Karens Awakening


Later John told Karen he was going to inventory the contents of the box and Karen was not to come into their bedroom until he summoned her. John closed their bedroom door, opened the box and proceeded to lay the contents out on the bed. Surveying the new toys, he smiled with satisfaction as to his choice of torture instruments, which would be put to good use later that evening. John had ordered two of everything and not needing the second set for tonight re-packed them in the box and returned it to the closet. He opened their toy drawer re-arranged their existing toys to make room for the new arrivals and neatly placed them so as to be readily available when he needed them. John selected and arranged some of the usual bondage gear on the bed. Waist belt with attached arm cuffs, thigh belts with wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs with spreader bar, the double bardex, large inflatable dildo and two I. V. stands that he adjusted up to nearly touch the ceiling. He knew Karen would be disappointed with the meager selections of toys he had laid out, but he had other surprises in store for his pain slut tonight that would push her to new unexplored limits of her endurance. At 7:30 he called Karen into the bedroom. She ran as fast as she could and as she entered their torture chamber, she let out a loud sigh of disappointment. Not only was there nothing new, but there was even less laid out for her than usual. John told Karen to get undressed and get ready, because this was only the beginning course of the night. Karen did not totally understand what he had in mind for her, but did not get her hopes up for being challenged tonight. Karen fastened the waist belt, thigh cuffs and locked them.

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   Sat on the edge of the bed and attached the ankle cuffs with the attached spreader bar and stood up to have the double bardex nozzle inserted. John had always inflated the inner balloon only half way and Karen was surprised when he gave the bulb five pumps instead of the usual three. He inflated the outer balloon to it's maximum also to ensure an extremely effective seal for tonight's action. Karen looked around for the pump gag and harness, but it was nowhere to be found. John fastened Karen's wrists and upper arms to the belts and helped her onto the bed, adjusted the spreader bar to give him unrestricted access to her holes. Karen was surprised he did not put the pump dildo into her and asked him when she would be feeling it tonight? John replied "all in good time". John went over to their toy drawer, opened it and selected the first of the new toys. Karen noticed that it was a pump gag, but had a long hose extending from the mouth side and two pump bulbs on the outer side. John smiled as he walked back to Karen, told her to take the tube in her mouth and suck it to the back of her throat until it reached her gag point. She didn't see how this was going to help in their games, but went along with it anyway. When she had it in as far as she could without totally gagging, John told her to swallow and pushed the tube down her throat. He stopped to check that the tube was going down the right opening by listening for her breathing. Satisfied it had hit its mark, he continued to push it down her throat until the gag was only an inch from Karen's mouth. He next gave the smaller pump bulb a squeeze and waited for any reaction from Karen, noticing no discomfort, he returned to the toy drawer and returned with a sealed long package. Karen noticed the words Foley on the label, but this did not mean anything to her yet.

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   John put on a pair of sterile surgical gloves and proceeded to wash the entrance to Karen's cunt. Karen knew he used gloves when he fisted her, but he was only able to get one hand in at a time and was puzzled as to why he had two on. She tried to question him about this, but with the tube down her throat, she could only mumble unintelligible sounds. John reassured her he was not going to double fist her, just yet. Satisfied that he had totally cleaned her, he got a tube of sterile KY with a thin applicator tip, spread her cunt lips and probed for the entrance to her urethra. Finding it, he pushed the entire applicator tip into her. She gasped at the new sensation, as it burned slightly. John squeezed the tube injecting the KY into her virgin urethra and began to remove the applicator all the while continuing to squeeze the tube ensuring a through lubrication. Karen watched him as he applied a liberal coating on the end of a soft flexible rubber tube and proceeded to push it into her urethra. Karen was puzzled as to the purpose of this addition to their collection, but could do nothing to prevent its insertion into her. John slowly continued inserting it until he noticed urine coming from the tube and into the collecting bag. He pushed it in another inch, got a 10cc syringe filled with sterile saline, injected it into the tube and removed the needle. He gently pulled on the tube and feeling resistance stopped. Karen now had tubes in all three openings where liquid could be put. John next got the new enema bags from their drawer and hung all three on the I.

