It Really Was Her Idea


My name is Devin. I'm 26, kinda skinny in some places, kinda muscular in others. (I work out but not as often as I should. )  I work as a sales rep for a software company in the midwest. Been out and on my own since high school. Both parents, gone.   Dad had a heart attack ten years ago and Mom died three years later in a car accident. Now it's just me and Andie, that's my sister. She's 24. cute as all get-up and very playful. She moved to Ashland Hieghts right out of high school which is a good twelve hour drive from where I live so we don't get to see much of each other. She is still single and so am I. Last year I was sent to a three-day sales convention in Ashland Hieghts. After the first day I stopped by Andie's place to say "Hi. "  I told her I had a hotel room across town but she insisted I stay with her. Funny how I never noticed how pretty she really was, bright green eyes, like the ocean at high noon and dimples so deep you could get lost in them.

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    She sat across from me after dinner, sipping elderberry wine and laughing so hard at my exploits that she said she could stay up all night.   As she stood to gather the dishes I thought to myself how good it was to see her again. I thought back to our days growing up on Bleacher Street, the games we played, the jokes we shared.   There was something else too. She had this way of putting things, kinda odd really. She would sometimes say things in a round-a-bout way. Later you would realize she did say exactly what she meant but sometimes it would not be so clear until she said or did something that made it very plain. For example, once she was having a hard time with some algebra homework. She passed by my room and said,  "Devin, if you want to help me with my math, it would be okay, I mean I know how much you love to help others and you are so very shy about volunteering. . . " She would let her voice just trail off until I got the hint and offered to help. Well now I was sitting in her living room, watching tv and Andie came out of the kitchen. She gave me a chilled glass of the last of the elderberry wine. "This is only six percent alcohol so finishing it off won't leave you drunk.

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  " she said. She sat across from me and we talked until well after midnight. I think I must have yawned a few dozen times and Andie said, "Well it's past your bedtime, buddy boy. " She stood to leave and I kicked off my shoes and began to stretch out on the sofa. Andie stopped in the doorway to her bedroom, her hands on her hips.   "And just what do you think you're doing?"My head was geting a little foggy from the wine but I was still thinking clearly. "Going to sleep, what does it look like?"She shook her head, "Uh uh, not on the couch. You can sleep with me. " She turned as if to say that was that and openned the door to her bedroom wider. I was surprised. As far back as I could remember, we never slept together before. The thought never entered my mind. "Are you sure?" "Why not, beside you love me don't you?"  Her eyes brightened as she looked me over. I puzzled over her question for a moment. Growing up we were never really demonstrative about our feelings.

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   In fact that was the first time she ever came right out and asked me that question. I must have taken too long to answer her. She tapped her foot on the carpet. "Well? Don't you?""Sure. " I managed to croak out. Andie just shook her head, "And besides it's not like you could get me pregnant or anything. " She shrugged and went into the bedroom.   I could hear her tossing her shoes into the closet.   I sat there puzzled. Maybe she meant I would have to have sex with her to get her pregnant, which I wouldn't so I could not then get her pregnant. I made a mental note to myself to some day talk to her about her manner of speaking. I entered the room and closed the door. As I got undressed she came out of the bathroom in a skimpy little black lace night gown with matching black bra and panties. She pranced across the room and climbed into bed. Boy, I had to admit she has a very nice little body.

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   Round in all the right places and perky, just like her attitude. She whispered something I could not make out as I crawled under the covers.   I dismissed it thinking she was just being silly as usual. In time I realized she was asleep and soon, so was I. Next morning I awoke to find her still sleeping soundly. I got up and saw her skimpy night gown on the floor beside the bed. She must have gotten hot during the night and took it off. I showered and shaved, brushed and bathed, then got dressed. When I came out of the bathroom, she was in the kitchen. I offered to fix breakfast and she accepted and went off to dress. Later I was standing at the door about to leave. I called out to her. "Andie, I'm gone. Be back late. "She came out of the kitchen with her coat on.

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  "Yeah, I'm leaving too. " Then she turned back to me and moved a little closer. "You didn't do anything to me last night. "  Her voice tinged with regret. I started to ask what did she mean but she added. "Did you think I was gonna put up a fight?"I was stunned. Did she mean what I think she meant? Before I could ask she kissed me on the cheek and said, "Byeeee," like she always said when we were kids and she was out the door. I went to the convention in a kind of daze. Did Andie want me to make love to her? Even just thinking that thought gave me a tingle of anticipation.   My stomach filled with butterflies. Could Andie really be sexually attracted to. . . me?  As the day dragged on and at odd moments I found myself think about Andie and what she said. I kep trying to fiquire out an alternative meaning.

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   Maybe she was just kidding. Yeah that was it. Boy what a kidder she could be. I mean that had to be the answer. She couldn't possibly be so. . . so lonely. . . Then occurred to me,  she never talked about having a boyfriend. She never talked about going out on dates. I searched my mind. In fact all through high school she only dated once or twice.   Maybe she is that lonely.

