Innocent Mom


The vest was stretched and so she just slept in them and a sexy pair of black thongs. When I came downstairs for breakfast imagine the feast served out for my eyes. The fact that I was a man with manly needs didn't even enter her mind. I was her sweet innocent little boy and the fact that I was staring at her didn't make her think it was anything more than absent daydreaming. I watched her as she cooked on the stove with the sun entering through the window making a silhouette and defining her firm toned body. She bent over to get things from the fridge and cupboards and even when she served me food at the table, giving me a perfect view of her naked tits and ass. She has perfectly tanned skin and a body like a porn actress. The whole time I was getting this show my dick was at full mast under the table. I regretted coming down in just my boxer shorts and a tee shirt. Luckily the boxers were cotton and stretched but it sure hurt and begged to be released. I could feel the pre cum had started to ooze by the time she sat down on the chair next to mine to join me for breakfast. From the way she was sitting the vest had risen up and I could see her crouch thinly covered by the thongs. No mother with an 18year old son should dress like that in front of him - that's why I said mom's innocent - she just doesn't know what she does to men around her - especially me. Needless to say my hard on began to ache. Mom was incredible! I could hardly concentrate on food but had to maintain a sense of normality. Just then, the phone rings.

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   Do I use this window of opportunity to make my escape or do I stay to be unintentionally teased? Luckily, the phone rang just as I was finishing and so I had a window of opportunity to make my exit without revealing my tented underwear. The following Friday was the last day of term. I arrived home late and contemplated what to do with my two weeks off. It was early spring and the sun was already making the days hot and required a shower in the afternoon just to cool down. I went into the family bathroom, slipped out of my clothes and admired myself in the mirror. I am fairly athletic and have a nice tanned slim body that I guess girls would find attractive. As I progressed to shower I noticed a crack in the base unit. It was small but I suspected that as I moved on it, the applied pressure would release more and more water out of it. I wandered where it would go and made a mental note to self to check it out tomorrow morning - today I was going to relax. As the man of the house, I end up doing all the traditionally male things: bulb fitting, shelf fixing etc. As I let me mind wonder to that morning with mom's vest my dick woke up. I applied copious amounts of shower gel on my hand as I proceeded to beat my meat. I felt guilty about fantasizing about mom but thought that as long as they remained fantasies and never did anything about it, it was ok. After about half an hour of yanking off, I was ready to explode. I positioned my rod to point down towards the plughole.

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   As I was approaching the final stages of a glorious beating session, I heard a scream downstairs. It was obviously mom and I panicked for her safety. I shouted out to see if she was ok and to my relief she shouted back that she was. I turned off the water and jumped out of the shower. Just then mom knocked on the bathroom door and asked me to stop the shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the door. Mom's hair was slightly wet, as was her white blouse and black business jacket. She explained to me that there is a leak and that she was making tea in the kitchen, which is directly under the bathroom when the ceiling gave in a little. I rushed downstairs to have a look at the damage and was relieved to find that it was only a small patch of the covering of the ceiling and not the entire thing that had come down. I concluded that water must have built up in a small pocket in-between the wooden structural beams and gave finally gave in - just as mom was under it. As I turned my attention back to the kitchen after staring and poking at its ceiling for 20 minutes, I noticed mom standing there. In my rush, I had failed to notice that mom's white blouse had become wet and her hair sexier. I also kicked myself for not noticing it when her blouse must have been translucent. Although slightly dry now, you could still see clearly her black bra that was struggling to keep her ample breasts caged. Mom looked at me lovingly and walked up to me from where she was standing and gave me a hug.

