Handyman's Daughter


Topic: Handyman's daughterHandy-Man’s Daughter Good day to all; through this incredible writer I will tell my story that I have held so long.
My name is Stacey, nothing special to write home about … I’m 22 years old, 5 foot 8 inches, 135 pounds and a pretty 40B – 29 – 35, fairly athletic with long legs. I live at home with my father and this all took place over the last 7 years.
 During my 15th year, my step-mother came down with cancer which devastated dad (he’d lost his first wife to cancer when I was 4), anyway dad is a professional handyman and began to convert the master bedroom with handrails, improve space and convert bathroom to handicap accessibility. I had nothing better to do so I offered to help, all my life I seemed to be covered in sawdust. So, while my step-mom received initial chemo treatments, I became daddy’s apprentice.
I gave up my bedroom (large and had a small bathroom) for them in-between her sessions. I preferred the den couch so I could study late and not disturb them as the school year was drawing to a close. Mom was very ill, weak and remained a very elegant lady that brought us closer together. Skipping through the intense illness period dad and I renovated.
 This story begins after the second round of chemo; dad had just brought mom home to her newly retrofitted room, I just started school summer break and it was dad’s busy season. I looked after mom from her nausea-vomiting, loss of hair to bathing and I learnt to run a household but most of all I grew up with her incredible guidance. It became habit every morning after her breakfast that I sponge bathed her and we yakked (girls talk).
 On this particular morning I’d finish washing her face, neck (was going to skip the breasts) when she requested rather modestly if I could wash every square inch of her (not thinking much about it) I undressed her and began washing her boobies which caused her nipples to become very erect, when she quietly asked, “If I had any new boy paying attention to me … (I shrugged then shook my head no) … have your periods stabilized … (I had terrible painful periods 4 months ago and she’d taken me to a gynaecologist, she held my hand as I had my first vagina exam and placed on the pill) . . .

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   I replied they had and the last 3 had been no problem. At this point I had reached her groin noticing that dad had made a very special delivery to her pussy either last night or this morning, mom had a radiant deep blush. As I wiped up the spillage of sperm the back of my hand was covered in dad’s spunk off the bed sheets. Mom apologized profusely as she opened her legs wider to be cleaned and much more sperm oozed out (poor dad, it had been awhile) I washed her bald silky pussy and thinking I had did a pretty good job I rolled her to the side to wash her back and more cum spilled from between her ass cheeks,
Having washed her good, I spread a towel down over the enormous thick pool rolled her back just to discover again to mom’s deep embarrassment that more of dad’s sperm released from her pussy. During the second cleaning mom confessed with a shy smile, “… I think daddy left with a smile this morning (she giggled and I laughed hilariously while managing to slip in at least your looking better).
The bath finished, breakfast done and with fresh new sheets mom rested quietly in her easy chair she had me come sit on the ottoman. She praised me for helping run the house, taking care of her and then she said in a tired voice, “I won’t always have the strength, daddy going to suffer before long … I don’t know … ” she drifted off to sleep.
 I went about the house chores and washing kind of lost in thought about dad and while mom slept I surfed the net coming across incest stories not sure if by accident or not and read for hours; my virgin pussy tingled and I’m almost ashamed to say I had experimentally played with myself only a few times throughout my puberty. I saved the site and guiltily went to check on mom.
 Mom was awake wondering what I been up to, quite honestly I replied, “Just surfing the net…”“Anything special?” she wondered as she caught sight of my very erect nipples through my t-shirt
(I wasn’t wearing a bra).
 Rather embarrassed I hummed and hawed, “I was … ahhh … reading some romance stuff…”
 “Just a site … romance stuff … I have one or two of those I always visited when daddy was out of town working… maybe we should compare sites…hmmm…” she smiled brightly, “You might like them …”
 Well, I brought her laptop over to her and nearly peed my shorts. Mom opened up an incest site similar to mine asking if I wanted to read one. I shyly shook my head no but mom said she’d show me her favourite and before long I was reading a father/daughter letter that left me with a tingling muff and erratic breathing. Mom smiled asking calmly, “So, was it as good as yours?”
 “Oohhh, leaves you somewhat out of breath … until today I’d never thought of anything like that…” I replied quite speechless.
 “I won’t always have the strength, I love him so much and he does (tears flowed) … will need help.

