I get the aunt of my choice- part 2


If you have read the original story, then you know that I finally got to fuck my Aunt Joyce.   She had not had sex of any kind in several years, so when we did the deed, it was like a new experience for her.   She was so into  our fucking that she didn't want to stop, she wanted more sex.   After we had orgasmed together, Joyce proceeded to go down to my slick cock and lick all the remaining cum from it.   Just as she was sucking my cock dry, we heard a noise at the doorway- it was my Mom.

I thought, "The shit is going to hit the fan now", but all Mom could do was to look at us and the fact that Joyce had my cock in her mouth sucking away on it.   I think that she was mesmerized by the sight before her, especially the sight of my still hard  and long dick.

Joyce first spoke up, "Virginia (my Mom) I can explain everything. "

Mom still said nothing as she continued eying my large fat cock and the sperm coming out of my Aunt's pussy.   I kept waiting for Mom to hit the ceiling, but all she could do was to lick her lips as she continued  staring at us.

"Virginia, won't you say something?" Aunt Joyce spoke up.

"Finally, Mom began to move, slowly at first, toward the bed where my aunt and I had just fucked.   As she kept coming closer and closer, I said to Mom, "what are you going to do, Mom?  Say something to us. "  When she reached the bed, she pushed my Aunt out of the way and reached down and grabbed my pulsing cock.   I was stunned by this reaction from my Mom.   She had never given off any signs that she had a desire for my thick member, but that must have been the case, because just after grabbing my dick, she began stroking it up and down, slow at first, but then faster and faster.

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    I was about ready to shoot off, and Mom could tell, so, she wrapped her mouth around it and began to suck it with powerful sucks- up and down, up and down.   Just then, I lost control of my body as streams of cum shot out of my cock and Mom made sure that each stream and every drop went down her throat- she didn't want to miss a drop.

As I recovered, I began to take control of my body and I asked Mom, "Mom!!!!  I never knew that you had any desire for me?"  
"Mom spoke up and replied, "Son, I have never been unfaithful to your father, and I'm not going to start now, but I do know that I can pleasure you with my mouth and that will not be considered as cheating. "
"I have seen many men that were very desirable to me, but I have never given in to that temptation; because I know that if I did give in, it would lead to  intercourse and that definitely would be cheating.   But son, I have seen you grow up and what a virile man you have turned into, and what a large cock you have hanging between your legs.   Yes, I have looked at you with lust in my heart, but I know that what just happened is as far as it can ever go. "
I was stunned over what had just happened- my Mom had just sucked me off to orgasm- and god, it felt so good.   I began to wonder how my Mom would be in bed.   If I can only come up with a good plan to get her in bed with me, then I will have her.

My Aunt spoke up, "Well Virginia, your son has made me feel like a whole woman now, and I don't want to give this feeling up- I never knew how good sex could be, but I"ve been shown by my Nephew how a woman needs to be pleased. "
Aunt Joyce got up from the bed and went into the bathroom for a shower, and Mom went back downstairs to start on Dinner.
When Aunt Joyce came out of the bathroom and came into the bedroom, she was naked.   Her large breasts were swinging in front of her and her big  ass was swaying side to side with each step.
"Come to your baby", I said to Aunt Joyce.   "I want to fuck that big pussy of yours and suck on those big tits.

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"I need to get downstairs and help your Mom with dinner", Aunt Joyce replied.
"That can wait; I want to fuck you again", I responded.   "Get that fat pussy over here and slide it down my big cock,"
Joyce knew that I would not let her go until she gave me what I wanted.   I then pulled her on top of me as I began to lick and suck on her large tits.   As she laid on top of me, I could feel the wetness between her large legs, and I proceeded to place two of my fingers inside her soaked cunt.   With each movement of my fingers, she began to wail out loud- "OOOHHH MMMMYYY GGOODDD, you're going to make me cum again!!!!"  Next, I grabbed her rounded and large butt and placed her body on top of me so that her gaping pussy was placed directly on top of my waiting cock.   As she began to slide down on me, I would lunge my body up to meet her in order that my cock would go in as far as possible- all the way to her cervix.

Her body began to shake  as if she were having a seizure, but I knew that she was in the throws of a massive orgasm.   "OOHHH FFUUCCKKK!!!  Pound my big fat pussy with your massive cock.   I want it to go up inside me as far as it will go. "
We were making so much noise, that the neighbors could probably hear us- and I know that Mom could hear us.   We were screaming like wild dogs as we fucked each other silly.
When we finished, Aunt Joyce went back and took another shower, as she pointed at me and said, "We are not going to fuck again until we have dinner",as she had a big smile on her face.
The three of us sat down to dinner and we hardly spoke- it was a little uneasy.   When we finally finished, Joyce grabbed me by the arm and pulled me upstairs to her bedroom.

