Lessons from Mom


I can remember as if it happened yesterday the very beginnings of my incestuous relationship with my mother and my sister.   Mom came into my room one evening and said that we needed to have a talk. During the course of that talk, Mom asked me if I knew how to masturbate.
When it came to masturbation, I hadnt ever heard the correct term for it, I always heard of it as whacking off, or jerking off, stuff like that.   So when Mom asked me if I knew how to masturbate, naturally I told her no.  
She closed my door and locked it so that my sister wouldnt come in and interrupt, and told me to take off my clothes.   At first I was kinda embarrassed, but she said that it was all right, and that she was trying to teach me something very important, so I went along with it, and soon I was sitting on my bed in my boxers.
"Now Jacob, having sex isnt something you should just do with anyone.   Its dangerous in this day and age, and you could also get the girl pregnant, and have to support a child before youve experienced a full childhood yourself.    Im going to show you a way to make you feel good as an alternative to having sex, called masturbation. "
"Um. . . Ok Mom. "  I said.
Mom reached up and pulled my boxers off, and I was totally naked, and kinda embarrassed.

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"Dont be embarrassed honey.   You dont have anything I havent seen before. "  Mom said.
Mom told me to wait there for a minute, and that she would be back in a second.   When she came back, she had a tube of lotion in her hand.   She filled her hand with the lotion, and took hold of my penis, and began to move her hand up and down.
"This is how you do it honey. You get some lubricant in your hand, and rub it all over your penis.   And then you stroke it up and down, up and down, fast or slow, however you like. "
My cock was growing harder and harder, and soon I had a full hardon.
"Thats it honey, now youre ready.   Just lie back and relax.   You can tell me what you want, fast or slow, tighter or looser, this is to make you feel good. "
I was visibly holding my breath I guess, trying not to make any noise, and mom saw it immediately.
"Dont be shy honey.

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    You can relax.   Its supposed to feel good.   You can moan and make noise if you want.   Everyone does this, its perfectly natural, and it relieves stress too.   Come on, just lay back and enjoy this. "
Mom began to stroke me a little faster, and it felt awesome.
"Oooohhh.   Uh. . . uh. . . ohhhhhhh.   Mmmmmm" I moaned as mom's hands worked her magic on my slippery dick.

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"Thats it honey, doesnt that feel good?"
"Oh God, Mom. . . It feels great. . . . ummmmm"
"Hang on honey, Im going to make you cum now. "  Mom said, and she began fisting my cock at an incredible pace.   It felt incredible, and soon I couldnt withstand the pleasure she was giving me, and my penis began to throb really hard.
"ooooooooooohhh!!  Ah!!  Mom. . . . .

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  . MOM!!!  Mommmmmmmm!!  Unnngghhhh!"
I began shooting my first load of cum all over my mom's hand.   I was in a state of euphoira.   I had never felt anything so incredible before.   Mom kept stroking my dick until the throbbing subsided, and then cleaned up my mess with a warm washcloth.
"That Jacob, was an orgasm, or you were cumming, in slang terms. " 
"Wow.   That was awesome. "  I said.
"Well, now you know how to do it, and its much safer than having sex, should you have those feelings of arousal again.   Im going to leave this tube of lotion in here for you to use, just let me know when you need more.    Here, I have something else, just wait a minute. "
Mom left the room again, and when she came back, she had a videotape.
"Here.   This will help you while you masturbate.

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    Some people like magazines, but I find the real thing to be much more helpful, and you will see many different ways that people can pleasure one another. "
She slid the tape into the vcr, and the image of a blonde with big breasts getting fucked doggy style, loudly I might add, was displayed on the screen.   My cock was getting hard again looking at this video, and my mom noticed.
"Ah.   Good.   Youre ready again.   Ah, to be young.   Such stamina.   Enjoy it while it lasts.   Now, I want you to show me that you can do it without any help.   I want you to watch this video, and stroke your penis until you cum.   Do it just like I showed you. "
I used the lotion, and began to jerk on my dick while watching the blonde with huge tits getting her pussy pounded.   The guy announced that he was cumming, and quickly the blonde twisted around, and began pumping his cock with her fist, with her mouth open.   Soon the guy began to shoot streams of cum into her mouth, and she licked his cock clean and began sucking it some more as the scene ended.

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I guess I had a puzzled look on my face having never seen anything like that before, and Mom filled in the obvious blanks.
"You will see that several times in that video.   Its a turn-on for many women for their man to ejaculate in their mouth, on their breasts,  or wherever. "
"Where do you like it?" I asked.
"Maybe Ill show you where I like it, a little later, if you want me to. "  Mom said.
"We would be doing this stuff like in the video?" I asked.
"Yes, and some other stuff I havent shown you also. "
"When do you want to show me?" I asked, still stroking my cock.
"I dont know, it will be later honey, I have some things to do.   Right now I want to watch you masturbate.   I want to see how you do it, and I want to watch you cum. "
I began stroking my dick much faster thinking about my mom doing the things to me that the big breasted blonde was doing to her man.    Soon, I was cumming again.

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  . . . . . Oh mom. . . its coming.   I. . . Im gonna cum!!"
"Yeah honey, cum for me. " Mom urged, and I began to shoot my second load, the first stream landing on my stomach, and the second and third stream cascading down over my hand and down my cock.  
Mom cleaned up my mess again, and as she finished, she had some of my cum on her finger, and she smiled and stuck her finger in her mouth and slowly removed it.

