Hanna and Daddy - 5


I woke up one morning a couple of weeks later dreaming of fucking Hanna. Then I realized that it wasn’t a dream…Hanna was awake before me, and already had my cock stuffed deep inside her cunt, gently rocking her pussy back and forth on me.
“Good morning!” she said cheerily.
“Back at you” I replied. Her cunt was already wet and getting wetter, and she was content to do all the work.
“I woke up horny” she explained. “So I sucked the head of your cock until you got hard, then, well you know the rest. I hope you don‘t mind. ”
“Mind? My cock is inside the pussy of a beautiful girl, so what do you think?”
“I think you’re horny too” she grinned.
“I think you’re right” I affirmed. With that, Hanna began moving her pussy back and forth on my cock. Her juices became more copious as the minutes wore on. Then she fell forward on her hands, and began moving her pussy up and down my cock, slapping with each contact with my body. I reach out and played with both of her nipples, rubbing and sucking for all I was worth. Hanna then stopped the up and down movements, and resumed the back and forth movements, leading to her first orgasm. This caused her to lean forward a little more, and her nipples began rubbing against my chest.

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   I reached between us, finding her clit, and with the increased pressure on her most sensitive spot, she came again. I was having a virtual bath in her pussy juices as she came a third time with me touching her clit. Finally, my cock erupted, sending loads of cum deep inside her pussy, and with that, she collapsed on me. Even though my cock began shrinking, part of it remained inside her hot and wet cavern.
I started lightly stroking her ass, moving down to her pussy, and could feel her wetness all over her cunt. I got some of her cum on my finger and moved back up her butt crack, concentrating on her asshole. Hanna said “Mmmm” when I touched her hole, so I stuck just a fingertip into her. When she moaned again, I began in and out movements with my fingertip, and she sat up once again, pushing my flaccid cock deeper into her pussy, and giving my finger easier access to her asshole. Hanna took over the movements for me, and as I kept my finger inside her, she rocked herself to another orgasm, once more falling flat onto my chest as she did.
When she calmed down, she exclaimed “God, Daddy, I never would have believed that I could cum due to a finger in my butt! That was wonderful!”
“Maybe we just need to experiment some more. Once we get settled in our new house in a couple of weeks, maybe we can do some things outdoors too…”
“Oh that reminds me” interrupted Hanna. “I got an E-mail from Vanessa. She wanted to know the details of the move. Like, she knows the date, but not what time, and she hasn’t even seen the house yet. ”
“OK, I get it.

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   I’ll talk with the guy that’s moving, and see if he’ll let the three of us do a quick walk through. He’s been real cooperative. ”
“Oh, that would be great, Daddy. Just let me know. ” And with that, she hopped off my cock and bounced to the bathroom. After the toilet flushed, she walked back into my bedroom, with boobs and ass jiggling. My cock began to grow at the sight of my nude daughter, looking so grown up. She noticed that my cock was getting bigger, and jumped back into bed with me again. This time, I rolled over atop her, and sucked her nipples like I was trying to feed. I also ran my finger between her soft pussy lips a few times, and when I noticed that she had gotten wet, stuck just the head of my cock into her pussy. She became impatient, and moved her pussy so that my cock was buried to the hilt in just seconds. I took over then, with long, slow in and out movements, and in just a couple of minutes, her arms suddenly wrapped around my back with a slap, and her breathing became more rapid as she crossed the pinnacle to her cum.
“God, Daddy! That was great! I just couldn’t help myself when I saw your cock growing. It just turned me on like a light switch. ”
“You don’t have to apologize, Hanna.

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   I love the attention, and I didn’t hear any complaints from my cock either. Your naked body is so sexy, I don’t know how I kept my hands off you all these years. ”
“That’s sweet, Daddy. Just keep it up. ” She grinned at the double entendre, then jumped off the bed. I called about doing a walk-through at our new house, and he was more than happy to show us around. I set a date for next Saturday, and Hanna called Vanessa to relay the message.
When we arrived at the house, Vanessa couldn’t help but be impressed. She and Hanna explored every room, making plans to put this here and that there, and I had to laugh.
“What’s so funny, Daddy?” asked Hanna.
“It just seems that all the plans are being made by the two of you, but there is a third person involved here…”
“Oh? Who might that be?” giggled Vanessa.
“Maybe the one who will be paying for this” I replied, and gave her a light slap on her ass.
“Ooh, I’ll get even for that!” said Vanessa.
“Promises, promises” I retorted, and we all laughed. The girls and I piled into the car, and they continued excitedly making their own plans for moving in.