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 I stared at mom speechless for a long time, “Your suggesting … me … ohhhh I … I don’t … know?”
 We talked. I confessed (in tears) I’d only played a few times that I didn’t know anything about sex and he was my dad. Mom held me and eventually asked me to just think about it. “I’m still capable now young lady … (kissing me on the forehead) …”
 Eventually mom dozed off and I stayed with her reading many stories from the site till I found I had moistness covering my shorts and slipped off to clean up. Needless to say the next few weeks I read steadily, I dressed more provocatively and I had some pretty heated nights and through it all our girls talk during morning baths was stimulating and rewarding.
 On mornings where dad had left a special delivery, mom encouraged me to rub some on my skin and several times to taste it; dads sperm was a little salty and quite sweet. I spent longer and more in-depth study of mom’s now fuzzy muff as she explained anatomy of pussy pleasure.
 Mom explained that a man (or woman) should ask what feels good or what I like having done to me. That (man or woman) should listen to my breathing patterns and be aware of my body responses. She then asked me a strange question, “Do you think your vagina is ugly, dirty or smells bad?” “I’m not sure mom, I think yours is beautiful and very sexy especially when daddy leaves his sperm … yours smells very lovely” I replied turning beet red.  “I only mentioned it Stacey because many women and young girls think their genitals are ugly or dirty because its so close to … well you know (long pause) … so remember your genitals are beautiful, unique and should always be a turn on for yourself; sex will always be pleasurable when your relaxed whether masturbating or with a man. ” mom said very casually, “I remember what it was like to be young without anyone telling me nothing… You may not know this but our vagina’s is not where the action is, anatomically Stacey our clitoris is the same as a man’s penis however our clitoris has at least double the nerve endings … do you know what that means?” Blushing I shyly whispered, “we stimulate faster with it being played with …” “I know it seems embarrassing, but if we can’t talk as mature women about these thing, how are we ever going to tell a man what is required to please us…?” mom winked.  I went for broke I had so many hints and stories from my girl friends that I was confused, “Mom … how or what do you like … I’m rather a novice at any of this…” “I like to start slow with a man … you know, hugs, kissing, petting, fondling and I love to be fingered … all very good for arousal. ” She said, “…but when I need to masturbate I gently  touch myself all over my genitals with ghostly feather touch, caress my soft pubic hair, spread my labia … you know the lips and lightly stroke my clitoris … it becomes erect and before I know it I’m lubricating, then I stroke around the opening and ever so gently penetrate my vagina… I take it that was the part you were wondering about?” “It was… I had no idea what to do…my friends they talk about dido’s and I had to check on line what that was…” I admitted timidly.
 “Are you ready for one? … Are you still a virgin? She asked.

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 “Yes mom, still a total virgin … and I’m not sure I’m ready for one, having never seen one. ” I blushed
 “If you want to see one (she blushed) … there’s several different ones in the second drawer of my dresser … I’d recommend as a mother that you don’t deflower yourself with one. ” She responded quietly.
 Intrigued I got up off the ottoman, opened the drawer and picked all four up feeling them, running them along my cheek (noticing the hint of mom’s aroma) even turning on two that had batteries. “Which one is your favourite mom? Wait … let me guess?” again catching a brief smell. “This one … (a soft dildo of pink jelly-like yet flexible one of 9-inches) … and this one (not sure why it was narrower yet still about 8-inches long) and kept playing with it.
 “Your right (waving me to bring them over) … this one is for Bridgett and this one is for Snookie…” she giggled then laughed at my confused look.
 I hadn’t heard mom laugh in weeks, “Bridgett is what your “daddy” calls my pussy … and well … Snookie is what I call my bottom … (again my stunned questioning look) …I love anal stimulation. ” She had me sit beside her on the corner of chair, “When I was a young teenager, not too much younger than you, I too heard the girls talking (laughs again) … I confused my bum with my vagina in secrecy under my sheets and accidentally deflowered my bottom, since then I love to play with my rectum. ” She admitted confidentially, “I often stimulate it when your daddy is kissing or sucking…”
 “I never tried it or thought about it … mom, why shouldn’t I break myself with one?” I asked.
 “Well, … I wasn’t expecting you to ask but let me try to explain Stacey…” mom seemed lost in thought for awhile, “…the hymen, indicating you’re a virgin is a mysterious sheet of fleshy membrane that partially covers the opening to our vagina’s or birth canal, generally a finger or if your careful a tampon can be introduced without tearing… only a larger object or erect penis causes it to be stretched or break which generally causes some mild bleeding and as a woman it feels much better to have it broken by an erect penis then even a warmed up one of these under the hot tap…”Mom looked very tired and I had lots to think about so I gently kissed her cheek then at the last second threw my arms about her while I whispered, “Thank you mom, I’ll let you rest for awhile” I collected up mom’s playthings and returned them to her drawer.
 I slipped into my room where I removed my shorts and panties looking at myself before the mirror, I caressed myself gently now quite proud of my body noticing that I tingled between my thighs quicker, then lay down on my bed exploring my pussy; before to long I had myself quite hot and bothered, tentatively began inserting a finger. Needless to get into all the crème details I began breathing rather strangely with intense burning quivering coming from my love tunnel. I slipped a finger lower from my other hand, I was ready – wiggling it in some (it was tight and it burned) and decided I needed something slippery I gathered my cream now oozing from my pussy onto my finger and retried wiggling it in my ass, OMG it felt better (still very tight) but soon I was pumping it in and out freely. Time stood still as I brought myself to varying degrees of orgasm as I muffled my screams into my pillow.

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   All done I smiled wickedly to myself in the mirror as I slipped on just my shorts, ensuring that my muff was on display. I walked away – looking back at the mirror, “You got me started mom … no telling where this will go!”
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