Jen, Lou and I (part 1)


Jen Lou and I(part 1)

"Mum!" "Mum! I decided to come home early" The words invaded my mind, rousing back from my trance like state. I looked up as my 15 year old daughter walked around the corner and stopped dead; gasping in shock upon seeing the position her mother was in. Jenny I yelled but she turned and ran to her room before I had a chance to say anything else. I wanted to go after her to explain to help her understand but I couldn't move, Lou was mounted on me from behind rhythmically sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. He didn't care that my daughter had just caught me he wanted to finish what I started and if I tried to stop him to get him off he got vicious. So I was stuck worrying about Jen till Lou finished fucking me.
Forty five minutes later now cleaned up I knocked on Jens door and walked in. Jen was quickly straighten herself up she hated people in her room she said it made her uncomfortable. Jen was sitting on the bed, She was wearing a short skirt that she was pulling down to cover herself, I could tell that she had been crying and wanted to hold her. Jen was my youngest at 15 she was developing well with B cup tits long firm legs and a dress sense that really shows off her beauty, but I felt she was still very immature. She spent so much time watching Disney cartoons and drawing I felt she was not mixing with kids her own age. I knew she never had a boyfriend from our constant chats on the way home from school though she had been asked a few times, she waslate to mature.
"Mum I don’t want to talk, please leave me alone!" That was it, I knew her stubborn streak was there and I knew that we weren’t talking any time soon so I told her that I loved her and left. For two weeks the only words Jen and I shared were of basic household items Dinner, dishes school Etc. Slowly though she started to open up to me again, carefully at first then we slowly slipped back into our old routine but I could sense that she was careful not to mention anything that could bring the subject of that day up, so I avoided it also.
Three months later was Jens 16th birthday, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday "DVD's and art equip" was her reply.

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   I should have known. """The day of your birthday I said "your Dad is away for work that week how about you skip school and we have a day out together"? " That would be great" she said. So on her birthday we dropped her brother off at school and went to the local shopping mall. It was a warm day so we were both dressed quite lightly, I was in a short summer dress with heels and Jen was in shorts, singlet and heels. We looked great!!We spent the morning looking at the things Jen wanted to look at then I suggested that we get her a new outfit; Jen wasn't excited but agreed anyway. We found a pretty little dress that we both liked cut above the knee scalloped around the neck with a plunging back. We went into the change room to try it. While she was changing I was waiting outside for her, the shop assistant showed a stunning girl into a cubicle close by. At about 22 she was beautiful. She went into the cubicle as Jen come out. Jen and I were looking at the dress as the girls friend come into the change area with a new dress for her friend she opened the curtain and passed it to her friend and stood by chatting with her. Jen and both glanced over to see the pretty girl standing there in a pretty little thong and no bra; she wasn't shy and didn’t try to hide. Jen looked away very shyly but as we discussed the dress I could see her looking at the girl try her dress on in the mirror thinking I couldn't tell where she was looking. "I love it Mum" Jen said "but you can see my bra straps”, and then we'll get you the right underwear I replied. Jen got changed and as we left I caught her cast a glance back at the girl who was now undressed again and putting her bra back on.

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   We went and bought her a couple of bra's and under sufferance a pretty lacy bra and panty set. I also got myself a few things.
When we got home I told Jen to try on a few things we bought, "Mum" Jen yelled "my bra is to lose" so I went in to adjust it for her, I was half way through trying on my new braand panty set, a lilac lacy set that barely covered my DD breasts or pubic hair. I loved Lingerie it made me feel sexy and I believe it looked sexy on me. I was never shy and wasn't ashamed to walk around in bra and panties even around my 17 year old son so I went to help Jen in my new set. I adjusted her bra then told her to try the lacy set on so I could adjust that also. She told me to turn around and got changed. When I turned back Jen was standing there looking incredible sexy. I walked up behind her and adjusted her bra straps, I was feeling a little horny at this point, and having Jen standing in front of me dressed so sexy wearing a sexy new outfit was taking its toll. I reached around and cupped Jens boobs in my hands checking if the the bra was the right size. I felt Jen tighten up as I ran my hands up over her breasts. Jen made to move away but I leaned into her running my hands over her tits again, her nipples were firm now and I could feel Jen lean back into me.
" I thought that girl in the changing room was very sexy" I whispered to her," I love the feel of another women", all while I was gently rubbing her nipples through her lacy bra. "She looked so good” Jen said back. I was now pinching her nipples and could feel Jen leaning back into me, her breathing was quickening and I knew she wanted more.

