Home Schooling - Ch1 "Bad Date Leads To A Revelation"


To all parents of young teens,

My name is Betty and I am a proud Mother of a hansom boy and a pretty girl. They were born only a year and a half apart. My husband was an army office killed in Iraq three years ago. Between my job, insurance and some help from my parents we are scraping by.

When my husband was alive we enjoyed a vigorous sex life. At the time we thought we were adventurous with various roll play. Like I would wear a cheer leader's uniform and we would eventually making out in the back seat of our car or after a lot of sexy banter, Darren would picking me up at a singles bar. He would take me to a hotel for some champagne and a night of hot lovin'. For us that was a walk on the wild side.

Our focus was always on making the other person feel sexy, loved and appreciated. Darren said sex was like presents at Christmas, it's better to give than receive. We took that to heart and for my part I made sure I looked my best with regular workouts, especially after having the babies.

When I received that knock on the door and the two soldiers told me he had died a hero, I was devastated. I had naively believed he would always return home. At the time of his death Bobby was eleven and Chrisa had just turned ten. Now it is three years later and the family has adjusted enough that we could get on with our lives.

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   The gloom which had settled over us had all but evaporated.

Up until recently I had focused totally on the kids. Not dating despite still being attractive. Having married my high school sweat heart, I had not had a first date in over seventeen years. What got me to take the leap was that the kids didn't seem to need me as much and quite frankly battery operated lovers were no longer cutting it. I needed a warm caring man to make me feel like a sexy women.

To make a long story short I met a guy at the doctor's office of all places. As usual the doctor was running behind schedule and we were in the waiting room for over an hour. During that time he chatted me up and I agreed to have dinner with him.

I could not believe how nervous I was. My daughter was laughing saying there was no way she was going to be that nervous on her first date. I said well Missy when that day comes we'll see. Luckily both kids seemed OK as I guess with so many divorces it was no longer a big deal to have a parent going on dates.

Raymond arrived right when the sitter did. Yes, even as teens my kids get a sitter.

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   Anyway we had a nice meal and good conversation and I was pleased when he asked me for another date. We continued like this for another outing but I sensed Raymond was loosing interest. I knew why as I had barely allowed him to touch my breasts before making up an excuse about how late it was.

He did ask me out one more time. I reminded myself of a few obvious facts. One, the reason I started dated was because I need physical love and companionship. Two, I was not getting any younger and sure as hell did not want to be alone when my children left the nest. Last but not least I was a mature women and not a naive virgin. I decided if Raymond wanted to have sex I was going to be ready and willing.

As expected during the next date we ended up at his apartment. With the relaxed feeling that a little wine brings, we were soon making out on the couch. When he had my blouse unbuttoned I whispered lets go to the bedroom and off we went.

He undressed me down to my panties. He was kissing and licking my nipples much to my approval. The occasional bite was a little uncomfortable but OK.

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   He pushed me to my knees and pulled down his pants revealing a respectable hard cock. I knew what he wanted and of course had given head so I took him in my mouth.

I was giving him the loving BJ my dead husband had liked when he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me banging his cock into the back of my throat. I was being hurt and was confused at his aggressive unfeeling behaviour. When he started yelling take that you whore, I started crying as much from the humiliation I felt as what he was doing to my throat. He pulled out and when I was trying to catch my breath he came on my hair, in my eyes and over my face.

I screamed "What the fuck!" and tried to collect my cloths. He pulled me by the hair onto the bed saying "Don't worry bitch, I'm a great cunt licker and have plenty of toys to use on you. " I made a fist and punched him so hard in the balls that he collapsed groaning on the bed. I took a pillow and wiped off the cum, quickly dressed and got out of there as fast as possible.

Luckily he lived on a main intersection so hailing a cab was a breeze. On the ride home I used my compact mirror to get myself together, before facing the sitter. After paying her I drew a hot bath and sank into it to for a long cry.

