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Closing the door back up and putting the mirror back in place, Dave went back to the bathroom to clean up the mess still within. He'd kept his work concealed by keeping the bathroom door closed and locked whether he'd been in there working or not. Now, with his work complete and his mess cleaned up, he called his wife and two daughters in to appraise his handy-work. 14 year old Jenny, and 13 year old Lora accompanied their mother as they went to see their new bathroom. While the two girls snickered at their dad's choice of wallpaper, Kathryn, their mother, scowled outright. Even though none of them liked the wallpaper, they all admitted that the rest was nicely done. "The wallpaper will have to stay for now," Dave said, looking the wall over. "At least till I find enough money to replace it. "The girls smiled and their mom nodded in agreement. When they all walked out of the bathroom, Dave silently congratulated himself once again on a job well done. As he followed them all down the hall, he stared at each and every one of their butts! Where Jennie's ass was small and slightly bubbled, her sister's was fuller and more plump. If he had to choose which ass to take advantage of, he would have chosen Lora's simply because he liked his ass a little fuller and pronounced. She was going to look just like her mother when she grew up, he could see that now as he looked to his wife's full, shapely ass! As a bonus to all his hard work paying off, Dave knew exactly when each of the women took their daily dump! Where his wife always did her deed in the morning, his two girls waited to do theirs after supper nearly every evening. He couldn't wait!Dave could only manage to eat about half of what he normally consumed when supper arrived. He was nervous and excited about his after-supper activities that was now only minutes away! Either Kathryn never noticed or she didn't care, because she never said a word about it. Making sure he was the first one done eating, Dave stated that he'd be in his study if anyone should need him, and then took his leave to prepare.

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  Down on his knees in front of the hole in the wall, Dave waited for the tell-tail sound of the bathroom door closing on the other side. He'd locked the door to his study so no one would be able to come in and catch him, so he didn't have to worry about that. He had to wait for about ten minutes before he finally heard the bathroom door close next door. His hands trembling in excitement, he waited for another minute before unlatching the secret door and slowly lowering it. The scene that displayed itself when he opened his little door was one of his daughter Jenny sitting on the toilet from only half an arms-reach away! He nearly gasped out loud when he first looked in! She was sitting far enough forward on the seat that he could look right into the valley of her ass as she sat there leaning forward! The noisy exhaust fan she'd turned on when entering the bathroom he knew would help hide any noise he might make from in back of her. Dave hadn't missed a thing yet, and even as he sat there looking at his daughter's small, hard ass, she began to pee. As he watched the golden water flow into the bowl in a small, steady stream, he used his left hand to work his rock-hard cock in his pants. Her pee dwindling to a fast drip, Dave's eager ears caught the sound of a soft spoken fart escaping her and knew her shit was going to be soon to follow! Without realizing it, he held his breath and never blinked as he focused all his attention on the inside valley of Jennie's crack! Finally, he was rewarded when he saw a small headed, pasty-looking turd start to work its way out of her little butt! It was slow moving in its downward journey to the bowl beneath her, and it never went past the inch and a half mark in width. Dave's hand was motionless on the bulge in his pants as he sat there staring in wide-eyed arousal at his daughter taking a shit! It was even more stimulating than he'd originally thought it was going to be! Why the disgusting scene of a female taking a shit was so erotic to him, he couldn't say. It just was! He figured Jennie's turd had hit the seven inch mark before it tapered down and dropped into the bowl with a soft splash. Knowing she was done taking her shit when she then reached for the toilet-paper beside her, Dave silently raised the small door and latched it closed once more. Sitting back on his heels, his mouth ajar in amazement, Dave played back the scene he'd just witnessed a few more times in his head. During his reminiscing, he'd come up with the brilliant idea of video taping the scenes for further enjoyment. Dave nodded and grinned to himself, thinking what a wonderful plan it was!His dreaming was interrupted when he heard the bathroom door close for the second time, signaling his daughter, Lora, was about to take her shit next! Again, he waited for about a minute before he dared to open his secret door. Opening it just a little, Dave looked in the small gap he'd made to make sure she was on the toilet before opening it any further.

