Topic: please stop!  Is a phrase that will always linger in my mind. .   I at the time 16 & sis had JUST turned 15, we had always been close, I was her older brother and she had always trusted me,  She was VERY BEAUTIFUL even as a teen, long black hair, green eyes, white perfect smile, & her body, mmmmm i to this day look back & masturbate thinking of her perfect small 32's, flat tan belly,  AWSOME FIRM THIGHS !! she was very popular in school, every boy wanted her I think?  ( as did I ) but I was so ahamed of those thoughts & tryed very hard to hide them, I found myself ALWAYS trying too look up her skirt or watch her sunbath, looking at her young beautiful tan feet ALWAYS made me ERECT!  I would often get myself off late at nite & picture them wrapped around I did not plan this nite I'm about to tell you,  It was new years eve 1978, Dad & mom made it clear that they had plans for the nite, we were NOT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! cuz they wanted to know we were home & safe as they stayed out & had fun ! They left around 6pm, ordering us pizza & wings before they did, Sis & I munched out in front of the TV, about 8 or so, Sis said she was bored & pissed cuz we were stuck home. . .   Got any weed she asked?  ( she knew i smoked it ) -  um. .   yeah I said!?  why? you little miss priss dont even smoke ciggarettes!  Well let me try it?  The folks ALWAYS kept lots of beer in the fridge in the basement, I said well lets drink a  beer too!! so off to the cellar we went making sure the front door had been locked & most of the upstairs lites were out,  We played some good tunes on dads stereo & I laughed as sis was toast in about 1/2 an hour !  I had a good buzz going , yet kept drinking & smoked another one after awhile makin' sure sis tryed to keep up!  she was funny, we both ended up on the sofa laughing, talking, and sharing dirty secrets, I ALMOST fucked up & told her that I thought she was HOT, but settled for telling her all the boys THOUGHT she was HOT !! She asked why - oh, mmm well you are very pretty & have a nice body! somebody once said u had VERY SEXY FEET TOO !  ( Ha, I thought, YEAH ME !!!! )  REALLY? she asked?  my feet?  in a drunk clunbsy way she yanked off her socks & plopped her GORGEOUS feet in my lap !  Do  you think there sexy bro?  MY COCK WENT TO A FULL ERECTION IN A SECOND !!!   Well yeah I was able too say, then the beer in me got brave, - I BET THEY EVEN SMELL GOOD !!!  oh I cant beleive I said it, but to my amazement her reply was - Then smell them bro !!!  as I went with her request, my throbbing cock showed its first sighn of pre-cum coming to the tip. . Oh I wanted to reach down & stroke it once or twice !!!  I took her small tan BEAUTIFUL foot in my hand & caressed it, then leaned down and buried my nose up under her toes !!!My cock twiched & jerked, I thought it would go off on its own,   mmmmmm she murmered,  Ohhhhh, I said back, Well?  she startled me,!  what?  Do they smell good to you?   YES OH YES SIS !  excitement in my voice !   ooowww, I think you LIKE smelling them dont you!?  her other foot quickly went to my crotch where she found how HARD I WAS !!  OMG SHE said as she looked down wanting to see it I guess !!!  BRO!!????  GOD your HARD !!!  yeah sis, ( I think your HOT too ) -  the ice was broken,  she rubbed her foot up & down my shaft as I put my nose back under her toes,  oh shit, I am going too cum tonite I thought. . . neither of us sure where to go from there, she kinda backed down, then almost in the matter of minutes she was passing out!  WHAT? OH NO!!!  She may not even remember this happened?  Still holding, kissing & smelling her foot, I knew my THROBBING cock wasnt going back down till I got OFF !!! slowly i began to move my hands from her feet up her soft tan legs,  once to her upper thighs I pushed them apart so I could look AT HER CROTCH !  Oh I NEED HER I THOUGHT !!!Brushing my fingers softly acrossed where I thought her clit may be I saw NO change on her face?  Oh Im gunna try it a little. . .   trying NOT too wake her, I started pulling at her cotton shorts, they came down very easy and I Quickly was able to see her small bush that I see she kept trimmed to a small sclice !!!  mmmmm, maybe i will just rub it against her? Im SO close I will cum fast anyway, then clean it off her & she wont know!?  as I opened her legs further to climb between them , I think I started to cum a little?  I brushed it through her soft small bush once & knew I was CLOSE !!  with a shift of my hips the wet head of my cock touched her opening ! Still NO look on her face !!  I couldnt stop !!!  with ONE LONG HARD PUSH it disappeared up in her, breaking her hymen ,  OUCH SHE CRYED OUT !!!  Awake NOW !!!  My balls resting against her bottom she cryed out - NO !! STOP!!!  but it was too late, I pulled back once and then began spraying on my 2nd push in, over & over it sprayed - HUGE amonts of thick warm sperm filled her !! she arched her back as she started to cry.

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  . .    Why? she said?  why?  oh GOD ,  she cryed hard for several minutes as I finally pulled out and my warm sperm beagan gushing back out of her. .   WHY? she cryed. . .     Im sorry sis,  please dont tell I pleaded!?  the next day, our parents ask what happened that nite cuz adrianna looked upset!?  I said she was just Mad cuz she had a bad new years eve. . . .   Thank you sis, u NEVER did tell. . . .

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