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   Apparently I had impressed her with my natural ability to lead and take control of a situation. I was still slightly wet and still only dressed in a bath towel. The hug awoke my dick but just as mom was parting. We starred at each other and then laughed at our predicament. Financially this would not be a burden. The insurance should cover it. Mom then made her exit from the kitchen asking me as she walked towards the upstairs what I wanted to do this evening. I try and stay in on Fridays and spend time with mom and go out with friends on Saturday nights. I shouted back that we'll just grab a pizza and a movie or something as cooking in the kitchen is probably not hygienic until it's properly cleaned of all the shower water. I realised that when I was inspecting the damage, water from the shower and dirt from the ceiling material must have fell on me. I needed another shower and the only other bathing place in the house was in mom's room. I ran upstairs and knocked on mom's door. There was a silence and then she opened the door. "Mom, I'm still dirty, can I use your shower?" Mom playfully argued that she got dirty first and that she should use the shower first and ran into the bathroom and closed the door but left it unlocked. I stood there with a massive hard on as I realised that for the first time in years, I was in her room as she was preparing to shower.

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   I heard her tease me from behind the bathroom door that she won the fight to get into the shower. I decided to use this time to my advantage and finish off the session I had started earlier. I went into my room and slid the towel around my waist so that I could position my dick out without having to disrobe. I sat on the bed and started to yank away. The picture of my mother in her transparent blouse came to mind. Only in my fantasy, the blouse was still wet, very wet. Before long I was again at the verge of exploding with ecstasy when I head mom shouting out that she had finished and wanted me to use her bathroom. The voice sounded as though it was nearing as she spoke. Realising that I had to shut the door entirely, I sprang to my feet and apparently just in time, as mom entered. I must have looked flushed but she didn't say a word - again the innocence. She was a sigh. She had a towel wrapped around her that barely covered her breasts and hardly came far down as her pussy. I deducted that her bathrobe must have been in the wash or something. I realised my rod was tenting out of my towel and a false move would slip it into the open. Luckily she didn't notice a thing and just wandered back into her room as I followed.

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   As I followed her, I looked down and realised that my dick had indeed released itself and was poking out. With mom's sexy ass swaying from side to side in just a thin towel three feet away and me behind with my dick out in the open I felt naughty and guilty. I tucked junior back and adjusted the towel so the slit was to the side. The tenting only grew as I followed her so I decided to quickly overtake her as we walked through the door and run to the shower. Once inside, all I wanted to do was to finish off beating my meat and get rid of this aching boner. I let the towel fall to the floor as I jumped into the shower. I could still smell her soap and shampoo and where ever else she uses to look and feel so good. I looked down and noticed a small piece of hair stuck to the side of the tub. On closer inspection I found it to be mom's pubic hair. Mom's pubes! No w I really was ready to burst. I put the tiny piece of hair to my nose and could only smell the perfumed soaps that it had come into contact with. Never the less it was enough to make my ole stand to a full attention. I proceeded to apply mom's luscious smelling soap to my body knowing full well that she would have run it all over hers. I made sure my pole got to know the soap intimately. I put the found pube to my nose with one hand and yanked at the mammoth hard on with the other.

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   Within minutes I was ready to cum. As I looked around my surroundings a sudden realisation set in. I was in my mom's bathroom. Everyone knows that cum doesn't easily wash away and I know that if I were to come in her tub which doubles as a shower, she'll be bathing in it soon. A naughty though crossed my mind that that might not be so bad. My mom swimming in my cum filled bath but my policy of drawing a line between fantasy and reality meant that I could not cum here right now. I contemplated the toilet bowl but knew that there would inevitably be a few spurts that flew towards the surrounding wall and ornaments. Hugely disappointed at my predicament I rushed through the rest of my shower, towelled myself and exited mom's bathroom, pubes intact. Mom was not in her room but the clothes she had worn earlier today were piled on the floor. Again noting to myself that I can only fantasise about mom and never do anything to realise that dream, I slowly picked up her garments. As if by magic, her bra and thong fell out of her crumpled up shirt. Being a tit man, I felt the bra with my hands and my already hard dick awoke to a full attention again. Having heard the shower stop, Mom called out to me to choose my pizza. Shocked by the noise, I dropped the clothes and ran out of her room and into mine. Minutes later I was dressed and just before going downstairs, went back to mom's room and re-piled the clothes the way they were.