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    Mom was watching us the entire time- with a sour look on her face.
As we entered the bedroom, we started slinging our clothes off so we could get on with the night's planned activities.   When we got onto the queen size bed, I moved my body on top of hers and breathed in her sweet odor.   I proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of her body- from the tip of her nose to the  edge of her toes.   This was driving her into a frenzy, and her body began to tremble and she started screaming, "STOP IT!!!  I want you to fuck me.   NOW!!!  I want to feel your hard cock in side of me; I want to feel your hot sperm shoot into my wet cunt. "
Our fucking episodes continued for some time, but after a week, something unexpected happened.   I was fucking her doggie style and was pumping away with all my might, when out of the corner of my eyes I saw a figure slinking behind the bedroom door.   I pretended not to notice, but as my vision got used to the darkness, I was able to tell who that person was- it was my Mom!
I continued fucking my Aunt from behind; however, from timr to time, I would pull my dick all the way out of my Aunt's pussy so that my Mom could get a good look at my big boy.
I think that it was just too much for my Mom to handle- considering that she had been hearing me and my Aunt fucking at different times of the day and night; and I'm sure that she got tired of us yelling and screaming in the bedroom.
      Her sister (Joyce) was getting all the fucking that she wanted from me while Mom   was getting no sex at all, except for her giving me a blow job once in a while.
    I could tell that Mom was rubbing herself as she watched us fucking.   After about 30 minutes, I shot my load of sperm inide of my Aunt as she screamed with her body shaking.
    Joyce   got up and said she was going to use the shower downstairs because it was bigger and she could take her time.   As Joyce exited the bedroom, my Mom went to the doorway and stared at me, as I laid there totally naked.

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    'I began to get horny again as I remembered how good it felt when my Mom gave me a blow job, but I wanted more and now was the time to strike.
    "Come in, Mom.   You see anything you like? 
    Mom just turned around and started to leave when I said to her, "You know you dream about having this big cock inside you; and here it is.   All you have to do is come and get it. "
    "You know I can't do that- I am not going to cheat on your father; plus it would be incest.   I know that you and Joyce are committing incest, but that is up to you and her. "
    "I know you want it.   You have already tasted it and you know that it would feel so good as it slid into your pussy. "
    I could tell that I was having an effect on my Mom, by the way that her body trembled.
    'I tell you what I will do.   Take off all your clothes and get in bed with me.   All I will do is place my cock at your pussy entrance.   I won't move it.   I will just lay there and you can get up at anytime you would like.   This will not be intercourse if I don't push him inside of you.

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    "I don't know- you might be tempted to push him in and I would never forgive myself. "
    "I promise I will not move. "
    "Well, just for 30 seconds, just so I can feel the tip of your cock- that's all I need. "
    Mom took off her clothes and got in bed with me.   I immediately began kissing her and enveloping her tongue with mine.   While I was kissing her, my hands were squeezing and massaging her tits.   I pulled her on top of me with the entrance to her cunt directly over my  steely hard cock.   I told her that in this position, everything would be up to her- she would be the one moving if at all.
    As her cunt met the tip of my cock, the effect on her was beginning to get out of hand.   I could feel her juices running out of her cunt down onto my wet cock.   I continued to feel her up and to rub my hands all over her body.   It wasn't long before I could feel her pussy begin to slowly slip down onto my dick.   As this was happening, she began to groan and moan about what a feeling this was, but she didn't want to cheat on Dad.  
    But her cunt began slipping more and more until    about half of my cock was inside her, and she began screaming- "OOHHH MMMYY GGOODD!!!OOOHHH BBBAABBYYY, I need you to fuck me.   I want to feel you inside of me.

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        I want you all the way in".   With those words, Mom slid her big ass all the way down on me and began pumping up and down on me.
    As the orgasm took control of her body, she let out a scream that can't be described.  
    When her orgasm stopped, she turned to me and said, "I can't believe that sex could be like that.   Son, from now on, you can have me anytime that you want me. "
    "Me too", Aunt Joyce popped up.
    Needless to say, the three of us have fucked so many times that they can't be counted.
    I wanted to fuck my Aunt and I got to.   I wanted to fuck my Mom and I got to.
    What's next? Let me