Jordan's First


This is my first story for this site. Let me know if you like it (or don't) at sardonicus1313@yahoo. com. Hope you enjoy it!

Jordan didn't know what made him do it, but he softly approached his sister's bedroom door. It was open a crack and light from within sliced through the pitch darkness of the hallway. Amy must have just gotten in. Jordan idly wondered if Mom and Dad would let him stay out so late when he was seventeen. With a sudden sense of trepidation Jordan glanced at his parents' bedroom door. It was firmly shut. He could hear his father snoring on the other side. Jordan reached Amy's door and he slowly put his eye up to the slim crack. He couldn't see anything but his sister's dresser. There were perfume bottles and make-up scattered atop it. In the mirror above the dresser he could see Amy's bed reflected. It was still made. He began wondering why he was doing this as he stifled a yawn.

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   Just as Jordan was about to turn and go back to bed he saw movement. Suddenly, his sister walked into view and stood in front of her dresser. Jordan's mouth fell open. She was topless, wearing only a flimsy pair of thong underwear.
A lump began to fill Jordan's throat as his eager eyes scanned his older sister's nearly nude body. Amy was brushing her long, dark hair, offering Jordan an unobstructed view of her breasts. They were rather large, especially compared to her slim waist. Even from his poor vantage point Jordan could tell Amy's nipples were hard. His eyes fell to Amy's curvaceous ass and Jordan began to understand why all of his friends always told him his sister was hot. He was only thirteen and had never seen a girl naked before. Not a real one anyway. Right now it didn't matter that it was his own sister he was staring at, all Jordan could see was her naked femininity. As he spied on his sister, Jordan felt as if all the blood was rushing from his head and toward his crotch. He could feel his penis stiffening inside his pajama bottoms. Just as he began to reach down to fondle himself, his father let out a particularly loud snore, causing him to nervously jump.

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   As he did so, his elbow hit the bedroom door, causing it to thump open.
Jordan felt as if his heart had been swallowed by his stomach when he saw Amy turn, her brown eyes wide with alarm, and see him standing at her door. He wished he could just melt away in that moment but he couldn't even move, he felt paralyzed. "What are you doing?" Amy asked as she made her way toward the door. Despite Jordan's embarrassment he couldn't help but notice how Amy's tits jiggled as she walked. As his sister neared him, Jordan found his legs and turned to run back down to his own room. However, he felt Amy's arm snake around his neck and drag him backward. He reached up and tried to pry Amy's arm away but her grip was surprisingly strong. Jordan was forced into Amy's bedroom where she flung him onto her bed. Amy shut the door quietly as Jordan gasped for breath, his face flushed and eyes tearing up.
As he caught his breath, Jordan looked up at his sister through blurry vision. She hadn't bothered to cover herself and stood facing him with her hands on her curvy hips. Her eyes narrowed as they fell on Jordan’s erection that was straining against his pajama bottoms. Jordan covered his crotch with his hands as he tried his best not to stare at her full, heaving breasts. "You little pervert.

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  " She shook her head at him.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to," Jordan croaked out. He intentionally lowered his eyes to the floor, feeling his face grow even redder from shame.
"What's the matter? Don't want to look at me anymore?" Amy chided. Jordan shook his head, still looking at the floor. "Okay, well now it's my turn. " He looked up at her in confusion, careful to stare her straight in the eye.
"Huh?" Was Jordan's only response.
"You saw me, now I get to see you. Strip. " Amy crossed her arms, her tits resting upon them.
"You want me to. . . take my clothes off?"
"It's only fair isn't it?" Amy reasoned.

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   "Come on," Amy said with the same commanding tone their mother used on him. Without thinking, Jordan stood and removed his T-shirt, exposing his wiry physique. "No big deal, you walk around without a shirt all the time," Amy said. "Take the pajamas off. " Jordan hesitated. "Do you want me to tell Mom and Dad about your peeping?" Jordan didn't, so he slipped his pajama bottoms off. He stood before his sister wearing only his underwear, his still erect penis poking at the thin fabric. Though she was only a foot or so taller than he was, Jordan felt completely dwarfed at the moment. "The underwear, too. " Jordan looked up at his sister defiantly. He thought he detected a trace of a smile on her full lips.
"No way!" He argued. "You're still wearing underwear. I didn't see you totally naked!" Amy seemed to consider this. Then,smiling, she peeled down her thong, letting it drop to the floor.