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   Another month later, we took on the task of moving into the new house. It took several hours to get things where we wanted them, but we finally did, then began exploring the property. The house was in a clearing, giving the yard a lot of exposure to the sun, but was then surrounded on all sides by forest. We got to the edge of the woods, and when I suggested that we take a nude hike, the girls undressed quickly and left their clothes in a pile. I quickly followed suit, and except for shoes, we were all nude in the woods. The feel of the air against my skin made my cock begin to stir, and I noticed both girls’ nipples were erect as well. After a fairly short hike, we came upon a decent-sized stream, with crystal clear water that was beautifully warm. Without a word, we took our shoes and socks off, and all jumped into the water.
We immediately got into a water battle, then quickly began tickling and wrestling each other. Vanessa jumped onto my back, wrapping her arms around me, while Hanna jumped on her back. I could feel Vanessa’s 36Cs pressing against me, with her pussy hair rubbing against my ass, and of course my cock began to point upward.
One girl hanging on me I could take; two caused us all to fall. Vanessa was first to surface, and she began splashing me as soon as I came up for air. Hanna was quick to follow, and I knew I had to be more aggressive. I went below the surface, and reached between Vanessa’s legs, sticking a finger between her pussy lips and rubbing hard on her clit.

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   When I resurfaced, I looked at her face, and my actions on her clit caused her eyes to roll back into her head. When she recovered, Vanessa jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. I noticed that Hanna had gone beneath the surface of the water, and quickly she was guiding my cock into her best friend’s already wet and hot pussy. I moved my hands beneath Vanessa’s ass, and began lifting her up then lowering her on my cock. I could feel her arms move higher on my back to grip me more tightly. Once more, her boobs were mashed against my chest, but Hanna moved behind me and reached between us, twisting Vanessa’s nipples. It took only a short time before Vanessa began panting, then her grip tightened even more as she came. Just a couple of more cock strokes inside her pussy, and my cum also began shooting deep within her.
After I pulled out of her, it was Hanna’s turn. She began stroking my cock as Vanessa reached from behind Hanna and began kissing her neck and rubbing on her nipples with both hands. After a little while of this, one hand moved down to Hanna’s pussy, and began rubbing her bald cunt. Hanna turned her back to me and reached out to steady herself against Vanessa, sticking her ass toward me.
“Put your cock inside my pussy now” Hanna ordered. By this time, my cock had reached its full length again, and I stuck it deep inside her cunt, slapping up against her ass. The girls began French kissing as I slowly moved in and out of Hanna’s velvety folds.

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   Vanessa resumed massaging Hanna’s 36B boobs and nipples, as I steadied against her by wrapping my arms around her waist. Hanna came very quickly, and Vanessa and I had to support her as she did. I lasted a few minutes longer, since I had already cum once, but finally I had another cum, this time filling Hanna’s cunt with my love juice. Vanessa applied pressure to Hanna’s clit, and she quickly came again, slapping her thighs together around Hanna’s hand and my cock. I could see both my own cum as well as their cum floating to the surface of the water as we all began wading out.
We slipped our shoes back on as we left the water behind us, then headed back to the house. Vanessa apparently was thinking about her situation, and said to the two of us “Guys, I love you. ”
“We both love you, too” replied Hanna. “But what brought that on?”
“It’s just that I was thinking about how perfect things are here, especially compared to my parents’ house, and I just want you to know I’m grateful. ” With that, she began crying, and Hanna and I both hugged her tightly until the emotion had passed. My cock began growing again, since I was being embraced by two beautiful naked teenagers. I ran a finger between both of their ass cheeks, lightly rubbing each ass hole, and both began moaning their pleasure. Vanessa quickly dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock again. Hanna took the opportunity to spread Vanessa’s legs wider, then slid between them to get access to Vanessa’s pussy, once again hot and juicy with lust.
As my cock got lip service from Vanessa, Hanna began lapping all of her juices from her pussy.

