He Fucked Me, Over... My Sweet Revenge Part 2


The fucked up part about it, he didn’t even have the testicular fortitude, to be a man and tell me that he met someone else, that he found some little slut to use as a cumm bank, that little slut will get hers eventually, like I said, he fucked me, over… my sweet revenge is just beginning… His brother Joshuah, he told me, he told me that he walked into his apartment, to sounds of moaning coming from the bedroom. He assumed that it was one of our ritual, fuckfests. It was nothing uncommon for Joshuah, in the past I noticed Joshuah, standing in the doorway, while I was getting fucked. He liked watching, you could tell by the massive swelling in his pants. Joshuah fully enjoying every show, I do admit that it turned me on having him stroking himself to our sessions of sucking and fucking. It turned me on so much that, I’d even gesture for him to come in and join us, but he never would, I think the thought hurt to much, that for an hour or so he could have me, and then when it would be over id be back in Brian’s arms. While, watching in hopes to have a great stroking session, He knew that something was wrong, when the little cumm whore, got off Brian’s cock, and walked tward the shower. To his disbelief, he saw my sister. He couldn’t imagine Brain, Fucking my little sister. Yet, witnessing it. Being the friend Joshuah is he knew the right thing to do was tell me what he had seen. He just couldn’t find the right way to tell me. I wish he had told me instead, Brian told me in his own way, you know by beating the shit out of me… I knew id never be in his arms again…It was 11:30 on Friday night, and the phone rang, to my surprise it was Joshuah…“Jenica, are you there. ”“Umm, yeah, sorry Josh, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you. ”“Jenica, I know what happened last night, Brian told me he hurt you pretty bad are you okay?”Yeah, I was okay; I was hurt, swollen, and pissed off now, my life that was a fairy tale had just turned into a nightmare…“ Yeah, I’m okay… I’ll live… I guess…”“I just don’t know what happened, I could never cheat on him, why did he think that I was cheating on him?”“ Jenica, can I come over, so we can talk. I think you need to know something, and I don’t think it should be over the phone.

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   Okay?"“ I don’t know if I can handle knowing anymore. ”“Please, just let me come over, ill explain it all to you. ”“I guess, but give me a few minutes to get my apartment straitened up, and take a shower. ”“An hour, okay with you?”“Sure, see you in an hour. ”As I hung up the phone, I couldn’t help but imagine what Joshuah needed to tell me. How much more, could happen to me? My mind stirred, at what he was going to tell me. Maybe now he wants to join me, it figures after I get kicked to the curb. He would be nice for a good fuck, but how can I think about fucking anyone, I love Brian… or do i?After a quick clean up, I raced to the bedroom, undressing along the way I slipped off my jeans, and tore off my shirt, one quick look in the mirror, my tits a full 38d, nipples aroused form the chill in the room, perfect for sucking, and my ass, yeah my ass in need of a spanking. It’s not my fault I’m so horny, I’m used to sex every morning, and every night. Now imagine how much release I need right now. I swept my long auburn hair out of my face, and looked into the mirror, my face black and blue, a signature reminder of what he did to me…I got into the tub, the warm water on my cold skin, felt so warm, so comfortable, and all I could do was cry… I must not have heard the door, in walks Joshuah…“Jenica, sweetie, what’s wrong, are you okay?”“Am I okay, yeah I’m fucking okay, look at my face!”From the look on his face, and the tone in his voice, I knew he was mad. . . “He, did this to you? He told me that he was just a little rough with you. ”Through tears, and my sobbing, and remembering everything that had happened, I managed to blurt out…“He was a little rough alright.


  ”“Let me get you out of there, and into bed. ”Josh picked my naked, wet body up from the bath, and wrapped a towel around me, picked me up throwing my arms around his neck, and carried me into the bedroom, and laid me down on the bed. Being naked in front of Josh wasn’t uncomfortable at all; he’s seen me naked before. He went to my dresser, and picked out panties, and a tank top, came back over and started drying me off. His touch so gentle, and so soothing he began massaging my feet, his hands sliding up over my calves, onto my thighs. I could feel the ach in my stomach I wanted him to touch me, now more than ever. He continued dressing me. On his knees in front of me he slid my panties over my feet and lifted my legs, my pussy naturally parting for him, opening, and welcoming him to touch me. He slid my panties on me, lifting my ass pulling me a little closer to him. He could have his way with me. Flooded with urge, and frustration, my body just twisted, at the thought of his touch…“Are you alright sweetie, I just want you to be comfortable. ”If he only knew, what I wanted…His hands continued to caress my skin, sensually massaging me, running his hands over my flat stomach, circling my belly button. He reached under me to take the towel, the towel left my breasts uncovered, my nipples fully erect. I couldn’t blame it on the cold, and I couldn’t admit that I was aroused. He sat me up, raised my arms above my head, his fingertips tracing my arms, he slid the tank top over me, pulling it down his hands lightly brushing against my nipples.

