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Now I know what you're thinking, and ordinarily I'd be horrified to get excited over my little girl. But I don't think you can understand my level of need at that time, if you can, then you might be able to see why all I could think about was sliding my aching prick deep into my pretty young daughter, right there on the kitchen table!I snapped back out of my thoughts when Emily asked if she could play some N64 before getting ready for school. I looked at the clock, looked back at her, admittedly taking longer than I needed to answer. Then nodded and said:"Just a few minutes. "As she walked out of the kitchen, I gazed at her sweet young legs and paid special attention to her small round ass, hugged by her soft cotton panties. I heard the game turn on, and continued to sit there, struggling with myself inwardly. When I was sure Emily was fully engaged in the game, I put the paper down and unzipped my pants. Pulling my dick out was a little difficult considering its extreme engorgement. I looked at it, thoughts racing, images of my daughter, feelings of resentment toward my wife, and need, the desperate yearning need to fuck. I squeezed it, wincing slightly, as the head swelled a little more. I stood up, walked to the living room and peeked in. There she was my beautiful baby girl, leaning over the ottoman with the game controller in her hands, totally engrossed in the game. I looked down and sighed as I watched her perfect ass jiggle slightly from her movements. I couldn't take it anymore, my inner battle was over and the need for relief had won. I quietly approached Emily and knelt down behind her. Her tight little body and the thought of what I was about to do to it were almost too much for me.

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   I braced myself and took a deep breath, then silently slipped my pants down. I moved closer to her and leaning over I said:"Emily, I need you to let me do something with you, you can keep playing the game, just let daddy do something with you. "I could barely think straight, I was practically chanting, "Let me do something. ""What are you going to do daddy?" She asked, concerned. "I need to fuck you. . . I mean, I need to love you, the kind of love mommy hasn't let me give to her for a long time. "I pulled her panties down and moved up against her. My raging erection slid up along her legs and pressed against her warm, soft ass. "Daddy! What is that daddy?" She paniced. "It's ok honey, just relax, that's daddy's cock, he's going to use it to give you that special love. ""Daddy. . .

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  don't. . . ""Shhh, it's ok. "I rubbed my cock's head up and down her slit, pressing fairly hard against her opening. I moaned and pushed harder, I just couldn't wait to feel pussy around my cock, it had been months since I'd last fucked my wife, and for a man with a 5 time a day sex drive. . . well you get the idea. Her pussy was incredibly tight, tighter than I'd ever tried to enter before. I became afraid that I might hurt her at that point, but my passion overran all logical judgement and I barreled forward. After just a bit more rubbing, Emily's entrance had relaxed and stretched enough that I could push the head of my prick in. As I did, it squeezed; I nearly shot my load right there, but somehow managed to hold back. I continued pushing forward, deeper, until I met up against her hymen. "Daddy, please, no!"My daughter continued to plead for me to stop, but I couldn't, or wouldn't.

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   Once I felt her warm, moist cunt wrapped around the head, I knew this was a one-way ride. I had to bury myself in her, and fuck her for all I was worth. Thoughts of having my daughter hate me for the rest of my life, losing my wife, possibly going to prison; none where strong enough to deter me from imbedding my throbbing cock into her sweet young pussy. As I pushed harder and harder, trying to break through her hymen, she moaned and flinched in pain. I told her to just concentrate on playing her game, that this would all be over soon. But she didn't stop crying, begging me to stop. With a final, very hard thrust, all at once my daughter screamed in pain, my cock disappeared inside her, and I finally had what I'd missed for so long. "Daddy, no! Daddy, please! Oh, AWWW!"Once fully buried, I immediately started pumping. I was already on the verge of orgasm; I only needed a few good strokes. I held my daughter tightly and humped against her sweet, firm ass. I moaned in pleasure, forcing out thoughts of guilt or sorrow for the pain I was causing her. The sex was the best I'd ever had, her pussy was unimaginably tight and clinging, it felt like my cock was in an automatic cow-milking machine. "Daddy, oooh!""Ahh, oh yes, OH FUCK! You're so good baby! Daddy loves you! Thank you! THANK YOU!"A few more hard fast thrusts and my cock throbbed again, this time cum exploded from the tip, my balls seemed to turn themselves inside out and the orgasm made me see stars as I collapsed on top of my little girl. Once it was all over, I held her gently. "I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry.

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  "She cried as I pulled out, she cried as I held her, she cried as I left the room. I sat on my bed and cried too. Why did I have to do it? Why my sweet little Emily? Why? WHY?I felt the worst I'd ever felt in my life, but I knew there could have been no other way, there were no other women available to me. I wish I had just been gentler with her. While I sat there contemplating my actions and future, if I had any. Emily came in, by the way she was walking, she was obviously very sore. She sat down on the bed next to me and looked into my eyes. The hurt expression on her face cut right into my soul. How could I have hurt her like that? I put my arms around her and apologized again and again. I told her all about sex and that Liz was no longer giving it to me. In the end she realized how desperate I was, and to my surprise, she forgave me. After that I got up and wet a cloth and came back to sponge down her very sore little cunt, making her feel a little better. I told her she didn't have to go to school today, just to take a shower and rest. When I got back from work, Emily was playing games again. I came over and sat down next to her, putting my arms around her.