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   At the same time, Hanna spread her pussy lips with a finger and thumb and stuck another finger slowly into her own cunt. I could see deep into her, as her pussy gripped her finger. She started out slowly, then increased her pace to a fever pitch as her pussy got wetter. Finally, she clamped her legs tightly around her hand as she came almost violently. Vanessa removed my cock from her mouth, and changed into a 69 with Hanna, exhibiting her ass and pussy to me. I wasted no time in plunging my cock deep into her pussy, sliding in to the hilt with no resistance at all, thanks to Hanna’s ‘warm up. ’
Vanessa dived right into Hanna’s wet folds, immediately sucking Hanna’s hard clit. This brought her to another mind-bending orgasm, soaking Vanessa’s face with her cum. I continued my in and out movements in Vanessa‘s pussy, increasing my speed rapidly, while Hanna began fondling my balls after she recovered from her own orgasm. Vanessa began rocking back and forth in rhythm with me, causing a loud slapping noise against her ass with every inward thrust. Vanessa suddenly stiffened, then moaned as she came. I could feel the wetness in her pussy increase several fold, and this caused my cock to spurt glob after glob of my own cum deep into her pussy. The mixture of our juices was too much for her pussy to hold, and she dripped some of it into Hanna’s waiting mouth. Of course, some missed and splattered on her face and neck. Vanessa pulled away from me and turned around, lying atop Hanna and licking our divine mixture off her.

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They hugged each other for a moment, then slowly, almost imperceptibly, began rubbing their pussies against each other. Vanessa sat up to increase the pressure, and almost immediately, she came once again. This seemed to spur Hanna on, and her legs again slapped together as she experienced another cum of her own. Both girls rolled over onto their sides and hugged each other, as their arms, legs, lips, and pussies intertwined. I couldn’t have dreamed a sexier scene.
“Sorry, Daddy!” said Hanna ruefully. “We didn’t mean to leave you out. I guess we got carried away. ”
“No apologies necessary, honey” I replied. “I couldn’t have imagined anything sexier than seeing you two making love. ”
They both smiled, then got up. “I think it’s about time for a shower” suggested Hanna. Hearing no objections, we all headed for the bathroom. I made a point of walking behind the girls, in order to keep an eye on their luscious asses. The jiggling ahead of me made me want to reach out and grab them both, but I resisted.

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We showered together, holding nothing back as we soaped and cleaned each other from top to bottom. I was able to stick two fingers into each girl’s pussy at the same time, and could feel both squirming as I finger-fucked them to another cum. When they recovered, they both worked on my cock at the same time with their hands, and I don’t believe I had ever cum so fast as I did in the shower. Finally, the hot water began to run out, and we quickly rinsed off and dried each other off. After dinner, we all sat on the couch to watch a movie of their choosing. Of course, I was between them, and since the movie was a porn, we all had fun touching and stroking each other’s parts during the entire length of the feature. At one point, I leaned against the arm while Vanessa leaned against the other arm, with a vibrator in her pussy. Hanna grabbed my cock and sat on it, and I reached around her to pull on her nipples. I could feel her wetness on her pussy lips before ever entering her. As Vanessa increased the speed of her movements, Hanna did likewise, and both girls ended up cumming at almost the same instant. As I began to cum, I pulled my cock out of Hanna’s cunt, and both girls watched as I shot all over her midsection. Hanna then fell back against my chest, and watched as Vanessa continued to fuck herself. Hanna then reached out to pull on her new housemate’s nipples, and Vanessa moved the vibrator to her clit. The combination of those two actions made her cum again, and she nearly screamed with the intensity.
After the movie was over, we all decided it was time for bed, and that sleeping would be in order.


