I Love My Hairy Mom: Part 2



All characters are OVER 18 in this story.
- Main character (boy/son) is 23 years old
- Mother is 47 years old

I Love My Hairy Mom: Chapter II

I can’t believe what just happened. I just had sex with my mother!This has to be the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to my sex life. Before my mom and I talked more about her shaving situation, I came back into my room to clean up. Now, I’m just lying in my bed thinking about what had just transpired between my own mother and I. She looked so amazing with the water dripping from her thick black curly hairy bush. Her ass was so big and the thick hair that went up her crack felt so good twirling between my fingers. Her breasts were so big and felt great smashed up against my chest when she was riding me. I still can’t believe this really happened. Now, I’m going to make this reality even better for me.

A few minutes later…

“Hey sweetie. All cleaned up?”

“Yeah mom. Just washed off real quick with a washcloth and got into my PJ’s. ”

There she is, standing in my doorway.

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  Her hair is still damp from the bath and she’s wearing a large t-shirt that hangs down about half way between her waist and knees. I can’t tell if she’s wearing underwear though.

“So…that was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. ”

“Really? It went so fast mom. Before I knew it, I was cumming inside of you and then cleaning up in here. I do agree, though, that it was amazing. ”

“Was I the best you’ve ever had?”

“It was definitely at the top of my list, but I don’t know if it was the best. Yet. ”

“Oh I see. Well, you did say ‘Yet’ so I guess I have room to improve then baby. ”

She gave me a wink. My mom was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t the best yet. I want her to be hairier. I want her to have the hairiest bush I’ve ever seen. I also want the sex to be hotter and last longer.

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“So how do I get to the top of your list?”

“Well first of all, let’s discuss your shaving situation. ”

“Ok babe. What do you want me to do, or I guess that would be NOT do?”

“I don’t want you to shave anywhere near your pussy. Don’t shave your stomach or ass either. ”

“Oh yeah?That sounds hot sweetie. I haven’t not shaved since I was 18, and I was pretty damn hairy. I only started shaving my stomach and ass when it started getting hairier because I figured it wouldn’t look too attractive. ”

“Well you’re gonna stop again for me. I don’t care what others think because it’s for me and that’s all I care about. ”

“Well what about your father?He’ll notice I stopped shaving. ”

“So what?It’s for ME, mom. He doesn’t look at you the way I do anyway. He’ll just fuck you and pass out like he usually does, or you can just not fuck him anymore. He probably won’t notice anyway. ”

“Wow hun that was pretty forward, but I like that.

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  I’d much rather do this all for you and not worry about what he thinks. ”

My mom is completely mine. She won’t need to think about my dad in sexual terms anymore because she has me now.

“Can I sit down on your bed with you?”

“Yeah sure. ”

I move over on my bed and my mom sits with me. We both prop pillows up against the wall and sit up in my bed with the TV on. Her shirt slides up a little bit but I still can’t tell if she’s wearing panties or not.

“You look pretty sexy mom. Are you even wearing panties under that shirt? And isn’t that my shirt?”

“Yeah it’s your shirt babe. I wanted to wear it because it kinda shows that I’m yours now without being too noticeable. It’ll be our secret though. To answer your other question, no I’m not wearing any panties. See?”

She pulled the shirt up to her stomach and showed me the thick giant afro of hair that was sticking out from between her legs.

“Holy shit mom your bush looks so huge!”

“Yeah it does, doesn’t it?I love how soft and poofy it gets after I shower and dry off. It gets so big!”

“I know it looks incredible.

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  The hairs are so long and black and thick. ”

I take my hand and rub it through her bush. I feel the soft hairs gently rubbing between my fingers as I move my hand back and forth in her huge hairy pussy.

“Mmm that’s my baby boy. Now imagine what it will look like when more hair grows up my pelvis and stomach to my belly button. ”

“I know that is going to be incredible. I don’t want you to shave on your groin area either. I want you to let the hair grow down the inside of your thigh too. Your butt crack better not be shaved either. ”

“Of course baby. Anything you want, I’ll do. Now that you’ve brought my attention to it and especially after you told me how much you love hair, I love it too. I’m actually really excited to get hairier for you. How about you show me some examples of what I’ll look like?”

“What do you mean mom? Like on my computer?”

“Yeah. I know you look at porn and you probably have things saved that you can show me.

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“Haha yeah I do. I actually have an external hard drive full of stuff. ”

“Well let me see!”

I walk over to get my laptop from my desk and then walk back to my bed. My mom grabs the shirt she’s wearing and takes it off. She’s now naked in my bed.

“What’s the matter babe? I want to be naked while looking at the things you have. Is that ok?”

“Of course mom. I’d prefer you always be naked when you’re around me and nobody else is around. ”

“Wow my baby boy is quite the sexy man now isn’t he?Well if I’m going to be naked around you, you had better be naked too. ”

My mom grabs my shirt and pulls me towards her. She sits up on her knees and pulls my shirt up and over my head. She then grabs my boxer briefs and pulls them down. I step out of them and now I’m standing naked in front of my mother once again.

