Late Night Surprise pt. 2


"Yes, more, please," I moaned into the cushion of the couch, my fingers gripping the fabric with need. Part of me was tired and wanted nothing more than to just sleep, but the feel of my father's cock slowly grow to it's full length made the other part of me scream and moan for more. I felt his hand between our bodies and knew he was probably trying to get his dick fully erect before fucking me again. It took me a minute to realize, but my body was moving back towards his cock of its own accord, ready for more. "Please daddy, now!" I was slowly starting to get anxious and frustrated and all he kept saying was, "Shh, almost ready. " Sure enough, just mere seconds later, I felt that thick, juicy cock sliding up inside of my dripping pussy. A moan escaped my lips out of pleasure, but mostly because my anticipation was finally over.

My hips began thrusting back against his body. I was like a wild animal. Now that I knew the pleasure that could be had from my dad fucking me, I wanted it, wanted all of him. And before I knew it, he was pulling out of me and leaning back on his knees. I quickly lifted my weak body up and turned to him. "Don't stop," was all I could manage, my eyes big and pleading. Instead of answering me, he stood up and walked towards me and grabbed hold of me. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to slide down onto his cock, but he kept a firm hold on my ass, keeping me from moving. "No, no.

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   You can have it when I say you can," he said in a voice so strong and firm I had no choice but to listen and gave a simple nod that I understood. He carried me down the hall to his bedroom and threw me roughly down on the bed. "Stay on your back and spread your legs. " Without being told twice, I did what he said, my knees bent up and spread.

He slowly lowered his body down on the bed, his face between my legs. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy and I shivered. Slower than he had moved his body, he slid his middle finger up and down, from my ass to my hole to my throbbing clit. After doing this a few times, he stopped at my hole and slid his finger in, pulled it out, and quickly shoved two fingers in. I pressed my head hard against the mattress and moaned as he began licking and nibbling on my clit. I wrapped my fingers through his sweat-soaked hair and kept it there, making him pleasure me with his fingers and tongue. I moved my waist in circles as he continued to finger fuck me faster and harder. "Yes daddy, yes," I moaned loudly, moving a hand up to my breast, squeezing and pulling on my nipples. Then my body began to shake and my breathing grew even more ragged as an orgasm began to build. Just when I felt like I was about to explode, he stopped, pulled completely away from me and stood there in front of me.

"Move up next to the headboard.

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  " Another command. Knowing that if I didn't listen, he wouldn't continue fucking me, I scooted up next to the headboard, my head resting just in front of it. I kept my legs spread, because he hadn't told me to put them down. Once again he was climbing onto the bed, slowly crawling between my body. His fingers wrapped around his cock and he slid it up into my waiting pussy. My mouth fell open and my eyes closed as I gave over to the pleasure once more. It was definitely worth all the pulling out and teasing from him, because this was the roughest and best fucking we'd shared so far. He slid his arms beneath me, holding me as tight as he could while his hips slammed his cock into me over and over, in and out, faster than he'd done thus far. When I placed my arms above my head and gripped the headboard, he began biting and sucking on my nipples. "Cum for me, baby girl," he whispered in my ear while rubbing his lower body against my clit every chance he could between thrusts. I didn't need telling twice. I felt that familiar building of pleasure right before I came, my juices leaking out down my ass and onto the sheets. His thrusting never faltered as I had yet another orgasm. After that first one, they just seemed to never stop until he made one last thrust into me, his warm cum filling me up again. I had one more shaking orgasm before he pulled out of me and rolled over, keeping one arm beneath my body as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

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My eyes trailed over his body and to the window, where we both seemed to notice it had grown light outside. It was my weekend, so I had no intentions of getting out of bed, but I knew my father would have to get up and go to work soon. Just as I was about to close my eyes, I heard someone clear their throat, "Am I interrupting?".