Kissing Cousins Pt.1


This is my first story so I hope ya'll enjoy! I will let you guys decide if my story is true ;)

Being freshly twenty years old isn't fun at all. I don't know about most people but to me, twenty is mearly a mandatory sentence of paid time, you must submit to, before you can turn twenty-one. This phase between nineteen and twenty-one really is the worst. But if I had to, I was more than willing to suffer through it with the, then, love of my life. I really was in love, and in many ways still am in love with him. But my story incidental does not involve my ex boyfriend and I.

I didn't lose my virginity until i was 19. I got my first boyfriend and lost my innocence all in one night, to the worst man ever. Fortunately for me the man who broke me in though was rather small on the cock scale. My ex I was referring to though, my second boyfriend, now he was big. Nearly eight inches and about three and a half inches thick. He really was my entry into the world of sex, before him I didn't even know I could have multiple orgasms. We had sex all the time, sometimes six times a day, everyday. I found out I'm somewhat of a sex addict and am willing to try anything once, and I mean anything.

So my story starts somewhere around the time that my ex and I starting the slow downward slope that caused our inevitable breakup.

I'm not the most beautiful girl in the world.


   Me, I consider myself to be pretty for a fat girl. There is no way else to say it. I am, and always have been, a big girl. I'm rather tall, 5'7", I have porcelain white skin the sets off my long flaming red-orange hair and vibrant light blue eyes (and yes my carpets match the drapes. ) I actually would like my figure, I have the perfect hour glass figure, just enhanced haha. My large 40 DD breasts swell nicely and my stomach though by no means flat does not bulge way out ahead of them. My tits are very nice and white with small light pick aureoles, hardly seen because they blend so well with my skin, and small brighter pink eraser nipples on top of them that are very sensitive and love to be sucked or bitten. My shapely hips swell out from my waist to my large heart-shaped ass that my ex adored. I'm not a fan of my thighs or legs, I do not have kanckles or anything but they are thick legs that you would find on a large woman. I am very thankful I am active enough I don't have fat dangling from odd places on my legs that I have seen on some large women. Mostly my legs also look like most women's legs just larger.

Now I had been having problems with my boyfriend at the time and liked to talk about things with one of my cousins. He is twenty-five and very world wise. He grew up very differently from me, with an attitude the size of Texas. Between military training and his own ego and formidable strength he is not one you mess with.

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   But being his little cousin I was different. He was still arrogant with me but I was also awarded kindness and some understanding. All I had to do was say the word and he would come running to kick the ass of anyone who tried to hurt me.

So would tell him my problems I was having and he would talk about his wife and kids and things he had seen and done. Somewhere in one of our phone conversations I said something about how he should use condoms more often, being a player, he is always getting someone pregnant. To this he laughs replaying that he couldn't use condoms because they didn't fit. I laughed this off until again our conversation turned to his cock size, which he eluded to be pretty big. Not having alot of experience with different cocks, my mouth positively watered at the thought of large cocks. Watching porn with my boyfriend I would cum so hard if the guy had a huge dick. I wanted to be filled in ways I had never been before. Now remember my second boyfriend was rather well endowed.

So not knowing if i should ask, I mean this is my big cousin, but wanting to know just how big this cock of his really is, I dared to ask.

"Wait, wait. . .

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   you mean your really that big?"

He laughs, "Yes I am. "

"Shit, i can't ask that. . . "

"Ask what?"

"Nothing. "

"No, come on you said it, now don't be chicken shit and ask. "

"Well. . . fine. So just how big are you then?" He laughs for a second, stalling.

"I'm about ten inches long and maybe four inches thick. " Now I'm stunned. Holy shit. My pussy is starting to soak with out my control.

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   And suddenly I can see my well built cousin for what he truly is. A sexy, muscular, man, with a pole between his legs that would make me scream for weeks. I didn't realize i was hyperventilating.

"You there? Now stop drooling okay, your my cousin. " He laughs at me.

"Well I can't help if I go crazy for huge cocks. " Honestly I have no idea why the hell I said that, but out it went with no stopping it now.

"Oh really?" He sounded more intrigued by the idea than he should have. Did I really wanna go there? I mean this is my cousin! Not my Second or third cousin even, my first cousin!

"Yeah, my pussy is absolutely soak right now. " Holy shit I guess I was going there whether I really wanted to or not!

"Yeah? You craving your well hung cousin? You want my big dick between your thighs?" My body was literally shaking from need,I was so turned on, more turned on than I had ever been in my whole life. And it wasn't just because this was about a huge dick. It was because it was my cousin who beheld that massive member.

"Hell no, I want you to shove that huge member inside my tight, barely used pussy so hard I scream. I want you to fuck me all night long, until I beg for you to stop. " Who the hell was I? I was in love! Yeah we had problems, but I really did love him.

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   But this, this wasn't about love. This was about a primal need. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to.

Well I hope you liked the first installment! Positive feedback is always nice and constructive criticism is welcome. Please keep in mind my feelings, I've never done this before, and I really hope you like it. There will definitely be more to come soon. And I'm very sorry for spelling mistakes.