How could he have seemed so nice and then treat my so badly? No way could all single men be like this or there would be many more Lorena Bobbit's in this world. I knew it would be a long time before I tried dating again.

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Something in me could not let go of what happened so I decided to research about current sexual trends. What I found changed me and my family's lives. The first facts came from an article about how today's porn industry is changing norms in the bedroom. They indicated that couples were doing more various kinds of sex but what the article focused on was that today's porn was trending to more extremes including the degradation of women.

I found a lot of porn stills resembled what Raymond had been acting out when he assaulted me. Then the other shoe dropped when I found articles from psychologists warning parents what the accessible proliferation of porn was doing to our children.

A few quotes that scared me were ". . . a survey published by Psychologies magazine in the UK last month found that a third of 14- to 16-year-olds had first seen sexual images online when they were 10 or younger – 81% of those polled looked at porn online at home, while 63% could easily access it on their mobile phones. " and "Girls are in an impossible position. They will never match up to the porn star images. And sex will inevitably be a disappointment to men with these exaggerated notions of what might be possible. Boys will become disillusioned, too, because they don’t all perform like sexual athletes. "

The more I read the more I was convinced that the usual "Facts of life" narrative was not sufficient for the kids of today.

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   At supper I asked my own kids if they had ever seen porn. I had hoped that it would be no more than soft core Playboy pictures.

At first they were reluctant to answer then Chrisa said Bobby had a collection of pictures on his computer. Obviously Bobby was not happy but I told them I was not going to get mad. We all went to his room and he brought up a slide show of his collection.

Some were just naked women with unusually large breasts but as I watched I noticed that there was a hard edge to the pictures which drained away the sexiness that I had once considered to be porn. It took all my self control to continue watching when I saw young girls with cum on their faces smiling at the camera. Later I saw huge dicks buried balls deep into ass holes. I am all for consenting adults doing what they they wanted in the confines of their own homes but I draw the line when my kids have easy access to content which they could not possibly put in context.

I told them I had seen enough so stopped the slide show and left the room. At this point I felt that demanding Bobby delete the pictures was no better than burying my head in the sand. They would likely be replaced with new ones. Internet was used for school so that couldn't be cut off. Even take away their cell phones was not an option. I felt that my children's sexual future was at stake.

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   Visions of Bobby turning out like Raymond or Chrisa accepting demeaning or abusive treatment was breaking my heart.

For the next two days I weighed my options including seeking professional help. There was no way that I could afford a psychiatrist and anyway having those pictures did not mean Bobby had mental problems. This is when I first considered teaching them what loving sex really was. I knew that first experiences were the most powerful influence on a person's future behaviour.

For days I would just shake my head at that crazy idea but little by little I became convinced that it was far better than the alternative. What finally tipped the balance was these answers I got from my children. I asked Bobby "What is the most important thing for a guy to do when being intimate with a women. " he responded "Don't cum before she does or you won't get a second date. " Then I asked Chrisa "What turns a guy off?" She responded with "When you don't know how to deep throat. "

After hearing their answers the die was cast and I decided a little sexual healing was in order. If society allows this to happen to our children then I categorically reject the skewed moral norms that would prevent me from fighting back. As soon as it could be arranged I put Chrisa on the pill.

The following Friday evening I told the kids that I had something important to discuss. Chrisa said to Bobby "You're going to get it now", Bobby looked at me and said "Mom, I already deleted the pictures".

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   I replied "Relax, you're not in trouble. That isn't exactly what we're going to talk about. "

I told them to meet in the TV room at eight. When they joined me I had already closed the curtains making sure we had our privacy. Both kids figured this would be some boring lecture they didn't want to hear. They're teenagers after all. I plunged right in telling them the story I have related to you.