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   I turned her around to face me while gently pushing her back down onto the bed, I slipped my hand under her bra and she took in a gasp, "do you like girls more than boys" I asked. I slipped one of her tits out of the bra exposing her nipple, pinching and teasing her breathing quickening with every touch. “I like both I fantasize over girls as well as boys when I masturbate" Jen answered in short breaths. With both boobs exposed now I bent down and nibbled her tit freeing my hand to slip down to her snatch. Her panties were wet as I rubbed then. Jens back ached at my touch little squeals coming from her as I took her tit between my teeth and gently pulled on then. I slipped my hand under her panties and peeled them down exposing her pussy to my touch. Brushing her clit as I slid my finger towards her pussy she opened her legs wide to my touch breathing fast and moaning regularly. I slipped a finger into her tight pussy, the moist making access easy, "OHHH" she moaned pushing her hips onto my hand rubbing her pussy up and down trying to get her clit touched again.
I stood up and stripped of telling her at do the same laying on the bed Jen looked up at me, I could see she wanted more she reached out and cupped my trimmed pussy rubbing trying to get her finger into my pussy.
    I climbed on top of her lowering my pussy toward her face while I buried my face into her wet bush. Sucking on her clit I could feel Jens body squirm beneath me she was trying to reach my pussy but I wanted to tease her. While sucking on Jens clit I slipped a finger into her cunt moving it around rubbing inside of her making her scream with pleasure. I never imagined my shy little girl as a vocal lover but she wasn't shy now groaning and squealing when my finger or tongue touched the right spot. Then out of nowhere she grabbed my hips and dragged my hips down onto her waiting mouth slipping her tongue into me with amazing ease.

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       Her technique wasn't great but it felt great making me more and more excited slipping two fingers into her pussy Jen spread her legs as wide as she could. Exploring her young pussy with my mouth and fingers Jen was forcing my hips onto her face rubbing my pussy with her mouth. With my second hand I slipped a finger round to her ass rubbing some moister of her pussy as I went. Then without any warning I found her asshole and slipped the lubed finger up her ass moving it in and out with ease. Jen let out a little scream then moaned loudly. I could feel her body tighten under me, she stopped licking my pussy as she groaned. "OHHH my god" digging her fingers into my ass where she was holding me she forced her pussy into my face. Then with a yell I felt her cum, thrusting her hips up and down moaning in delight, a flow of juice over my fingers down her ass crack making my ass fingering that mach easier.
    "That was amazing" Jen said but I didn’t stop. I fingered her ass faster while biting her clit, “ohhhhhh noooo" Jen yelled very loud “I’m cumming again""OHHHH GOD" this time it wasn't as intense but I felt her body tighten up and convulse as feeling rushed through her. This time I stopped and turned around to look at her limp body. This amazing look of joy on her face as I slipped my fingers into her mouth for her to lick the cum off them. “That was so good Mum But you didn’t cum" Jen said. " Doesn’t matter" I replied "maybe next time!"Jen smiled as she looked at me then a look of shock entered her face. "You’re bleeding" she said.

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       I looked down and saw blood where Jen had stuck her fingernails into me during her first orgasm, "don’t worry" sweetie I said "means you enjoyed yourself. "Oh yes I loved it" she answered.
    After 10 min of chatter Jens look turned serious, "mum, does Dad know what you and Lou do when he's not here?""Yes" I answered "he suggested it". I had forgotten about that day in the excitement but it seems That Jen hadn't. "Can you tell me why"? “Because your Dad travels so much he thought that I needed a release while He was away""I don’t know what to say, It doesn’t seem right but I was so aroused that day I came into my room and fingered myself" Jen said. "Can I watch you and Lou one day?"
    " I don’t think Lou would mind" I said " how about today I am very horny and would love the release"" How about Tommy" Jen asked " he's staying with a friend tonight to do a project " I answered "its just us"Jen thought about it for a second "OK" Jen said "you have to call Lou".
    Jen and I got up and left her room, both naked we walked to the lounge and opened the outside door, "Lou" I called "Lou". Then a four year old retriever came running towards us and the door. "You’re a good boy Lou" I said and gave him a pat, "we have a job to do"

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