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Two fingers moved in and out of her pussy like pistons. Pushing deep within her, and then drawing out. The juices of her pussy were forced out by the movement of her fingers, and began to run in small streams down from her pussy lips, past her arsehole and down between her cheeks. She could feel it rolling down her skin, trickling across the sensitive ring of her arsehole. And as she continued to fuck herself, more juices poured, flowing down to pool on the floor. She could feel the orgasm building. It started with a tingling sensation in the raw flesh that was being rubbed, deep inside her vagina. It shot pleasure throughout her body while the tingling slowly began spreading. All she knew was pleasure and lust. She was completely lost in her masturbation. Drawing the tips of the fingers rubbing her clit together around it, she brought her thumb across to meet them, and they began to pinch into her clit. She was gentle enough not to cause outright pain, but still giving herself that undefinable mixture of pleasure and pain. The two opposites seemed to combine as they sought recognition, to create a much more powerful, intoxicating feeling. It was that intense feeling that pushed her over the edge. With a last plunge, she pushed her two fingers deep within her contracting pussy. The muscles surrounding them began to spasm as the orgasm ripped through her body.

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   It crashed over her, sending her tumbling deep within its pleasure while she struggled for breath. The tingling sensation spread like fire across her body, stimulating every nerve to raw pleasure. The orgasm was a feeling of both mental and physical bliss. Cum leaked from around her fingers that remained buried deep within herself. After pooling in the lips of her pussy, it began to overflow and follow the path of previous juices, down the skin and over her delicate puckered arsehole. Slowly, the feelings faded. The tingling withdrew back to her crotch, which still seemed to pulse in the after-glow of her orgasm. Her mind was brought back to reality, and felt empty without the extreme feeling of pleasure. Lust still raged through her, like an unquenched fire. The fingers slid from her pussy, drawing the last of her cum out with them. She released the hold of her fingertips on her clit, resting the palm of her hand against the tip of it. With the other hand resting on her pussy, its fingers splayed down, fingertips pressing against the puckered rim of her arsehole. The touch seemed like reaffirmation of the arousal she felt. She put more force behind her fingertips, pushing against the rim of her puckered, pink arsehole. Relaxing the tight ring of muscle allowed a finger to slide inside, and with a soft moan, she pushed it deep within her arse.

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   Her crotch lit again with the flame of desire. Her other hand awoke, the fingers moving towards her wanton pussy. She easily thrust two fingers inside the slippery depths of her pussy, and eased the thumb of her hand towards her throbbing clitoris. She circled it, barely grazing her thumb against it, but the contact was still enough to illicit a moan from her. Her clit was still very sensitive after her previous orgasm that had racked her body. Her breathing came in sharp pants between moans. She dug her finger into her arse, pushing it deep, while she continued to fuck her pussy. Her clit was throbbing strongly, aching for touch, and then when it was touched, it caused an explosion of raw pleasure to shoot from it. Her second orgasm was quickly approaching, and it felt as if it would be stronger than the first. The door burst open, and Katie’s cute teenage face peered through the gap. A bolt of fear shot through Renee. She quickly stood, her hands leaving her crotch to cover her nakedness. She had only enough time to drape an arm across her breasts, to hide the erect nipples, and to cover her slit with her other hand. “Renee, I just came to tell you tha-. ” She stopped herself, her mouth hanging open and a look of shock on her face.