I made the point that the sex I had with their Father was the ideal, that I had hoped they would experience themselves and share with their own lovers. I will say that talking about sex can focus a teenager. Continuing "I want you to see and experience that kind of intimacy now, well before you believe the porn's version of sex is best. If you want to learn, you will never be able to tell anyone what we will do, ever! It is considered illegal and our family will be broken up if found out. "

Chrisa was already nodding her head in agreement when Bobby said "Will I need to take my cloths off?" I said "We will all have our cloths off and touch each other's bodies. " Chrisa exhaled "Cool" but Bobby only looked at the floor. Chrisa asked "Bobby what's the problem? I know you sneaked a peak or two when I was taking a shower. Now, you can see it all without getting in trouble.


  " With that she turned around and shook her butt.

That made Bobby and I break up. Then Bobby said "Well you better not laugh at my thing, promise?" I told him "Both of you are still growing. There is an old saying it is not how big you are but how well you can use it. " After a pause to let them think "Is everyone OK with this and promise not to tell anyone including your best friends or even our relatives?" Chrisa said "Yes" right away then Bobby looked at me and said "OK".

I said "Kids one of the secrets of being a good lover is to be able to take and give instructions. That means you should feel comfortable telling your lover what makes you feel good and what you don't like. It can be even more subtle than words, as a lover can indicate how aroused they are through breathing or just sounds like oohs and aahs. Common sense tells us that you are likely to get more sex if you keep your lover happy. So focus on their pleasure and it will all fall into place. OK, who masturbates?"

I put my hand up and there was Chrisa with her's up too. After a bit Bobby also raised his hand. Chrisa said "Bobby, you should have had your hand up immediately. I didn't even know what masturbation was until I accidentally caught you. " Bobby gave her a cold stare.

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I said "Bobby everyone masturbates its a natural part of sexuality. In fact if a guy watches his lover masturbate he can learn how she likes to be stimulated cutting down on trial and error. " This was the first time Bobby looked me in the eye and smile.

"Lets start, where almost all sexual contact begins, by kissing. " I leaned towards Bobby and he pecked me on the lips. "Bobby, for these lessons I'm not your Mom but am a sexy women you are trying to woo. " He did a bit better and I opened my mouth and we touched tongues. We kissed a bit longer with me giving suggestions. Then he added a hand on my breast but squeezed a bit too hard.

When the kiss broke I told him that the breast massage was nice but he needed to be gentler. I said "Lightly run your fingers over your own skin then do it again but press harder. " Both kids did then I asked "Which technique provided the most sensation?" Chrisa said "The light touch it felt way better almost a tickle and a tease combined. " Bobby agreed.

I said "Bobby, try kissing Chrisa like we did. See if she likes it.

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  " They seemed a little awkward at first but soon enough I heard Chrisa moan and saw his hand lightly rubbing her breast. While watching the two make out I realized that I was rubbing my pussy.

Finally their kiss broke and Chrisa said "Wow, you can kiss me anytime. Now let me play with your tongue as much as you did with me. " She started to kiss him again and this time, when they stopped Bobby said "Sis, that was hot I like what you're doing. " Both kids smiled at each other then at me.

"Bobby, I think you should removing my cloths. I'll coach you on how to make it sexy. " By this time I was fairly sure I saw that Bobby was supporting a stiffy. Hard to tell now a days, as boys pants are so baggy. I stood up and asked Bobby to join me. I said "Most of the time a guy starts taking a girls cloths. A well done strip can really arouse your partner. Chrisa remember what you see most of these techniques apply to both men and women. "

"Start by unbuttoning my blouse but make sure you touch and tease my body as you strip me.


   Lots of kisses the exposed skin is very important. " Bobby's previous shyness seemed to have melted away as he brushed his lips on mine at the same time he starting unbuttoning my blouse. When each button was undone he pulled my blouse wider apart and kissed the newly exposed skin. I closed my eyes and sighed at the feelings my baby boy was stirring.

This must have encouraged him as he added light licks as he reached my navel. When all the buttons were undone he walked behind me and pulled the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms until it fell on the floor. He then tried to undo my bra, fumbled slightly, but eventually got it. He was inspired when he began kissing my neck while, putting his hands through the straps to push the bra down my arms while trailing them over my breasts and lightly touching my nipples.