“Wow honey you have quite the afro too!”

My long pubic hair is poofy just like my mom’s. It looks like a black thick triangle of hair from my belly button down to the area where my dick meets my pelvis.

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“Yeah I like when it does this after I shower too. I guess I’m my mother’s son. ”

My mom smiles and a little tear comes to her eye. She takes my laptop out of my hands and sets it on my bed and pulls me in for a kiss. She sticks her tongue in my mouth and swirls it around and around, and I return her kiss with slow movements of my tongue around hers. She pulls me in tighter and now our bodies are pushing together with me standing at the edge of my bed and my mom up on her knees on my bed and leaning against me. She puts her arms around my neck and is making out with me like we are a young couple in love. I rub my hands around her butt and slide them in and out of her hairy butt crack as I kiss her.

My dick is starting to get rock hard it’s sliding up between my mom’s legs as it rises higher and higher as the blood rushes in. Before it gets full hard I lean my lower half outward so I’m no longer touching my mom. I slowly run my right hand up the inside of her thigh to her bush. Then, I grab a handful of her pussy hair and tug on it gently.

“Oh baby that feels so good when you pull it like that. You were right. ”

“I told you mom.

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   Now lay back. ”

“What are you going to do to your mommy? Do you want to feel my hairy bush on your face and tongue?”

“Fuck yeah I do. Now lay down. ”

My mom lays down on my bed with her legs bent up on the edge of my bed. She spreads her legs to show me her black curly bush and the faint hint of pink lips hiding behind the jungle of hair. The thickness of hair is consistent from her pussy to her asshole, and in fact I can’t even see her asshole because the hair is so dark and thick.

“What do you think baby?Do you like how hairy your mother is up close?Do you see how dark, thick and curly my pussy hair is?Now just imagine more hair down there once it all grows in for you, and ONLY for you baby. ”

“God mom your pussy is so PERFECT!I’m obsessed with how thick your pussy hair is and how curly the hair in your ass crack is. I can’t wait for you to get hairier. ”

I put my arms under my mom’s legs, wrap them around and pull her pussy to my face. The thick mass of hair first meets my nose and the scent of floral shampoo fills my nostrils. She must shampoo her bush to keep it soft and smelling nice. I love it. As I get closer in, I stick my tongue out to touch her hairy pussy lips. The lips part and my tongue goes into her pussy as my face is completely covered by my mom’s bush.

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  I start sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy as if I am fucking her with my tongue. I stick my tongue out as far as it can go to get as deep as I can inside her. Her pussy juices taste sweet in my mouth and it feels like I’m eating candy in a floral garden with all the smells and tastes I’m experiencing. My mom starts to arch her back and moan as I eat her out and move my tongue around her pussy.

“Ohhhhh my god baby that feels so good. I haven’t been eaten out in years. I forgot how good this feels, but I never remember it feeling this good. ”

As I continue to eat out my mom’s hairy bush, I shove two fingers into her pussy and start to finger fuck her as I suck on her hairy clit while rubbing my face in the black curly hair. Her legs are starting to shake as she grabs my sheets with one hand and my hair with the other. She pushes my face hard against her pussy then tells me to do something amazing…

“Lick my hairy asshole baby and shove your face and nose into my pussy…”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. With that I started licking her ridiculously hairy asshole as I shoved my nose all the way into her pussy. I close my eyes as the hairs rub against my eyelids and cheeks and her pussy juices cover my face. Her asshole tastes so fresh too. She must clean that nice and good when she bathes. I stick my tongue forcefully into her asshole and she jumps with pleasure.

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  I now slide my hands down to my cock and start jerking off with both hands as my mom holds my head steady as I eat out her thick curly asshole.

Just then, the house phone in my room starts to ring.

“Answer it mom,” I said as I was still eating out her black-haired asshole, “and I’m not stopping while you’re on the phone. ”

“Oh my god babe, are you sure?Ok I’ll try…Hello? Hey honey. You’re not coming home tonight?Where are you going? You and the guys are getting a room there? Ok when will you be hooo-UNGGHHHH!!!”

Right then, as my mom is talking to my dad on the phone, I start to rub my face firmly back and forth in her bush. She couldn’t stop herself from letting out a loud moan. I did this because with the news that my dad wasn’t coming home tonight, I knew my mom was mine all night.

“Sorry honey that was nothing I just dropped something on my toe. So when will you be home? Tomorrow afternoon? Well your daughter is at her friend’s house until tomorrow night, so just stay there until then and you can pick her up on your way home. Your other son is at his friend’s for the next couple days so he’ll be back whenever. I guess my big boy and I will just have some mother-son time together. Ok, bye!”

She hangs up the phone and throws it to the side. Her head arches back again as if she never missed a beat.

“You’re such a bad boy! Doing that when I’m on the phone with your father!Actually, that was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me. God you’re incredible.

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   My own son! Ohh I think I’m about to cum baby…unghh, unghhh, unghhhh!!!”

