Is It Really Strip Poker?


Steph: ha I win this time big boy you know the rulesTony: I Know I Know (takes off his shirt) there you happySteph: Now I amSteph and Tony then play another Hand Steph wins againSteph: Man I am so good at this game take off another oneTony: your only winning because am letting you and your learning from the master. (takes off his pants) Steph: yeah right. Tony then deals another one he wins both of them so. Tony is just in his boxer and Steph is in her Bra and Thong. She is busty by the way. Tony: alright we are both down from some skin so this hand is all out. Steph: Yeah Yeah lets just deal so I can beat you alreadyTony deals and he wins the handTony: Ha punk I win the hand sucka lets see somethingSteph: alright alright (takes off her bra) There you like?Tony: o yes I do. Alright this is for the win of the game for both of us lets see who comes out butt nakedTony deals the cards. TONY WINSTony: Ha Cous I win the game man am good now lets see some pussySteph: alright (slips out of her thong) there you happy. Tony: me likey me likey a lotSteph well then that’s it. Steph then jumps off the bed and she bends down you pick up her bra. She bends down while her big fat ass is in Tony’s face. Tony then rubs her assSteph: What are you doing?Tony: O am sorry I just couldn’t help my selfSteph: Why you like my body or something?Tony: Hell yeah I do gosh you have some big ass tits and I check you out all the time we have these get together. Man its sucks you have a b/f I would die have you. Steph: O really? Steph turns around and then she starts playing with her tits. Steph: You like it when I do thisTony Nods his head while is mouth is wide open.

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   Steph then goes to her knees and she goes by Tony and starts to slip off his boxers. She then shes his dick rise up quickly. Steph: Man Cous you have a big dick. Do you play with it a lot?Tony: Yeah I do. I sometimes think about you while I do itSteph: O reallySteph then puts her mouth on it and she starts to suck itTony; o god Cous you suck so good o godSteph: well I do this a lotSteph then goes faster and faster and starts pumping it. She can deep throat. Tony: O god am going to cum o god here it comesSteph then jumps away and he watches her Cous pump it and it shots all the way to her. Steph: Man Cous you can cum sot far. Tony: Thank youSteph: You want to touch my tites now?Tony: o boy do ITony grabs her tits and starts juggling them. He then puts them in his mouthSteph: gessh Tony you can suck hard on them o yesTony then throws his Cous on the bed. He then crawls all the way down to her pussy. Tony: Get ready for thisTony then starts licking her pussy and then fingering it he is like a pro at thisSteph: O god Tony this turns me on so much o good you do it so good o yes. Tony then starts to pump up his dick hard. Tony: you ready for this?Steph: I don’t know if we should our parents are right out that door. Tony then sticks his dick in his Cous’s wet pussy.

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       He starts pumping into her. Steph: O GOD TONY You do it so good better then my boyfriend. O yes TonyTony: good are you sure you do it with your boyfriend you are tightTony starts going faster and faster. When he is about to cum he goes slow and then goes up to speed. It fells so goodTony: O man god you are so good o o am about to cum oSteph: Here come on my titsTony then pulls it out and he runs upward to Stephs big juggy tit sand he cums all over them. Steph: o gosh its so warm god nobody has ever fucked me this goodTony: o baby its not over yetTony then turns Steph around and jams his dick right up her ass. TOny starts taking it in and out while Steph rubs her pussySteph: O FUCK GOD DAMN OH OH OH YESS FUCK FUCK FUCK ME Gosh you fuck my in my ass so good OH OH OHTony: O gosh yes yesTony and Steph stop 10 mins later Tony: o man I can’t believe I lost my virginity to my cousin gosh you were so good I wish we can do it more oftenSteph: Don’t worry Cous everytime we have these family get together me and you will have our own little get together. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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