Growing Up With a Secret - Part 2


It didn't take me long to make him cum. Either I had gotten good at sucking cock after my rushed and rough initiation to oral sex, or Andy was just super excited that ANYONE was sucking his cock. His legs trembled and his buttocks clenched as he began to squirt his salty sperm into my mouth. I worked my tongue and cheeks on him the way I had the other three, and when he finished I swallowed the mouthful he had given me . I cleaned him up as best I could,swabbing his hot smooth knob with my tongue and swallowing again, before releasing him from my mouth. I pulled up Andys boxers as I got to my feet and then quickly pulled on my baby doll top. Once my hated breasts were covered , I sat on the bed and beckoned to Andy to sit beside me. "We have to talk Andy" I said quietly. He nodded, obviously unsure of what I was leading up to, and appearing equally unsure of what he should say. "We went through a pretty unpleasant situation" I paused trying to read his facial expression. " It sure wasn't how I expected to start . . um , you know. . . sex" he nodded with a look of concern on his face.

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   "And I'm sure it wasn't how you expected to start either" he nodded again. " I think it was just the newness of everything that um. . kind of excited us. ""Everything that happened was new to both of us, but I think we have it out of our systems now and we should just forget about it and move on with our lives. " It was a speech that sounded very grown up and mature to my 14 year old mind, and I was sure I had gotten through to my brother. He might be 10 months younger than me but he wasn't stupid. "Okay Amy" he said, " we move on when it is out of our systems", I nodded and was relieved that he was so agreeable. " Just one thing" he said and he leaned towards me to where I sat cross legged on the bed. His hand snaked out and before I knew it his fingers were inside the leg bands of my baby dolls and his finger was tickling the very wet lips of my very wet cunt. I pushed his hand away quickly but it was too late. . . he knew I had been turned on by sucking his cock. " Doesn't seem to be out of your system yet either " and with that he got up and left the room.

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   I did some hard thinking as I sat there on my bed. While it was true I hated my breasts, it had become extremely obvious to me that others thought they were more than just a little bit okay. Both the Dunigan twins and Gary Porter had been enthralled by them, hell, even Andy thought they were great! I took my top off and stood in front of my vanity mirror and looked them over for about the millionth time, but this time I was seeing them with different eyes somehow. Whereas before I had seen my breasts as an impediment to my athletics, I now saw them with a feminine point of view, if you know what I mean. Their firm pointyness which I had despised before, I now saw as an asset. My pink puffy nipples which I had HATED, I now saw as really kind of pretty. I figured I might as well come to grips with my body since I was going to have it for the rest of my life. My baby doll panties went the way of my top, and I critically looked at my bum. It was small and tight and I guess you could say cute, I was happy with it. I wished I had bigger hips, or any hips for that matter. But my cunt was perfection as far as I was concerned. My vulva was smooth and full, my labia was small and pretty. . . no "roast beef curtains" as I had once heard a cunt with large labia described.


   My pubes were a pretty blonde triangle and were smooth and soft to the touch. All in all I decided I should be happy with what I had after all. 'Some people would say I had a pretty pussy' I thought to myself. I don't use that term. Pussy is what my Gran calls her cat. She would stand on her porch and call "here pussy pussy" and if it didn't come she would call to the neighbours from her porch, "have you seen my pussy?" It was embarassing but she is old and has no clue. She is a sweet old lady. Satisfied and happy with my body now, I jumped into bed and thought over what had happened in my room this night. I put my fingers where Andy had recently had his. I was wet. I couldn't deny that the feeling of his cock in my mouth turned me on. I couldn't deny that sucking the cocks of Porter and the Dunigans had turned me on as well. As I went over it all in my mind my fingers probed my wet hole and made their way up to my clit. My orgasm hit as I remembered the feeling of all four cocks squirting into my mouth, and the power I felt at being the one who caused them to drain their balls. Once again Andy and I kept our distance from each other over the next few days.

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   He went to ball practice, I hung out with my girlfriends. I was dying to tell them that I had sucked a cock, that I could give a blowjob. But I kept my mouth shut. What had happened in the valley,or with my brother,obviously wasn't something that I wanted to get around . On the fourth night Andy came into my room again after our folks had gone to bed. He sat on my bed and told me all about his practice that day,how he had done really well against a changeup. It was sort of like old times and we were back the way we were before. I felt proud of him and happy that all his efforts were beginning to pay off. " Um Ames. . . I need um . . . a favour" he was clearly nervous.


