Health Class and some help from dad


When I was 13 I started to learn about sex in health class in gym. It was very intriguing to me, we talked about masturbation and penetration as well as the various STDS. We also talked about pregnancy. It was all so new to me. I didn't understand why anybody would want to have sex anyways, the thought just made me kind of sick to my stomach. My name is Katty, i'm half dominican and half white. I have a nice olive complexion, and barely budding breasts and a nice little figure with a cute little butt. I started to tell my parents about what I'd been learning in school, they didn't make it seem like a big deal, and they said that as I get older i'll learn that sex isn't a bad thing. I am a very stubborn person so I found it very hard to believe.
A few weeks before christmas I came home early from school because I wasn't feeling well. I didn't even have my parents come get me, I just left and missed the last two classes of the day. Well to my surprise my father had stayed home for the day sick. He was use to me skipping class every once in a while so it wouldn't have been a surprise to see me home early. I opened the door and heard moaning noises coming from my parents bedroom. I looked through the door that was slightly cracked and I saw my dad watching a video with two women having sex. They were licking each others vaginas! Or as most adults would probably say "pussy".

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  . I started to feel funny, it was interesting to watch. These women were getting pleasure from each other, my pussy started to tingle a little, I then saw my dad, he was masturbating to the video. . I saw his penis, it looked quite big. . the next thing I felt was a slight wetness inside my pants, I started to figure out that this is what its like to be "turned on" or "horny". . The hardwood floor made a "creek" and my dad looked sharply towards the door but I tip toed back to my room and went to sleep not thinking another word but still had moist panties.
My father came into my room a few hours later and woke me up. "Katty honey, its dinner time" I got up and went downstairs to eat dinner and my mom wasn't there. "Wheres mom?" i asked "oh she's stuck overnight in ontario" my mom was a flight attendant for united airlines. "Oh Ok, I can't believe you cooked dinner" my dad smiled at me and we finished up dinner. "Wanna watch a movie with me tonight?" and I smiled back and shook my head with a yes. .


  I was feeling better after I had dinner and we plopped onto the couch and my dad put in a movie. My dad must have gotten things mixed up in the movie boxes because the same movie came on that he was watching earlier. . . I started to giggle "OH SHIT-i didn't want you to see this, i meant to put in Princess Diaries". . he jumped up to change it "No dad, this is fine, I want to watch this". . my dad looked at me with a surprise" No honey, we aren't going to watch this, its not for your eyes". . . . . "Dad you told me that eventually i'll learn to appreciate sex and this is a way for me to start". .

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  . he couldn't really argue with me and he let the movie play on. . . . I started to get that tingly feeling back inside my pussy, and my panties started to get moist again. . I had a blanket over my legs and I decided to try touching myself, my hand wandered down to into my nice moist panties and i started to touch myself. It felt interesting, then I found what's called the "clitoris" or "clit" for short. Wow, was that thing sensitive. . . i started to rub it more and looked over at my dad and could tell he was getting turned on by the movie.
    . I saw a bulge growing in his pants, i started to rub faster on my clit and let out a gentle moan.

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      . My father looked over at me "KATHRYN REBECCA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and I stopped suddently and just looked up at him, he then caught himself and smiled, "sorry it's just a shock for me to see my baby girl exploring herself". . . . . . I looked at him and said "well its not everyday I see my dad masturbate to a lesbian video" and he looked at me with udder shock on his face "That was you earlier?" and I smiled and looked at him. . "Honey you shouldn't have seen that, you're just to young". . . I looked up at him again and said "I liked watching, it got my coochie flowing". . .

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      my father had just a blank look on his face. . . . "Well" he gulped really hard "i think im gonna go have a drink". . . . "no daddy, stay here and help me play with myself" he just looked at me again with a dumbfounded look on his face. . .
    After the initial shock came over him, he eased up and came down in between my legs "We can't tell anybody about this-its very important, i could go to jail, but i want to help you". . . .

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      "Its our little secret dad". . . just then and there he took one of his fingers and shoved it gently into my tight virgin pussy. . . "OOOOH jesus, that feels good daddy, do it more". . . he took that as an "OK" and tried to put two more fingers in there but I was just too tight. . . He then got his face close to my pussy lips and inhaled a big deep breath "I want to take in your virgin scent" and then he dove in with his mouth , licking away at my virginal secretions, it was the best feeling i'd ever had in my entire life. . .

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      . he was sucking on my clit, lapping up my juices and fingering my pussy like it was going out of style. . . within a few minutes of him eating me and fingering I started to tense up and I wasn't sure what it was until I just screamed and my hips buckled "OOOH GOD. . . OOH GEEEZZZZEE" it was the most amazing feeling i'd ever felt besides my father eating my pussy. . . that was the only thing we hadn't learned in health class, orgasms, "what just came over me dad?" and he said "you had your first successful orgasm". . I was breathing heavily, and my father stood up and took off his pants, and his boxers and out popped his long at least 8 1/2 inch cock. . Now honey you're going to learn how to suck cock.

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      . . . and then i'm going to pop your cherry. . .
    To be continued if I receive positive feedback. .