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   She was, and she was a site even more glorious than her sister! Opening the door all the way, Dave gaped at his youngest daughter's ass! She was sitting down on the toilet with her legs widely spread, and she was leaning forward so far that he could actually see her big, brown sphincter itself! Her thick asscheeks looked incredible as they flared out, revealing the deep valley of her crack at their center! It was a magnificent display! More arousing to Dave than words could explain! Quietly, he unfastened his pants and pulled his swollen cock out in the open. He was determined to jack-off this time instead of just watching!Lora sat at the front of the toilet, her legs widely spread and leaned forward much farther than she normally did. And she was grinning. Earlier in the week her curiosity had gotten the best of her, and while no one else had been home, she'd broken into the bathroom her dad had been curiously been keeping locked. Many things had went through her mind when she'd seen the makings of the secret door located in the wall just behind the toilet. She'd known right away what the door was going to be used for, and the thought of it oddly hadn't unsettled her. She'd known for a long time that her dad liked looking at both hers and her sisters backsides, and she also knew that he favored hers most of all. Though she couldn't explain why, she'd always found it to be a turn-on when she knew he was in back of her looking at her ass in lust. It even got to the point where she'd started to go out of her way to give him a good shot of her ass. It would always thrill and excite her when she turned around and took a quick peak at the erection she'd caused him to get. She'd thought for a long time about what to do about the discovery of the secret door, and had finally come to the conclusion to use it to her advantage. Now, sitting on the toilet with her ass sticking out instead of down, grinning to herself because she knew her father was in back of her staring at what he loved most, she began toying with him by flexing her big, brown asshole. She knew he was getting a really good shot of her pulsating hole, and because she hadn't turned on the exhaust fan when she'd entered, she could hear the soft slapping noise of what she gathered, was him jacking off to her. The knowledge that her own father was pounding his meat over her made a warm pleasurable feeling course through her. Again she was puzzled about why it was so arousing to her to be showing her own father her womanly gifts in such a way! Again, however, she couldn't figure it out.

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   And as she sat there working her asshole for him, she honestly didn't care!Dave worked his cock with long, fast strokes and never took his eyes off the magnificent spectacle before him! He could clearly see his daughter's big sphincter bulging and contracting as she tried to take her shit! And then, after a couple of minutes had past, he watched her beautiful hole start to gape open and a large knobby-headed turd slowly come into view! The light-brown piece of shit widened a bit more as it came out, and its size astonished and electrified Dave to the point of cumming! He stared straight ahead at Lora's lengthening log as he sprayed the wall before him with load after load of hot cum! It was a body-draining orgasm that lasted for nearly as long as it took her to complete her shit! He knew damn well that her shit had to have hit the nine-inch mark before she squeezed it off with that big asshole of hers! Weak and shaking, Dave took one last look at his daughter's heavenly hole, and then quietly closed the door back up. Lora heard the soft click of the door being latched behind her and knew the show was over. Reaching between her legs, she masturbated herself to orgasm in less than a minute! When she was done quivering, she wiped her ass and left the bathroom, a wide smile of satisfaction on her face as she went. The next day was Monday and another work-day for both of Lora's parents. Her mother working a fist shift job and her father a second, Lora stayed in bed the next morning with the knowledge that her and her sister was home alone with their father. She was awake for a long time and could here Jenny and her dad talking and walking throughout the house. She knew that sooner or later he'd come in to check on her, wondering why she was still in bed. And she was ready for him too! Her covers thrown aside, she laid on her stomach in just a nightshirt and a pair of white cotton panties. It wasn't till a few minutes after she heard her sister say she was going over to a friends house when she heard the door to her bedroom silently open. Her head turned away from the door, Lora closed her eyes and feigned sleep. She could just make out her father's silent approach to her bedside and knew that he was already staring at her pantied ass. It wasn't long when she felt the soft touch of something grazing her crack and an immediate image of him sniffing her ass came into her mind! Smiling inwardly, getting quite turned-on from the mental image in her head, Lora concentrated on her bowels until she had a good fart worked up, then slowly released it for her fathers sniffing nose!His nose lightly touching his daughter's pantied crack, Dave was astonished when it began releasing a fart! Her bowels slowly letting it go, he took a whiff of it in wide-eyed glee! The warm fumes soaked through her panties and entered his nose, the light odor of shit more invigorating than anything he'd ever smelt before! His hunger getting the best of him, Dave pushed his nose into his daughter's thick-cheeked ass and took another whiff of the delicious fumes within! Knowing he'd never be able to explain himself should she wake up and catch him, he still could not bring himself to pull his nose out of her ass no matter how many times he told himself to do so! His daughter's scent was like nothing he'd sampled before, and he'd be damned if he was going to give it up now that he had it! Keeping his nose lightly pressed into his daughter's meaty ass, Dave took in breath after breath of its wonderful fragrance. Knowing she'd got the better of him from the fact that his nose was actually IN her ass now, Lora let him smell her ass for a good long time before she moaned and rolled over on her side, making sure his nose was out of her ass before she made her roll. Opening her eyes dreamily and forcing a yawn, Lora looked up and saw her father standing beside her bed. She could tell that he was nervous as hell, though he was trying hard not to show it.