   He usually only called me Ames when he wanted something badly from me. "What do you need?" I asked softly , feeling kind of tender towards him, he looked so young when he was nervous. "Well, what you said about moving on" he stammered, "the whole idea has me really kind of freaked out". He took a deep breath before continuing. "It's just that I don't know what to do with a girl!!" The words were coming rapidly now. "Even those asshole Dunigans know what to do, they have girls around them all the time!"He looked at me to see how I was reacting. I was watching his face intently. " So I figure it is because they are confident, and they are confident because they are familiar with girls bodies,they know what to do, what girls like. . "He was winding down now and starting to get a little red in the face. " So I was wondering if I could get a really good look at your cunt" He blurted it out and couldn't look at me. "What?" I said, not really believing my ears. " Look I've seen it before, I've even touched it , but I need a really good look so I know where everything is and stuff" He met my eyes with his, and his had such a puppy dog pleading look that I knew I was going to grant the favour. " Just for a little bit. .

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  . pleeeeze?" I studied his face and he didn't have a sly or crafty look. I decided he really did just want to learn more. "Oh okay," I sighed "but just this once and just so you can learn!" He quickly nodded and shifted on the bed so he was between my legs. I pulled up my long tee til it was above my panties," you might as well take it off" Andy said . "I've seen your boobs and you'll be more comfortable". I shrugged and pulled it over my head. Andy reached up and grasped the waistband of my panties and slowly pulled. I raised my hips as they eased over my bum and in no time they were off and lying on the floor . "Okay ,cool" he said "now open your legs"I looked away as I opened my legs for him. Andy was lying on his stomach with his elbows bent and his chin resting in his hands. He looked like he was flaked out in front of a ball game on the television. My legs were straight on either side of him. My boobs were standing straight up and I looked between them to watch him. I felt myself blushing but Andy didn't notice, his eyes never left my cunt.

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   I was starting to get wet and cursed myself. This was supposed to be educational for him, not a turn on for me! "Okay Andy you've seen enough" I said but he cut me off.
    " No wait!" he said "where is the clit?" He had reached out and was lightly stroking my blonde triangle with the backs of his fingers. ' I can't believe I am doing this!' I thought to myself, " It is at the top of the slit" My face was burning, 'I probably look like a tomatoe' I thought . Suddenly I became aware that Andy was lifting my legs up, so my knees were at my boobs. I felt my vulva open with a clicking sound and was humiliated by the sound of the seal my dew had created betraying my excited state. "Andy that is enough" I protested but he shushed me " Is this it?" He was rubbing my clit and my little pink pearl was sending lightening bolts through my body every time he touched it. "Yes! that's it!" I said through clenched teeth. I don't know why I didn't stop him, why I didn't knock his hand away, why I ever let myself get talked into this! He kept rubbing my clit lightly, "your bum is so close" he said and I felt my face flush again,and was happy to hide behind my hands clenching my knees . "And it is really cute!" Two fingers pushed into my cunt, he hadn't let up on my clit at all and I knew I was going to cum soon if I didn't stop him. His fingers pressed against my hymen and I tensed immediately, "whoa easy!! " "That must be your cherry" he said sounding pleased with himself. He eased his fingers back and as I glanced down it looked like he was gauging how far he had gotten them in before he hit my hymen. Meanwhile the finger of his right hand was still rubbing my dew slicked clit. My breathing was coming in gasps and my legs were quivering faster than a hummingbirds wings, I knew it was too late to stop it now. He pressed his dew coated fingers into my two most intimate openings at the same time.

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      As I felt his fingers sink into my bum and my cunt I came like I had never cum before. My legs jerked and my hips raised and my cunt and bum clenched tightly around the intruding fingers, so tightly I'm surprised they weren't cut off. "Oh! oh! oh!" I whimpered as my orgasm rocked me and as my cunt released a torrent of dew. Andy fingerfucked both holes rapidly now and his tongue replaced his finger on my clit. "Ewmnfff'!!! I moaned into my knee as my second orgasm hit. I was quaking and my cunt and bum felt on fire . My body jerked like a marionette as the waves of pleasure rolled through me. The waves started to ease then began to build again. I had to stop this before I woke up the folks and the whole neighbourhood! I rolled onto my stomach, doing the splits to keep from knocking Andys head off. He managed to keep his finger in my bum,how I'll never know. As I lay there panting and trying to catch my breath I felt the bed shift a bit as Andy got to his knees. I didn't look over my shoulder, I was in the post orgasm glow,so I didn't see Andy guide his hard cock to my asshole. The finger eased out and the knob pushed in before I realized what was happening. Andy held both of my buns apart and I felt his cock throb against my tight anal ring and a split second later I felt the sperm shoot out into my bum. I lay there feeling impaled , though I knew only his knob was inside me.

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       I counted 10 squirts as Andy drained his balls inside my tight bum. 'You beat Dunigan' I thought remembering how he had squirted 9 times onto my face. He finished finally, and Andy pulled his softening knob out of my bum. I winced at the popping sound and didn't move as he stood up and tucked his cock away into his boxers. " Thanks Ames! I really learned a lot!" he said "I think we both did!" He walked to the door and just as he was about to open it he said," but I think we BOTH have a lot more to learn. . . . " I'll never improve if you don't comment! If the comments are favorable then I'll continue, but please be honest. .

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