In the Family


 This is my first attempt at posting one of my stories. ÂI welcome all feedback at iampirtle@yahoo. com.

She stepped off the plane in Denver tingling with excitement. ÂNot only is it the first time Patricia has visited the city, she was spending the week with her favorite cousin that she hasn’t seen in 5 years. ÂShe walked quickly though the airport, scanning the people gathered for a familiar face. ÂPatricia was oblivious to the stares and approving looks from the men as she passed them. ÂWith her dark chocolate, almond shaped eyes and full pouting lips tinted a dark red and gleaming, Patricia was a striking woman. ÂShe was not petite by any means. ÂAt 5`9, she was taller than most women and she had full hips with thick legs. ÂHer triple D breasts sway with every step she takes. ÂA woman who knows her attributes, Patricia dresses to accentuate her voluptuous frame. ÂHer peach sundress was fitting but not too tight. ÂThe neckline dipped low to give a fine view of cinnamon mounds. ÂThe 4 inch peach heels made her hips roll and sway in a song that every man wants to hear.

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          ÂPatricia spotted her cousin in the distance and let out a squeal. ÂNicolas spotted her at the same time. Rushing towards her, he enveloped Patricia in a tight hug. ÂPatricia was surprised at the quick jolt of sensation traveled through her body. Â

 “What the hell was that?”ÂShe mused to herself. ÂDismissing the feeling as jetlag and a six month lack of sex, Pat held her cousin at arm’s length to examine him.

 “Well, do I pass?”ÂHe jokingly asked. Â

She answered to herself, “and then some”. ÂBut to him she said, “You’ll do. ”

Nicolas stood about 5’11, almost 6 feet. ÂPat liked to tease him about the missing inch. ÂHe was a light coffee color with hazel eyes set deep in his head. ÂWith a hard pronounced chin and a full bottom lip, he could only be described as handsome. ÂAt 34, he naturally maintained a body that was not chiseled but defined and muscular.  When he smiled, he had one dimple on his left cheek that drove women crazy.

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   Nicolas was adopted by Pat’s uncle when he was 2 and Pat was still a baby. ÂThey were raised practically as brother and sister instead of cousins.  As they caught up, Pat began to note different things about Nicolas that she never did before.  ÂLike how his low-cut hair now registered one or two strands of gray. ÂAnd how he had gained a little weight in five years but somehow, they worked on him.

 “When did he become so delicious?”ÂImmediately, Pat admonished herself for her train of thought. “You ought to be ashamed!”

“Well, you ready to go?”ÂNicolas wrapped his arm around Pat’s waist and steered her towards the exit. ÂPat took the opportunity to wrap her arm around his waist. ÂAs he walked his body just rippled with muscles. ÂPat’s fingers started to tingle with every movement. ÂShe secretly inhaled his scent. ÂHe smelled of fresh air and Drakkar, her favorite cologne that she had sent to him for Christmas. ÂHer body was tuned to his, becoming alive with excitement. ÂPat kept up a constant montage to herself as they walked.

“Get it together, girl!”“Get focused!”“Stop thinking about his body!”ÂBut it did not help.

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          ÂNicolas drove to his house on Cedar Lane. ÂPat whistled as she stepped out of the car.  Â“Man, this is something. ”ÂHe looked sheepish, “well you know, business has been good”. “Don’t leave me in suspense”, she teased. ÂHe harrumphed and said quickly, “three bedrooms, two full baths, den, dining room, breakfast nook, swimming pool, two car garage on 4 acres and a partridge in a pear tree, now can we go in!. ”ÂSensing that he was a little sensitive about his success, Pat stayed silent and followed him into the house. “Andie!”ÂNicolas bellowed as soon as he entered the house. “Andy?”ÂPat asked, raising one eyebrow. “My GIRLfriend, you nut”, Nicolas chuckled. “Andrea has been living here for six months now. ÂShe just got off work, so she could not meet you at the airport. ÂJust don’t call her Andrea, she will go nuts, she goes by Andie. ÂYou will like her. ”ÂPat thought to herself, “I bet I don’t”.

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          ÂFrom the kitchen, a voice was softly singing along with a Joe song. “Okay, she can sing, I will give her that, but nothing else!” Pat thought to herself. ÂNicolas ushered her into the kitchen just in time to hear an amazing high note at the end of the song. ÂAndie had her back to them, singing strong into a big wooden spoon splattered with bbq sauce. ÂClearing his throat, Nicolas cringed when Andie whipped around with a screech. “Nicky!ÂYou almost gave me a heart attack!”ÂAndie was 5’4, blond, blue-eyed, with an oval face and pointed chin. ÂAt first glance, she seemed unremarkable. ÂShe was what some considered pudgy. ÂBut those are the ones who could not see the hourglass figure, the obviously feminine shape. ÂHer hair was straightened and hung past her shoulders. ÂUnremarkable. But then she smiled. When she smiled, her eyes lightened to a sky blue color and seemed to sparkle. ÂHer face glowed and she became quite pretty. ÂThen she ran to Nicky and threw her arms around him.

