How It All Began


Summer was now upon us, and I heard from the mouths of other children about sex, about the things boys and girls do together. I suddenly looked at people around me in a new perspective. My sister added to my new interest by sunning herself next to our little swimming pool with very small, bikini-type bathing suits. Every time I looked at her I could feel myself stiffen. As if this wasn't enough, dad had found a nice girlfriend, and she joined Ariadne's sunbathing activities at the pool. Anyhow, Sylvia was all woman. Her breasts were as big as grapefruits, and her hips were soft, supple curves that seemed to overflow her flimsy bikini bottoms with pure sensuality. If my sister made me merely stiff, Sylvia made as hard as an iron pipe. Now there were sounds in the night, sounds of love and sex emerging from behind the closed door of my father's bedroom. The day was especially warm, and I figured the water in the pool had also become warm enough to swim in. I put on my bathing suit and emerged from the rear door of my house. Sylvia and Ariadne were already lounging on their tummies, basking and chatting in the warm air. As I stepped closer to the pool, I saw they were both topless. They must have heard my sharp inhale. Ariadne lifted herself up a little and I could see her little conical tits jutting from her chest. "Want to sunbathe with us, Roger?" she asked.

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   "N-n-no," I gulped, not able to pull my eyes away from the bare flesh. "I just was going in for a swim. " "Maybe we'll join you," said Sylvia. "We're getting a bit warm here. " "I don't want to get my suit wet," my sister said. "Me neither," replied Sylvia. "We can swim naked, right?" "Sure," Ariadne returned, "We always used to swim naked here. Isn't that right, Roger? No one else lives near us. " "Ah. . . S-s-sure," I stuttered. Ariadne stood up, pulled her bottoms down, and deftly stepped out of them. I had the first view of my sister. Small breasts were tipped with very obvious and perky nipples, soft, tawny fuzz covered her mound, and hips curved out from her slim waist and firm legs.


   She had a flat tummy, which, combined with her slim waist, gave her small breasts the appearance of greater size. The only reason that I could pull my eyes away from my sister was that Sylvia was now removing the bottom of her bikini too. Her heavy breasts sagged a little from their weight when she stood up, and her large areoles surrounded long, stiff nipples. Her pubic hair was dark and thick. Her wider hips and firm, round butt were a magnificent sight to behold. "What's wrong, Roger?" Ariadne giggled. I realized that I had been frozen in time and space. My mouth had been open. I could say nothing. "Don't tease your brother, sweetie," Sylvia said. "Come on; let's get into the pool and cool off, you too, Roger, honey. " Next I knew, I was in the pool with the two naked females. My prick was like stone, but my excited state was partially concealed by my bathing suit and my submersion in the cool water. My dad came outside. When he saw us all in the pool, he said, "That looks good; I think that I'll join you.

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  " He pulled off his shorts, shirt, and briefs and climbed right into the pool. I was now the only one wearing clothing, so I reached down under the water and pulled it off, tossing out onto the grass. No one said a word about my quick surrender to the current mode of dress, and I began to feel less nervous about the situation. It all seemed so natural again, just like before. Even my cock began to soften up a little. "How about some refreshments?" Sylvia asked. There was agreement that this was a great idea, so she got out, along with Ariadne, and went inside. Within a few minutes they were back out with glasses, ice, and pop, along with some crackers and nuts. I got another good eyeful. I was in turmoil now. I had to say something. "Dad," I whispered, "I have a lot of questions about how my body had been acting lately, and I'm really very confused. Do you think you, and Sylvia too, could help me understand. " "I'm sure we can, Roger," dad replied evenly. "Sylvia, and, you too Ariadne, Roger is becoming a young man, and he needs help in comprehending the changes in his body and the new feelings he has experienced.

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  " My sister grinned at me, and Sylvia said, "Yes, this is a good time and place to provide these young people with the right answers. I believe that it is the role of the family to inform kids about sex. " "I agree," dad added, "and, Ariadne and Roger, your wonderful mother would have agreed too. " A small shadow of sadness passed over his face. "Let's get out of the water and warm up while we talk. " Soon we were basking in the warm sunlight. I looked at the two ladies, and I could feel my cock swelling again. I glanced at dad; his big penis was growing too, and I noticed that his cock was twitching. I tried to be discreet while glancing at it. Both our cocks grew longer, and thicker, and were soon standing straight up. I realized that dad was becoming as excited as me and had probably not yet really seen Ariadne with her naked breasts and pussy. "Now, kids," dad began, "what we do here in our little family, and that now includes my love, Sylvia, is private. Your mother was very interested in the theories of the late Professor Nusselheim. He wrote a book more than one hundred years ago advocating family sex. What he meant was that family members should give comfort and relief to the sexual drives within the family.

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   A lot of people were unhappy about what he proposed. You won't find many copies of his book around because most of them were destroyed. " "Is that kind of like incest?" Ariadne asked. "That is what people would call it," Sylvia answered, "and that is why we have to keep our family secrets to ourselves. Do you understand?" Both Ariadne and I nodded our heads with serious expressions on our faces. "What better way is there to learn about sex, to learn how to become good lovers, than with people you can trust. That is what Professor Nusselheim said, that parents could protect their children from the dangers of public vice. The family is a safe haven where no one will abuse or hurt you. Sylvia and I love you both and will never harm you. " Sylvia added, "We love you both, and we are doing this to give you pleasure and comfort, safely and securely. " She looked right into the face of my sister and asked, "Ariadne, what are you looking at, sweetie?" I knew; she was looking at dad's engorged, erect penis. Ariadne flushed and turned her face away, but she mumbled, "It is so big. How does it ever fit inside a vagina?" Dad smiled at her. "It fits in quite nicely, sweetie," Sylvia replied. "Come on, dad; show your daughter how it fits.