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  "Morning daddy," Lora purred. "M-Morning hunny. "Though she wasn't looking directly at it, Lora could still see the huge bulge in his pajama bottoms from his cock still being fully erect. It sent a wonderful chill though her body to know her ass turned him on so much!"What time is it?" she asked. "Um, it's almost ten o'clock," Dave replied, and without stuttering this time. "Wow, I really overslept!" Lora declared in feigned surprise. "I'd say you did!" Dave agreed with a smile. "I put your breakfast in the oven so it would stay warm. If you're hungry, I'll go ahead and set it back out for you. ""Yeah, that would be nice," Lora replied, taking a direct look at his boner as she sat up in bed. Dave took his leave and made for the kitchen, a smile of satisfaction on his face from just having smelt his baby girls ass and having gotten away with it! The arousal he received from his youngest daughter was far more than his wife could ever hope to generate for him! It made no difference to him that Lora was his own daughter! Hell, he felt that because she WAS, it only made smelling her beautiful ass all the more pleasurable! After setting her breakfast back out on the table, Dave awaited her arrival with a half erect cock in his pajamas. He was a bit surprised when she came in still wearing her nightshirt and panties! He'd thought she would've put something on to cover herself, but she hadn't. Surprised but thankful, Dave pulled out her chair for her and looked down at her glorious ass as she sat down. Lora waited till she was done eating before she set the plan she'd been formulating into motion. Her food done, she wiped her mouth with a napkin, then stood up and stepped around the table and sat on her father's lap.

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   She'd sat sideways on his lap and had made sure her right asscheek was firmly pressed against his groin. Looking into his nervous expression, Lora grinned and asked, "Daddy, do you have an extra 20 dollars I can have?"Dave chuckled over her question, but at the same time enjoyed the feel of her firm ass in his lap. He could feel himself getting hard again, and he was more than a little afraid she was going to feel it and go ballistic on him!Keeping a cool composure, he replied, "An EXTRA 20? I'm not sure there is such a thing. "Lora could feel him getting hard beneath her. Pretending to reposition herself on his lap, but really just wanting to further stimulate his cock, she giggled at his joke and rephrased her question. "Fine! Do you have 20 dollars I can have?"Dave would have given her a hell of a lot more than that if he knew it would keep her squirming around on his cock! He was completely hard now and he could feel it pressing hard against her ass! "Well, I might have a 20 to spare. " he said, trying to postpone her from getting up from his lap. "Thanks daddy!" Lora declared happily, then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. As soon as her lips touched him, she let loose with the fart she'd had ready!Dave actually gasped when her vibrating fart tore through his hardened shaft, and he was speechless as to what to say about it!"Oops," Lora said with a sheepish smile. "I guess that was kinda rude, huh?"Dave cleared his throat and tried to collect himself. "Um, well, yes it WOULD have been if some one else had been around to witness it!"Lora grinned and this time in pure pleasure. She understood his insinuation perfectly and couldn't have been happier with the way her plan was unfolding! "Well it's a good thing no one IS around then!" she exclaimed, then cut a much smaller one into his lap again. Dave couldn't believe his lovely daughter was doing something that was considered so crude! He knew she just HAD to feel his boner pressing into her, yet she said nothing about it! Whether she knew or not, it didn't matter to Dave anymore. He was having too much erotic fun to even care right now!"You better not do that when your mother and sister are around!" Dave warned, keeping a small smile on his face so she'd hopefully figure out that it was ok to do so when it was just the two of them. "I won't," Lora replied, giving her own small grin, "I can just about imagine what they'd think if I did!"Her last statement could have meant many different things, but since she was only 13 AND his daughter, Dave figured she'd said it in a non-sexual meaning only.