   Sleeping nude between two naked beauties was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. A few times during the night, I was awakened by a soft hand lightly stroking my cock, or by a muffled groan as one of them masturbated. But despite that, all awoke refreshed and ready to start a new day.
When we went out the next day for some shopping, the girls wore only shorts (VERY short) and cut-off T-shirts (no bra or panties). Vanessa had to trim her long pussy hairs a bit to keep them from being seen by the public. I also wore only shorts and a shirt, but no undies for me either. We went to stores, trying on clothes, even though we could have gotten in trouble being ‘undie-less’. But nothing bad happened, we completed our shopping, and headed back home. Once we passed the property line, I stopped the car and we all took our clothing off for the remainder of the ride. I looked in the mirror and saw them locked in a French kiss. My cock began to get erect, then when they started fondling each other’s pussy, got fully hard in just seconds. I could smell their sweet pussies in the car as we pulled up to the house.
“OK, break it up long enough to get out of the car!” I said. They both groaned, but got out and gathered their bags. It was a hot day, and that seemed to make them hotter as well, as they began fondling each other again before reaching the house.


   We all fell in the grass of the front yard and began touching each other’s most sensitive parts. I quickly got atop Vanessa, and slowly pushed my cock deep into her pussy. Hanna moved to sit on Vanessa’s face, and leaned over to French kiss me. I lightly stroked her nipples as Vanessa took long licks of her pussy. Hanna was apparently quite excited already, as I could see her suddenly tense up as she came. Vanessa sucked for all she was worth, trying to get every drop of Hanna’s cum. I began stroking in and out of Vanessa’s pussy even faster now, and Hanna reached between us and applied pressure with her finger directly on Vanessa’s clit. Now it was Vanessa’s turn to suddenly stiffen as she grabbed two handfuls of grass. I pulled on her nipples as she nearly screamed in the ecstasy of her cum. Her sweet pussy fluids were already leaking out of her pussy as I continued pounding hard into her cunt. Suddenly, Vanessa released her tight grip on the grass and reached around Hanna to grab her with a loud slap. I could feel my cum building then, and exploded deep into her pussy, pulling out midway through my cum so that Hanna could see what her girlfriend had done to her daddy.
Quickly, Hanna leaned over and began lapping up my cum off Vanessa’s soft skin as Vanessa renewed her attack on Hanna’s cunt. Hanna began moaning, and I could see that Vanessa’s face was getting wet from Hanna’s juices. Hanna again stiffened and began cumming all over Vanessa’s face.

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   I reached up to fondle Hanna’s nipples, and with continued stimulation of her clit, she began cumming again.
“Oh, GOD, keep sucking my pussy Vanessa” she exclaimed as she writhed on Vanessa’s face. Vanessa sucked her clit completely into her mouth, and Hanna nearly passed out with the fury of her cum. She collapsed atop Vanessa with her ass sticking straight out, and her pussy just dripped her cum. I quickly moved behind Hanna and jammed my cock into her pussy, encountering no resistance from her slippery folds. My cock sprang to attention again while inside Hanna, and quickly she began moving back and forth on my dick, helping my erection along. Vanessa reached up to Hanna’s clit, and began rubbing it with her thumb, and soon Hanna was cumming again. I kept up the action with my cock, and Hanna began to moan her approval. She laid her head on Vanessa’s pussy, gently stroking her lips and dipping her fingers into Vanessa’s cunt. Vanessa began moving her pussy back and forth along Hanna’s fingers, and had an orgasm with two fingers stuck deep into her pussy.
I started moving my cock more quickly in and out of Hanna’s own pussy, and she soon stiffened with one more orgasm, catching her breath then letting it all out at once as though she had been punctured. This drew my cum from my cock, and I held it in as far as it would go, with my cock hairs meeting her bald pussy lips. Hanna pushed against me as hard as she could, mashing her clit and causing another orgasm. Vanessa pulled my cock out of Hanna’s pussy, and licked it clean before attacking Hanna’s cunt with her mouth. She sucked for all she was worth in an attempt to clean my daughter’s and my juices from her cunt.