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   She stood dumb-struck in the doorway, staring at Renee’s naked body. Renee thought quickly. “Get out you little twerp, I’m trying to get changed!” She hoped that would provide her sister with an answer for her nakedness. She also hoped her sister wouldn’t notice the signs of her arousal. The flushing of her face and neck, the sweat on her body, the scent of sex in the air and the juice that rolled in little streams down her inner thighs. Katie moved her eyes to the floor and quickly stammered out, “Just came to tell you that Mum and Dad are spending the night in town for their anniversary, so it’s just you and I. ” And before Renee could offer a response, her sister retreated and quickly closed her door. Renee sat on the end of the bed, still in shock and embarrassment. Her pending orgasm was forgotten, and her arousal slowly faded. She turned the stereo off with the remote, and lay down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She didn’t believe her sister had been fooled so easily, but she desperately hoped she had. She fought back and forward with herself, fighting down the helpless feeling that kept bubbling to the surface. Should she just ignore it, and hope nothing came of it? Maybe she could talk about it with her sister, and convince her no to tell their parents. Either way, she’d never be able to look her younger sister in the eyes again. It was later in the night that she finally resolved to go in and check on her sister.

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   She pulled on some clothes, having been lost so deep in troubling thought that she forgot about her nakedness. Some comfortable pants were pulled over her panties, and a loose t-shirt that she wore around bedtime. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, and opened her door. She heard no sounds coming from her 15 year old sister’s room and suspected she was asleep. She decided to check on her anyway. Renee grasped the knob of the door in her hands and slowly turned it. She pushed the door open quietly, just enough to peak inside the room. The room was dark, with only the pale light of the moon casting vague outlines over objects. She made out Katie’s form on the bed, and her initial reaction was one of shocked. The shock quickly faded into arousal. A grin spread across her face as she watched her sister masturbating, naked, on top of the blankets of her bed. A hand was buried between her thighs, quickly rubbing up and down. Another was on her small breasts, rubbing from one to another, cupping and squeezing them. Quiet moans escaped her lips and were the only sound to penetrate the thick silence. Renee continued to watch, feeling her arousal begin to renew itself with the beautiful sight before her.

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   Her pussy leaked juices, soaking through her panties. She absent-mindedly moved her hand inside her pants, rubbing against her slit through the thin material of her underwear. Her eyes stayed intent on her two years younger, sister. Catching her in such an act caused Renee a great deal of arousal. Katie’s moans grew louder. Renee couldn’t bear simply to watch in the dark, she wanted to see her sister up close, so she could savour the sight. She licked her lips, and cautiously moved her free hand towards the inside of the door frame. Once she found what she was searching for, she flicked it with her fingers, and the room flooded with light. In that instant as Katie was disorientated, she burst in through the door, her hand still between her legs, inside her pants. Katie’s eyes slowly adjusted to the light and she saw her sister in the doorway. Her two fingers remained inside her tight vagina. She was stunned, caught completely off-guard by her sister. Her eyes then noticed the movement of her sister’s hand. It was buried between her legs, inside her pants, and it was obvious what she was doing. Katie tried to grasp a rationally thought, but everything seemed to slip away from her.

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   She was confused. “I just thought you might need a hand, Katie,” Renee said through smiling lips, “or maybe a tongue?” She continued to move the hand between her legs, rubbing against her aching pussy. Katie’s mind reeled. She continued to watch with a stunned expression as her sister made her way over to her bed, and sat at the end of it, looking up between her legs. “It’s alright Katie, you can continue for me. ” Renee entreated. Katie stared at her sister in disbelief. Suddenly a smile tweaked her face, one that appeared to mask devilish intent. “Only if you join me,” she spoke, her voice dripping seduction. Renee wondered where her little sister had learnt to become so sexual. With a smile up to her little sister, Renee agreed, and shifted her position to get comfortable and to give herself a better look at the girls shaven pussy. Katie nodded, and began to scoop with her fingers inside her pussy. She tried to ignore her sister’s intent eyes, and was quickly lost in the deep pleasure she began to experience. Pushing her fingers deep within herself, she curled them, and with a scooping motion, brushed her fingertips across her g-spot as her fingers began to withdraw. She repeated the motions until she felt her orgasm crashed over her.