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  " Sylvia rose and walked slowly toward dad with her hips sexily undulating. She licked her palm and moistened the tip of dad's cock with her hand. As she straddled him in his blanket, Sylvia fed his thick cock into her pussy. She lowered her firm buttocks onto him, and his dick disappeared inside her body. "Oh my!" my sister gasped. I was amazed too. Dad and Sylvia were smiling, so I knew it had to feel really good. Sylvia pushed herself up, and my dad's erection emerged again, now slick and glistening with Sylvia's secretions. She grinned at me and ambled toward me. My cock was the biggest it had ever been. I groaned as the grasped my cock and fed it into her oozing pussy. "It's so good," I sighed. "It feels so good!" I could feel Sylvia's cunt gripping my hard penis. "What about me?" Ariadne asked. "Can I get in on this too?" "Sure, baby doll," dad replied, "but I'm too big for you right now, so you better try Roger first.

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  " "Is this going to hurt?" my sister asked with a worried expression. "It might still hurt a little," Sylvia informed her, "even after those little exercises we did. Give it a try, but stop if it hurts too much.
    " My sister got up and walked over to me. Sylvia pulled her cunt from my hard dick, leaving it shining wetly with her love juices. As Sylvia stood by her, my sister straddled my hips and slowly, carefully lowered her slimmer hips down until the head of my cock just touched her naked pussy. "Take it in your hand, sweetie," Sylvia urged, "and work it into your vagina. That's right, dear; rub it up and down between your labia. " The sensations I felt from having my cock in my sister's hand were just indescribable. I moaned softly, and my father and Sylvia smiled. "I have never seen a fully hard penis before today," Ariadne said. "It is not even in me yet and it feels so good. " I knew what she was talking about because her little nipples were hard and jutted right out. My big sister was becoming really turned on by all this. I felt some pressure increasing on the top of my prick.

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       Suddenly, the head, which was already concealed between Ariadne's pussy lips, was now inside her wet twat. "Ohhh!" my sister gasped. "He's in me! Roger is inside my pussy!" She let herself drop some more, and I could feel myself slide all the way into her, deep into my sister's belly. We both moaned in unison. It felt so good! "OK, kiddies," dad said after my sister and I were locked together for a moment, "Time to stop this before something bad happens to spoil the fun. " "Yes, Nusselheim was all for family sex, but he was completely opposed to babies arising from these activities," Sylvia explained. "So now we can show you a way to relieve yourselves without making any babies. " As soon as Ariadne and myself had separated, Sylvia went back to dad again. She squatted next to him and bent over his waist. Grasping dad's swollen cock in her soft, wet hands, she began squeezing and stroking it. My sister and I moved closer. Dad's cock had become even harder than before, and he threw his head back and groaned with pleasure. "Look how good it makes dad feel," Sylvia said. "Why don't you do this to Roger and make him feel good too. " My sister looked at me, questioning if I wanted this.

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       I nodded my head and smiled at her. Ariadne squatted next to me and began to stroke my cock while wrapping an arm around my hips to keep herself balanced. It felt so good. "Oh god, don't stop," I moaned. As Sylvia bent over dad, I saw him running his hands over her nakedness, feeling her soft skin, cupping and touching her naked breasts. I mimicked him and heard my sister's moans of delight mingle with those of Sylvia. I saw my dad's hips begin to twitch and realized that my own were also moving uncontrollably. My dad moaned, "Oh, yes. . . yes, baby. . . I'm. .


      . coming. . . AHHH!" A jet of creamy liquid shot out the end of his dick. Sylvia continued to stroke him, and more liquid gushed out, falling on his belly or oozing down Sylvia's hand. I was amazed by the sight and almost did not notice a tingling beginning deep inside my balls. The sensation grew. I looked down at Ariadne's pretty face, deeply concentrating on its lascivious task. Her little hands worked my aching cock. "Oh! Ohhhhhh! OHHHH NOOOO!" I cried as my semen flowed out of my cock onto my sister's little hand. I had never experienced such a good feeling. It seemed like a jolt of electricity shooting through my groin. Eventually I had to open my eyes. Sylvia was massaging my father's cum into his naked skin.


       Ariadne, copying Sylvia's techniques, was rubbing my boyish cum into my skin too. My father looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back at him. I could still perceive some of that wonderful feeling lingering within me. Some liquid was still coming out of my cock, and, as Sylvia milked my dad's softening penis, she forced out little drops of his sperm. "Oh man, dad, that was really something!" I said. "Now I am beginning to understand about this sex business. " He and Sylvia exchanged glances. Then he said, "You can stroke yourself, masturbate, like this too, but it is not nearly so good, and it does not have the same emotional content as when a lover does it for you. " "Well, children" Sylvia smiled, "Now you both can see how to make guys feel good. Now it is time for you to see how to make a lady feel good too. " "This family sex is for everyone, you see," dad said. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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