It's Better With Sis


This is a sequel to “Caught In the Act”, which I submitted recently, and an apology is in order here.   I started that story several months ago with that title, and it got bogged down.   When I finally finished it recently and submitted it, it didn’t occur to me to see if someone had submitted a story with the same title, but it had happened.   So I apologize to that author for any you might guess that once June and I had masturbated together we wouldn’t stop there.   Why should we?  It was pretty damn nice, lots better than beating off all by ourselves.    
We couldn’t do it all that often, of course.   If we had done it every night Mom and Dad would have gotten suspicious and caught us, and they are very strict.   Nope, don’t want to take chances.
Mostly we chose times when they were out of the house, when we could undress completely and take our time.   We loved to tease ourselves and each other, touching and playing and letting it last a long time.   She was a master of that.   She would touch her legs and stomach and inner arms, her earlobes, underneath her tits, everywhere but her cunt.   Gentle strokes, more like a tickle.   As she did it I could see her nipples getting longer and harder and her breathing getting faster and I learned to guess pretty closely when her fingers would begin stroking her pussy.   When she did, she really worked it, moving two fingers in and out rapidly, rubbing and flicking her clit frantically, humping onto her hand.   And as she neared the finish she would push the fingers in all the way and press firmly onto her “G” spot.

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    She had it down to a science.
I had to learn.   I always got hard as soon as we took our clothes off (or even before) and until she taught me I would jack off immediately and cum in a few minutes.   I learned to stroke like she did, though, lifting and squeezing my balls, tickling them, squeezing my cock lightly, rimming the head, lightly stroking that sensitive spot just underneath the head, even tickling my asshole sometimes.   Anything to prolong the sexual tension.   Sometimes we would have a contest to see who could hold off the longest.   She usually won.   I got incredibly aroused looking at her pretty body, her perfect tits, her gorgeous blond pussy.   And if I smelled her, I was lost.   It set me off every time.
Well.   Perhaps that’s more than you really needed to know.   Of course, we also masturbated each other sometimes, really not as often as you might expect, but on those occasions we took the teasing to extremes.   I would stroke her body (or she mine) forever, just occasionally touching the genitals, extending the sexual torture to the limit.   We would make the other beg to be allowed to cum, and when we did it was explosive.

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At night we would usually confine ourselves to intimate touching.   We would sit together watching TV, with hands in open pants or on tits, caressing very gently, really just playing.   We only got a little aroused that way and it was comfortable and sweet, though of course I was always hard.   I was always hard around her.   Couldn’t help it.   It was pleasant, to say the least.
Predictably, though, we eventually wanted more.   One afternoon when my finger was in her pussy she said, “Reed, you like the way I taste, don’t you?  You always lick your fingers. ” 
“Yeah, you taste great.   Why?”
She was quiet a moment.   “Well, have you ever wanted to taste it at the source?” 
Took me just a moment to absorb that.   “You want me to lick your pussy?” 
“Well, people do that.   You might like it. ”
I looked down at her lovely soft pussy.   Never really thought about it, but why not?  It’s pretty, it smells exciting, it feels good.

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    Why not?  I moved between her legs and inhaled the scent of aroused pussy.   It was quite moist, since I had already been entertaining it with my finger.   I started with a tentative lick, just touching.   It was really slick, but OK.   I leaned in and kissed it.   I heard a sharp intake of breath.   She liked that.   I kissed it once more and let my tongue tickle her pussy lips.   She began to squirm and her breathing was definitely speeding up.   I sucked a bit, pulling her pussy lips between my lips and tickling them with my tongue.   Running my tongue up and down her slit, I sucked in some of her juice.   Lovely stuff, and I kissed her cunt again.   Her slit was so tasty that I had to try her vagina, and I moved down and slipped my tongue in as far is it would go, moving it in and out, slow tongue-fucking.   Strange, but I found that it tasted just a little different inside.   No idea why.