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   He nodded his head though, and replied, "Yes, I can just about imagine that as well!"Lora spun around in her father's lap until she was sitting directly over the top of his swollen cock and then got to her feet a second later. "Come on daddy! Go get my money before you forget!"Dave had to smile because he really HAD forgotten. With his boner leading the way, he retrieved a 20 dollar bill for Lora, who in turn excepted it with a winning smile. For a week straight they both played with each other like this, Dave having no idea that his daughter actually did know when he was watching her take a shit, or that she also knew when he was smelling her ass in the morning, honestly thinking she was asleep on each time he paid her a visit. Lora had asked for another 20 dollar bill on a couple of those mornings and when Saturday came around, she was 60 dollars richer! Dave had never asked her what she needed the money for yet, because the thought never accrued to him when she was sitting on his lap squirming around on his cock!When Friday night had come, Kathryn had let it be known that she intended to go to her mother's house the next day. Lora had stated that she really didn't feel like a long car ride, and putting on his best show of fatherly concern, Dave had exhaled in defeat and had told his wife that he'd stay behind with Lora instead of making her go and then having to listen to her bitch and complain the whole ride there. Though she'd scolded him for babying her too much, Kathryn had relented and stated that she and Jenny were still going to go anyhow. Early the next morning Dave saw his wife and oldest daughter off, then immediately made for Lora's bedroom. He was already hard by the time he got there and when he quietly stepped into her room he was overjoyed when he saw her sleeping position! Just like every morning this week, he'd entered to see her sleeping on her stomach. His eyes glued to the full, round globes of her ass, Dave made his way across the room to then stare down at its exquisiteness. She'd worn a pair of her old white panties to bed and Dave could feel his pulse quicken when he took in the site of the frayed and holey crotch! He could actually see a little of her asscrack through one of the holes, and just a glimpse of her hairless cunt through another!Lora, knowing her father was standing beside her bed staring down at her ass, licked her lips noisily and rolled over on her side and into a fetal position, pretending to be asleep like she'd done every morning this week. She had a big day planned for her and her dad and this was only the beginning! She only had to wait for a few seconds before she felt his nose grazing her panties from his need to smell her ass. She knew she was close enough to the outside edge of the bed that it enabled him to sit on his knees and smell her in comfort. Like all mornings, she had plenty of gas to pass and this morning was no exception. She enjoyed it immensely when she was able to give it to her father, to lay there and listen to him inhaling her stench excited her in a way that nothing else could!Dave had been ecstatic when he'd seen the new position Lora had rolled into, because it enabled him to get a much better whiff of her ass.

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   And what a whiff he got too! The odor radiating out from her crack was more than he'd ever found before, at least without her having farted first! It was a dull, poignant aroma that he absolutely thrived on and the holes in her panties allowed him to get at it with ease! God how he loved his little girls ass!Feeling him trying to work his nose into one of the holes in her panties, Lora grinned and released a little of the gas that she had waiting at the door. It came out in a soft purr and she cut it off after only a second, wanting to make sure he would be able to inhale it all without missing even a little. She was just about ready to release a little more, but held it in when she felt him withdraw his nose. A second later, she heard and felt him carefully pulling at one of the holes in her panties, which was followed by the sound of tearing material. He was making one of the holes bigger! She grinned again and kept right on feigning sleep!Dave nervously kept tearing his daughter's panties until he had a big enough hole in them to be able to see her glorious asshole within! His breath caught when he took in the strong and dirty site of it! He could see a faint layer of shit smeared across it which made him understand why it had been giving off so much odor this morning. Being right up his alley, Dave wasted little time in getting his nose back in there for another whiff!Lora waited till she felt her dad put his nose back in her crack before she gave him another small dose of her gas. She could feel her little cunt starting to get wet from the act of farting in his face and it stimulated her even more now that she knew he was getting his drink of gas right from the fountain itself! She could feel his hot breath wash over her ass every time he exhaled, and beings she felt it repeatedly, she knew he was enjoying her farts very much. That was good, because she had a lot more to give him!Dave inhaled the hot, thick, succulent fumes his daughter's ass was discarding and loved every whiff he took! He couldn't get over how absolutely wonderful his baby girl's ass was! Its looks, feel, and even its scent was second to none! But Dave knew if she ever discovered what he was doing with her. . . . He'd probably be living in a one-bedroom apartment the very next day! So, keeping this in mind, he kept his nose just within the hole in her panties and tried his best in not touching her while he inhaled her scrumptious gas. Lora was pretty impressed with her father's self-control! Had she actually been asleep, she figured she'd probably never know he was back there! His touch was light and he made not a noise as he sniffed away at her butt fumes and farts. Lora grinned to herself once again. She knew damn well that he didn't have a clue about her knowing and actually encouraging his need for her ass, and that just made this all the more fun and arousing for her! Though she couldn't see him, Lora merely relaxed and enjoyed the knowledge and occasional touch of her father's sniffing nose.