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   I wanted him to touch me, and I know he wanted to. I laid back on my bed, getting comfortable, and he just laid right next to me massaging my body, he just kept rubbing my stomach running his fingers over the trim of my panties twisting the satin fabric in his fingertips, every second he spent just got me wetter and the ache, and want for release got more intense. He stopped and just looked in my eyes. . . “Jenica, I’m so sorry, I can’t apologize enough for what he did to you, you didn’t deserve that. ”“Can we not talk about it right now? I just want to lay here. Josh, Don’t leave tonight, stay here with me. ”“ I can do that, just let me go make a phone call, I’ll be right back. ”As he hurried off to use the phone, I just lay there confused, I just got beat up by a man that I loved, and I want his brother to stay here with me. Feeling the tears welling in my eyes, I just closed them tight and wished I was somewhere else…Just then Joshuah walked back in…“Here, drink this it will help you sleep. ”“It’s sweet, what is it?”“Trust me, just drink it”Josh layed back on the bed next to me, and continued massaging me rhythmically, I was in heaven, and relaxed as I was I started slipping off to sleep…About 3:30, I started to wake up, I turned a little, and felt Joshuah next to me and nuzzled against him, not entirely ready to wake up, so I just laid there… A few minutes later I felt Joshuah move his hands over my stomach his fingers traveling down to my panties. I felt his fingers slip under, and he started tracing my pussy lips, very lightly. His fingers rubbing against me, starting to get wet, I spread my legs a little wider to give him easier access to my awaiting puddle. I didn’t want him to stop, so I pretended to be asleep.

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   His fingers met my a waiting clit, he massaged my clit for what seemed like hours, only because I was motionless, and holding back moans that I would love to share with him. . . He continued slipping his finger inside me, meeting my juices, totally lubricating his finger he slid inside me gently, working his way into me. I couldn’t help but grind into his hand, he stopped to make sure I was still sleeping, when he was sure I was asleep he continued, slipping in a 2nd finger, my muscles tightening on him, my breaths more rapid, on the verge of an orgasm, he started rubbing his cock, he pulled out his cock, and started rubbing the pre-cum over the tip. I’ve seen his cock before many times, but not from this distance, he was a good nine inches, and about twice as thick as Brian. He began stroking his cock in unison, with the stroking of his fingers inside me. My hips began to rise to meet his fingers, small moans escaped my mouth I was ready to cumm for him, yet I wanted him to cumm, I wanted to watch him milk his cock with his hand, finally my body started t o spasm, and I was in a full orgasm, my muscles clenched his fingers, and my juices poured onto his hand, at the same time his cock erupted with thick milky streams of cumm, his stomach was covered in cumm, the sight of him cumming was enough to send me over the edge in another lighter orgasm. Josh gently moved off the bed and into the bathroom to clean himself, and come back to bed. I turned and wrapped my arms around him and intertwined my legs with his, and fell back to sleep. 8AM the alarm clock went off, waking up sleepy eyed, and disoriented my eyes focused on those gorgeous bedroom eyes…“Good Morning, Beautiful. ”“Mmm, Good Morning Sexy. ”“What did you say Jenica?”Thinking about what I just said…“ Oh wow, Sorry Josh I must have had some really good dreams last night. ”“ I don’t mind as long as you liked the dreams you had you can tell me I’m sexy anytime. ”“So what are your plans for the day?”“I’m just going to stay home today, and take it easy.

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  ”“Okay, I have to go to work, but right after I’ll be over I still need to talk to you. ”“I’ll be here. ”“ You need to get out of bed, and get out there, so your not just home thinking of all the bad stuff, you’ll miss out on some good stuff. ”“Go to work already. ”Joshuah got dressed, and left for work… What had happened last night and what was he going to tell me… I guess ill have to wait till tonight to find out…tell me if i should keep going or if i should take it in a different direction, cause as it builds it becomes more intense. . . . tell me your thoughts and thank you.