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<p>Hi my names Jay im 6ft approx and i was baby sitting my little sister jessica (age 3), while my parents and my older sister alice were out on the town. </p><p>Luckily my little Sis was tired and has been asleep all night so i just sat downstairs watching TV and playing on my laptop. While i was flicking through my downloaded of films, music and porn i came across an image i hadn't noticed before so i click and opened, suddenly all i could see on the screen was my sister Alice standing sideways butt naked. </p><p>After a couple of seconds viewing the image i started to wonder a number of things:<br />1. How did it get on there<br />2. Did Alice put it on there<br />and the wierdest 3. Why am i suddenly turned on by it. This was my sister for fucks sake i can't have thoughts like that. </p><p>I re-open the photo and look at it more, i notice on the bottem on the image theres very small text which reads my documents/new/my_video. avi, i close the image once again and go straight into my documents, then new then i see the video, i hesitate. </p><p>I think to myself sod it know ones here i'll open it, *click-click*<br />Windows Media suddenly pops up and the screen comes into cofuse and sure enough my sister was there naked, im MY bedroom, i watch her pick up a rules and start slapping her arse with it. </p><p>The volume of the laptop on loud, and i could hear faint whispers outside the front door, i closed the lid of the laptop, not noticing i had left the sound on i open the front door. Sure enough my sister was standing there but my parents weren't anywhere to be seen. I started to walk back into the living room towards my laptop when loud moans were coming from the laptop, i just stood still in shock. I then heard Alice say "oh Jay whats that, im gunna tell mum" she quickly advanced to the laptop as did I, un fortunetly she beat me to it and as she started the raise the lid there was a loud scream from the laptop "Jay, oh Jay Yes!! Yes!! Yes" as she lifted the lid the screen suddenly went black and i noticed the power was out, luckily the laptop must have overheated and had automatically switched off. </p><p>Alice shouts "Damn it, what was that, im telling mum" i shout "no, wait, dont please" she replies tell me who that was now!<br />She stood then snarling at me, i just said "dont tell mum, it doesnt matter who it was", she ran at me and pinned me down on the floor, and sat on my stomach so i could no longer move.

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   I struggled then just stopped because i couldn't get out. She looked me in the eye and said who was it, without realizing my penis was growing in my pants, i lay there sweating, not saying a word. </p><p>She put greater force on my stomach and i needed to say something, just then the TV screen flickered and a beep sounded, i sprung my head around and noticed that on the screen was a soft porn flick. My sister just swung her head back to me and further investigated me, she spung her near on par to my crotch area, and she just leaned above it, she was still non the wiser of my raging hardon, she started the press against it, and she suddenly felt the bulge, she removed her knee and jumped off me, i lay there simply stunned, i then noticed a small amount of liquid moving down her leg from her skirt. She just stood there and then she started to lift her shirt off and i lay there in amazement as i viewed my sister in just her bra on top, she then started to wobble back and forth and she just flew to the ground on her back, she must have fainted</p><p>Part 2 coming soon</p>. has a endless list of chicks and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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