It Really was 'Accidental Incest!' - 2


Les awoke the next morning, a little confused at first with Dione asleep on top of him. In instant, however, the reality of what had taken place the night before came flooding back into his mind!
They’d done it! They’d actually fucked! Not just once, but twice! He had a piss hard-on, and his cock was still deeply entombed in his mother’s marvelous cunt; a fact which quickly became apparent when it twitched inside her, and as quiet moan escaped her lips. He wanted to fuck her again, right on the spot; but first, he had to piss.
As-much-as he hated doing it, he carefully rolled Dione over and off him, his cock exiting her wonderful cunt with a slight ‘Plop!’
He moved to the side of the bed and stood, then turned to look down upon his beautiful, sexy, mother. She was just so perfectly beautiful and sexy. His cock jumped and jerked as he studied her, his eyes slowly roaming her flawless features.
‘How fucking lucky can a guy get?’ he thought to himself. ‘I have the most beautiful mother in the whole world, and now she’s my lover! My forbidden, incest, lover! I’m really gonna miss Dad, but I have her now; she’s all mine, and that’s all that matters!’
He turned to go into the master bathroom, and to the toilet. He stood there for a good five minutes, waiting for his cock to deflate enough to allow him to piss.
After he’d drained his bladder, Les decided to take a quick shower. He wanted to wake-up a little more, and the shower would perfectly fit-the-bill.
Standing under the hot spray, Les began stroking his cock which had immediately returned to its fully erect state after he finished pissing. He couldn’t believe the powerful, fiery lust that now had him under its control. Just the thought of reentering his mother’s hot cunt had him ready to come in no time at all!
Les’ balls were just about to erupt when the shower door slid open, and his mother joined him.
“Oh, my!” Dione cooed as she saw what he was doing. She quickly batted his hand away, and fisted the swollen prick.

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“Is this because of little ol’ me?” she asked in a coy manner accompanied by a 'girlish' giggle.
“Uuugghnnnnn… yes! Oh, Mom…yes. Stroke my aching cock, Mom… aaawwwww… yyessssssss…”
“I’ll go one better than that, Son. ” she cooed as she moved to her knees, leaning forward to take the throbbing erection into her mouth.
“Aaawwwwwww… shiiiiiiiit! Oh yes, Mom; suck my cock!” he gasped at the intense pleasure of it. Then, he shouted as she quite expertly inhaled his cock, the massive head moving into and down her throat! She didn’t stop until her nose pressed into his pubic hair.
“Aaawwwwwwwwwww… I’m fucking… I’m fucking… I’m… .
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