Helping younger brother part 2


Later that same night, Tim was in the bathroom, sitting on a stool, naked with his big dick hanging, reliving the days events over in his head, thinking of his hot sister. Just thinking of her got him rock hard. He knew he wouldn't be able to resist until he gets to fuck that tight pussy.

The door behind Tim suddenly opened. Kim was wearing the same bikini she had wore in those pictures! Red bikinis that can barely hold her big titties.

With their parents in the house, he wasn't expecting to see Kim. "Kim are you crazy?" he cried.

"I'm wearing the bikini you like so much. The one you were jacking off to. " Kim said.

It was as if Kim was playing out a role for Tim, in full costume.  Tim couldn't stop taking his eyes of his older sister.

"Tim, hug me please. . " Kim asked innocently with those big hazel eyes. Kim moved into her brother and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her tits against his cold chest.

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   She moved her pussy against Tim's cock and slowly began to rub up on him.

"I could feel your nipples becoming hard against my chest Kim. " Tim said. He began moving his hands down from Kim's waist to her tight ass. He grabbed her ass cheeks and started squeezing and fondling them.

"Mmmmm. . Ohh Tim, your hands are so cold. They feel so good. " Kim moaned.

"You are the best sister I could have. I love you" Tim quietly said.

"I love you too sweetheart. " Kim replied.

"Lay down on the floor" Kim told his younger brother.

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   Kim got top of his little brother with her pussy directed as his face.  

"Lick my pussy Tim. " Kim said as she grabbed Tim's hard dick and starts stroking it. Kim had got his younger brother into the 69 position and was feeding him his first pussy.

Kim started to deepthroat Tim's dick, taking it all the way in while rubbing his balls.

Tim in the other hand was eating her pussy out intensely. He flicked her clit his tongue and fingered her. The deeper his finger went, the deeper she sucked on his big dick.

"Your dick is so big little bro" Kim complimented.  

 She took out his cock, looked back at him and said "Ready to fuck your big sister?"

Tim was way to excited to argue with common sense.

Kim's ass was over his cock, facing Tim. Tim while on the floor grabbed hold of his hard dick and placed at Kim's pussy lips, rubbing his dickhead over it and poking her tight pussy entrance with the tip of his dick. Tim wanted to see how wet was she and sense how badly she wants his cock inside her.

With their parents only a few walls away from them, the risk level of getting caught was high as it could get. Yet both of them seemed determined not to quit.

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"I can't believe it, I'm actually going to fuck my older sister, the hottest girl in school" Tim thought to himself.  

"I feel it Tim. . . I feel your dickhead touching my pussy" Kim said with a groan. "Fuck me Tim! Fuck me with your big cock. I want it so badly!" Kim cried

 Tim grabbed Kim's ass and lowered it down slowly. "Ohhh fuck Kim, your pussy is so tight. It feels so good. . " Tim groaned.

"Ohhh Tim, it's so hard. Ohh yess. . .

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   You like it huh?? Mmmmm" Kim moaned

"Little brother, I never dreamed. . . this would feel. . . Soooo goood. Ohhhh fuck. . . Fuck me Tim! Fuck me hard please!!" she begged.

Ken got up just behind Kim with his dick still inside her tight tight pussy and grabbed her big titties while her bikini is still on. He pulled them of and starts squeezing them. He couldn't resist the temptation of fondling her perfect big breasts.


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  . you don't know good this feel. It feels so fucking good. " he while thrusting his dick into his older sister.

"Tim. . !! Your dick is feeling me up! Come on little bro, mmmmm. . Yes, yes!" Kim couldn't stop moaning with every thrust Tim gave her.

"It's all the way in sis!!" Tim yelled as his balls slapped onto Kim's ass.  

"I could feel it against my womb! Fuck me Tim. . !! Ohh yess. Just like that!! Yes! Yes!"

"Your big titties feel so good Kim. " Tim said while fondling them with his cold big hands.

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    "Careful  how you squeeze them sweetheart. . They're tender" Kim said.

    "You're the best fuck ever Kim! oh God, dick feels so good in you sis" Tim yelled while driving his dick into her pussy.

     "You have to vow to never tell anyone that we're fucking. If you swear it, you can fuck me anytime you want. " Kim said.

    "I swear sis. I promise. " Tim said and he grabbed his older sister's head and kissed her lips while tonguing her intensely.

    "I love you sis and I want you to be my girl all of the time!" Tim yelled.

    "I'm all yours sweetheart"

    Tim knew he only has minutes before he cums. But he wouldn't slow down. He kept on fucking her wildly.

    "Fuck Tim, I'm gonna cum!! Your cock feels too good in me!!" Kim cried

    "We'll do it together Kim! I've only got like 8 seconds!!" Tim cried.

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       He continued fucking her intensely, slapping his balls against her ass.

    "Kim. . !! I'm stating to feel it. !! I'm gonna cum sis!!" Tim yelled.

    "No wait not yet!! I'm not yet there Tim. . !! Almost-- there. . !!" Kim yelled

    "No, I can't hold it sis!" Tim cried

    "Cum inside me Timmy!! I'm gonna cum too!! You're fucking me so hard little bro!! I feel your big dick swelling!" She yelled and moaned.

    "Ohhh fuckk sis, here it comes. . !! I'm cumming!!" Tim groaned.  As Tim drove his cock deeper, Kim clenched her pussy and gripped his dick tightly as she orgasmed while Tim shot his load deep into her pussy.


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      . !! I feel your dick shooting your cum into me Tim!

    "Take it all Kim!! Ohhh shiiitt it feeeels so gooood. Ohh yes. . !!" Tim yelled.  

    Tim's eyes closed and his head tilted back while his hands were grabbing his sister's ass. He couldn't stop groaning as he couldn't stop cumming.

    "Kim, my balls are hurting. I've shot so much in you!!" Little tim yelled.

    "Oh God Tim, this is the best time I've ever had!! I love you little bro!!" Kim cried

    Kim dropped to the floor, panting along with her brother on top of her who was also catching his breath. Tim kept his dick inside of Kim until it would softened. After a few minutes of breathing in and out, Tim got up.

    "That was amazing Kim" Tim said as he got off his sister and laid against a wall with his cock was apparently still hard.

    Kim stood up, with her hot body and giggled. "Seems like you're still ready to go little bro but i'm sorry babe.

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       I'm exhausted. I'm just too tired. " she said with a smile.

    Kim went over to Tim and kissed him in the lips. Even though Tim's 14, he's still taller then her.

    "We're absolutely doing that again Tim. " she said with a wink and she was about to leave the bathroom.  

    "Now, get ready. Mum made dinner. " Kim said.

    "We'll be down in a minute" Tim said with a smile.

    The end.

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