Keri - Part Eight


Keri - Part Eight
It was a couple of days before Eric called. He wanted to come by and talk with me. He did not mention the fact that he wanted Keri to go with him, to marry him. I did not bring it up. I had a plan. Keri and I had talked about the best way to discourage Eric, or even to end the relationship with him. She remembered reading the “Story of O”. In that book, Sir Stephen had given O to a young man who was a friend of his. This man fell in love with O and wanted to marry her. Sir Stephen and O set up a little scene to let the young man know what their world was about. I decided to do something similar. It would be really rough on Keri, but she felt it would be the best. Like O, Keri suggested this course of action. I agreed.
As arranged, Eric appeared at my door on Monday at about eight in the evening. He was in for a revelation.

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   As instructed, Keri was wearing only her collar and a pair of red high heel shoes. About a half hour before Eric arrived, I tied Keri’s wrists in front of her, then ran the rope though an eye bolt mounted in the ceiling of my living room. I pulled the rope up tight, stretching her body taught, with her hands tied high above her head. This eye bolt had been used many times to stretch Keri for a whipping. I gagged her with a penis gag, and using a rather large wooden dowel, I improvised by making it into a leg spreader. Keri was standing with her legs spread, widely, and tied to the dowel ends so she would not be able to close her legs. Her feet were fitted with the obligatory high heels. Yeah, I have a fetish about high heels, and love the look it gives Keri’s legs, and the positioning of her body. They make her stand straighter and causes her to hold her chest higher to better display her breasts. Lastly, I put a pair of “butter fly” nipple clamps on her breasts. Keri was uncomfortable, yet her pussy was hot and moist. Her nipples and breasts were bathed in pain from these clamps.
While waiting for Eric, I whipped Keri a little. Just enough to leave pink lash marks on her ass, breasts and thighs I wanted to set a mood. I was wearing no clothing.

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   My cock was rigid. I wanted Eric to know that I was Keri’s sexual master, as well as her love. The door bell rang. Eric had arrived.
I opened the door and invited Eric into our house. As mentioned, I was naked and carrying a medium weight multi-thronged whip in my right hand Eric seemed somewhat surprised to find me thusly. I think he was planning on just having a conversation with me about Keri. Eric looked across the living room and saw Keri naked, and in strict bondage.
Eric spoke, “What are you guys doing?”
I replied, “Isn’t it obvious. I am whipping Keri. After that, who knows, some sucking, or maybe some fucking. I haven’t decided to let her have a cum yet. We’ll see how she responds to the whip. Have a seat. ”
Eric seemed to be at a loss for words.

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   “Jack, I wanted to talk to you. ”
“O. K. , but let me take care of Keri, then we can talk. ”
I raised my whip and brought it sharply against Keri’s ass. She flinched and whimpered. Again, and again I rained down harsh lashes against the silky skin of her sweet ass. Soon Keri was crying, sobbing into her gag. . I moved my whip around to her breasts. Soon her breasts were bouncing and shuddering under my whip. I can’t remember the last time I whipped her this severely, maybe never. Her breasts lurched under my whip. Her nipples hardened and soon the silky soft skin of her breasts were covered with pink striations from my whip Eric was aghast, but he remained quiet.
I moved my whip down and started whipping her delicious thighs, both front and back.

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   She tried to “dance” away from my whip, but her bondage held her there. Then, lastly, I brought my whip around to her beautiful pussy.
I raised the whip in the air, and brought it sharply down and up to her pussy. The whip made a meaty splatting sound. Keri jumped and screamed into her gag. With her legs spread, and tied that way, there was nothing she could do to avoid having her cunt pummeled by the whip. Her body moved deliciously as she attempted to avoid being struck. I was enjoying this action. Keri was beautiful, and her movements and struggles only made my cock harder.
After about twenty lashes against the soft tissues of her pussy, I stopped. Keri was sobbing heavily. Reaching down, I slipped my finger into her pussy. Even though this whipping had been severe, and she was still sobbing from the pain she had just endured, her cunt was hot, and very wet with her love juices. She was aroused.
I gave her a minute to compose herself, while massaging and fingering her cunt.

