Incest - A wonderful exprience.


I was in the bathroom naked cleaning up my pubic patch as it hadnt been trimmed and shaved for a couple of weeks and I was going out the following night and I knew my boyfriend would appreciate me being clean and tidy for him down there.

I wasn’t aware my brother was home and he walked into the bathroom as I had not locked the door believing I was the only one at home.

He saw me doing the job on myself and stopped and looked at me and it must have been a few seconds before I realized he was there and he realized what I was doing.

Shit Sis he said that looks cool he said. I was suddenly shocked that he had seen me naked and what I was doing. I also realised he was naked also.

In my shocked and embarrassed state I yelled at him - get out – get out.

He said come on we both know what is going on I was only going to have a shower. I am sorry I didn’t realise you were home let alone in here. Then he said is that my razor you are using.

I was and I said shit you could have knocked.

He said I told you I didn’t realise you were home – had I known I would not be wandering around naked.

I said what are you doing home at this hour.

He said I have been having a bit of fun with Jenny – and I need to clean up.

I said what do you mean ‘fun’.

He said well you know – we were in bed together.

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I said what sleeping with her.

He said well that’s one way of putting it – we didn’t do much sleeping – more bedtime Olympics – you know I have been sleeping with her for a while now.

I said well I didn’t need much help working that out. I have heard the pair of you in your bedroom and she certainly isn’t the quiet type.

Then he said – how about you – I gather you and Mike are into it as well seeing you are doing that. He is no angel either – he has slept with a few of the girls around the place, and makes no secret of it.

I said including Jenny.

He said yes including Jenny.
I said how many girls have you slept with I havnt been kept up to date lately.

He said you know I have had a few – you know most of them and you have been one of them.

Shit I said – you don’t have to remind me of that – how many years ago was it.

He said 18 months ago was the last time we did it and it was two years ago it all started. I can remember every time with you. I will never forget the first time I came inside you – you put on a performance that any actress would have been proud of.

I was shocked that he would bring up the fact we had previously had sex together – incest - and we had both done it together probably a dozen or more times.

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   I too can remember the first time and many of the other times we did it and the time he came inside me.
Shit I said wont you ever let me forget that you have fucked me.

Never he said – it was one of the best times of my life – it was our first time ever – for both of us - and it was one of the most amazing periods of my life – if you were not my sister I would still want you for a girl friend – we were made for each other – that way.

Fuck me I said – I have to agree is was good – a couple of guys have asked me how did I learn to fuck as well as I evidently do. I have taught a few guys how good it can be.

He said I would still fuck you any time you asked.

I was flattered and I shouldn’t have been. I had been incestuous with my brother dozens of times and had actually enjoyed it every time. We made a point of learning about sex and teaching each other as much as we could about having sex together. Watching porn shows together and then doing it the way we had seen it done. There was probably nothing we had not done together. I had even let him try anal sex with me and I didn’t like it because it hurt and I didn’t really think it was right. To me it was a poofter thing not something girls did. Some girls call it Greek and others have told me they do it like that when they are on the rag. After the first time he tried it a couple more times but I never wanted him to and he pulled his cock out usually before he got right into me because I didn’t like it.

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While he was standing there and we were talking – I was sitting on the edge of the bath where I had been shaving myself and I noticed since we had begun to talk his cock had firmed up and was almost hard.

Shit I said look at it – it is getting hard – don’t tell me you want to fuck me again.

He said I would fuck you any time you wanted me to – I honestly have never slept with anybody as good as you. I cant believe the difference between the first time we did it and when we stopped. The times we had together working thing out as to what was good and what was exceptional were amazing. I will never forget the weekend we had together when mom and dad went away for the weekend – we must have fucked about 20 times.

I said 22 times – I have it in my diary and like you I will never forget it. I was sore for days afterwards. Like the first time you came in me. I was terrified I was pregnant and the day my period arrived was the best day of my life in that way – I never look forward to periods but that one I did. I looked at my cunt in the mirror every night wondering if I was making a baby inside me.

Then he said well how about one for old times sake.

I said shit you really want to don’t you.

Absolutely – as I have said there is nobody to equal you in bed that I have met.

How about Jenny I said.

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She is good but you can still teach her a few things. Nobody fucks as good as you.

I said well ok – let me finish here and I will – where will we do it.

In my bed he said – remember the first time and you bled and we had to wash the sheets.

I will never forget it she said. When mom came home she asked if anybody had had the dryer on – the garage still had that smell around when you have dried clothes in it. I thought for sure we were going to get found out. I was as red as a beetroot blushing because of what we had been doing. I said nothing and she didn’t pursue it.

OK he said I will have my shower and meet you in your room – Jesus I am hard already just thinking about it. Don’t be too long.

As I finished shaving and cleaning up the thought I had in my mind came rushing back – I was just 14 and he was 16 and we were at home alone together and he mentioned a couple of guys I knew had been caught whacking off in the locker room, and we began talking about masturbating and as the time went by we both were getting worked up and he asked me if I would undress and let him see me nude and he would do the same.
    I asked him if he would masturbate for me and he said only if I would too. Things just went on from there and about half an hour later we had both convinced ourselves we wanted to try sex and how much better it would be if we did it together. It was going to be our first time.

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      We talked about how embarrassing it would be if we did it with somebody who was experienced and made ourselves look foolish. Then we decided we would do it together as brother and sister – incest -that we both knew was wrong, but we knew it would be better than with someone else we were not sure of. We really convinced ourselves we were doing the right thing.

    If I had done it the first time with another guy I wouldn’t want him to realise it was my first time. I had already broken my hymen masturbating so I wouldn’t bleed and I knew how girls talked about how it hurt the first time and how embarrassing it was. I wouldn’t want any guy to talk about me like that.
    He said its like guys always talk about the girl they fucked and took her virginity. This way we could do it and not have to tell anybody who it was we had our first time with and if we did it and it wasn’t any good it would only be the two of us who knew.

    We both agreed we would do it together. It suddenly was going to be one of the most exciting things in my life.

    That night was not only the first time we had fucked – but it was the first time I had kissed my brother open mouth and I completely overlooked it was Mike – I was imagining it was some film star that I was doing it with.

    For him, I remember he was talking to me all the time convincing himself we were doing the right thing and it was going to be wonderful. He fingered me and I stroked him but neither of us came before we had fucked. Once we started we couldn’t help ourselves and we looked for each other almost every day to fuck each other and we never hesitated. We always did it two or three times as well.

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       We often did it standing up if we saw each other somewhere and we could just have a quickie. I soon worked out how to cum before he did and that made it great for me and good for him. We both realised how good it was to cum having sex. He got some condoms and we always used them. After a few days he would go into me without one then put one on and cum inside me with it on. I loved it and I look back now and remember how good it was that I didn’t have any cum in me when we did it again after the first time.

    I will never say anything nasty about anybody I hear having sex with their brother or sister – for me it was wonderful and I have never regretted it.