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  Dave could take no more! Getting to his feet he quickly went back to his own bedroom and in less than two minutes had jerked himself to a powerful climax! His daughter's ass did more for him than his wife's ever had! Even though he'd just got off, Dave knew that because he and Lora had the entire day to themselves, he'd have to take advantage of that and come up with a way to make the most of their privacy. By the time Dave had showered and shaved, Lora had woke up and was eating breakfast even as he was coming out of the bathroom. He'd intended to go to his room and change into some clothes, but when he'd looked down the hall and into the kitchen and seen Lora, he changed his course and went to join her instead. He couldn't help himself. She was standing in front of the table with a bowl of cereal in her hand, eating and reading the comics in the morning paper. She was still in her night-shirt and old holey panties! Even as he advanced, Dave stared at the crack of her ass which was clearly visible from where he'd torn the hole! His cock rising once again, and because he only had his robe on, Dave took a seat in the chair right at her side. "Good morning sweetheart," he said, putting his arm around her. "Morning daddy," Lora replied with a happy smile. She leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Have anything planned for today?" Dave asked. Lora had a great deal planned for the day and it all revolved around teasing her dad! "Not really," she answered with a shrug of her shoulders. "I'll probably lay out for a while, but that's about it. "Dave nodded and nonchalantly rubbed the middle of her back. "Okay then. I'll probably be out in the garage cleaning if you need me," he said, then got back to his feet.

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  "Okay," Lora replied with a cheerful grin. Dave went back to his bedroom and changed into a t-shirt and pair of running shorts. He didn't see Lora again till he was out in the garage where he spotted her through one of the windows. She'd changed into a bathing suit he'd never seen her in before, and she was heading towards the garage even as he checked her out. Dave made himself look busy for when she finally arrived, but could do nothing about his growing penis!Lora walked into the garage to find her dad sorting some screws over at his workbench. She'd intentionally put on her two year old, white bathing suit to further drive him crazy, and judging from his wide-eyed, nervous inspection of her when he turned around, she knew she'd done just that! She'd checked herself out in the mirror before she'd come out, so she knew that he could see her dark nipple rings through her top, and that he could see a goodly amount of her fat outer cunt lips as well. She couldn't wait for him to get a look at her ass, because she knew that most of it would be exposed for him to see!"Just thought I'd come out to see if you needed any help," Lora explained before he could ask. Having seen her in the extremely small suit she was in, Dave did some quick thinking and replied, "Oh, uh, well let's see. . . " he said, looking around the garage for show only. "Um, if you'd like, you can help me put some of this stuff up above?"Lora looked up to where the trapdoor was in the ceiling and nodded. "Sure, I can do that! But you're going to have to pull the steps down. I'm still too short to reach them. "Dave smiled and was quick to comply.