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  V. stand hooks. Karen noted there were two clear two-quart bags and one that had markings indicating five quarts. John reached under the bed and produced six bottles of liquid. Five one quart bottles and one gallon container. He opened and poured the gallon and one of the quart bottles into the five-quart bag, two of the quart bottles into the first of the remaining bags and the other two quarts into the last bag. He connected the five-quart bag to her bardex nozzle, the second bag to the tube in her urethra and the last to the tube in her throat. John began to explain the sensations she would feel as the torture began. First she would feel the liquid being forced into her through the bardex, but this liquid was specially formulated to be absorbed rapidly by her large intestine. He opened the clamp and she felt her forced enema begin. While she was engrossed in the cramping and pressure building in her, he called her attention to the second bag. It contained liquid that would be absorbed by the small intestine after filling her stomach. He explained that the tube down her throat had a balloon at it's tip and he had inflated it just above the entrance to her stomach, so whatever went in would stay there until he released it. John noted her progress in taking her five-quart enema and smiled when he noted there was only three quarts left. Karen saw her stomach begin to swell and wondered just how much she could handle tonight.

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   John opened the clamp on the tube connected to her stomach tube and Karen squirmed as the liquid filled her stomach. She felt as if she were going to throw up, but the balloon prevented it quite successfully. Karen began to squirm and mumble something about having to piss, John smiled and got one of Karen's favorite devices from the drawer. It consisted of two large plastic cups connected by a long strap. He placed each cup over Karen's breasts and passed one end of the strap under the bed, and secured and tightened the strap, trapping her breasts in the cups and immobilizing her upper body. He retrieved the suction pump from the closet, connected the two hoses to the plastic cups and adjusted the suction control. Karen counted the clicks as he increased the suction. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as he continued past her normal limit by three clicks. She knew this was going to be a night to remember if not fear for a long time. Karen tried to protest as best she could, but only managed to mumble unintelligible sounds. John became frustrated with all the interruptions and pushed the pump gag into her mouth and totally inflated it, silencing her. She watched as her stomach continued to bulge from the force and volume of liquid now in her. The five-quart bag had two quarts left while the two-quart bag was still three quarters full. Karen tried to squirm to ease the pressure and cramping, but with the suction cups entrapping her breasts and firmly fastened to the bed, she couldn't move at all. John smiled at her discomfort and told her the best was yet to come, for in another hour, she would have absorbed all the liquid her bladder could handle and only then would he open the last clamp connected to the Foley catheter in her urethra.

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   To increase her discomfort, John set a timer for one hour and strategically placed it in view of his victim. She watched as the minutes ticked off, each seeming to last for an hour. John, sensing her need for release, pushed the inflatable dildo into her now well-lubricated cunt, closed the valve and placed the bulb in her hand. Karen pumped it to half its maximum capacity and john turned on the internal vibrator to full blast. As Karen's discomfort mounted, she pumped the bulb again, more to divert her attention from the pressure and swelling than to reach an orgasm. Karen felt the vibrations begin to migrate from her cunt to the rest of her lower body, due to the force of the liquid pressing against her now fully filled cunt. She tried to scream as the first orgasm of the night ripped through her. This was not like any orgasm she had felt before, but it felt as if her entire body was in total spasms. John smiled, noted the time remaining on the timer and left her to her own devices and orgasms. John patiently waited until the timer went off and told Karen that the final phase of her torture was about to begin. Karen did not even hear him, as she was engrossed in one orgasm after another, not knowing where one ended and the next began. As John opened the last clamp, she was snapped out of her dream state by the increasing pressure in her already full bladder. John laughed as his pain slut tried to squirm against this latest introduction of even more fluid into her already bulging body. Karen frantically squeezed the pump bulb to try and divert her attention from the mounting pressure. Noting that the five-quart bag was empty, he clamped off the double bardex and disconnected the tube.

