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But my luck was changed later that summer. One night I had to stayed over because I drank a little too much at dinner, so I was staying in the guest room with the door half closed as usual. I quickly drifted to sleep and was wearing my boxer only. It must have been a couple of hours after I passed out that I vaguely heard the door opened. I felt my blanket was lifted and my shorts carefully pulled down my legs. I was tired from the alcohol so I just let her do whatever she wanted. I felt a pair of tits pressed against my thighs and thought it must be my girlfriend who got horny and wanted some actions. The room was dark but under the moon light I could see through my half slept eyes the curvy body of my visitor. My cock was starting to grow as the thought of another nut-wrenching BJ is coming soon. Without any warning, my balls were greeted by a pair of warm, moist lips. The long wet tongue quickly came out between those lips and started to circle my scrotum. It licked around the base of my shaft and I felt my cock getting very hard. She teased me by purposely not licking the head of my dick. Instead her tongue was licking the shaft of my penis, avoiding the most sensitive head part. Then all in a sudden I felt my entire cock was swallowed down her throat in one swift move and I even felt her gagging as she deep throat me. She moved her mouth painfully slow up and then slammed it all the way down.

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   I never felt such pain in my balls before as I could tell my dick was going to be sore tomorrow. Her pace was getting faster and now she was making a slurping sound every time she reached the head. Then, without any sign her tongue found my balls again, she licked and sucked them like a hungry slut. She then completely drove me over the edge when I felt her tongue rimming my ass. I had never been licked in the ass before and I could tell I was going to like it from then on. She darted her tongue in my ass while her hands wrapped around my shaft, stroking quickly. I knew I was getting very close very fast. I was just about to blow my load when she moved her mouth back onto my cock. With her hands now stroking feverishly I shot a huge load straight down her throat and she swallowed every drop of it. Unlike previous blow-jobs I was given, my dick didn't go soft after I exploded and that even surprised me. So I knew I have to reward her immediately. As she climbed on to my bed and laid down with her back facing me, I immediately grabbed her ass, spread her now soaking cunt lips with one hand and entered her with one plunge. My girlfriend's pussy was always tight but tonight was a little different. It felt more velvety and there were muscles tightening that I had not noticed before. I thought it was due to my heightened sensation from my recent orgasm so I just enjoyed the new feeling.

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   As I slammed my cock in and out of her madly, her cunt muscles was trying to clamp down my dick like a vice as I plunged so hard that it entered her cervix. I would pull my cock all the way out before I shoved it back in with full force while she threw her ass against my pelvis so hard that it was making some loud noises. By now, she was breathing heavily and started to moan. After what seemed like half an hour (to me anyway!) I thought she deserved better. Since my girl always want it up the ass so I started preparing her ass by wetting my fingers with the juice squirting out from our love connection. I circled her puckered rosebud with my index finger before I pushed it in. It felt very tight at first but it loosened up a bit. I slowly stroke her ass with the same way my cock stroking her pussy. After a while, I felt her ass ring muscle relaxed so I stuck two more fingers in and I heard a little sigh coming out from her. I knew she was ready for some anal invasion so I pull my dick out of her tight pussy. I pointed my cock head just outside her now very slippery shit hole. I thought I was going to tease her a bit but she had a different idea. She reached back with her hands and pull her ass cheeks apart. I felt her bung hole opened up more and I gave her a push.
    Shit! It was so tight inside her ass and I almost came again right at that moment.

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       Her sphincter was so tight that I thought I had my dick jammed by the door! But eventually she relaxed a bit and in no time my whole shaft was inside her. It felt completely different from her cunt as there was more friction inside her rectum making every movement very stimulating. I reached around to grab her tits so I could pinch her nipples. But her tits felt completely different and I knew right away that it was not my 18 years old girlfriend whom I am ass-fucking but her sexy mother! The thought of doing the nasty to my future mother-in-law almost made me shot my load all the way up her colon!My heart was beating like crazy because I couldn't believe I was fucking her right up the ass and she was loving it! By now, she seemed to notice that I knew it is her so she turned her head around and gave me the most passionate kiss with our tongues exploring each other's mouth. When she finished kissing me, she whispered in my ears, "Please fuck me in my ass, it has been so long since I've my ass fucked!"With that encouragement, my dick was now pounding her at a much faster pace and I knew the end was approaching fast. And when she yelled out, "Shit! I am going to c. . . . u. . . . m. .

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      . . . !" I never thought I could shoot so much sperm inside someone but I was wrong. My balls were aching from the powerful explosion and I felt like I was peeing inside her with so much cum shooting out. I almost passed out when she reached her orgasm and her ass tightened up so much that my dick couldn't get out. With the help of her sphincter, my cock must have five or six huge spasms before it stopped. Needless to say I was wide awake after that and we didn't sleep that night. I thought we would have woke my girlfriend up but she was sleeping upstairs and didn't seem to hear a thing. Since then we would fuck each other at least a few times a week. It has been four years now and my wife still don't have a clue but she was just delighted that her mom and I get along so well!More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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