Kathy and Me


Only one "sexual" thing happened between us when we were young, and it was really much more a matter of physical experimentation. One day when we were about 8 Kathy came home and told me about a conversation that she had had with her friend Jana. Jana had a teenage sister and apparently the sister had been telling Jana about sex. Jana had told Kathy that adults made babies by putting the man's willy (Jana called it a "penis") inside the woman's trickle (Jana said "vagina") and squirting some stuff. Kathy and I both thought that she was joking and playing a trick on Kathy. So Kathy asked her again the next day. Yep, Jana said, that's the way my sister said to do it. So Kathy asked me, "Do you want to try making a baby?" Well, I didn't really know that we needed a baby around the house, but I was curious to see what it would feel like to do what Jana said, so I agreed. We took off our clothes and Kathy lay down and opened her legs so that I could go inside her. Then she started laughing. "No, silly, your willy has to be hard, or it will never go into me. " OK, I could handle that, and I played with it a little and made it hard. Then I tried putting it in. Impossible. In the first place I couldn't find the hole. It's in the wrong place and I just couldn't find it.

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   When I finally did, I pushed as hard as I could, and it just wouldn't go in. It was hurting Kathy (and me, too), and we stopped for a while. Finally Kathy said it might be better if she guided it in, and she tried, but it still wouldn't go, and it really hurt. We decided that Jana was just lying and never tried again. Being a girl, Kathy started puberty sooner than I did, while she was 10, and I noticed that her nipples had started to push forward into little points. I thought they were cute, and we talked sometimes about the ways that her body was changing and how we thought we would look when we were grown. Later I noticed that the brown part around her nipples (I learned that it's the "areola") was getting a bit puffy and pushing forward, too. That was even cuter, and I hoped that they would stay that way after she grew real tits (and they did). I was well past 11 when I started puberty and for a while the only sign was that I found that my dick felt better than usual when it got hard. Naturally, I began to get it hard more often and found that if I rubbed it up and down it felt really nice. That eventually became real masturbation, of course, and I loved to lie back naked on my bed and jack off. I couldn't produce cum yet, but the orgasms still felt great. I was doing that one day, when Kathy walked in. "Feel good, bro'?" she said. "You bet, sis.

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   I wish I could do it all of the time. " I continued to jack off while we were talking and in a few minutes I hit my peak. "Ahhhhh", I grunted, and fell back onto the bed. Kathy just sat and watched. "Hmm, that sure looked like it felt good. " "Yeah, sis," I told her, "I think that's the best ever. " "Hey, what's that on the end of your thing?" she asked. I looked. There was this little blob of white stuff sitting right at the end of my pee-hole. Well heck, we had both had the sex-ed stuff that they do in school. "I guess that's cum," I told her. "That's the first time I ever had any. " "Well hey, congratulations, bro, you are now an official man. " Well, I didn't really know about that, but it I knew that a mature guy was supposed produce semen when he came, so I was happy about it. "Hey, you wanta see how a girl does it?" she asked me.

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   As open as we were with each other, we really hadn't talked a lot about masturbation. I don't know why. But I was always interested in anything different about my twin. "Sure," I told her, "show me. " She pulled off her shorts and panties quickly, lay across my bed, and spread her legs. "This little knob here is where it really feels good," she told me. "What," I asked her, "you mean just that little place? Heck it feels good wherever I touch mine. " "Well, I guess it feels good everywhere to me, too, but that spot is especially nice," she told me. She put two fingers into her mouth and licked them really well, then put them on that little knob (I later found out that it was her clitoris, or "clit"). She rubbed it gently and roughly, up and down and sideways, pushed it down, pulled on it, and did just about everything that you can do with a tiny mound of flesh. After a while she began to breathe heavily just like I did when I beat off, speeded up everything that she was doing, raised her whole middle off the bed, and yelled, "Ahhhhhh" for several seconds. Then she collapsed onto the bed just like I do and lay there for a while. "Wow, looks like you had a good one, too," I told her. She looked back at me with glazed eyes. "Yeah, that was wonderful.