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   Finally, we were satiated and after resting in a naked heap in the front yard, stumbled through the front door and inside.
“Girls, that was wonderful!” I said to them.
“You were pretty good, too, Dad” echoed Hanna.
“I agree wholeheartedly, Ted!” exclaimed Vanessa. “You know, I think we have a pretty good thing going here, don’t you guys?”
“Yes, but we have to be careful not to wear each other out” I cautioned. “It can get a little old if we do it all the time. ”
“And remember one thing Vanessa” continued my daughter. “Daddy is older than we are…he just can’t keep up. ”
“You mean he just can’t keep it up, don’t you?” teased Vanessa.
“I haven’t had much trouble yet, though. ” I felt like I had to defend myself from the teasers.
“But there is one problem” said Vanessa. “I’m still horny, and Ted will take a while to get hard again. Whatever shall a girl do?” she asked jokingly.
And then, I had a brainstorm.

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   “Vanessa, I think you and Hanna should get it on with each other, and maybe your vibrator too, and let me capture it all on video. ”
Both girls had big smiles on their faces as they said “YES” to my suggestion. Vanessa ran to her nightstand to retrieve her dildo, and I headed to the living room closet for the camcorder. By the time I changed the battery and inserted a clean disc, the girls were also ready to start.
Vanessa had the vibrator in her hand, and as they embraced, mashing their titties against each other, Vanessa began rubbing Hanna’s pussy lips with the humming instrument. She then moved the dildo to her own pussy, and Hanna quickly grabbed it from her to rub it on her female lover’s sex parts. Vanessa put one foot on the couch cushion, allowing Hanna easier insertion. Her eyes rolled back in her head when Hanna inserted the head of the vibrator into her pussy, then her breath caught when Hanna repositioned it directly on her clit. Hanna then began applying more pressure to Vanessa’s love spot, and her pussy juices began running down her inner thighs. Hanna then moved the end of the vibrator back to the opening of Vanessa’s pussy, and shoved it almost all the way in. Vanessa nearly screamed as she had an extremely intense orgasm, and her juices became more copious. Hanna shoved the dildo just a little further, and the 5” ‘helper’ disappeared completely into Vanessa’s pussy, still vibrating as it did.
Vanessa nearly collapsed, so Hanna guided her to the couch, spread her legs then her pussy lips, and slowly pulled the dildo from her friend’s pussy. Hanna licked the sparse hairs surrounding Vanessa’s cunt, then took long, slow licks up and down her pussy lips. She then inserted a finger and a thumb between Vanessa’s pussy lips and began pulling them apart, revealing the vibrator in Vanessa’s cunt.

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   Vanessa’s ass rose off the cushion as Hanna retrieved the dildo, and when it was finally out, Hanna licked the cunt juices off like it was a chocolate coating on an ice cream bar. Vanessa’s ass fell to the couch again, and she began to catch her breath as Hanna cleaned off her legs and pussy lips, licking Vanessa’s pussy up and down, inside and out.
Finally, Vanessa recovered, and guided Hanna to the arm chair a few feet away. The two girls began a long sloppy French kiss, and Vanessa began to slowly work her way down Hanna’s body. She stopped at her tits, taking long slow sucks on Hanna’s nipples, then licked her way down to her navel, then further down, over her Mound of Venus, then finally arriving at Hanna’s pussy lips. The camera caught Vanessa’s tongue as it worked its way into Hanna’s sloppy pussy, then moved back up her body to catch Hanna as she began to pull on and twist her own nipples. Moving back down, I caught Vanessa as she spread Hanna’s legs wide apart, exposing her pussy inside and out. She moved to her pussy once more, and I was just in time to see Vanessa move up to the hood surrounding her clit. Vanessa then squeezed Hanna’s pussy lips together, fully exposing her clit, and took a hard suck directly on her clit. Hanna’s ass raised off the chair cushion, giving Vanessa and me a perfect shot directly into her soaking wet pussy. Vanessa squeezed her pussy lips just a little harder, then licked long and slow across her clit, and Hanna squealed as her pussy juices began draining from between her lips. I caught a shot of her juices as they dripped onto the cushion, then Vanessa turned face up and put her face right under Hanna’s pussy to catch the rest. I pulled the camera back so that I could catch a full shot of Vanessa’s naked body facing me, feet on the floor and knees spread wide, while she licked and sucked Hanna’s dripping pussy. What a video this will be!
“Now it’s your turn!” exclaimed Hanna. My cock was already hard, and when Vanessa stuck it into her mouth, I almost swore that it grew just a little longer.

