Innocence Lost - Ch4: Top that


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The next day, before Gwen could say a word, Pat said "Top that my slutty friend!" Gwen shook her head replying "That was unbelievable. I think I came harder than I did with my own Father. You have such a wonderfully dirty mind. Your Daddy must be so proud. "

Pat laughed "You're right, this morning he raised my allowance, telling Mom I was contributing more around the house. When can I see the video?" Gwen said "Well this weekend we can have a sleep over and watch it until we cannot come anymore. " Pat groaned "I wanted to see it tonight" but Gwen explained "I have two school assignments due. Anyway I need time to cut you a DVD. The file is too large to send as an email attachment. "

The next Friday night Pat arrived for the sleep over. Gwen's Dad let her in. She gave him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. He laughed and told her Gwen was up stairs. As soon as Gwen saw Pat she said "Close and lock the door. " With a smile Gwen held up a DVD. Pat looked at the written label and gasped, it read "America's Best Homemade Porn.

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Pat was ready to put the DVD into the laptop drive when Gwen stopped her saying "Let's wait until my parents go to bed. " Pat frowned but with a wink Gwen said "Don't worry they always seem to get tired early on Fridays. Anyway we don't want either of my parents knocking on my door while we're watching. " Pat reluctantly agreed.

The girls waited for Gwen's parents to go to bed by talking about everything but sex. Pat realized that Gwen needed a bit of space to figure out what she would do to match Pat's latest escapade. By 10PM Gwen's Mom knocked on her door and said they were off to bed and not to stay up too late. Good nights were exchanged and silence descended throughout the house.

The girls soon got naked. Sharing a set of ear plugs, Gwen started the video then placed her hand on Pat's pussy as Pat had already done to her. For Pat it must have been an out of body experience watching herself on screen.

Out of body it may have been but that did not stop the girls watching the video until their clits were too sensitive. Pat wearily said she was done and trundled off to bed. In the morning, after breakfast, Pat left for home with a special DVD securely tucked in her overnight bag.

For the rest of the weekend Gwen thought about how happy both Pat and her Dad seemed and how much she would like to please her own Father.

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   It was a foregone conclusion that she would record her next cuddle with Daddy as it would only be fair.

Monday, after Gwen's Mom left for work, she asked Dad to come to her room as she needed some cuddling. Daddy seemed to be very pleased and gave her a firm hug and squeezed her butt. Gwen went all buttery inside, after all she had gone several days in anticipation of this next encounter.

Before supper Gwen had set up her room to record the action. From her desk the laptop was set up to cover the width of her bed while the family's video camera, hidden on her bookshelf, covered the length.

When Daddy knocked on the bedroom door she was already dressed in her "traditional" night shirt, no bra or panties. Just before she let him in she start both the laptop and video camera recording. When Gwen opened the door Daddy was waiting in his robe. She led him by the hand to the bed and told him to sit. When he was seated Gwen crossed her arms gathering up her nightie slowly exposing more and more flesh to her Daddy.

She revelled in the lust she saw in his eyes. After she had pulled the nightie off his intense stare brought out the last fleeting shyness she still possessed. Gwen crossed her arms in a feeble attempt to hide herself from the Daddy she invited into her room.

Her Father took her wrists and moved them behind her back saying "Gwen clasp your hands together.

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   Now tell Daddy what you want" Gwen almost breathless whispered "Play with me Daddy" then sucked in a breath at the full realization of what might occur.

With his hands on her hips Daddy pulled Gwen within inches of the bed. He untied his robe letting it fall from his shoulders and waist. Gwen gasp as she saw Daddy's naked form with his phallus pointed at her. The head glistened with clear precum drooling out of the tip and running down the shaft. Daddy wiped some of that sticky fluid off the tip and applied it to her lips. With little hesitation her tongue licked it off then she sucked his finger. Gwen looked into his eyes and smiled.

Daddy started to gently touch her, running his hands slowly up and down her body creating a line of exquisite goose bumps any place those fingers stroked. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over one nipped then the other. Gwen gasped moaning "Oh Daddy" as sensations flooded her already supercharged libido.

Her Father was no where near finished escalating his daughter's climatic ascent. He reached around her, cupping a firm butt cheek with fingers trailing between her legs. Gwen spread her feet a few inches part to give him easy access to her virgin treasure.

Daddy stopped his nipple teasing and scooped more precum from his tip and put two thick fingers into her mouth.

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   Gwen greedily licked and sucked his fingers until the were all wet. Daddy leaned in again to suck on her firm breasts. She felt those wet fingers reach behind and under her to intrude into her slick love canal.

Gwen squealed as his thick fingers pushed farther inside, stretching her well beyond anything she had accomplished. Daddy's fingers were gently fucking her love hole while his mouth sucked on each erect nipple in turn. Gwen almost swooned when those sensations were accompanied by his thumb making delicious circles on her clit.

She thought no Daughter could be loved more by her Daddy as this was exactly what she wanted from her gentle lover. Within minutes Daddy had her panting and begging him not to stop. She unclasped her hands and put them on his head to steady herself as her body alternating between driving his fingers deeper into her vagina and pressing his thumb harder on her swollen clit.