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   I don't think it ever felt better," she said. "Reckon it was so good because we were together?" "Might be," I told her. "I don't think I have ever gotten as hard or as big before. " "Maybe we can do it together sometime," she suggested. I told her yeah, I'd like that. As it turned out, we did masturbate together occasionally after that, but no more than once a week or so. I think we both wanted to keep it special. One day when we were nearly 13 I got home later than usual after playing ball a bit with the guys. I knew that the folks would be late and thought Kathy and I might hang out for a while. As I passed her room I saw that the door was closed and I heard sounds like OH, OH, OOOOO. I thought that maybe she had a bad stomach ache or something, so I went in. "Hey sis, what's ha. . . ", then I saw that she was naked on her bed and was moving the handle of her hairbrush in and out of her pussy.

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   She didn't answer me, just kept shoving it in and out, harder and harder. Finally she raised up a good 4 or 5 seconds with a sustained "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and collapsed the way we do when we cum. "Gosh, sis, how long have you been doing that?" I asked. "Omigod, you wouldn't believe how good that feels," she gasped. "Even better than doing the clit. " "Jeez, sis, you'll hurt yourself," I told her. "No, I'm careful. You just have to get the angle right. " Then I noticed the brush and picked it up. It was very wet and slimy. "Damn, did you pee all over yourself?" I asked. She finally smiled. "No, silly, that's girl juice. It's what girls make so that guys can get into them without hurting. Remember when we were little and tried it and it hurt so much? That's because I didn't have any girl juice and you were sticking instead of sliding in.

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  " I looked at the brush more closely and noticed a strange smell. Not bad, just very unfamiliar. And I noticed that my dick stiffened a little. I could see that her pussy was sopping wet, and I leaned down to look closer. WOW, that smell was intense here, and my cock sprang to attention. Or tried to. It was at a bad spot in my shorts and couldn't go on up. I raised up quickly to rearrange things, and Kathy noticed immediately. "Ray, you have a hardon. Did you get that by smelling me?" she asked. "I think so, Kath. Damn, you smell wonderful. I never smelled anything like that. " "Can I see it?" she asked. I hauled out my dick and it pointed straight toward my chin.

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   God, it was hard! "Hey what's that?" she asked. At the tip was a crystal clear drop of liquid, just sitting there. She put out a finger, touched it, and put it to her tongue. "Hmm, not much taste, maybe a little sweet". She held my dick with one hand while the put out the finger and skimmed off all of the liquid and licked it. I hit the ceiling. "Wow, sis, do that again!" "What?" she asked. "Hold my cock like that again. " She grabbed it again, and I could feel it jumping around in her hand, all by itself. It felt like I had stuck my finger in a light socket. "Move it up and down, like I do when I beat off," I asked. She did, and I was in heaven. I was getting so hard that I knew that I would cum quickly. I did, and it shot right at her naked chest and stomach. Over and over it shot, 'til I finally ran out of cum and collapsed into the chair beside her bed.

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   She looked at the cum on her almost as if she had never seen any before. Then she sort of thoughtfully scooped up a blob and put it into her mouth. "Hmm, a girl could learn to like it, I think". She took some tissues and wiped off the rest, then she was very quiet for a long time, and I was almost in dreamland in the chair. "Ray?" she said softly. "Ray?" she said again. "Wha. . . ?" I said sort of dazedly. "Ray, what if we were to use your thing instead of the hairbrush?" she asked quietly. OK, I understood the words, but I couldn't believe that she was asking what it sounded like. "In the first place, it isn't a "thing. " We're almost adults now, and it's a dick or a cock or if you want to be formal, a penis. And yours isn't a "trickle" anymore; it's a pussy or cunt or vagina.

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  " She was still quiet and patient. "OK," she said, "what if you use your penis instead of the hair brush?" Hmm, that came out the same way. "But sis, you are a virgin. " "Well," she answered, "technically I'm not; the hairbrush took care of that. But it's true that I have never had a boy's dick inside me, so I guess I really am. But I'd still like to try it. " "But sis, I might hurt you. " "No Ray, your penis is only a little bigger than the hairbrush, and even at your hardest you aren't as hard as the brush handle. It'd be OK. " I was running out of excuses. "But sis, I might make you pregnant. " I remembered the sex-ed classes and we both knew about teenage pregnancy. "No, Ray, you won't because I'm not a woman yet. I haven't started my periods, so I can't get pregnant. "I was still afraid I would hurt her, and I wouldn't do that for anything.