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   Standing back he surveyed the scene in front of him. Her tits were almost totally filling the FF cups sucking at her breasts, her stomach was straining against the waist belt which was firmly strapped around her, the pump gag forced her cheeks to bulge and both her hands were clenched tightly causing her knuckles to turn white. He knew that he had exceeded what she thought was her maximum limit, which is just what both of them had wanted in the first place. Everything was going as planned, but in the excitement and torment of the moment, neither of them herd their daughter Christie come in the front door, and as she was supposed to be out on a date until the early hours of the morning, John had not closed the bedroom door. Their daughter bounded through the door to behold her blotted mother firmly strapped to the bed with tubes protruding from all her holes. Christie had seen them "playing" before, but never had she imagined the scene she was viewing before her. She felt a tingle start deep within her and said that she wanted to join in and feel what her mother had described to her. Karen had tried to explain the pleasures and torments she had gone through during their previous play times. Karen shook her head frantically from side to side trying to warn her daughter not to enter into their play, but too late. Christie bounded out of their room and quickly undressed. When she returned, John asked her if this was what she wanted. Christie told him that she had always fantasized about feeling what her mother had described in great detail, and now she was determined to find out just what her limits were. John told her to go to her room and get two of her heaviest belts and then return. She bolted from their bedroom and frantically searched her drawers for the belts. John had to think quickly and slid a table to the end of the bed, placed pillows on it to effectively extend their king size bed to accommodate his newest pain slut.

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   Christie quickly returned with the two heavy leather belts John had told her to retrieve. John went to the toy drawer and selected two ankle cuffs and a long strap that they had not used in many months. He told Christie to put on the ankle cuffs, which she did in short order. He instructed her to stand with her legs spread and her hands alongside her legs. He placed one of Christi's belts around her thigh and wrist, tightened it to immobilize her arm, repeated the process to the other, placed the long strap around her waist and arms and also tightened it. Christie was totally immobilized from the waist up. Next he retrieved two double-headed snap clips, the smaller double bardex and proceeded to insert it into his daughter and inflate both balloons. She moaned in anticipation of her upcoming ordeal. John helped his daughter into the table and told her to scoot down until her ankles were positioned next to her mothers. Christie had some trouble in moving with her upper body immobilized, but with a concerted effort, she finally was in position. John snapped the clips to his wife's ankle cuffs and his daughters, totally immobilizing her and exposing her to his view and will. John could not pass up this opportunity to preserve the next hours for posterity and got the camcorder and tripod, positioned it to capture all the upcoming activities and pressed the record button. He next prepped his daughter's cunt in preparation for her catheterization. John told her that the last tube to be inserted into her would be the stomach tube and proceeded to lubricate her urethra. John told her to tell her mother what she was feeling throughout the preparation.

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   As he pushed the KY nozzle into her urethra, she told her mother that it burned a little bit and she felt she had to pee. John next began inserting the catheter into Christie, and she told her mother that it felt exciting and almost to the point where she was about to come. John fully inserted the catheter, inflated the inner balloon and seated it in his daughter. He went to the toy drawer and came back with Janet's old breast harness, which was a DD and fastened his daughter firmly to the table, clamped off his wife's suction tubes, inserted two T's and connected his daughters tubes to the pump. When he released the clamps, his daughter's breasts were instantly sucked into the cups forcing her C to a D's. She told her mother that they hurt, but in an exciting way. Hearing this, Janet had another crashing orgasm just thinking of what her daughter was feeling.
    John had a brainstorm and retrieved two additional pillows from the closet, placed one under the heads of both his slaves to allow them to view each other's torments. John asked Christie if she had ever used her mother's inflatable dildos? She replied that she had sneaked the medium size one and was able to pump it up half way before coming. John smiled and retrieved the medium inflatable dildo, slid it into his daughter, turned the vibrator control to full, closed the valve and placed the inflation bulb into her hand. John next connected a T fitting to the now empty five-quart bag, re-connected it to his wife's bardex and to his daughter's. He released the clamp to his wife's bardex and watched as the liquid began to rise in the tube, while at the same time Christi's body began to tense as her enema began. John poured another gallon of the special enema solution into the bag and watched as it slowly began to fill both of his slaves. He next clamped off Karen's catheter and closed the valve to the bag, placed another T into the line and connected it to Christi's catheter. He then poured another quart of solution into the nearly empty bag and released the clamps.