Gwen's moans, panting and pleads grew to a cacophony as Daddy teased a climax from her body. Just as she was ready to explode Daddy ordered "Gwen come for Daddy". This command pushed her over the edge and she jerked and spasmed on her Father's hands. She screamed something primal and unintelligible but Gwen knew it communicated her bodies thanks to the man who was manipulating it so well.

She slumped forward but he pulled Gwen onto his lap. It took a while until she could speak.

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   She looked into her Father's eyes and asked "Do you know every way to please a women?" He replied "Your Mother marry me didn't she?" Gwen giggle "No dam wonder. " Gwen was aware that Daddy's cock was still hard and profusely leaking precum. Gwen placed her small hand around Daddy's shaft and stated "There'll be no blue balls in this house. "

With that said Gwen slipped off his lap onto the floor and gestured for him to stand up. With a pouty look she pleaded "Please?" It was Daddy's turn to have shaky legs causing a glob of precum to string down deftly caught by his daughter's outstretched tongue.

Swirling her tongue Gwen gathered up the stringy until she was at his bulberous tip. While gazing into his eyes her tongue circled round and round gathering up all the knob's leaked precum. This made Daddy's cock jerk forcing her to capture the head in her mouth. She gently sucked the rest of the precum out of the tip making him moaned her name.

She took hold of his cock and licked up and down the shaft feeling his hip thrust forward. With one last shaft lick from base to tip Gwen ask "Daddy please show me how. " Her Father placed his big hands on each side of her head and said "There is only on rule.
    No teeth!" With that sage advise his shaft entered Gwen's waiting mouth.

    Daddy gently pushed in and out of his daughter's mouth letting her learn to suck and lick while praising her efforts. Gwen was amazed how little she could take before Daddy tickled the back of her throat.

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       After several minutes he released her head. She took over running her hands up the back of his legs gripping his butt and pulling him forward as she bobbed her head. Occasionally her mouth released him so she could lick the shaft alone.

    Daddy's pants and moans told her he was pleased with his princess. Soon enough his hips started a more urgent thrust. She held on bobbing faster to match his thrusts. Then she heard Daddy bellow "I'm cumming". He grabbed her head and pulled back just enough to leave the head in her mouth. Gwen's tongue danced under his shaft feeling Daddy's knob swell then shoot rope after rope of cum into her mouth. Even though this was her first time she instinctively swallowed Daddy's gift hoping it would please him.

    Gwen kept sucking until he pulled her off saying "I'm too sensitive baby girl. You have to stop. " She smiled at his loving gaze knowing that at least this evening he wouldn't have blue balls on her account.

    Daddy asked "Gwen do you want to play some more?" Gwen answered "Oh yeah. " He gently picked her up and placed her lengthwise on the bed.

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       He said "Baby girl just close your eyes and focus on my touch. " The big man moved between her legs then hovered over her. His kisses were met by her own. After a while he broke their kiss and moved his lips to nuzzle her neck and nibble her earlobes.

    Gwen felt Daddy's chest hair tease her nipples into hard pebbles. Slowly his mouth work its magic down to her beasts. Much to her delight his tongue performed their familiar malling. Gasps, moans and pleads for more were Daddy's compass to navigator his sweet daughter to another orgasm. She felt something like a thick finger rub over her mons. With sudden insight she realized Daddy must be hard again. Gwen felt so sexy knowing she turned him on this easily.

    As his mouth left her breasts Gwen's mind turned off as she let herself swim in a sea of sensation. Daddy was giving her inner thighs little kisses as his hands spread her wide. When his lips finally touched her pussy she quivered. Her Father's hands cupped and kneaded Gwen's breasts as his experienced tongue did its work.

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    Parting her pussy lips he licked her from taint to clit. Flicking up from under her engorged love button. It took no more than three of those long slow licks to push Gwen over the edge. Her hands pushed the back of his head down while she thrust her pelvis up. Screaming for all to hear, the young girl came with a force she had never know.

    Daddy gave her no respite as he licked, sucked and fingered his little girl from one orgasm to another. Gwen clutched the bed spread then the back of Daddy's head but all to no avail. The man seemed determine to make her come harder each time. She had no idea what he would do next as he changed from gentle lapping to hard clit sucking, tongue fucking to multi-finger thrusts stretching her velvet walls.

    As she lapsed into multiple orgasms her body shuddered, trembled and twitched under her Father's manipulations. He sensed as much as felt Gwen weaken. Before stopping he drove two fingers deep enough to breaching her hymen. She was already too far gone to sense anything more than a stinging sensation.

    Daddy moved up from between her legs and cuddled her still spasming body. He whispered "Play time is over princess, dream of Daddy".

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       A few hours later Gwen awoke under a blanket with Daddy nowhere to be seen. She went to the bathroom but left off the lights so she never noticed the reddish ting of her pee. Before she went back to sleep Gwen turned off the laptop and video camera. Her last thoughts were "Pat is going to be so jealous. ".

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