I Tricked My Sister


My sister and I have always had a close relationship. When we were young we would always cuddle up on the couch and watch tv. More often than not I would be laying on the couch facing up with her on top of me. She was much smaller so this was comfortable for both of us. I remember done afternoon we were just laying together on the couch with me on my back with her laid out on top of me.   She was moving around a bit rubbing against me.   I was 16 at the time and it didn’t take much to get me going. Her thigh was between my legs pressing against my crotch. I could feel my dick filling up. I tried to ignore it hoping it would go away. I’ve thought about my sister a few times when I played with myself and it would really turn me on. The last thing I wanted to do was poke her out of the blue with my hardon and scare her. She eventually stopped moving around but by then I already had her on my mind. I reached down and repositioned my dick so it was pointing up against my waist.   As soon as I did she slid over so she was right on top of it. I closed my eyes and held still hoping it would go away.

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   To my mortification she spoke up “Hey what is that?”she said. “Um it’s just my dick” I answered. She continued to lay on me rubbing against it every once in a while. She turned to look at me. “So it’s hard?” She asked.   She was 13 so she really didn’t know much about that area at all. “Yes it is” I said. Nervously.   She said “OK” and turned back around. I couldn’t tell if she was turned out, weird out or just didn’t care. I was really turned on and didn’t want it to end there. I asked her if she wanted me to be hard. She was quite for a minute and then said “yes she liked it. ” My dick was so hard with her laying right on it. We spent the next hour or so laying in the same position in total silence.

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   After the movie she got up and went to her room.
I got back to my bedroom as fast as I could. I dropped my pants as soon as the door shut. I sat down on the corner of the bed with my dick in my hand stroking it furiously. I thought about how my sister was so casually rubbing up against my dick. Her young breasts pressed against my chest with her hips ontop of mine. I wanted so badly to slide my dick between her legs. It wasn’t long before I was jerking away getting ready to cum. I heard a noise out in the hallway so I stopped for a second not wanting  anyone to hear me play with myself. Whatever I heard was gone so I grabbed my dick again and slid my hand up and down my hard cock faster than ever. I imagined it was my sisters soft small hands on my dick. A  few short minutes later I let out a moan as I shoot a load all over my hand.
I got up put my pants back on and headed to the bathroom to clean up. I open my bedroom door just in time to see my little sister scurry down the hallway. “Was she really listening to me jerk off?” I thought to myself.

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   I started to think that she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I could never just go after her and risk her telling mom and dad if she wasn’t really into it too.   I needed a plan.
A few days later I thought of something. I was about 9pm and everyone was getting ready for bed. My sister was downstairs on the computer chatting with some friends. I say goodnight and head up to my room. I hopped on the computer and quickly made up a new chat screen name. As soon as I signed up I found her in a chat room. I say hello and tell her my name is Josh and I’m a 14 year old guy from the next town over and we started to talk. I kept trying to think of a way to find out what I needed to know. Just then I was given an opportunity. “Do you have a gf?” she typed.
“No, well not really. Do you?”
“Nope, I’ve never even kissed a boy before”
“Really? I’ve done way more than that!” I said seeing my chance to bring up the subject.

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“What did you do?” she asked
“Um pretty much everything. Kissed a girl and had sex’ I continued to lead her on.
“OMG no you didn’t!”
“I usually do a few times a week. You’ll think I’m kinda weird tho. ”
“Um because its with my sister. She sneaks into my room at night and we just mess around”
“Dp you like it?” she asked.
“Yea its amazing!” I reply imagining just how good it would be.
“Do you have any brothers?” I asked.
“yea 2 of them” she said.
“Have you ever thought of doing anything like that with them?” I typed sitting on the edge of my chair.
“Yea I do sometimes with my older brother” she said. My dick shot strait up when I read her message. I try to keep cool so I don’t blow it. I go on to tell her how good it feels and that we really have a good time together now that we have sex. I tell her that she should try it with her brother too.

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“I want to but I’m really nervous. I don’t even know if he would like it” she typed
“Trust me he would love it! Any guys would!”
“Well how did you and your sister start”
“She just walked into my room one night sat on the bed next to me and asked me if I wanted to do some stuff” I tell her she should do the same thing. After about five more minutes of convincing her while jerking off trying not to cum I tell her that he would think she was really sexy and would want her. I tell her I’m going to my room because my sister wants to suck my dick.
“You should do the same thing right now” I said
“Well what do I do?”
“Walk into his room and sit down real close to him. Just ask him if he wants to mess around and put ur hand on his leg”
“Ok, I’m going try it” she said. I almost shot my load all over the keyboard I was so excited.
“Good luck! Talk to you later” I typed before signing  “Josh” offline. I try to calm myself down while I wait to see if she really comes up to do it. A few very long minutes later I hear a creek as she opens my door and walks into my room. “Holy shit its working!” I think to myself.
“Do you want to do something?” she said nervously
“Like what?” I say while rubbing my dick through my pants. She reaches out and rubs my crotch with her hand. My dick jumps with excitement hitting her palm. She rubs down between my legs and grabs my shaft.

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    I unzip my pants and pull it out. She wraps both of her hands around my rock hard dick and starts to pump them up and down. It feels so good I cover my mouth and throw my head back trying to keep quiet. Her hands gliding up and down holding me tightly.   She gets off the bed and kneels between my legs stroking her hands faster. Omg this feels so fucking good. I look down and open my eyes just as she prepares to take my dick into her mouth. The feeling of her warm moist mouth and the sight of my little sister sucking on my dick is driving me insane. At first she only takes my dick head in while she jerks me with her hands. Slowly she starts to work my dick deeper into her mouth. I can feel her warm saliva dripping down my balls. My dick starts throbbing as she starts sucking harder. I thrust my hips forward pushing my dick down the back of her throat making her gag. She sucked harder faster while I pumped my dick in and out of her mouth. I felt my dick swell and my balls fill with pressure.

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   I shove my dick as deep into her mouth as I can and hold it there. My dick pulses pumping shot after shot of thick hot cum into her wet mouth. She continued to suck hungrily until every last drop was drained from my dick. I pulled out of her mouth leaving a trail of cum stretch from her lips. A little bit of my thick cream leaked from her mouth before she gulped the rest down.  
I looked down at her. Seeing her lips glisten with my fresh cum was so hot. She licked her lips and said “You’re not going to tell your friends are you?”
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone” I said.
And with that she got up from her knees walks out the door and shuts it behind her.  
“I can’t believe that just happened!” I think to myself. “Tomorrow night is gonna be even better!”
Part 2 coming soon. . .

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