With a jerk of my mom’s legs and a hard push of my head into her pussy, my mom shoots a clear liquid out of her pussy and all over my face.


I have now made my mom orgasm and squirt by eating her out. I own her. The cum drips down my face and chest as I lick up the cum that’s around my mouth. It actually doesn’t taste much like anything, but I like it. As I stand up, I see my mom laying on my bed with her eyes closed and her arms and legs sprawled out while she breathes heavily. She has no idea what I’m thinking of doing now. With her pussy on the edge of my bed, I lean over the bed between her legs and start rubbing my thick cock through her wet dripping bush.

“Mmm there’s my baby’s huge cock. Just think. I made that 9-inch cock. I gave birth to that. The thickest and biggest dick I’ve ever seen belongs to my son, and it’s mine. ”

“Forever mom. It’s always going to be yours.



I then slide my cock down my mom’s hairy pussy lips toward her asshole. With one thrust I shove the whole length of my 9-inch cock into my mom’s thick hairy asshole.

“OH MY GOD! BABY! You need to warn me next time you do that!”

“No I don’t mom. You know you loved it. ”

“Mmmm you’re fucking right I did,” she said with an erotic smile, “now fuck your mommy’s hairy asshole!”

I start to pound my mom’s ass like a jackhammer as I hold her legs up and against my body. I make sure to get my cock all the way into her so my hairy pelvis rubs hard against my mom’s hairy bush. I grind my mom’s bush hard while I thrust my throbbing cock in and out of her. My mom starts to run her hands down to her pussy and slowly starts fingering herself with her right hand. I watch as she grabs a handful of her bush with her left hand and pulls tight.

“FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME HARD! FUCK MOMMY’S HAIRY ASS! Mmmmm yeah you love fucking mommy’s hairy ass don’t you baby? You love how my hairy bush feels against your stomach!!!Watch mommy finger herself and pull on her thick hairy pussy!!!”

My mom was on fire and I loved it. I was making my mom talk and feel like she never had before. My smooth cock was slamming into her ass while my soft balls smacked against her ass cheeks.

“God I love you mom!I love fucking your asshole!It’s so fucking hairy!You know what?I think I want you to stop shaving altogether. I don’t want you to shave your armpits or your legs anymore either. I want you to never touch a razor ever again!”

“Oh my god, really baby?I never though about not shaving my legs or armpits before, but the thought of it is so fucking hot!!! Keep fucking me like this and I’ll do anything you want!!!Come on baby fuck me hard and cum inside my hairy ass!!!”

This feels so good and I’m about to cum and I have the perfect plan.

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I started pumping my mom’s asshole full of my white creamy hot sperm, but I don’t want it all to go in there.



I’m in the middle of coming and quickly I pull my dick out and shove it into my mom’s hairy pussy as hard as I can. I keep fucking her hard even though I’m already cumming but I want to completely fill her holes with my cum.


I’m filling my mom’s hairy bush with the rest of my hot cum and I don’t want to stop thrusting into her. I’m still thrusting even though I’m about to faint and slowly I lay down on my mom. I leave my dick inside her hairy bush and I don’t plan on taking it out. I feel my mom’s breasts create a soft cushion to lay on and I place my head next to my moms. She wraps her legs around my back and pulls me deeper into her hairy pussy. Our pubic hairs are caked together with one another’s cum and it feels so warm, wet and sticky.

“That’s my baby boy. Don’t take your penis out of mommy. Let mommy’s pussy hair keep it warm for you. ”

Mom’s pussy hair was making for a soft cushion for my pelvis as well. It felt so soft and warm against my body.

“I love you mom.

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“I love you too sweetie. Just relax and let me feel your hairy pelvis against mommy’s hairy bush. ”

This is perfect. I love fucking my mother and she loves doing anything she can for me.

I lay there on top of her for another fifteen minutes as my cock was nestled in her thick hairy nest. The cum between our pubes has dried and her bush is now dried to my pubic hair.

“Baby I think mommy’s bush is stuck to your hairy bush. How about you don’t pull away from mommy just yet. Pick me up and carry me into the shower with you. ”

“Anything for you mom. ”

I stood up and my mom wrapped her legs around my back as I carried her into my shower. My cock was still deep inside her hairy bush even though it wasn’t too hard anymore. I started the shower with one hand while the other cradled my mom by her ass. I stuck a finger into her hairy creamy asshole for good measure. My cum was still seeping out of it.

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  I stepped into the shower and closed the shower curtain. The water slowly covered our bodies and soaked into the dried cum. Slowly I set my mom down in the shower as she gained her feet.

“Oh baby I don’t want you to set mommy down. ”

“It’s ok mom let’s just get clean together. ”

“I remember when I would bring you into the shower with me. I love those memories. I never thought we’d be in here together again. ”

“Well we’re making even better memories now mom. ”

“Yes we are baby. Now let mommy wash you like the old times and then we can go relax in your bed and look at the things you have on your computer. It’s just you and your mommy all alone, all night. ”

End of Chapter II

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