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  ÂPat could only stare with her mouth open as Andie turned around and displayed a large, perfectly round, apple-bottom ass. ÂPat, who has never had a homosexual feeling, could only say “Damn!”ÂNicky hugged Andie and lightly smacked her ass, while looking at Pat as if to say “Yea baby, look at this fat ass!”ÂPat turned her head, holding in her smile. ÂNicky turned Andie around and introduced them. “Andie, this ugly hag here is my most favorite cousin I will ever have, Pat. ÂPat, this parasite attached to my neck is my girlfriend, Andie. ” ÂNicky ducked as both women lunged at him. ÂPat stuck her hand out, “nice to meet you. ” ÂAndie ignored the hand and engulfed Pat in a surprisingly tight bear hug. ÂAndie did not talk, she gushed, “I am so happy to finally meet you. ÂNicky talks about you all the time; he measures all women to you. ÂI do believe that the only reason we are together is because I remind him of you. ”ÂTry as she might, Pat could not help but to like Andie, she had such a bright outlook and attitude that made her want to smile. ÂPat was given the bedroom across the hall from the bathroom on the second floor. ÂBecause of only one bathroom on this floor, they had to share. ÂShe was jetlagged and wanted to take a nap.

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              ÂTwo hours later, Pat woke up groggy and disoriented, at first she did not know where she was. ÂWhen she remembered where she was, she began to hear noises coming from the bathroom. ÂAt first it was a soft whispering, and then it was a low moan. ÂCurious, Pat opened her door to investigate. ÂThe door to the bathroom was open just a crack. ÂPat crept to the door and pushed it open slightly. ÂJust in time to see Nicky’s dick disappear into Andie’s mouth. ÂAndie was on her knees, while Nicky was sitting on the toilet, laid back against the seat. ÂBoth were naked. ÂPat wanted to leave but was frozen, she had to look. ÂNicky had his head back; his eyes were closed and he was starting to moan louder. ÂApparently, Andie knew what she was doing. ÂPat watched as his stomach muscles clenched at a particularly strong suck. ÂThen Andie pulled his thick member out of her mouth and started licking the tip. ÂHis cock was about 8 inches long, darker than the rest of him, with a thick mushroom head.


      ÂThe head was shiny with saliva. ÂPat’s mouth watered and her hands itched to touch and taste that cock. ÂAndie shifted on her knees to get a better position. ÂPat’s eyes traveled to her luscious bottom. ÂLightly tanned and firm, Andie’s ass moved slightly up and down as she gobbled his member, giving Pat a peek of a smooth mound glistening with wetness. ÂPat felt her own pussy heating at the sight. Â

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â ÂPat had to relieve herself. She closed the bathroom door silently and went back to her room. ÂShe did not even make it to the bed before she had two fingers rubbing on her clit. ÂHer pussy was wet, making her fingers glide easily. ÂStripping down, she lay naked on the bed, teasing her clit with her thumb while two fingers went into her pussy. ÂShe wet the fingers of her other hand and smeared her juices on her nipples. ÂShe lightly pinched and pulled on her nipple while moving two fingers smoothly inside her heated hole. ÂShe spread her legs wide, and began to work her finger in and out of her love hole. ÂShe was working her pussy so hard that she did not notice the door opening.

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              ÂStrong fingers grasped Pat’s wrist and slowly removed her fingers from her pussy. ÂPat opened her eyes to see Nicky bring her hand to his mouth. ÂHe licked his tongue and caught her juices that dripped from her fingers. ÂPat could only stare and gasp as he slid her finger in his mouth and sucked hard on it. “AAAAAaHHHH!”ÂWhen he had licked her fingers clean, he dipped his finger into her wetness and saturated it. ÂHe held his finger out. ÂAndie leaned over Pat and cleaned Nicky’s fingers with her mouth. ÂPat, still dumbfounded, looked from one to the other, trying to get her mind to create words. ÂFinally after swallowing a few times, she squeaked out , “What…. How……When?” Nicky chuckled and answered, “Let’s do this backwards. ÂThe when is when Andie saw you and said you were one of the sexiest women she has ever met and that she wanted to taste your pussy. ÂThe how is that we set up that little episode in the bathroom for you, hoping you would join us. ÂThe what is that I want to bury myself in your very hot, very wet pussy while Andie sits on your face. ÂHow bout it?”


    I will have part 2 later. Â


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