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   Pulling the trapdoor open, he unfolded the steps. As soon as they hit the floor his beautiful daughter started to climb them. He stared in awe at her full round cheeks as she made her climb, and watched the small bottoms of her suit work into her crack as she went. "Okay! I'm ready!" Lora said, her head just inside the dark opening. Dave climbed the steps and handed her a small box full of odds and end car parts. "Take them out of the box and neatly pile them up, will ya hunny?""Okay!"Dave stayed on the ladder, his face only a few inches away from his daughter's magnificent ass! He stared at it for only a few seconds before he came a little closer so he could take a few sniffs of her crack!Lora grinned to herself. This was perfect! She kept her ass as still as she could as she slowly stacked the parts in front of her. She didn't want him to panic should she accidentally bump into his face. In a rather playful tone, she asked, "Hey, didn't you say yesterday that it was ok if I farted around you?"Dave had backed away from her ass as soon as she'd started talking. Excited over the question she'd just asked, he blurted, "I sure did!""That's good," Lora said in relief, then eased out the fart she'd had ready and waiting.
    It issued out in a rather loud, stuttering pop, lasting for a good two seconds before it died away. Knowing he was down there greedily sniffing all he could of it, but wanting to hear his response anyway, she asked teasingly, "Does it smell bad down there?"Dave couldn't bring himself to pull his inhaling nose away from her crack this time! The aroma of her gas totally captivated him! He needed to make sure he got it all, so when his lungs were full of the precious stuff, he exhaled and replied at the same time. "No, not at all!"Her tone still playful, Lora asked, "So does that mean it smells good?"Dave did some quick thinking and replied, "Well, you are my daughter, and I love everything about you, so I guess that would have to include your farts as well. "Lora had to giggle over his response. It had been perfectly stated.


       "Wow! You must really love me then!" she stated happily. "Oh I do hunny!" Dave replied seriously, taking another whiff of what gas still remained at her crack. "Well, daddy. . . To show you that I love you just as much, I'll make sure I give you all my farts when mom and Jenny aren't around. Okay?"Dave could only think that his daughter really didn't know what her farts did for him! But not wanting to miss out on any of them either, he replied with a forced chuckle, "That would be great hunny, but only when we're alone. I don't think your mother and sister would understand. ""You're probably right," Lora agreed, fucking loving the way this conversation was going! "We'll keep it just between us. "Dave couldn't believe his luck! His baby girl was actually going to give her gas to him willingly! He figured in a couple of years she'd figure out that her farts sexually excited him and she'd probably quit giving them to him. But until then, he was damn well going to enjoy what he got!After a few more minutes of smelling his daughter's ass, incredibly turned-on from the subtle scent of shit it was giving off, Dave handed her up another box of parts and had her stack them in the same manner she'd stacked the first. Lora was overjoyed at the way things were turning out so far! Now at least she could fart in his face without having to feign being asleep! Speaking of which, she felt another good one building up inside her. Wanting to get the most out of it, she turned her upper body around and looked down at her father. He was so into smelling her ass already that he didn't even know she was looking down at him!With a small grin, Lora stated "Daddy," and watch as he pulled his nose quickly away and looked up at her in panic. "If you want to smell my butt, then smell it! You don't have to try and hide your love from me!"Dave looked into his daughter's face and could only see innocents there! She really didn't have a clue! Wanting desperately to take advantage of her gullibility, but being cautious as well, he asked, "Are you sure, hunny? You don't mind?"Lora had him right where she wanted him.

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       Flashing him her best "Little-girl smile", she replied, "Of course I don't, silly! You're my father! You're suppose to show your love for me!""Okay then, but only if you're sure about this," Dave said, wanting to be completely sure she understood. "I'm sure daddy," Lora replied reassuringly. "Go ahead if you want. "The look she was giving him was one of caring, and it touched Dave deeply to see that she loved him so much! Still nervous as hell though, he waited for her to look away before he dared to bring his nose into contact with her butt. When he did, she never said, moved, or otherwise showed any other sign that might have been suggesting her disapproval. He was free to smell her ass at his leisure!With the wonderful feeling of her father's nose now pressed lightly into her crack, Lora grinned in victory and asked, "Is it okay if I fart daddy?""Please do, hunny! I'd like that!" he replied, never taking his nose out of her ass. Lora closed her eyes and concentrated on her gas within. After only a little encouragement on her part, she gave a small push and began farting right into her father's nose! Though it made very little noise, she could feel a great deal of gas being expelled nonetheless. And it was all smacking her father right in the face! Lora kept diligently stacking the odds and end parts in front of her while she listened to her father occasionally moan as he repeatedly sucked up her foulness. She could feel him pressing his nose even deeper into her ass in his perverse need to get all he could of her anal discharge. The light scented fart Dave was sucking up from within the deep confines of his daughter's ass was as addictive as any drug out there! He couldn't get enough of it! He could feel himself shaking in fear, excitement, and desire in what he was doing! The thought of pulling his nose out of his lovely daughter's ass never entered his mind, he was so submerged in the moment! The only thing he was aware of was the hot fumes coming from within Lora's incredible ass!Though Lora was getting wet as all hell down there, she forced herself to stay in control of her wants and desires. The last thing she wanted was to blow her cover! She had to keep the ignorance act going for at least a little while anyways. . . At least until the time was right to finally drop it!Needing a break before things really DID get out of control, Lora handed down the empty box and with her face of ignorance in place, she smiled sweetly and said, "All done, daddy.

