place for it. I turned in my chair so that I was facing Holly and spread my legs open and moved the crotch of my Bikini bottom out of the way and took the huge sausage and used it as a dildo and began to fuck my cunt with it. Jen leaned over to see what I was doing and said that it looked fun and asked if she could use the exposed end and frig her cunt with it and I said sure so we fucked each other to an orgasm and then I was getting hungry so I pulled off my end of the tube stake and got on my knees and ate my lunch out of aunt Jens cunt. I ended up eating the entire Kielbasas and then licking out her pussy for desert.

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  Holly said that she was getting jealous for not being able to put anything bigger than her finger or another girls tong into her cunt and she said that she wanted to taste a dick and feel it shoot off in her mouth. Jen took her little girl in her arms and said that she would soon have as many dicks in her as she could stand and if she really wanted to suck a cock then she could give head to her uncle Bob that very night. For the rest of the afternoon the three of us girls did girl things together and soon it was five o’clock and Bob showed up. As soon as the door was closed Holly ran up to him and jumped into his arms and told him “Mom said that I could suck your cock Uncle Bob, Can I oh please can I. ?”Bob just looked at the naked little girl in his arms and then at his sister Jen and then at me and said; “I think that their is a conspiracy going on here” then he looked right into Holly’s eyes and said; “You sure can suck me off baby girl and then you will drink all my piss. I was saving it for Cat but if you want my cumm you must drink the piss. ”Holly looked at her mother and I and we nodded and then she said yes and Bob carried her into the bathroom and sat her on the stool and removed his pants and there before Holly was her uncles nine inch dick standing out at attention. Holly began to kiss the tip and lick along the sides and then back to the tip where she opened her mouth as she had seen me to with the sausage and took the end into her mouth and tried to take the whole thing and chocked. Her mom and I told her to take it slow and not rush things and she would not gag. She slowed down and with coaching from her mother and I she was soon able to take most of the size into her mouth. Bob was soon ready to cumm and he took a hold of Holly’s locks and blasted into her throat and Holly drank every drop and then licked him clean. Then Bob told her to get ready for her treat and he pointed his still hard cock at her face and started to piss on her and we all told her to open her mouth and drink the golden liquid and she would love it. She did and just like me she was soon addicted to the taste of piss and once again had the head of Bob’s cock in her mouth and was sucking every last drop of his piss out of him. When they were done Bobs cock was still hard and I really needed to fuck so I walked up to him and bent over and told him to choose a hole and as I thought he would he drove into my ass and was all the way in with one stroke. He fucked my ass hard for a full five minutes and shot his load way up inside me and then pulled out and Holly licked him clean.

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   Bob then turned to Jen and told her; “Sis you have a good little slut here. She is going to really love her party this Saturday. ”.