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   She wasn’t sure whether it was the knowledge of having her elder sister’s eyes upon her or not, but the orgasm was intense. She covered her fingers with her cum, and moaned loud as her orgasm rocked her body, leaving her weak and limp. Only distantly did she hear her sister’s cries of pleasure. Renee had discarded her pants and underwear, leaving herself clad only in the loose t-shirt. She sat with her legs spread, facing up her sisters bed, watching her sister as she masturbated. Her fingers were buried inside her pussy, and she was pounding herself with them. Her other hand rested atop her mound, with fingers splayed down to her clit, flicking quickly across its tip. She could feel the lost orgasm from when her sister had walked in on her, beginning to return. She was incredibly close to its intense pleasure. She felt something slippery brush across her clit in one long, slow caress. She moaned low, expressing her arousal. Her eyes flickered open and she glanced down between her legs to see Katie between them, looking up at her with a wide grin splitting her face. Their eyes stayed locked as Katie pushed Renee’s hand away and flicked her tongue out, the tip just lashing against her erect clitoris. Renee closed her eyes, arching her back and tilting her head as another moan escaped her lips, the pleasure shooting straight up her spine. Katie continued flicking the tip of her tongue against her older sister’s clit, sending her towards a powerful orgasm.

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   Renee felt Katie’s tongue pull away from her clit, and groaned in disappointment, aching for the touch. She was on the verge of her orgasm thrusting herself down, searching for the tongue that had been pleasing her so well. Just as she was about to open her eyes and rebuke her sister for not allowing her to cum, she felt the touch that sent her into the amazing realms of an orgasm. The slippery touch of her sister’s tongue circled around her puckered arsehole, before the tip pushed against the ring. Katie plunged her fingers deep into Renee’s cunt, leaving them stationary within her. Renee was able to relax herself enough to allow the tongue to slide inside her arse, before her orgasm began. Every muscle seemed to tense, and then relax, as the orgasm exploded within her. With her eyes tightly shut, every sense seemed to turn null as all she felt was the pleasure of an orgasm. With her pussy clenching around her own fingers that were buried within it, she began to cum. Her juices squirted from her pussy, streams that covered her little sister’s face. Katie’s tongue left her contracting arsehole and began to lap at the streaming juice, shooting from Renee’s pussy. She delighted in her first taste of someone else’s cum, and cleaned it all from around her sister’s pussy. As she came down from her powerful climax, Renee felt Katie’s delicate tongue tenderly licking around her throbbing pussy, cleaning away the juices. She opened her eyes to smile down at her little sister, helping her up her body to bring them fate-to-face. She slipped her tongue out, and tasted her own cum from her little sister’s cheek.

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   She purred with smiled at her sister before kissing her. Their lips parted allowing their tongues to meet and caress one another. Renee enjoyed tasting herself on her sister’s tongue and wrapped a leg around Katie, while her hands rubbed down her back and cupped her firm bottom. Their lips parted, as Renee squeezed her little sister’s smooth bottom. “Katie. . . ” Renee began tentatively, “Earlier, when you came in to tell me about our parents…do you know what I was doing?” She couldn’t help but blush as she spoke to her naked sister lying on top of her. “Well you had your fingers in your arsehole, and you were fucking your pussy. I think I have a good idea of what you were doing. ” She smiled wickedly at Renee, and leant in to place a gently kiss on her lips, just briefly. “Now how about you do me?”Katie rolled off her elder sister, keeping her eyes still fixed upon her as she made herself comfortable. She watched as Renee took a deep breath, then threw her legs over the side of the bed and walked around to the base, between her legs. Renee crawled onto the bed as Katie parted her thighs, exposing her dripping pussy. Juices rolled from the lips of her pussy, running a stream down her slit, between the cheeks of her arse.