My moan was louder and my nipples grew erect seeking out his fingers. When the bra had joined the blouse on the floor his hands cupped and gently squeezed my breasts. I said "roll my nipples between your fingers and pull them gently. " Bobby was a quick study and my rapid breathing announced my approval. He started pulling a little too hard and I had him back off.

He moved to my front by kissing around my neck and shoulders while his hands pulled my skirt up enough that he could reach underneath. He caressed my outer thighs and squeezed my cheeks.

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   It was when his mouth reached my hard nipple that I sighed "Yes Bobby" and he proceeded to lick and suck very different then when he was a new born.

As he teased my breasts his fingers unzipped my skirt and pushed it down. I stood there only in my panties. His hands became more aggressive running up my back down to my butt and pulling me into him. As he kissed my lips our bodies rubbed well enough that I got the first hint of how big my boy had grown. My first thought was, did he pad his pants with rolled socks? If not what the heck was so he shy about?

Just then he dropped to his knees with his face inches from my pussy.
    I looked down and saw him crinkle his nose. I said "That is the scent of an aroused women and your reward for getting her in that condition. Now running your finger up and down my legs especially my inner thighs and just brush my pussy from the front and back. You want me begging you to pull my panties off. "

    My boy did me proud and teased me better than could be expected from one so inexperienced. He added his own flare by licking my tummy, and putting his fingers under the elastic to squeeze my fleshy behind. He even placed light kissed on my pantie clad pussy. His technique was very effective as I panted and moaned but when he kissed my pussy my pelvis pushed forward and I demanded "Take them off now Bobby!"

    Instead of pulling them down from the waistband he pull them from the elastic sides making them stretch before sliding over my ass. He started kissing and licking the skin that was being exposed.

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       God this felt good. He stopped when the top of my slit was exposed giving it some extra attention. "Yes Bobby like that. "

    Finally he pulled them all the way off and I was exposed to my baby boy. I let him have a good long look before asking "Chrisa, do you want Bobby to take your cloths off?" Chrisa was off the couch standing ready as her unspoken answer.

    I sat down and Bobby moved to Chrisa. The two started kissing and Bobby ran his hands up and down her body stopping to squeeze her little butt pulling her into him. She rubbed herself hard onto her brother. She wore a summer dress so Bobby started to unzip from the back while still tongue wrestling with his sister.

    When fully unzipped I suspect he reached into the opening and under her waistband to massage her bare butt as she exclaimed a drawn out "Oh Bobby". Bobby stood back and pulled her dress down. Chrisa watched his eyes enjoy her curves as the dress fell away. She pointed to the front of her bra as that was were the clasp was.

    Bobby first touched her bra from the outer sides drawing his thumbs over her nipples finally pulled the clasp apart. The bra quickly joined the dress.

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       Bobby drew in a breath and said "Nice Sis". Chrisa beamed a smile and her nipples extended into erase nubs. Bobby cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples as she groaned and closed her eyes. A large sigh was heard when he began to kiss, lick and suck on her young firm flesh.

    He was learning fast as unlike the tease with me, his hands were freely roaming under her panties. He must have touched her pussy lips from behind as she pushed her butt out and thrust her chest forward at the same time. This was all too much for Chrisa as she demanded he remove her panties.

    Bobby dropped to his knees and pulled them slowly down while giving her the teasing kiss and licks he had done with me. Chrisa was far to aroused to stand still putting her hand on the back of his head and pushing her pelvis into his face. When he finally had her panties off he gave her slit a long lick. My little girl was shaking in her seriously aroused state.

    Bobby stood up wrapped her in his arms and said "How was that Chrisa?" She put her head to his chest and said "Bro, we just gotta do that again, but its my turn now. " With that she took a step back then told him to take his shoes and socks off. Next she put his arms over his head. She was a bit eager so pulled his tshirt up trapping his arms and head.