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   Ashland Hieghts is a small town. Maybe there just aren't enough good men to go around. Well what ever the truth is she and I had better have a serious talk. Still I could not help but fantasize how it would be to make love to Andie. She was so. . . soft. . . soft and sweet. . . soft and sweet and sexy.   I found myself with a growing erection so I tried my best to put her out of my mind.

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   Lucky I was not on the schedule to give a speech. I thought the evening business sessions would never end. I finally got home to Andie well after eleven pm. Andie was already in bed, her black night gown was already on the floor. I climbed quietly into bed so as not to wake her. I lay there thinking. But what if she did want me? She seemed so. . . disappointed when she said I hadn't done anything to her last night. And her statement before about me not being able to get her pregnant. What if she meant she was on birth control? If that is true then I really couldn't get her pregnant. A lot of time passed as I though this over. She just lay there sleeping. Soon, I fell asleep too.

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  I awoke around 5:30 in the morning. it was still very dark outside and the world was very still. The only sound besides the beating of my heart was the sound of Andie's rythmic breathing. Her back was turned to me. In the dim half-light, I could see the black line of her bra curving across her back. Suddenly my heart filled with a screaming need to hold her in my arms, to inhale her fragrance. I reached out for her. She stirred beneath my hands and pushed herself into my arms. She was so soft, so warm. I could feel her heart pounding on my chest as she nestled her head on my shoulder.   She arched herself into me and pressed firmly. I tried to pull back to not press my erection into her. I feared that if she fell my hardness it would shatter the moment and she would come to her senses. But she pressed her abdomin into mine and there was no way she could not feel my erection, no way.   She turned her face toward mine and brushed her lips over mine.

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    Then she returned her head to it's place on my shoulder and I held on to her, cradling her till the sun rose. I awoke to find myself alone. Was it all a dream?Andie strutted out of the bathroom, fully dressed. She smiled a million-dollar smile at me and kissed me on the forehead. "Morning, sleepy-head.   Don't stay out so late tonight ok?" She did not wait for me to answer and she headed for the door. She stopped in the doorway. Opened her mouth to speak, then changed her mind and left the room.   I peeked out the window in time to see her drive away. The final day of the convention was by far the worst. First there were too many sessions I was scheduled to sit in on and as luck would have it I was scheduled to speak at the very last one so I could not leave early.  I kept seeing a little bit of Andie in every woman I saw. My speech was less than successful. My mind kept drifting back to Andie and the way her eyes sparkled in the morning light.   I did not think I had an erection on stage but I did notice many of the executive faces seemed to be focused on my mid-section.


  One of the female middle managers cornered me and asked if I was interested in a drink. She was attractive, her low-cut slinky dress revealed a slender body. But I felt no attraction toher. My mind was full of Andie.  As I drove home I wondered if it was sick to have these kinds of thoughts and feelings. Andie is my sister for Christ's sake. A wave of shame washed over me. But that was not enough. I realized I truely, deeply loved her. I did not get home until well past midnight. Andie was again already in bed.   I undressed and slid in beside her. She did not stir and I did not wake her. I lay there, counting the seconds, waiting for a sign.   My whole body tingled.

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   I decided this was the time. If she protested I would point out the signals she was sending.   I reached out to her but before I touched her she turned to me. "If you're gonna do it. . . go ahead. "Again there was her odd way of putting things but I didn't care. She turned her back to me so I reached over and unhooked her bra.   She helped me by raising her shoulder and allowing her bra to slip off. I droped it on the floor. She lay back down and I rose above her. My hands paused at the elastic band of her black panties. She arched her hips and I slid her panties off and tossed them to join her bra on the floor. The musky scent of her womanhood was strong.

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   She was ready. . . I was ready. I touched her labia with the tip of my penis. She moaned gently. She was so wet. . . and hot. I entered her without much effort.   She pulled me closer. . . closer and I sank  slowly into her.

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   I could feel every fleshy ripple of her vaginal walls as she pulled me in deeper. . . deeper.   Soon I was all the way inside her. She lay still beneath me, then she began gasping.   I began a slow and deliberate thrusting. On each thrust she shivvered and in time she arched her abdomin up to meet my down thrusts. It was heaven. Time melted away and we made sweet love for 30 minutes, then a full hour. Each time I felt an orgasm nearing I held back until the urge to climax passed. This might be the only time I will every make love to my sister so I wanted it to be special. I lost count of the number of times she came. Six maybe, seven. I knew I could hold back no longer so I began to really go.

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   And when I came. . . It was like  dying. So intense. So incredible. I lay there on top of her. breathing deeply.   I slid out of her. "Are you alright?" I asked, finally. I wanted her to be alright. "Hmm hum. " She said simply and turned over with her back to me. "Is that what you really wanted?" I asked. "That's what I really wanted.

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  " Again her voice was so. . . matter of factly. Like I had just asked her for the time. "And you are sure you're alright?" I really needed to know she was alright. "I just got you to fuck my brains out. . . I'm really alright, really. " She pulled the covers over herself and settled back. I reached over and kissed her on the cheek. "I just want to be sure. " I laid back myself and fell after a long and quiet time into a deep and restful sleep. .

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