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   Again telling her how sorry I was, but this time also thanking her. I'd felt so much better sexually today, finally getting that release, it was great for me, but terrible for my daughter I'm sorry to say. Much to my relief, Emily didn't tell Liz about what had happened. That night I didn't ask for sex from Liz, and she asked if something was wrong. I just said it was a hard day at work, but I don't think she really believed that was the reason. The next day, the morning was the same as any other morning, except that Emily was playing on the game machine while eating her breakfast. I stood in the doorway watching her; I was sad on one hand, glad on the other, but horny in between. I again gazed at her fresh young body and my cock began lifting. I cursed at myself for thinking about it again, but as my prick strained against my pants, all common sense forsook me. I walked up behind her and knelt down. Pushing out all thoughts except sex helped me to do what I was about to do, again. Down went my pants, I snuggled up close to Emily and pulled her panties down. "I'm sorry Emily, I need you again. ""Daddy no! Please don't hurt me again!"She struggled, tried to break free, but I held her down. What was I doing? Raping my own daughter? My conscience was losing though, I was thinking purely with that hard thing between my legs now.

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   This time I didn't bother with preparation. I forced my cock passed her lips, lurched forward, and buried my large, thick cock in my little girl's pussy, all over again. "Ahhhh!" She groaned in pain, I noticed that she wasn't in as much pain as the day before however. I fucked myself in and out of her. Her tight warm pussy was so beautiful to me, the wonderful feelings it was giving me, I wished Emily could share in them. But she was too young and I was too big, all she felt was pain. This time I lasted much longer, and toward the end, Emily wasn't moaning in pain anymore. When I looked at her, I saw tears were streaming down her face though. "Oh baby! Your so hot for daddy!"Suddenly I jerked and filled her with my hot cum. I felt a lot better this time that she wasn't in so much pain. My cock felt a little closer to satisfaction as well; finally I was getting what I needed, even if it was at the expense of poor little Emily. Despite everything, Emily went to school that day. I spent most of the day rationalizing my actions, thinking; "Well, at least she wasn't in so much pain. " I know it's sick, but I was on a downhill slide with no bottom in sight. Returning from work, I found Emily in her room.

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   She didn't want to talk to me, so I sat down and put my arms around her. I begged her to forgive me, which she reluctantly did. Another night and my wife couldn't believe I didn't want sex. But I just turned over and went to sleep. The next day was a repeat of the whole thing again. Emily was playing a game, I came in, told her I'm sorry, but could I please fuck her again. I could feel the chill as she numbed herself to me, without a further word, I pulled her panties down and slid myself in. Physically, the sex was more comfortable, her pussy had been stretched now, and I could get in more easily. She didn't seem to be in much pain, just a bit uncomfortable. I enjoyed her very much; my cock thanked me again and again, even as my mind cursed my very existence. My orgasm was again large and powerful. I was beginning to satisfy some of my desire. That evening after work, I found Emily playing on the game system again. I figured it would be a half-hour before Liz got home, so I got behind Emily again and fucked away. She didn't have any reaction this time, but I could tell her pussy was beginning to get used to this, she'd probably start feeling some pleasure soon.

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  I completely put what I was doing out of my mind, and started to view Emily as my method of sexual relief, more than as my daughter. Let's face it, she felt a lot better than my hand!That night Liz offered to have sex with me, but now it was my turn to say no. I was bitter and hateful, not exactly the recipe for a loving evening. I pushed her away and went to sleep. The next morning Emily wasn't up yet when Liz left for work. So I came into her room, totally naked. Crawling into bed with her, I found that she didn't have anything on, and was playing with herself. I told her that she might begin to enjoy certain sensations while I fucked her today, but tried to reassure her not to feel guilty. I reminded her that I was the bad one, I was the one hurting our relationship, and I was the one forcing her to have sex. I didn't want her to go through life thinking she'd somehow caused this all to happen. I really enjoyed my daughter that morning. We fucked long and hard, and much to my relief, she moaned in pleasure a little at the end. When I returned from work that evening, I bribed her with her favorite ice cream. She ate at the table, sitting in my lap. I rubbed her up and down my cock, and she helped a little, moving her ass around.

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   I couldn't be sure, but I think she was hiding her moans of pleasure, in her moans of delight for the ice cream. This went on for weeks. One evening my wife was at a meeting, so Emily and I had sex in the shower. One weekend I took her on a camping trip, the whole weekend my cock never left her pussy for more than a few minutes. It was official, we were full-fledged lovers even though Emily still would rather we weren't. Emily learned to start using sex to get things she wanted from me. In the beginning it was little things like her favorite food, but it grew into gifts of every description. I was addicted; in addition to our regular morning and evening encounters, I was now picking her up at lunchtime to fuck. Her toys piled up, she started to demand money, and the amount rose as she got older. In the beginning it was just a dollar or two, but by the time she went to high-school, I was paying as much as for a professional. I started to get angry about the way she was using me. My mind was so perverted by then that I didn't even see the sex as me using her, especially since she'd started having orgasms. One day I decided to teach her a lesson. It was after work, I came in, she was already naked and on all fours. But when I got behind her, I didn't go into her pussy, instead I violently tore into her ass.

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  "You want to be paid like a whore, you're gonna get ass-fucked like a whore!"She was in severe pain through the entire screw, and afterward I forced her to suck my dick, even covered in blood and shit as it was. This is the scene Liz walked in on. Blood running from Emily's ass, her daughter's head being forced down on her husband's cock, as she approached I quickly came, making Emily choke. Liz hit and kicked me and called the police. I was charged and convicted as a sex offender. Now I sit here writing this story with 2 years down of my 15-year sentence. I guess I'm writing this story to show people how sex can get out of hand if you let it. I'm sorry for what I did, but there was no way around it at the time, I was too desperate and had too little self-control. Now I'm the one getting it in the ass. The End. Copyright 1999 Moist Dreamshttp://get. to/moistdreams - Story archive & Mailing list info. moist1@home. com - CommentsMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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