Heidi's Surprise


"Hi," Grandpa responded walking out of the kitchen. He was taken back by the sight of a boy with his granddaughter, Heidi. "Dad," announced Carol, "this is Matt. Heidi's little friend. ""Oh, yes, hi," Grandpa said, "yeah, that's right, you said Heidi was bringing a friend along. " Grandpa tried to hide his disappointment with Heidi bringing along a boy instead of a girl. Carol left and Heidi went into a bedroom to change into her bikini. Matt was already wearing his swim trunks. As Heidi came out of the room, Grandpa almost swallowed his tongue. Heidi was wearing a new bikini. The bottom was almost a thong; both of Heidi's butt cheeks hanging loose from the suit. Her top held her youthful titties up and out, showing most of her titty flesh. Grandpa felt a definite stirring in his pants as he watched her walk out to the pool. Grandpa tried to keep himself busy inside the house but he was constantly drawn to a window to look outside at Matt and Heidi. At first they were content to splash about the water, but as the morning went on they were spending more and more time close together. Close to noon Grandpa prepared lunch and went out to get the kids.

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   Matt and Heidi were huddled in each other's arms in a corner of the pool. Heidi seemed to be a little embarrassed when Grandpa walked up, and when she got out of the pool she had to straighten out her bikini. As Matt got out he had an obvious erection. He was nervous and tried to cover himself as best he could. Heidi would not look at Grandpa in the eyes during lunch. Grandpa remembered his youth and wondered just how far Matt had gotten with his granddaughter in the pool. Instead of bothering him, Grandpa was kind of surprised that he found the issue kind of exciting. He felt another rush in his pants and a definite thickening of his cock when he thought about it. Grandpa insisted the kids lay around for a while before getting back in the pool, so Heidi decided to work on her tan. She had Matt apply sun tan lotion, and it was obvious Matt enjoyed his work very much. After an hour, they went back in the pool and Matt wasted no time in cuddling with Heidi in the corner of the pool again. The next time Grandpa went out to check on Matt and Heidi, they didn't hear him coming. Heidi's bikini was off and lying among some towels on the side of the pool. Matt's swim trunks were down around his ankles. Heidi's long legs were wrapped around Matt; he had his hands on her butt and was thrusting and grunting loudly.

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   If his cock was not in her, it was very close to going in. "Heidi!" called out Grandpa. "Matt, put your swim trunks back on and call your parents to come get you. Heidi, get out of the water and get dressed. "Matt climbed out of the pool and quickly pulled up his trunks, covering his cock which by this time was shrinking fast. Heidi just covered up her eyes and started crying. Grandpa went in to the house to see about Matt. As soon as he entered the house he heard Matt hang up the phone. "My mom will pick me up at the corner, sir," Matt stammered as he ran out of the house. Grandpa had to chuckle to himself about how fast Matt ran out. He also thought it clever of the boy to meet his mother away from the house. He obviously didn't want his mother informed about his pool activities. Walking back to the pool, Grandpa noticed Heidi was still in the water. He picked up a towel and held it for her and said, "here, honey, let's get out of the water. " Heidi raised up and turned to face Grandpa.

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   Grandpa stared at her ripe young naked body as the water cascaded from her firm young titties, and ran down her supple flesh. This time he felt more than a stirring in his pants, he felt his cock getting harder by the minute. Heidi sat down in a chair next to the pool, holding the towel to her chest. The sides of her titties were exposed, as was the side of her butt and thighs. Grandpa was admiring her beautiful body. "Oh Grandpa," Heidi exclaimed, "please don't tell my mom. Nothing like that has happened before, I don't know what happened. ""Heidi" Grandpa said in a clear voice, "you were naked in the pool with a boy who was ramming his cock in your pussy. How can you say you don't know what was happening or how it happened?" Heidi's head popped up to look at him very quickly; she had a surprised look on her face. Grandpa was a little worried perhaps his language had been too direct. "You're right, Grandpa," Heidi said. "I can fool mom with that act, but not you. She still thinks I'm a virgin and that Matt and I just set on the couch and suck face. I really wasn't planning to have sex here in the pool, you gotta believe me. Its just, well.

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  . . " and her voice trailed off. Grandpa sat down beside her and put his arm around her, his hand gently rubbing the smooth skin of her back "I am a man too you know," Grandpa said softly, "and I understand passion. You are a very beautiful young woman. Placed in a situation such as this with a virile young man, things can get out of hand. " Heidi had moved closer to him and was pressing her legs in his crotch. She felt his hand moving further around her back to the base of her titty, and she felt his thick cock with her leg. "Grandpa," said Heidi in a soft voice, "are you going to tell mom?" Heidi felt Grandpa's growing erection rubbing up and down her leg. She also felt his hand encircling her titty and begin to gently squeeze and fondle her tender flesh. "I should tell her, Heidi," Grandpa said in an even voice. Even as he said it he was sliding his free hand up the inside of her leg, along her smooth creamy inner thigh. When his hand reached her moist pussy she gasped. Grandpa eased one of his thick, rough fingers between her delicate pussy lips and began to saw back and forth, drawing her rich cream from her body. With his other hand he pulled at her growing nipple and rolled it between thumb and forefinger.

