How did this happen? PT II


As I stand there watching my son finger my daughter as my cock began to get harder than I ever thought possible, I couldn't help but reach inside my boxers and start slowly stroking the length inside.

I watched Max add a second finger into Sams dripping wet pussy
"Oh Max fuck that feels so good Mmmmmmm please don't stop uhhhh mmmmm"

"Yeah? you like that sis? Then watch this!"

At that Max got up, spread and laid between his sisters legs sticking his tongue out between Sams hairless slit. I could see him sliding his tongue up and down from her swollen clit down to her puckered little asshole.

"Oh my god Max. . . . "

He continued lapping up her increasingly wet cunt and she started to shake beneath him.

"What's happening Max? It feels so good. . . "

"You're going to cum sis just let it happen"

With that Sam let out a loud moan, surely not concernedwith whether I would hear it or not. Her body went stiff as she had her first orgasm brought on by another person. Then she just laid still as her brother cleaned up the mess he'd made with his tongue.

I couldn't watch anymore I had to go relieve the aching in my shorts. I went and laid back in my bed jacking my cock until I shot another huge load.

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   I replayed the events that just happened over again in my head but instead of Max, it was me between my daughters young legs. Eventually I passed out into a deep sleep not even bothering to cover my now flaccid cock, or the cum mess I made.

As you would probably assume the next morning when I woke up all I could think about was the night before. All day in fact it was all I could think about. I however had to act normal. The rest of the weekend went about normal. Except on Saturday and Sunday night I did not go to my room before them. I made sure to make them go to their own rooms and when I thought they were asleep I then headed to bed myself. I did not want another repeat of that incident. . . . At least with Max involved. . .

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   Sunday night though I swear I could hear soft moans coming from Sams room, presumably of her rubbing her own self to climax. . .

Monday came along and my ex came to pick up Max. Everyone said their goodbyes and we parted ways. Finally I was alone with my little girl again. Honestly I didn't want to waste any time before I got to make her feel good myself. But I had no plan. . . So I just winged it.

"Sam, can I talk to you?"

"Sure daddy what's up?"

"I know it's hard for a girl your age to be without a constant mother figure so I want to take it upon myself to help you in any way I can. Since you've started your period, it really is imperative to have protection. . .

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"Protection? What do you mean, Dad?"

"You know baby. . like from sex and such. . . . . "

"Dad! I don't have sex!"

"Well that's a relief, but eventually you will and you really need to be prepared for it. Do you even know how sex works? Or the forms of it?'

"No. . not really. Some of my friends talk about it but we're all virgins. . "

"Then I should really help you learn Sam. You need to know these things.

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   You need to be smart about it. I don't want to be a grand father anytime soon. Here follow me. "

With that I led her to my bed room and sat down at the computer.

"Come here baby. Sit on daddys lap"

Sam mounted my lap and scooted around trying to find a comfortable position so I would still be able to see the computer monitor. Fortunately in doing so I could feel her little butt squirm against my ever growing cock.

"I'm going to show you some videos, so you know what's what when it comes to sex. Is that okay with you?

"Sure daddy. . . "

I went to my favorite porn site and searched "blow job" upon finding a video I felt suitable I clicked play.

"What's this daddy?"

"Just watch. . .

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A girl who was probably about 19 or 20 kneeled before a man who looked to be in his 30s. He was already stroking his cock when the girl lowered her head over his enormous cock.

"Wow daddy I've never seen a man naked like that before. . it's so. . . big?"

The video continued and was your trivial blow job video, one I'm sure you've seen 100s of times.

"Baby the girl is giving that guy a blow job. . just by putting his cock inside her mouth and licking and sucking on it. When a girl does that to a guy he gets a wonderful feeling"

Sam started moving around my lap again pressing her butt right on my cock

"Dad? Why is your thing feeling like that. . . "

"Well sweetie.

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   When a man gets turned on his penis, or cock, becomes erect, or hard. So I guess watching this video has turned me on. I don't know. . maybe I shouldn't be showing you these videos"

"No dad it's okay I like it. It gives me a funny feeling"

"Does it? Like what?"

