I am in love with my sister- part2


Hope you liked my last part and thank you for your kind comments and so I am telling you the rest of my experiences with my sister.
Now if you remember I had left her without her clothes and put a blanket over her after my last fun with her. I woke up next morning and saw that she was getting ready to go to work and calling me wake up sleepy head. I expected her to bring the topic of last night and say something about it or atleast how she ended up nude in the middle of the night. But she just told me that there is food ready in the microwave and left to work after giving me a kiss on the forehead.
I thought to myself did she not like it? I am sure she was knowing what was happening to her because she was helping me to do it. I was in this thought all day everywhere I was. I came back in the evening and was watching tv when Susan called me. She asked if I was out and could pick her up. I said ok I will. I took my Ducati and picked her up and then we ate from outside as we were in the mood to do so. Then we came back home and I was doing some work on my laptop while she was watching some tv. I was expecting the topic to come up but it dint. That was strange. When I was done with my work I went and sat down at the couchwith her. Susan was watching some girlish programs I tried to snatch the remote but she held it In her hands.

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   She gestured me to lie down on her lap (we sometimes do this) I did as she wanted and she continued to watch the tv. Still no talk about yesterday. I couldn’t take it any more I had to say something but what do I say? When she suddenly stopped the tv and said she was sleepy and adjusted herself to sleep on the couch. So now I was behind her and very close to her.
She pressed on close to me a little more and so I had to put my hand on her stomach. She then took my hand and and put it on her breast. I couldn’t believe this. what is going on? I thought I will go with the flow and so like before I gave her boobs a squeeze and she breathed heavily. She caught my hand with her and I thought she dint like it. I was thinking I was in trouble and I was fearing for the worse. When she to my surprise took my hand and moved it under her t-shirt and put it on her boobs again and she was not wearing any bra. I started my boob massage again and in a short while my dick was standing erect and poking her butt. She giggled when this happened. I felt a hand go to touch my dick. I stopped Susan and said that “I don’t want to do this if you are not ok with it.

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  ” After all you are my sister. She moved out of hertrance and said “ you have no idea how long I have wanted this and this is a dream come true for me” I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my sisters mouth. I asked from how long . She said “ oh you have no idea. I love you so much” and I said “I love you too” and with this she came forward and kissed me on my lips and attacked my mouth we French kissed for some time and my hands were on her boobs and she was having her hands inside my pants playing with my dick.
She than stood up and said that you gave me a great time yesterday and its my turn to return the favor. She sat down in front of me and pulled down my pants and then she put her hand on my erect dick and stroked it. Then she put my dick in her mouth and I was in heaven. Oh my god it felt so good. She was licking it like a lollipop and it was amazing. she than increased the phase and then I couldn’t hold on much longer and I came …andshe sucked every last drop of it. I saw that her pussy was wet right now. And I thought I will give her some petting when she climbed on top of me and I knew where this was going. I stopped her and asked we cant do this I cant fuck you you are my sister. She put her hand over my mouth and then put her pussy lips on my dick then she slowly eased it on to my dick.

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   My dick sprung back to life by this feeling of my sisters pussy lips. Oh my god it was so good. Her pussy then engulfed my entire dick. We waited in that pose for some time then she started riding me. And she was riding me and she was increasing the phase and we both were moaning. After some time I picked her up and put her on the couch and then went on top of her andstarted fucking her like there is no tomorrow. By then she was screaming the roof out by now. Then I felt herorgasm building and she told me she was going to cum I felt her pussy tighten around my dick and I came with her too and emptied my seed inside her. I collapsed on top of her out of breath. She whispered in my ear “wow that was so good. Thank you I love you my brother, we will do it again. ” After regaining my breath I got up and then picked her up and went to the bedroom and put her on the bed and then I said “I love you my sister”and we slept spooning together.
From that time my sister and I have been like lovers. Hope you liked the storey. Send your comments tocoolsexyhotguy@rocketmail.

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