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   Jordan stared, dumbfounded, at the tiny strip of pubic hair and the tiniest glimpse of his sister's vaginal lips. "Wow," he uttered breathlessly. He felt his cock give a twitch at the sight.
Amy smiled with satisfaction. "Now your turn. " Jordan tore his gaze away from his sister's crotch to look her questioningly in the eye. Hesitantly, he pulled down his underwear. The garment fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. Amy's eyes fell to her brother's exposed genitals. She smiled. Jordan looked own uncertainly at himself. His dick was about five inches long and pointing up at an angle, pulsing every few seconds. Jordan’s balls were tight with nervousness and fine, light pubic hair surrounded them.
After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Jordan apprehensively glanced up at his sister again. Amy was no longer smirking, rather she had dreamy kind of look on her face.

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   Her cheeks looked flushed, her mouth hung open slightly, and her brown, doe-like eyes were hooded, intent upon Jordan’s trembling manhood. He then noticed how her left hand was slowly playing in between her legs. “Not bad, little brother,” she finally said. “You’re actually as big as my last boyfriend. You’re probably going to be pretty well hung when you’re older. ”
“You think so?” Jordan looked down at himself, quite pleased.
“Maybe you’re not such a little kid after all. ” Jordan felt his ego inflate at the praise, making him relax a little. It was still weird having his sister staring at his prick but it was also exciting. No girl had ever seen him like this. Amy was the first. She continued to stare at his erection for several moments, all the while her hand pawed slowly at her crotch. Amy then looked into Jordan’s eyes and smiled. “Wanna do something fun?”
Jordan had no idea what she meant but he nodded his head, mostly out of fear of upsetting her again. She moved toward him and, taking his hand, guided him toward her bed.

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   “Lay down,” she commanded. Puzzled, Jordan obeyed, laying on his back, his hard cock flopping against his belly. He then watched as Amy got on the bed as well, straddling him. His eyes fell to her open legs and he got a better view of the pink, narrow slit there. Jordan felt a wet heat as she sat down on top of him, her pert, round breasts jiggling inches from his face. He stared up in amazement and wonder as Amy reached down and grasped his penis. His eyes widened as he felt her delicate fingers on his sensitive member. No one but he had ever touched himself there. Amy raised it up, lifted her hips, positioned his cock beneath her dripping slit, and then slowly sat down on it.
Jordan had never felt anything so good. A warm, moist, almost vice-like satiny grip engulfed his cock. His breath caught in his lungs as he tried to gasp at the pleasure. Amy’s eyes were shut, her mouth a tight line, as she sighed heavily. She withdrew her hand from in between her legs sat straight up. Amy gazed down at her brother.

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   “How’s that feel?”
Jordan could only nod, he was afraid to do anything more. Amy grinned and slowly began to grind her hips back and forth, working his cock further inside her. Jordan moaned softly. Then Amy started to buck up and down, slowly at first, then much faster. The sensation was overwhelming. His sister’s hot, tight pussy was the only thing he could feel. He watched her tits bouncing up and down and he felt the urge to fondle them. As if reading his mind, Amy reached down, found his hands, and placed them on her breasts. Jordan felt the hard nipples against his palms and squeezed, causing Amy to sigh with pleasure. He kneaded and rubbed them so hard Jordan thought it might hurt her, but it only seemed to excite her more.
Amy leaned over, arching her back, sticking her tits in her brother’s face. She began to hump him even harder, moving herself back and forth, impaled on his member. Amy’s swinging boobs were an inch from Jordan’s face. He leaned up, found her left nipple with his mouth, and sucked on it.
“Mmmm…yeah that feels good.

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  ” Amy murmured. “Oh, Jordan, your cock feels so good!” Her thrusts became so intense that it almost hurt Jordan. Almost, because he felt a swelling within his tentacles. It was an urgent, immediate sensation he’d only felt before during wet dreams. He involuntarily let out a groan. “Don’t come yet! Don’t come!” Amy squealed. “I’m close…oh so close…”
Jordan couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop the surge of pleasure that was about to rush over him. He clutched Amy to him, feeling her firm, hot body, covered in sweat, tighten in his grasp. “Oh…oh…oh…. oh…OH!” She moaned in his hear as he felt her vagina clutch and squeeze at his cock. At the same time, Jordan grunted as his member pumped semen into his sister’s already dripping wet quim. Jordan had never felt anything so good in his life and he began grunting louder as Amy continued to fuck him. He could feel her vaginal muscles tightening and relaxing around his prick, milking it. “Shhhh!” Amy hissed as she leaned down.

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   Jordan felt her full, wet lips against his, then her tongue inside his mouth. He returned her sloppy, passionate kiss, his moans stifled as he felt his orgasm subside.
After a few gasping moments Amy rolled off of her brother and lay beside him on the bed. Jordan looked down at his penis, now wilted and covered in sticky fluid. He rolled his head over and gazed adoringly at his big sister who lay, breathing heavily, beside him. He’d never loved her more than at this moment.  .
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