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      "Dave took one more deep whiff of her crack, then pulled his nose out and looked up at his daughter. Just the look on her face told him she still didn't have a clue about his sexual arousal for her ass. A genuine smile on his face, he took the empty box from her and stepped off the ladder. "Thank you hunny, your help was highly appreciated. " he said. "You're welcome daddy!" Lora replied happily, stepping off the ladder as well. "Just give me a holler if you need any more help, okay? I'm going to go lay out for awhile. ""Okay sweetheart, I will. "It took Dave all of 3 minutes to get off after Lora had walked out! As for Lora, she spent an hour out in the sun laying out and giving some thought as to how to set her next plan of attack into motion. She knew damn well she could drop this whole innocent crap and confront her dad about her knowing about his secret door behind the toilet. She'd be able to bribe anything out of him after that and there would be nothing he'd be able to do about it! He'd be a trapped rat. He'd know it, and she'd know it! But, that was only part of the grand plan she had going. She found it a lot more fun to play the "brain-dead" daughter and watch the torment he was going through, thinking all along that she didn't know what was going on! Lora turned over to her stomach with a smile of mischief on her face, her next attack now thought through. Dave went back in the house about an hour and a half later to find Lora in the kitchen making lunch. He noticed right away that she'd changed out of her bathing suit and into an outfit just as sexy! She was now wearing a pair of imitation spandex shorts that were white and made out of a cotton-like material.

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       They were extremely tight and were riding way up her ass to disappear between her full round cheeks! She had a white, loose fitting tank-top on as well, the whole outfit making her look sexier than all-get-out!"Hi daddy," Lora said pleasantly. "I'm making us some pastrami sandwiches and pork and beans for lunch. Sound good?""Sounds excellent!" Dave replied honestly. Lora gave him a proud, childish smile and said, "Well go clean up and I'll have everything ready by the time you get back. "When Dave came back to the kitchen they both sat down and ate two sandwiches and two helpings of pork and beans each. Both items of food were going to give Lora a serious case of gas and she couldn't wait for it to start kicking in! She had a pleasant surprise in store for her father once her gas started to flow. It took Lora's gas nearly an hour to start kicking in, but once it did she immediately set out to look for her dad. She found him in the livingroom watching TV from down on the floor. He was laying on his back with a pillow tucked under his head so he was able to watch TV in comfort. It was a perfect position!"Daddy?" Lora said as she walked up beside him, making sure her look of ignorance was in place. "I feel a fart coming on. Would you like to smell it?"She watched him swallow and his eyes widen a little in excitement. "W-Why y-yes I would hunny! That's so sweet of you to ask!""Okay," Lora said nonchalantly. "Just stay there and I'll just squat right down over you. "After she saw him nod, Lora straddled his head so she was facing towards his feet.