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   I loved her so much, and still do, and at our age pregnancy was just about the worst thing to happen. But I was weakening because in my heart I really wanted to do it. And I told her so. "Sis, I really do want to" and my hardon seconded the motion. "But I'm afraid that something will go wrong. " "Ray, I love you. You're the closest person in the world to me and always will be, and I want my first time to be with you. " I was defeated and knew it. "Tell you what, Kath," I said, "how about if I pull out before I cum? Even though you haven't started periods, I'm afraid you could somehow get pregnant. Would that be OK?" She knew it was the best deal she was going to get. "Yeah, bro, I'll take you any way I can get you. How about now?"She was already naked and since the weather was hot, I wasn't wearing much, either. In a few seconds I was as naked as she, with my cock still making like a flagpole. She lay down and spread her legs, and I crawled on top of her and aimed my prick. Let me say here: when you read sex stories, the guy's dick is always huge and he always does things right and everything slides together and it's a smooth and seductive situation, even if the participants are kids at their first time.


   Don't believe it! In the first place, my dick was a very ordinary size for my age, and still is. And neither of us had any idea how to make our bodies match, and even though we now had plenty of "girl juice" we fumbled a lot. I had smeared a good bit of her juice on my cock, thinking that was the key. I kept trying to find "the place" and missing, and when I finally found it, my dick slid around but still wouldn't go in! Finally she said, "Ray, I had the same trouble when I first used the brush, and I found that if I raised 'way up I could move the brush really low and it would go in. Wanta get a cushion or two and put them under my butt to raise it?" Hell, I would have done anything at that point; I had smelled her pussy and touched her pussy and now I wanted to fuck her pussy. It was really that simple right at that moment. She got a cushion from the family room couch and put it under her, and by golly, my cock slid right in! I only slid it in a little ways, though, because I was so surprised. She was HOT inside. I never knew that a girl was so hot inside, and I've often wondered if a guy's cock feels as hot to her, and never remembered to ask. Anyway, I slid the head in and stopped in wonderment. I also wanted to be sure that I wasn't about to cum. Then I slid it in a bit more, then a bit more, til it was all the way in. She was right: the brush had loosened her so that my cock fit just right. Again, I really didn't know how to fuck, but it felt better when it was moving in than it did all the way in, so I moved it back and forth as if I were masturbating. Surprise, that worked.

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   I stopped occasionally to be sure I wasn't about to cum, then continued. Finally I began to move rhythmically, and she began to breathe faster. I believe she did cum, and I know that she enjoyed it, because her smile just got bigger and bigger and eventually she jerked the way she did when we beat off. I finally felt that tenseness in my dick that spelled "cum" and pulled out. With just a few strokes I began to shoot. I thought it would go onto her chest, but the first one was out of control and landed on her chin and splashed to her lips. She licked it off and kept smiling. The rest landed right where the previous load had gone, on her chest and stomach. Might as well not have cleaned up, I thought. Then the humor of it struck me and I leaned over her, plastered my body against hers (getting my cum smeared over both of us), and gave her a kiss. It felt sweet and sexy and wonderful. Finally I rolled off and we just lay there with sticky cold cum on both of us, with our arms around each other, feeling excited and sexy and contented and in love. Yes, in love. I didn't just fuck her. I loved her and cared for her and wished for her happiness more than my own.

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   We had shared a lot over the years and now we had shared our bodies. We each hoped that we could continue to share for a long time. As we had done with masturbation, we didn't fuck very often. It was never a habit or a release. We did it when it was convenient and safe and always to share love with the other (yes, I was a horny bastard and still am, but we could take care of that other ways). She started periods soon after that and we had older friends purchase rubbers for us and even then watched the days. We enjoyed sex together all through high school and college and she never did become pregnant. Among the "other ways", of course, was oral sex. She found that she sincerely liked to "do" me, and I was hooked on the smell (and later the taste) of her pussy since that first good scent. We shared many an enthusiastic "69" and even masturbated each other gently sometimes when we were watching TV under a blanket with our parents in the room. The danger added to the excitement. We had a double wedding (what else?) and are each happy with our spouses and have loving families. But we both know where our first love lies and just occasionally we have the opportunity to consummate it again. I love Kathy with all of my heart and feel so thankful that she is a part of my life. .

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