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   When I reached downstairs, mom was in her usual attire of track pants and t-shirt - no bra and possibly no underwear. Mom had cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and was sitting at the breakfast table with the pizza menu. Our local pizza place also has a selection of the latest videos. We ended up ordering one large Meat Feast and some romantic flick for mom and an action one for me. The rest of the night was a usual Friday night for us with us watching one movie after the other and going to sleep at about midnight. Before turning in, while brushing my teeth in the family bathroom, I noticed that water was leaking from the shower tap into the crack in the base unit. I feared another pocket of water building up and decided to turn off the water supply to my bathroom and to be on the safe side, instructed mom that we didn't use the family bathroom until we got a plumber or builder in. This of course meant that I had to use mom's en-suite bathroom in the meanwhile. I was pretty tired by the time I got to bed so must have drifted straight off to sleep despite the hard on that was raging under the covers. Later on that night I awoke from a dream. I dreamt that I was on a beach with mom but instead of us being mom and son, we were lovers. I was romantically touching her and it felt like we were getting ready to have sex on the beach when I woke up. Hard on and wide-awake I also felt a desire to pee. Wearing just my boxers, I crept out of bed and made my way to mom's room to use her bathroom. I slowly opened her bedroom door and saw her lying on her back in her bed.

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   The light from the street lamp shone enough brightness for me to realise how truly beautiful she was. Reminding myself that she was my mom, I walked around her bed and made my way to the bathroom. My hard on took a while to go down before I could pee and the image of mom lying there in probably not much more than her thongs made it even more difficult. I then went back to my room and fell asleep but found it difficult to get rid of the image of mom on that bed. The fact is, I forced myself not to look because I had set myself boundaries but just the thought of what she could have been wearing and how she probably looked in them made my cock hard. The following morning I woke up with a huge hard on and decided that I needed to get rid of this thing or else it will stay like this for the whole day. Even tough mom usually respected my privacy; she has been known to enter my room without knocking. For both our modesties sake, I decided not to beat off just yet and hoped to get some time to do it when she goes shopping or something. It must have been about 9am - still early for a Saturday but I though I better get up and get the bathroom sorted. I walked downstairs and realised that Mom hadn't woken up as yet. I needed to pee and so made my way to mom's bathroom. She was still sleeping deeply and I could see she was wearing my old vest that struggled to contain her tits, especially after a night of turning. Worried she'd catch me staring; I quickly proceeded to make my way to the bathroom. Struggling to pee because of the hard on that had by now formed, I tried to think about nonsexual things. On many occasions, I have made Mom breakfast and if she still isn't up by the time I finish, I normally take it to her in bed.

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   Deciding that I will reward Mom, I crept out of the bathroom and mom's bedroom and made my way to the kitchen. I proceeded to go about beating the eggs, frying bacon, sausages, mushrooms and toasts for the usual Saturday morning big breakfast. Worried about the raging hard on, I was both hoping to get a glimpse of mom in her sexy nightwear in bed and hoping that I she'd wake up and come downstairs so that it won't be that hard on my dick. I finished cooking breakfast about 9. 30am and still no sign of mom so I decided to take it up to her. I squeezed some oranges and added a white rose from the bouquet of flowers that was in the living room to the breakfast tray. As I opened Mom's room door, she had heard the noise and started to stir. Her face lit up as she saw me walking in with the tray wearing my boxer shorts and loosely covered by a terrycloth robe. Mom stretched and yawned and momentarily almost letting one of her boobs slip out of the vest. She was still in the duvet that covered her from the waist down. She patted the space next to her on the queen size bed motioning for me to join her. I placed the tray in her laps and walked around the bed to slip my self into the duvet. As I lifted the covers I realised that she must have been naked underneath that vest because it was riding quite high and I couldn't see a panty line or any hint of underwear. Mom started on her breakfast, occasionally feeding me a piece of something on the tray as I enjoyed the view of those magnificent globes from my vantage point. I could nearly see right through to her light brown nipples from the way she was bending and feeding the both of us.