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       Looking down to get a good line on his face, she squatted down and heard him gasp when she was about half way down. It was all she could do to hold her grin in check, because she knew what he was seeing as she made her decent. She'd torn a four inch long hole in the seam of her shorts, and knew it would be hidden until her ass was spread apart, and squatting down over his face made it do just that!Dave watched the hole in his daughter's shorts keep widening as she came further down towards him! He had only a moment to look at her big puckered hole before she was all the way down and sitting on his face, but it had been a long enough time to cause him to gasp in excitement! Now the beautiful brown thing was pressed firmly against his nose, flesh to flesh!Lora felt her anus come into contact with her father's upturned nose and an intense current of arousal tore through her body from the physical touch! Trying to keep the excitement out of her voice as she watched her father's cock rapidly rise in his shorts, she asked, "This okay daddy?""Oh yes! This is quite fine, hunny!" Dave replied between panting inhales of her smelly hole. Grinning in ecstasy, she declared, "Okay, here it comes!"The fart Lora had built up was one of monumental proportions! It was HUGE! The over abundant amount of gas she'd built up was now coming out of her with as much force as she could put behind it! Even giving it all she had, the fart still lasted a good two seconds! It was loud, crisp, and clapping, and she just knew she was pummeling the shit out of his face with it! The stimulation she felt in smashing her mighty fart up his nose was too much for her to take! Completely forgetting the game in which she'd been playing him with, she gave another mighty push and felt a log of shit way up inside her start to make its way through her anal chute! After only a second longer of pushing, Lora felt the turd take charge and make for the gate all on its own. Quickly moving her big ass-hole over her father's mouth, Lora cried out passionately, "I'm going to shit daddy! Eat my shit daddy! Please eat my shit!"Dave heard only the command and complied without thinking. He felt his daughter's precious shit enter his mouth as soon as his lips parted and a split second later his mouth was completely full! As soon as that happened, Lora lifted off of him and kept right on shitting as she rose, her ass puking out another 7 whole inches of thick turd before it fell from her bulging hole to his chin and neck with a solid thump!Lora quickly leaned forward and removed her dad's rock-hard cock from his shorts, and with a need stronger than she'd ever felt before, started cramming as much of the swollen monster into her small 13 year old mouth as she could! She heard her father yell out loudly in back of her, but only distantly. She had an overwhelming desire to taste his cum and she wasn't going to let anything get in her way! Trying to use the same technique she'd seen a woman use one time in a porn movie, Lora treated his cock as if it were a popsicle and began bobbing up and down on the big thing! Lora was overflowing with passion and joy when she felt his cock-head swell even more a couple of minutes later, and then her mouth was flooded with his hot sperm! She found the hot salty taste quite agreeable and swallowed every bit he ejected!His mind-blowing orgasm over with, Dave laid there staring up at the ceiling in a half conscious state until he felt his daughter climb off of his chest. And that's when the fear hit him! He immediately chastised himself for allowing this to get too far out of hand, but then immediately after that, it dawned on him that it had been an act of TWO willing participants, not just one! When his daughter finally climbed off of him and turned to face him, he was shocked to see that she was smiling like she didn't have a worry in the world!"Lora. . . . " he started, wanting to tell her that this could never happen again, and what they'd just done was wrong, but his words failed him and he could think of nothing suitable to say. Obviously knowing what he was about to say, Lora's cheerful expression turned to a scowl. "Don't even say it!" she said, her tone sharp and commanding. "There's no way you're going to turn away from me now!""But Lora, this is WRONG!" Dave stated, trying his best to come up with something appropriate to say.

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      "Oh I see," Lora replied, her right brow raising in challenge. "And watching me and Jenny take a shit ISN'T!?"Dave's blood ran cold. He was without words. "That's right, I've known all along about your little door behind the toilet. " Lora declared, her tone lowering in volume now that she could see that she'd won. "What are you worried about? It's not like I'm going to go off and tell mom of Jenny what we've done!"Dave finally managed to find a few words to say. "Yes, but hunny, there's always a chance of getting caught. ""Not if we're careful," Lora stated, her expression softening. Reaching out a hand, she gingerly picked up the log she'd deposited across his chin and neck, and then ran it under his nose like an old man would a cigar. "Besides, do you REALLY want to give this up?" she asked, her voice rather teasing. Dave sniffed at the big turd his beautiful daughter was running under his nose and his mind was quickly made up! "We'll have to be VERY careful Lora. "Lora grinned a grin of joy. "Then I recommend you only watch me shit from now on and leave Jenny alone. "Dave nodded his head in agreement and like any good father would, began eating the shit his daughter fed to him. Wolfcloaked@brt.

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