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   Renee licked her lips as she moved between her sisters thighs and leant in to have her first taste of her little sister’s pussy. She brushed her tongue against the engorged lips of her little sister’s pussy, just barely scraping some of the juices off that coated them. Her sister’s body trembled beneath her as Katie sighed softly. Renee smiled and leant in for another lick, this time using enough force to part the lips and slide only the tip of her tongue inside her sister, before withdrawing it and savouring the taste. Never before had she tasted another girl’s pussy, but now she couldn’t get enough of her little sisters. She dove in for another light pass, sliding her tongue up the length of her sister’s pussy. She continued up, and reached the erect clitoris poking out from beneath its hood of skin. She spread her lips and took it between them, locking them around it as the tip of her tongue began stroking it. Katie had begun bucking her hips, pushing her crotch into her sister’s face. Renee knew it wouldn’t be much longer now, before her pussy exploded in a climax that would send her deep into the realms of pleasure. Renee continued lashing her sister’s clit with her tongue, unrelenting on the throbbing centre of stimulation. Katie’s hands gripped the bed sheets in tight fists, while her head remained thrown back in a seemingly endless moan. She’d never been able to reap such pleasurable feelings from her own fingers. Renee began to hum on her sister’s clit, vibrating her lips against it, sending tingling shots of pleasure bolting through her sister’s body. She paced herself, setting a slow rhythm to the flicking of her tongue against the tip of the little nub.


   She wanted to maintain her sister’s pleasure, but not send her over just yet. She continued to lash the tortured clitoris with her tongue while her lips vibrated softly against it. Katie was desperately trying to grind her pussy into her face, aching for release. Renee eased a hand over from resting upon her little sister’s inner thigh, and removed her mouth from her clitoris. Before Katie could cry out in disappointment, Renee’s fingers took over from where her mouth had left off. She grasped the little nub between her fingertips, pinching it lightly between thumb and fore-finger. She began to twist her fingers around it, as if unscrewing something. The light touching across it caused more moans to escape from Katie’s young lips. Katie’s virgin pussy was aching to be filled, and her silent request was answered by Renee’s tongue. Sliding it between the lips of Katie’s pussy, she pushed it deep within her vagina. She curled it, and let the tip of her tongue flick across the walls of her younger sister’s pussy. She stroked the delicate, slippery surfaces within her, swallowing the juices that leaked into her mouth. She curled her tongue further, running it up along the wall, and brushed the tip lightly across her little sister’s g-spot. The touch was enough to push Katie over, into the depths of a strong climax. The muscles of her pussy clamped tightly around Renee’s tongue, then relaxed, and continued this rhythmic process of clenching and relaxing as the orgasm racked Katie’s body.

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   Her clitoris throbbed with pleasure beneath Renee’s delicate finger ministrations, while her thighs clamped around Renee’s head, holding her between them. Cum drooled from her cunt, covering Renee’s tongue and began leaking into her mouth. Renee greedily lapped at all the cum that drooled from her little sister’s pussy, revelling in the taste. One low continuous moan poured from Katie’s mouth as her trembling body was flooded with the feeling of ecstasy that was a strong orgasm. The orgasm receded slowly, allowing Katie’s weakened muscles to relax. Her legs fell way from Renee’s head, and Renee pulled herself away from lapping at the last of the juices that seeped from her sister’s pussy. Renee’s smiled up at her exhausted little sister, and crawled up beside her body, draping an arm across her chest and planting a soft kiss on her cheek. “I guess you enjoyed that then?” Renee asked with a smirk on her face. She rubbed a hand across her sister’s smooth, flat stomach. The caress was a gentle, soothing gesture. Katie could only manage a content nod in the weakened state of post-orgasm. She closed her eyes and let herself drift off, into the land of sleep. Renee remained awake beside her, still gently caressing her stomach. She smiled to herself, and placed another soft kiss on her little sister’s cheek. She rolled over onto her side, moving one leg atop her sister and pushing her mound against her sister’s thigh.

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   Her breasts were pressed against her sister’s arm, and her head was relaxed against the pillow, eyes staring straight ahead at her slumbering, cute sister. Her last thought was of her sister’s delicious tasting pussy, before the comforting darkness of sleep overcame her. .

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