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       Then licked his nipples before he leaned down so she could remove his tshirt.

    She hugged him mashing her breasts into his chest while tilting her face up for a kiss. Chrisa unbuckled his pants and pushed them down. She stepped in rubbing herself all over him. I saw her eyes grow wide and she pulled away exclaiming "Bobby!"

    We both looked down and barely contained in his briefs was a long thick dick. Definitely larger than the one my dead husband had. Bobby turned red but I said "Son that's what girls call a women pleaser. If you learn to use it right you're going to be very popular but if I ever hear that you are cruel or mean I'll cut it off. "

    By this time Chrisa was on her knees staring. I said "Chrisa arouse him. Rub your face into it if you like but make eye contact as much as possible. Its primal that guys get turned on when a women is gazing up at them. I think it makes them feel big and strong. " My daughter went a little wild rubbing her face into that big thing while her hands were holding his butt. She even kissed up and down the shaft.

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    Bobby's breathing became erratic and I knew he could not take much more so I told Chrisa to pull down his undies. They were off in a second and that magnificent member was standing tall. I wanted to drop down to my knees and give my boy his first BJ but I just pulled Chrisa away while we stared.

    "OK guys, the last thing we'll do tonight, is Chrisa will learn how to give a hand-job. Bobby lie on your back. " I produced a tube of KY jelly and positioned myself beside Bobby with Chrisa sitting in his other side. I told Bobby to touch our breasts as he was lucky enough to have four to play with.

    Knowing this would not last long I gave Chrisa the honours. She held out her hands and I squeezed some KY on them. I said "Chrisa, rub your hands together getting them slick. Bobby warn us if he was going to cum. Chrisa when he warns you, stop stroking but squeeze just below the cock head. That is a method for prolong the fun.

    I took Chrisa's right hand and wrapped it around his member then guided her with a slow stroke. She bust into a big smile at the noises Bobby was making.

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       I told Chrisa make sure you do it slow and to sometimes use two hands. I put some lube on Bobby's fingers and guided them to Chrisa's pussy.

    My horny daughter spread her knees giving him better access. At no time did she take her hands off his dick. I listened and watched carefully getting Chrisa to back off when I thought Bobby was ready to cum. After a while I could see that he his balls were likely going from blue to purple so I told Chrisa to straddle Bobby and rub her pussy up and down the shaft.

    She was on him like white on rice. I only pulled her feet up to hook on his thighs. Bobby's hands were already teasing her nipples when she started sliding. I took his thumb and moved it over her clit and rubbed it in a circle. Chrisa yelled out "Yes!" and my son took over.

    Sitting back watching my kids enjoying themselves I could not help but dig two finger into my pussy and rub my clit. Chrisa motion became more frantic and then she spasmed with a mouth frozen in an extended "O". Bobby realizing what happened, shot cum all over his stomach and chest in long thick lines. That was more cum than I had ever seen from his Father.

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       I guess there is no underestimating the power of youth.

    Chrisa had her eyes closed and was still slightly rocking. When she finally opened them and saw the cum her index finger reached into it scooping up a dollop of the white stuff and brought it to her nose then she looked at me in alarm.

    "Chrisa it should always be a girl's choice about what to do with cum. I have issue with the expectation of what a girl must do. If you actually liked getting cum on your face that should be your choice. " With that said Chrisa put the cum in her mouth and gave it a considered taste test. She ended up shrugging "Well that was different. "

    With the evening over I told them to have separate showers and go to bed. Chrisa used my shower and when she was done sat on my bed. She remarked that today's lesson was a lot of fun. Then said "I'm scared of Bobby hurting me when we have sex. " I should have known that she would understand where these lessons would ultimately lead.

    "Chrisa, two things, first you can refuse to do any of our lessons and second, there are ways we can get your body ready to accept such a large penis. " She nodded and left the room.


       I had to admit that I masturbated to a great climax as I imagined how I was going to adjust when I home school Bobby. .

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