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Cali was twelve years old and just begining to develop. Her breast were'nt much more than bumps. Her body was still sexy and caught many glances from much older men. Her hair was blonde and tied back in a ponytail at the moment. Her night shirt that went to her midthigh and showed off her legs and butt. "I'm sorry mom it's just I was walking by and I saw you and I saw you were in your underwear and Its just that Ive never seen what older girls look like that close before," Cali stammered out. Cindy stopped rebuttoning her skirt for a moment. "Well. . . . I suppose I can't really blame you for that. I guess there isn't any harm in me showing you what a women looks like. " Cindy could feel herself begining to enjoy this attention. "Would you?" Cali smiled a sweet innocent smile. "Sure sweetie.

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  " Cindy began unbuttoning her skirt again. Letting it fall to the floor allowing her daughter to soak in her blue lace bra and thong. "Wow, your really pretty mom. " She giggled and so did her mother. "Thank you sweetie," Cindy looked at her daughter and could tell what she wanted," go ahead hunny you touch. Cali smiled and reached her hand out and began exploring her mothers body. Cindy was overwhelmed by the feelings she had supressed for so long and she began to relize that she was turned on even more by the fact that this was her 12 year old daughter. "What going on in here?!" Cindy and Cali both looked at the door to Allie standing with a confused look on her face. Allie was 14 and had the same blonde hair as her mother and sister. Her tight ass was well portayed by the jeans tight jeans she had on. Her breast weren't huge but very perky and sexy under her t-shirt. Cindy immediatly decided to take advantage of the situation. " Oh your back early, your sister just wanted me to show her what a womens body looked like. You have an excelent example of what a body should look like. Why don't you come help me" "Um.

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  . . . I guess. " She walked and stood next to her sister. "What do you want me to do?" Cindy smiled,"why don't you just take your shirt off?" "Um. . ok," Allie pulled her shirt up over her head and dropped it to the ground revieling a white bra. Cali smiled and giggled at the site of her sisters tits. "Ok now I'm gonna turn around and Allie you show Cali how to unhook a bra. " Cindy turned around and Allie did as she was told and unhooked her bra allowing both of Cindy's daughters to see her breast. "Do you understand how to Cali," Cali nodded her head as she starred at her mothers breasts," Ok good now Cali you unhook allie's bra. " Cali unhooked her sisters bra and and nearly twisted her neck looking back and forth between her mother's and sister breasts. "Ok Allie now take Cali's shirt off for her. " Allie looked at her mother for a second then did as she was told.

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  Cali's breast were cute little bumps that were nothing compared to her mother and sisters. "There now hunny do you see the difference between all of our breasts. " Cali nodded Cindy began to smile. "Now lets see the differences between out pussies. " Cindy pulled her thong off and threw it showing her luscious pussy lips to both her daughters. Then Cindy reached over and pulled Allies pants to her ankles followed by her underwear. Allies pussy was soft and was covered by soft fine almost blonde hair. Cindy smiled looking down at her daughters pussy and Allie smiled back at her. Cindy and Allie both looked over at Cali who had alrady pulled her panties down to the floor and exposed her soft hairless mound. "Ok now Cali look at all three of our pussies," she sat down on the floor and spread her legs the girls followed her example. "Do you see how different they all are," Cali shook her head," ok now come close and smell my pussy. " Cali crawled over to her mother and smelled. "Ok now watch this," She began to rub and finger her pussy. "See how wet it gets. That is called Masturbaiting.

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   Ok now Allie come and put you face between my legs and start lick," Allie crawled over and positioned her face carefully in her mothers cunt. "Mmmmm Mommy likes this alot, what this is called is eating pussy. " Cali watches as Allie eats her mothers pussy enjoying the sensation of her mother's cunt in her mouth very much. "I want to do it to. " "Well why dont you eat your sister, hunny?" Cindy suggested as she wrapped her legs around her daughters body. "Hehe," Cali giggled and positioned herself under her sister and began eating using one hand to rub her tits and the other to finger her cunny. "Oh GOD!!" Cindy screamed in pleasure and her girls followed by muffled sounds of pleasure. All three girls ate each other to orgasms then helped to lick each others juices up. That was the begining of a very beautiful relationship in the Jacobs household. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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