"I don't know how to explain it. . it's like a feeling in my tummy. . like I need something in there or something and like the insides of my legs get wet. "

"Sweetie that's called getting horny. You're horny now. . you know what would make that feel better?"

"What dad?"

"Here let me show you. .

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I got up off the chair and told her to sit back down by herself. I searched the website for a video of a girl playing with herself. I clicked play on one that was just a girl sitting in front of her computer much as my daughter was and playing with her clit.

"Why don't you do what she's doing sweetie?"

"I don't know dad. . it seems weird. . . "

"Nonsense, it's very normal. It's okay. . go head. . just take your shorts and panties off"

She sat there for a moment thinking about what to do but ultimately she stripped down. She seemed pretty hesitant but she did it anyways.

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"Now just do exactly what she's doing on the video. daddy will be just over here watching. . "

Sam just sat there watching the girl for a couple minutes before finally reaching between her own thighs and lightly stroking her clit. She moved her index and middle finger in a circular motion over her little love button. I sat mesmerized watching my own daughter pleasure herself. After a few more minutes the video ended but my little girl kept rubbing herself round, and round her little clit.

"Oh daddy you're right this is really nice"

"I knew you'd like it. Wanna see how men give them self the same feeling?"

    " she replied.

    I turned the chair to face my bed as she continued rubbing away at herself. I stripped down myself and sat down on the bed and started stroking my cock as I'd done countless times in my life, but for some reason this time it felt better then it ever had.

    "Just like this sweetie. How about we try something else? We can lay down together and you can do this to me and I'll rub you?"

    "Uhm. .

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      . isn't that wrong dad?"

    "Some people would think so. . . But if it makes the both of us feel good and we're not forcing each other then why not? You just can't ever tell anyone. . . . "

    "Okay we can try. "

    We both got up and laid down in my bed as lovers would. I took her tiny hand and placed it over my throbbing cock.

    "Now just do like I was doing to myself"

    At first she started real slow, barely moving her hand on my cock but eventually she grew more comfortable and had a nice steady pace. I started rubbing her clit just as she'd been doing and she started moaning. She was trying to keep quiet about it but eventually pleasure engulfed her and she let herself be free. She was moaning so much and my fingers were so sticky and wet.

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       I decided to take it up a level and in the same fashion as her brother I slid one finger inside her tight love hole.

    "Oh daddy wow that feels so good"

    By this time she'd stopped rubbing my cock and I didn't mind. I just wanted my little girl to feel good, and soon enough I'd feel good too.

    I moved my finger around inside her a bit, hooking it upward. I could feel her pussy start to contract on my finger so I started moving it in and out of her pretty fast. Before I knew it her pussy tightened hard around my finger and she let out a gasp as she came all over her daddys finger.

    "Did that feel good baby?"

    "So good daddy. . I want to feel it again"

    "Well can we try something else?"

    "Sure daddy, anything for you"

    I took that as my cue to climb on top of her. With my dick in hand I began rubbing her clit with the head of my cock which was glistening with precum, and now her cum a like. After a while of teasing her like that I decided it was time to do to her what only a man who really loved her should do. I did love her, more then anything. It was only right for me to do it. I positioned my cock right in her entrance and began to slowly push inside her. She was struggling a bit with the pain but I told her if she could get through this then I'd make her feel better than she's ever felt before.


       Slowly I slid inch by inch inside her extremely tight cunt until I found the last barrier before I could make her feel so good.

    "This is going to hurt princess, but just hold on to me it'll be okay"

    And with that I jabbed my cock through my own daughters virginity. She let out a small scream and I laid still on top of her for a few minutes waiting for the pain to subside and for her to get used to having such a foreign body inside hers.

    "Keep going daddy. . "

    So slowly I began deep strokes in and out of her. I'd pull all the way out, slide my cock along her slit, then push back deep inside her again.

    This felt so good. I wanted to lay there forever fucking my daughter. Her moans drove me so crazy.
    I began fucking her faster and faster ramming my thick cock deep inside her. I fucked her pussy until she came all over my cock and I came deep inside her belly. I kept fucking her until she came over and over for me. And miraculously every time I came my cock would harden right back up again. I must've cum 4 times inside my little girl that night.

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    I knew the next day I'd be getting her birth control, cause there's no way this was going to stop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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