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   My day old hard on was back to haunt me. I could see and feel it tenting the duvet as I tried to divert Mom's attention to the breakfast tray. The as Mom was gulping down the last drops of orange juice I noticed her eyes subconsciously drawing to the tent that was now clearly visible. As a reflex action to divert mom, I tipped the glass over her mouth and spilling a little on her and the duvet. Mom immediately thinking it was a play fight, threw what little liquid was left on me. Having successfully diverted attention from my dick, I reached for the breadcrumbs still left over on her plate and throw that on her. As I waited nervously for her reaction, she calmly put the tray down and they within a flash jumped on me. She had caught me by surprise and in the process managed to pin me down. I was now directly under mom with her supporting herself on her knees and thus not touching my tenting pole that was straining to be contained within my boxers. She lay on top of me with my hands pined to my sides and her tits dangling loosely in front of my devouring eyes. I quickly moved to release her grip on my wrist and diving straight for her armpits. Even in all the commotion I was surprised to find how smooth and soft a woman's under arms really are. She screeched and closed her arms around my tickling fingers under her arms. In the struggle, she lost all balance and fell right on my boxer covered hard on. I could feel her smooth skin my thighs and knew that she wasn't wearing any underwear.


   My pulsating dick touched her womanhood and I really don't think she realised because there was no look of surprise from her at all - just playfulness. I controlled her body on top of mine, inadvertently enjoying the feel her ass on my dick, thinly covered by my boxers. When the tickling became too much for her, she collapsed uncontrollably on my body and in doing so moved my boxer shorts down just enough to release the head of the monster within. So there she was lying on my body, exhausted with her vest riding high enough for me to feel her cunt around my left leg and the head of my dick on her stomach. My hands were still wedged between her armpits. She looked up at me and then said something about me winning and pleaded with me to let her go. Just as I was about to release her, she attempted to tickle me. It was not my turn to move uncontrollably as I tried to resume my tickling position on her. We moved around a lot. At some point, my dick popped out and as mom was back on her knees supporting her weight. I feared the worst and tried to escape but mom surprised me with her strength. She pinned me down but not before placing all her weight on my hips. I could feel the raging hard on and was even more surprised to find mom completely oblivious to it and just concentrating on the fight at hand. She slid about trying to keep me down and at one point it happened. I felt mom's pussy.

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   It felt wet and inviting. In all the moving and her attempts to put more weight on me, she had parted legs wide and my dick was right at the entrance if not through the outer lips. I was beyond control and not having released all this pent up frustration in such a long time, I fought her into position and gently slid her along the length of my shaft. She was wet!I could feel my precum and her juices. I released my hands from her and grabbed her ass and pushed her on to my awaiting dick. She grasped and then looked at me sternly. I wimped out and pretended not to know what was going on and replaced my hands from her ass back to her armpits and stomach to show that I was still playing tickle. But there was no denying that my huge dick was deep inside mom. She must have thought it was a mistake and not wanting to scare me, continued to play fight and tickle me. But this time it was a lot more gently. We moved slightly to tickle, not using any of our strength at all just moving enough to stimulate what was going on down there. Not more than a minute of this and I could feel myself getting ready to climax. I figured that if I came in her, then this whole incident would have been innocent and would look like I was the innocent one who was not oblivious to it but also didn't feel a thing. She the jumped on me a little, pretending that I had ticked her and made her jump. That did it and I erupted in her.

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   She must have felt something strange inside because soon after, even she started to shudder. We continued to feel each other up in the pretence it was tickling while we came together. After what must have been about a minute, I regained normal consciousness and realised the implications of what had happened. I had fucked my mom on her bed and come deep in her and she had willing participated but neither of us wanted to face reality so we blamed it on a stupid tickling fight. Exhausted, mom returned to my chest with my dick still buried deep in her. I could feel the cum oozing out of her tight pussy as the size of my dick shrunk. I contemplated acting maturely and removing my dick from her in an obvious manner and taking to her about it. On the other hand, leaving it like this and playfully removing my dick while ticking her would keep the innocence. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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