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I knew, though, that for her the clit is where the real action is.  I gradually worked my way up to it and sucked hard for a moment, then pressed down with my tongue, pushed side to side a few times, licked it firmly, and sucked hard again.   She was bouncing now and I knew I had her.   I grazed her clit with my teeth a couple of times, then sucked her clit hard enough to feel it between my lips, while slipping a finger into her vagina.   Just a few more seconds, and she raised her cunt high, arching her back as high as it would go, and shuddered, two, three, maybe four times.   I kept my mouth on her pussy, sucking hard, til I felt her begin to relax.   Again, as she came down I stroked her legs and flanks lightly, over and over again.   Not sure why, really; she just seemed to like it.
Her breathing took a long time to return to normal, and she was quiet a while.   “Jesus, Reed, no one ever told me it could feel like that.   I felt like my body was one big nerve.   I’m not sure masturbation will ever be enough again.   Thank you. ”
I didn’t know what to say.   I enjoyed it, too.

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    Her pussy is a fascinating place, and I wanted to be as close to it as I could, as often as I could.
“Uh Reed, they’re gonna be gone all day.   How would you like to take a shower together?”  How would I like that?  Don’t be silly.   I was already naked and just about as hard as I can get, but I swear my cock tried to get harder.   It was tight and quivering.   She looked down and giggled.   “Well, it looks like someone likes the idea. ”
I followed her to the bathroom, admiring her ass all the way.   It’s not all that big, rather trim, actually, but it sticks out nicely in the back, wiggles prettily, and is extremely pattable.   I patted it and she gave a little extra wiggle.   Have I mentioned that she is beautiful and sexy?  
She turned on the water and we stepped under.   Omigod, when she was wet she was even more gorgeous!  We had never kissed before, but I took her into my arms, held her wet body close, and kissed her with more passion than I knew I had.
      She didn’t hesitate, and returned my kiss just as eagerly.   Our mouths and tongues dueled happily for a couple of minutes, til we both had to come up for air.   She sighed a great big sigh.

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        “Wow, you’re really turning me on this morning.   My body’s like a big coiled spring, just waiting to let go. ”
    We did wash, of course; silly to be in a shower if you don’t do that.   First I washed her hair.   If you never washed a girl’s hair you just don’t know how erotic that is.   I hope I can be forgiven for sliding my boner between her legs as I did it; it did need attention.   And her hair smelled so sweet afterward.   Then we washed each other, very, very carefully, soaping every little spot and rinsing just as carefully.   We took special care with the genitals.   I soaped her pussy hair, scrubbing it shining clean, maybe accidentally touching her clit a few times.   I washed her cunt just as lovingly, getting very close to be sure I did a good job, rubbing the soap into every little crevice and even scrubbing her asshole.   When I rinsed it off I licked it just to be sure that it still tasted right.
    She washed my cock just as carefully, inspecting every little spot to be sure it was lathered, and did the same with my balls and asshole.   “Reed,” she said when she finished, “I think you need some of what you gave me. ”  She knelt down in front of me and took my dick into her hands, handling it delicately like fine china.

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        For a minute or so she just felt all over it, squeezing very gently, as if to check the texture everywhere.   She lifted my balls, one at a time, then together, rolled them in her fingers, and kneaded them gently.   Her mouth was now on my dick, just the head inside, sipping gently at the pre-cum that was steadily seeping out.   She stopped for a moment and I could see her rolling it around on her tongue, savoring the flavor.   Her tongue poked at my peehole, testing it, opening it up gently.   It felt very strange.   She sucked hard several times, then moved her mouth up and down my shaft, kissing and sucking the skin, gently beginning to jack me.  
    Finally she looked up at me with love in her eyes and sucked my entire cock into her mouth.   I almost came right there.   What a wonderful sensation!  She left it that way a minute or so, working her tongue around the shaft, pushing my arousal higher and higher, then began an up and down motion that can only be described as mouth-fucking.   I knew I couldn’t take much of that.   Several minutes later I had to warn her, “June, I’m about to cum. ”
    “Do it, baby, do it.   I want to feel it shooting into my mouth.   I want to have my whole mouth full of your taste.

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        I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. ” 
    Damn!  And I let it go.   Omigod, how wonderful it felt, shooting one spurt after another into her sweet, warm mouth, feeling it moving and massaging my cock like nothing I ever felt before.   She kept sucking til I was done, swirling the cum in her mouth, then swallowing it.   She kissed me then, a sweet, hard, loving kiss that let me taste myself in her mouth.   I finally knew what it meant to “make love. ”     





















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