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   Heidi gasped as she began to breath heavy. She enjoyed the feelings from her body but she never thought of Grandpa that way. Drawing his fingers from her slit, Grandpa tasted Heidi's rich pussy juices. He pulled her towel down from her body, admiring her naked form as she sat. Grandpa stood, slowly pulling off his shirt and dropping his pants. He placed one hand behind her neck and with his other he guided his throbbing cock to her mouth. "Grandpa, I never," was all Heidi could say before Grandpa thrust his cock between her lips. "Well if you never sucked a cock before, girl, you are about to learn," Grandpa said, smiling. "Run your tongue around the head, now up and down the shaft while I ease it in further. That's it. Yeah, baby. Now suck on it. "Heidi began to gag as Grandpa's cock found the back of her throat. Putting both hands on the back of her head, Grandpa began to shove his cock down her throat. "Relax Heidi, let Grandpa run his cock down that pretty throat of yours.

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   Yeah, baby, suck on Grandpa's cock" he said in a throaty, almost hoarse voice.
    The feeling of sliding his thick cock into her throat was overwhelming and Grandpa began to cum. The first load shot down Heidi's throat, the second into her mouth. The third stream fell across her face. Grandpa was massaging his thick cock and kept it aimed on her face. "That wasn't too bad for your first time, girl. But I expect you to suck me dry once you get the hang of it," Grandpa said. Heidi was too busy choking and spitting to listen. The sight of Heidi's naked body, the feel of her tender pussy, and getting head kept Grandpa's cock hard and ready. Grandpa pushed Heidi back on the lounge chair and lifted her legs. "Grandpa, what are you doing?" Heidi said in a surprised tone. "I'm going to do what I have been wanting to do for several years now, Heidi. I am going to fuck you, and fuck you good little girl," Grandpa said with a gleam in his eye. Heidi began to squirm. Grandpa had been rough with her when he forced his cock down her throat, and now she was scared to see him come at her with his huge cock. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       Matt had a difficult time getting his cock in her, and his was very thin compared to Grandpa's. "Grandpa, I don't think it will fit," Heidi complained. Grandpa paused while he held Heidi's feet high in the air, and he stroked his hard cock. "I didn't think about your pussy being that tight baby," Grandpa said. "Maybe I should stick it somewhere else then?""Uh, you want me to take it in my mouth again, Grandpa?" Heidi asked. "No, baby, that's not what I meant," Grandpa said looking between Heidi's legs. "I could try sliding it up your ass, but it looks considerably smaller than your pussy. " Grandpa laughed when he saw the look on Heidi's face. He knew he was going to have a good time fucking her. Positioning his big cock head at the entrance to her pussy, Grandpa rubbed his head up and down her slit. He could feel her moisture on his cock and his own pre-cum begin to ooze. With a lunge he pushed his meaty cock into her tight pussy. At first only his cock head managed to lodge inside her pussy entrance, and Heidi screamed at his sudden invasion. While he continued to lean on her, Grandpa pulled her feet apart and pushed them behind her head. Heidi screamed again at her legs being stretched so far.

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       Reaching between her knees, Grandpa pulled her knees apart, further opening her pussy and lunged again. This time Grandpa's cock plunged through pussy meat that had never been parted, and he went in to the hilt. Heidi's eyes flew open as she felt like she was being ripped apart. She could feel the tip of Grandpa's cock head ramming her cervix. Grandpa shoved his cock back and forth trying to open her tight pussy, savoring the feel of her velvety smooth pussy. As her juices began to lube his shaft, Grandpa began to move in and out. Each time he withdrew a little further before plunging back in. Finally Grandpa was taking full deep strokes. Heidi grunted with each new penetration. She finally felt his cock begin to swell, Grandpa was breathing harder and she felt him approaching his climax. "No, no Grandpa, don't shoot in me," Heidi implored. "Don't cum in me. "Pushing harder Grandpa held his cock deep in Heidi's womb and shot load after load of scalding hot cum into her body. "Yeah, take Grandpa's seed baby," Grandpa grunted as he shot, "we're going to get you pregnant this summer baby. "Grandpa raised up from Heidi's youthful body.

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       She could not get up. Grandpa's cock had faint traces of cum streaking down his shaft, but most of his load was still deep in Heidi's womb. He knew his seed had a good chance to take. Email comments to lildebi69@hotmail. comMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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