I Love Camping


As it was getting dark,I was getting tired. So I stripped down to my boxers and turned in for the night. Ten minutes went by,my brother turned in too. As we were getting comfortable,I felt his hand reaching for my cock. I resisted and pushed away at first. I said,"No, I m not into that . "But he assured me that everything was O K and let him fuck me. So I gave a "what the hell" attitude and pulled off my boxers and relaxed. I felt the blankets being pulled off and felt his warm mouth and tongue running on my cock. I hate to admit it,but it felt so good !As he was sucking,his spit was running down my ass. His fingers were wet,too. I felt one finger go in,then two,to my surprise three went in ! "WOW ! Amazing" I thought panting. My ass was gripping his fingers and not letting go. " You re pretty tight",he said. "I got something to fix that",he continued. That s when he reached over and grabbed that gym bag,I heard it unzip.

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  At first I felt this gel getting rubbed on my asshole,and making sure that all his fingers fit. I was going cazy,I couldn t take it anymore!Then in the dark I could only make out this large object, not sure what it was,but it looked like a large dick. "Get on your hands and knees",he said. "Your going to enjoy this!"I did what I was told and had me legs spread out wide. I felt this large cock enter my ass. "WOW, thatfeels good !",I gasped. My muscles seized and took hold of that cock,feeling running in and out. I was panting and gasping with pleasure. My brother was playing with my cock and balls,touching and stroking them. I was about to pass out with excitement. Then he stopped, when I was about to catch my breath, he pulled off his shorts. His cock sprang forward,It was huge,it looked like it was about eight inches or more !I didn t realize that he was that big. "SUCK IT", he commanded. I hungrily took it in,his shaft running in and out of my shaft. My mouth explored the whole thing.


  Didn t know sucking cock was so much fun ! I never wanted it to leave my mouth !That ended soon when he pulled it out of my mouth and kneeled behind me. He pulled out that dildo and rammed his cock inside my ass. I couldn t take it anymore,I fucked him so hard that I could feel our balls slap together. His cock just filled up my ass,my wall muscles hungrily took it in . Just feeling that wonderful cock running in and out was giving me a hard on as well !!It was so mind blowing. . !!Then he abruptly stopped and commanded to fuck him the same way. So I got up,took the dildo,and stuck it in his ass. His ass took it all the way to the base.
    He was riding it up and down at full force. I guess that I didn t know my brother was into this kind of stuff !Anyway, I noticed that there was a gap between his ass and the dildo with the feel with my fingers. As I was fucking him with the dildo,I lubed up my cock and fitted it in the space. I was amazed that it slid right in , my cock is about 7 1/2 inches long and thick. That blew my mind,two cocks in one ass!My brother just kept fucking away,and moaned with pleasure. The fucking of his hot ass and the pressure of the dildo just made me cum instantly !I felt the hot cum fill his ass and coating that dildo.

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      When I pulled out my brother quickly sucked my cock until all the cum is gone. I was so hungry for his,that I pushed him down and went to work sucking that wonderful cock. My hands were running on the full shaft and my mouth following it. His body was tensing and jerking,knowing that he s cumming,so I put that cock inside my mouth until he came. His cum was shooting down my throat,filling up my mouth. Never tasted cum before,his tasted so hot and sweet. When I thought he was done,he spurted more out, cum shot out and gotten on my face. Hated to waste it,so I smeared my fingers on it and licked them off. We were so exhausted that we passed out with our cocks in each other hands. This is my first time,I hope that I entertained well. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.