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Luanne was going crazy, it had been nearly two days since her last orgasm, and if she didn't get one in a hurry she would lose her mind! Even though she was only a eighteen year old junior in high school, Luanne had been having regular orgasms for over two years, and once you start, it's like potato chips, you can't eat just one!!! She picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed Lennie Webster's number, and said out loud, "Please be home Lennie, please be home!" The receiver was lifted on the other end of the line and as luck would have it Lennie was there to answer it. "Hello, Webster's residence, Lennie speaking. " "Hello, Lennie, this is Luanne, what are you doing tonight?" "Look, Luanne," he answered, "I've got a lot of home work tonight, and I don't have time to be fooling around with you!!!" "Lennie you gotta help me out, I'm going nuts here," she begged, "remember when I've done it for you, you owe me!!!" He sighed, looked at his watch and replied, "All right Luanne, meet me outside of our garage at six thirty, and don't come over any earlier than that because we're having a late supper, okay?!?" "Anything you say, Lennie, six thirty, I'll be there!" "Just one more thing," he added, "be ready, 'cuz I'm not spending all night out there, understand???" "Uh, sure Lennie, I'll be ready, you can count on me," she replied, and then hung up the phone. At exactly six thirty Lennie slipped out the back door and entered the large two car garage, where he found Luanne waiting for him. "Been here long," he asked pleasantly? "Naw, I just got here a few minutes ago," she replied! "Okay," he asked, what'll it be?" "Well, I want to suck you first, and then have you finish me with your mouth, if that's okay with you," she offered? "Sure, sure," he said, "let's get going then!" Coming prepared, Luanne laid a blanket down on the cold cement floor and got down on her knees and waited while Lennie stepped in front of her as she quickly opened up his pants and pulled his penis out into the cool night air. Luanne had sucked a lot of cocks in her short life, but of all of them, she like Lennie's the best, not to long, not to thick, but hard as a rock, just perfect for sucking! In a matter of seconds Lennie had grown stiff and hard in her mouth, and coupled with the aroma of a sweaty male crotch, Luanne's vagina was now on fire! She hadn't intended on letting him cum in her mouth, but she was so excited that she lost all control and moments later she had him flooding her mouth with hot jism! "Jeesh, Lu," he gasped, "I didn't think you were gonna do that!" While wiping the cum from her chin with the back of her hand she replied with a chuckle, "You don't care do you, at least a minute ago you weren't complaining!!!" "No, I'm not complaining," he said sheepishly, " I just wasn't expecting it, that's all!"
"Okay, now it's your turn, on your knees," Luanne ordered! When he was down and ready to go, Luanne lifted her skirt to reveal a bare pussy, no panties or hose of any kind. She kept her lips shaved smooth, and only left a little tuft of blonde hair above her crack. Now spreading her legs slightly, she stuck her hips out and offered her young vagina to the now hungry cuntlapper. "Ya know what, Lu," he asked, "you've got the puffiest pussy I've ever seen, and I know sometimes I give you a lot of grief, but just remind me of how much I love sucking this, okay?" Luanne didn't even answer him, she just thrust her lips into his mouth and let him feed on her drenched sex organ! "God, Lennie," she panted, "you always know just how to take care of me, do my clit now okay baby, make me cum in your mouth, please!!!" Hearing the young sex pot pleading for his tongue, Lennie quickly turned his attention to the little nub at the top of her drooling slit. Slathering around it, and flicking over its little erection, Lennie could sense that Luanne was on the verge of a big one! "Oh my god," Luanne moaned, "I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard!" She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and held it tight against her crotch, only releasing it when her climax had subsided. He stood up and gave her a full kiss on the mouth, her cunt juice intermingling with their saliva while asking mischievously "Feel better now, babe?!?" "You know I do," she replied, relishing the tingling that she could still feel in her twitching twat, "I think I can relax, now that the fire has been put out!" "See ya tomorrow at school then," he said while walking back to the house. "Yeah," she called back over her shoulder as she walked down the driveway, "see ya tomorrow!"
"Where have you been," her mother asked when she came in the back door? "Uh, over at Lennie's place," she replied. "Luanne Richards, did you go over there again to get relief," her mom asked exasperatedly!?! "I had to mom," she wailed, "I could take it any more, I needed to cum in the worst way!!!" "Haven't I told you that we take care of our own," she shot back at her oldest daughter!?! "Come over here, Luanne, let me see what you have on under that skirt, good grief, girl, just as I thought, nothing, and look at those lips, so puffed up it's almost obscene!" Luanne looked at the floor and said softly, "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to make you mad, I'll try harder next time okay?" "Well, I guess so," she replied, "but this is the third time this has happened this month, so I'm afraid you have to pay the consequences, now come with me!" Luanne followed her mother into the den and announced to her father, "Luanne has been a bad girl again, Dave, so I'm going to punish her, okay?!?" "Don't you ever learn, girl," her father said sternly, "yes mother, do what you feel is necessary!" Luanne's mother them proceeded to pull up her dress and take off her panties, revealing an extremely hairy vagina with bulging cunt lips. "All right, dear," her mother said sharply, "you know what to do now, take care of me now, in front of your father!" Luanne's mom sat down in an easy chair and spread her legs wide apart, giving the girl easy access to her private parts. "Okay dear, do me now!!!"
Luanne let her tongue bore through the thick mat of pubic hair until it encountered the wet slit that hid her mother's hard clitoris. What was funny about this situation was that even if she hadn't gone over to Lennie's house, her mom would have had her eat her out anyway, it was just an easy excuse for her! Luanne really did enjoy eating her mom's wet cunt, so she threw herself into the job with total abandon! "Oh, Dave," she sighed, "our little girl is such a good cuntlapper, she's going to make me cum so hard!" "That's right, do your mom's hot cunt, make her shoot her load on your face," her dad exhorted, while out of the corner of her eye Luanne could see that her dad had pulled out his pecker and was fisting it in his big hand.

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   While Lennie had a perfectly sized cock for sucking, Luanne's dad had a perfectly sized cock for fucking! At least nine inches long and very thick, it could make your jaws tired trying to stretch far enough to handle it's girth, but in your pussy, well that was a whole other kettle of fish! The feeling of that big rod in your cunt, well, that was heaven!!! As usual when Luanne sucked on her mom's vagina, her dad would finally give in and get in back of her and fuck her hard from the rear. Luanne could feel her skirt being lifted and her legs being pushed wide apart. She held her breath while her father lined up his massive erection at the opening to her tight little cunt, knowing that in a few seconds her pussy would be assaulted by the thick pecker, practically tearing her apart! "Fuck her Dave," her mother ordered, "fuck her so she won't be getting fucked by the neighbors!!!" With one hard stroke Dave Richards' nine inch cock buried itself deep into his daughter's delicate pussy, causing her to have an orgasm before he could pull it out and do it again! Luanne groaned deeply into her mother's hot vagina, as climax after climax rolled through her trembling cunt. whole her mother, now wild with lust, watched in awe as her daughter's little pussy accepted the thickness of her husband's cock, and as usual, it never failed to amaze her that such a little pussy could accommodate such a large erection! Her own climax was rushing through her twat and she let out a long low groan, letting her husband know that it was time to let his spunk shoot into his daughter's hot cunt! While Luanne and her mother were moaners, her father was a screamer, and he let loose with a roar as he is pecker spasmed inside of the tight vaginal canal of his daughter, spewing a torrent of cum from the slit at the head of his big dick!
In the after glow of orgasm, Luanne's mother admonished her again, "Remember, Luanne, the family that plays together, stays together!!!"

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