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   When she had settled down and appeared to be enjoying my hand, I removed it. Using the whip, I started to gently whipping her pussy. This was not punishment. I wanted arouse her. In a minute or two, she was moving with the whip and moaning softly behind her gag. I quickened the pace and made the lashes strike a little harder. Her hips were moving as if she had a hard cock in her pussy. I kept working the whip on her cunt until she was in the zone, and her climax was rapidly rising in her body. Finally, when I felt she was ready, with one sharp painful blow against her overheated pussy, she exploded into a massive cum. Keri screamed into her gag, while she was humping her hips like she was fucking an invisible lover. I eased off on the hardness of the lashes, but kept up the cadence until she started to cum down off her climax. Finally, she came back to earth as I was finger fucking her. I removed her gag so she could breath better. I gave her a drink of cold water to refresh her, then kissed her. Keri had just experienced the hardest whipping she had ever had.

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   Her beautiful body was covered with whip marks and welts. She had also experienced a crashing climax with nothing more than a whip on her cunt. I kissed her tear streaked face.
“What do you say, Slave”, I asked.
“Oh, Jack, Sir, I love you. I am your slave, and I love you.
I pulled the nipple clamps from her breasts. Keri gritted her teeth and moaned with pain.
I asked her, “Do you still love me?
“Oh, yes sir”, was her tearful reply.
“If I told you to suck Eric’s cock while I whipped you again, what would you say. ”
“JJ…Jack, Sir, I will do anything you want. I am your slave. ”
“Keri, I am going to give you a chance for a reprieve. Eric wants to marry you, to take you away from all this, to stop the pain and sexual abuse. He says he loves you, and wants to save you.

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   If you want to go with him, I will untie you, now, and you can go, with my love and blessing. If you want to stay here and be my slave, knowing you life will remain as it is, just ask me to whip your tits again. ”
Eric looked at Keri expectantly. ‘Surely‘, he thought, ’She will choose to come with me and escape all this abuse’.
Keri replied, her voice just above a whisper, “Jack, please kiss me…, kiss me and then whip my tits”.
I hugged her abused body to mine, and kissed her. My rigid cock was pressed against her taught belly My hand moved down to her freshly abused breasts and squeezed them. I moved my hand lower to her heated pussy. It was wet and hot, and easily accepted my fingers. I worked on her cunt some more, arousing her again. As I stepped back to whip her breasts, I heard the front door close. I turned around and saw that Eric was gone. Keri noticed it, too. I dropped my whip to the floor and turned to Keri, kissing her. .

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“Aren’t you going to whip me breasts”, she whispered with a very serious look of lust on her face. “I want you to whip my breasts. I want you to make me your slave forever. ”
I hugged and kissed her again, then picked up my whip and brought it down hard across her breasts. I watched these beauties bounce and shudder under my whip as Keri gasped with pain. After about ten lashes on each breast, I did stop. I walked up to her and slipped my cock into her steaming pussy. In a matter of moments, we came. It was an explosive cum. It seemed to last forever. I struggled to keep my knees from folding. Keri was still strung up to the ceiling. If she had been untied, she would have collapsed. It seemed the bond between us was even stronger. I loved Keri, and I knew she loved me.

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After graduation, Keri and I have moved to another city, Chicago to be exact. I had been offered a good job by a computer software company. We live together as man and wife. None of our friends know the secret we have. We have never become involved with a single man again, although, there are a couple of married couples that we do “swing” with. These people, like us, are heavily involved in sexual domination and BDSM. Keri is more beautiful than ever, and is a marvelously submissive slave. Anyone who knows us envies me for having such a pretty submissive wife. The husbands in the couples we are involved with can’t seem to get enough of her. Maybe, someday I will write about our experiences here in Chicago with these new friends. Keri and I are still in love, and plan to be for the rest of our lives. She will be my sex slave, forever.

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