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   Hanna maneuvered the camera to get a perfect shot of her girlfriend sucking her daddy’s cock, very slowly, going up and down the entire length. As Hanna moved the camera down a little, Vanessa reached beneath me to massage my balls. I sat down in the easy chair as Vanessa kept my cock in her mouth the entire time. Vanessa pulled my dick out of her mouth, moving down to suck on my balls while her hand began stroking my cock faster than her mouth could move.
“I’m going to cum, Hanna!” And with that announcement, my cum began shooting straight up in the air. Hanna positioned her mouth over, but not on, my cock. The cum spurted directly into her mouth, and she let some drip back down onto my cock, covering the head and coating the shaft. By this time, her hands were also coated with cum, and she wiped it all over her boobs and tummy.
By now, Hanna had gotten quite horny again, and handed the camera over to Vanessa. Hanna climbed onto the couch, and spread her legs wide, completely revealing her hairless pussy to us. She quickly stuck two fingers deep into her cunt, moving them in and out, making sexy squishing sounds as she did. Hanna moved her left hand up to her nipples, and rubbed on them as her right hand remained inside her cunt. Her fingers were already coated with her slick juices, and the lubrication allowed her to move them as quickly as she wanted. I could see her jaw clinch and hear her breathing get faster as she pounded her fingers into her pussy, until at last she had an orgasm that caused cum to run out of her pussy and onto the couch cushion, making a wet spot there. Strangely, I thought to myself that we’ll have to launder the couch and chair cushion covers today.

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By now, both girls were pretty tired, but I was obviously horny, so Vanessa turned the camera on me when she noticed me stroking my cock. She focused directly on my dick as my hand began faster movements up and down. I soon began concentrating my efforts mostly on my cock head, and had to sit down or fall down. I sat right next to Hanna, and she took over for me, sticking my cock head into her mouth, and running her tongue around the head. Shortly, she began the same movements up and down that my hand had been doing, and her warm mouth quickly drew my cum out. She pulled it out just as I spurted all over my abdomen for the first few shots, then as she continued stroking me with her hand, my cum landed all over her hand and my cock hair. She massaged the cum all over my cock and on my balls, then scooped it off my belly and spread it all over her body too.
As I calmed down, I noticed the combined scent of two musky pussies pervading the room, and inhaled deeply. Vanessa turned off the camera, saying “I guess we’ve just made our own X-rated movie. ”
Hanna added “I’d like to do some more too. We could experiment some, maybe use a tripod so we could all get into the action at once…”
Vanessa jumped back in again. “I think we might even get some toys and make it even more interesting. ”
‘Yes’ I thought to myself. ‘Very interesting indeed. ”

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Some of the most beautiful and skilled independent escorts in Europe live in the Czech Republic. From the busy streets of Prague to the pretty towns of esk Krumlov and Kutná Hora, the country attracts people from all over the world who want to meet professional escorts and have intimate encounters.
So why put it off? Take the first step toward an amazing escort experience in the Czech Republic. You'll find what you're searching for with these lovely ladies, whether you're seeking for a nice evening out or an intimate meeting.
So why should you wait? Take the first step toward a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a Czech Republic escort. You'll find what you're looking for with these amazing women.
Many visitors to the Czech Republic for the first time are typically shocked to see such a vibrant escort scene. Nonetheless, it is simple to understand why this is the case. The nation has a gorgeous scenery of mountains, woods, and rivers, ancient towns, and modern architecture, and its people are regarded for being some of the friendliest and most welcoming in Europe.
Newcomers to the Czech Republic are frequently taken aback by the country's burgeoning escort sector. Yet the reasons behind this are not hard to fathom. The nation has some of Europe's most beautiful scenery, including mountains, woods, and rivers, as well as historic towns and cutting-edge architecture.
To guarantee a safe and happy experience while hiring independent escorts in the Czech Republic, it is essential to do research and engage with only reputed service providers. Choose escorts who have positive internet evaluations and are recommended by other customers. In addition, it is advisable to talk with the escort in advance to verify that you both have the same expectations and services.