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       Christie told her mother that she felt fuller than she ever had imagined she could be and it hurt a little. Karen had another orgasm after hearing her daughter's report. John watched as his daughter's stomach began to swell, slowly at first, but soon was nearly as swollen as his wife's. Christie began pumping her dildo to help divert her attention from the pressure she was feeling and within a minute, was experiencing her first orgasm of the evening. Before Christie got too engrossed in her orgasms, John decided to introduce his daughter to the stomach tube. He retrieved the second one from the box in their closet and asked Christie if she had ever given a boy a blow job? Christie said she had tried, but gagged when he tried to push his penis down her throat. John told his daughter that this would be the hardest part of her training, and to do exactly what he told her to. She agreed, and John placed the tube into her mouth. As with his wife, he told her to suck the tube in until she felt like she was going to gag and then stop. Christie did as she was told and when she stopped, John told her to swallow. As she swallowed, John forced the tube down her throat and slowly down to just above the entrance to her stomach, gave the small bulb one pump and asked her how it felt. She mumbled something that neither could understand. John told her to speak slowly and clearly so they both could hear what she was saying. She tried again and they both heard her state that after the initial gagging, she felt no other discomfort. Karen's eyes flared, as he never told her that if she spoke slowly and clearly that he would be able to understand her, but then it wouldn't have made any difference anyway.

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       She drifted off into another orgasm. John noticed that there still was one quart of liquid in the stomach bag and quickly cross-connected it to his daughter's tube. He took pity on Karen and deflated her mouth gag and slid it out of her so the two could "chat" about their torment. Karen's first discernable words were "I ' m s o r r y h o n e y t h a t I c o u l d n o t w a r n y o u a b o u t t h i s t o r t u r e". Christy responded that she felt more sexy and turned on than she ever had. John got four more pillows to prop up his slaves and allow them to see each other over their swollen bellies and chat. John said he had some errands to run and would be back in a few hours, so they both could chat as best they could until his return. When he returned three hours later, the sight I front of him when he entered the bedroom was overwhelming. Both his slaves were trembling with one continuous orgasm after another. All three bags were empty, both had fully inflated their dildos and stretched their cunts almost to the point of being torn open. Their bellies were fully distended and he wondered if both of them would have stretch marks showing later that evening. John turned off both dildos, turned off the vacuum pump and removed the suction cups from both of them, clamped off all three tubes firmly implanted in each of his two slaves and disconnected them from the bags. He unsnapped the clips holding Christi's ankles to her mother's, gently lifted her and carried her to the bathroom. He first deflated the bardex and allowed her to expel the fluid from her intestines and rectum. He had to support her through the entire expellation, as she was as limp as a rag doll from her ordeal.


       Next he deflated the Foley catheter, removed it from her urethra and watched as she pissed over a half-gallon of piss. He giggled to think of the new size of her bladder and her never having to complain to her future lovers that he had to pull over at the nearest gas station so she could relieve herself. He returned his limp daughter to their bed and tucked her into the covers,He left the stomach tube in to prevent her from vomiting. Next he repeated the procedure with Karen. And again returned her to their bed and tucked her in. It was at eleven that night when Karen walked out of their room to the living room where John was watching TV. Karen still had her stomach tube in her and asked john to remove it so she could give him the biggest kiss of his life. John slowly deflated the balloon holding the tube firmly in place and slowly pulled it from her throat. As promised, she gave him a great big kiss and began to relate everything that she could remember about the conversations she had with Christie. John went to the bedroom, noticed Christie was still sleeping, rewound and ejected the tape from the camcorder and departed the room. John put the tape in the VCR and pressed play. Karen and John snuggled up to re-live the experiences of that night in their mind. Karen had four massive orgasms without John even touching her as she watched her daughter being put through the same torment she had endured. She mentioned that John had two pain sluts to deal with now. John just smiled.

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      Christie did not stir until the next morning. She went into the kitchen and asked Karen to remove her stomach tube. Karen slowly deflated the balloon and pulled the tube from her daughter's mouth. Christie asked where John was, Karen told her he was sleeping in the living room. Christie ran to the living room, still naked and wrapped her arms around John's neck, gave him a big hug and kiss. John said that they should watch a re-run of the video once they all had a good breakfast. Christie thanked her father for giving her the most "fulfilling" evening of her life. All three of them laughed, but John was concerned. What would he think up for en encore?By FalcorMay be distributed freely with the stipulation my pen name remain attached. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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