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"Mmmm.   Youre really sweet Jacob.   Mmm.   Just a taste for now. "  Ill leave this lube in here with you so that you can use it whenever you need it.    I have some things to take care of, and Ill be back later, ok?"
"Ok mom. " I said.
It seemed like forever, and I was beginning to think that Mom wasnt really coming back that night. But then I heard moaning coming from my sister's room, who is a year younger than I am, and I knew that there was a gap in the wall at the top of my closet that allowed me to see into my sister's room to see what was going on.   I had watched my sister getting undressed plenty of times before without getting caught, and once again I stood up on my chair and peeked through the gap.
I saw my mom, completely naked, and my cock was immediately hard as a rock.   My mom is about 5'9", 130 pounds, with long black hair and big breasts that are nice and firm, much nicer than the girl in the video mom had given me.   Next to her on the bed, also naked, was my sister Kim. Kim looks just like my mom, only younger.   Her breasts arent quite as large, but they are very, very nice for her age.

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    Apparently Mom was showing Kim how to masturbate, as she had shown me.   Mom was rubbing Kim's little shaved pussy, and sucking on her left nipple.   Kim was almost screaming with pleasure, throwing her head from side to side, her long black hair going everywhere.  
This was way hotter than watching that video mom had given me, and the crack in the wall wasnt showing me as much as I wanted to see.   I moved down the hall, and very quietly opened the door a crack, so that I could see much better, without having to stand on a rickety old chair.    I watched as my mom pulled out a large rubber penis, and showed it to Kim.
"This is a dildo honey.   When you dont have a man around, this is the next best thing.   You just lube this up, and slide it inside you, and you can give yourself a good time all by yourself. "
"Wow mom, thats kinda big.   Do you have anything smaller?"
"Its okay honey.   Youll like it.   You should see your brother's.   He has a very nice penis.   Probably makes two of this toy right here.

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"Really?  But that looks like it might hurt. . . "
"Dont worry honey.   Youll be asking for something bigger before long.   Trust me.   The bigger it is, the better it feels. "
"Ok Mom. "
I watched Mom lube up the dildo, and gently slide it into Kim's pussy.   Kim cringed at first, and yelped in pain.  
"It hurts mom. "
"Dont worry honey, it will feel good really soon.   It hurts the first time, but after that, its all good.   Its much better to have your maidenhead broken like this, than by some bumbling brute who doesnt know what he's doing.   Just relax honey, in a few moments you will love it.


"Its. . . . Its starting to. . . Ah!!  Feel really good. . . Mom!!  Ahh!  Ooooh!!  Oh. . Oh!!  Ohhhhh!!  Oooh yeah!!  Ohh put it in farther!  Farther!!  Yeah!!  Ahhhhhh!!"
"You see honey?  Doesnt that feel good?"
"Mmmmm. . .

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  Oh yes.   Oh keep going. . . . Ohhhhh!!  Mom. . . . Mom!!  Mommmmm!!!"
I saw Kim's eyes get really wide, and she began to buck her hips against mom's dildo, and she began to have an orgasm.   She was throwing her head around, squeezing her boobs together, and bucking her ass up and down like mad.    When she finally relaxed, mom slid the dildo out of her wet pussy.
"That was an orgasm honey.   Feels great doesnt it?"
"Ive never felt anything like that"
"The real thing is much better, trust me.   Its just the bullshit that often goes along with it that sucks.

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I had begun to jerk my stiff dick while looking at my naked mother and sister, and I momentarily lost my balance and nudged the door open a bit more, and I was caught, literally with my pants down.
My mom looked up at me, and Kim's eyes got really big.
"Come here Jacob. "  Mom said to me.
"I began to pull my boxers up, but I was stopped before I could.
"Leave those off, and come here. "
I went over to the bed, and sat down.
"How long have you been watching us Jacob?"
"About 20 minutes. " I said.
"Obviously you liked what you saw. "
"Yeah, its way better than what was on that video.   I couldnt help it.   I had to see more. "
"Well, since youre so impatient, and cant wait for me to come to get you, we might as well take this up a notch.   Kim, are you interested in playing with what your brother is packing between his legs?"
"Yeah mom.

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    Let him come and join us. " Kim said, her eyes never leaving my hard cock.
I kicked my boxers off, and removed my shirt, and when I looked up, Kim was still staring at my dick, and slowly rubbing her pussy.
"Wow Jacob.   Your dick is a lot bigger than that dildo mom gave me. " Kim said.
"Yes honey, your brother has a very nice cock.   If you want, I can show you guys a lot more. " Mom said.
Kim and I both said that we wanted to learn more, and Mom said ok.
"Im going to show you how to have sex, if you want to know how.    Do you want me to show you how to fuck, Jacob?"
"Yes. "
"Come here.   Kim, you pay attention, because Im going to show you how to pleasure a man. "
Mom pushed me down on the bed, and grabbed my stiff cock.

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"Im going to give you a blowjob now Jacob.   Im going to suck your cock, and I want you to let me know when youre going to cum.     Watch closely Kim, it takes skill to be a good cocksucker. "
Mom slid my stiff dick into her mouth, and the feeling was incredible.   I watched as my cock slid in and out of her mouth, and the feeling was incredible as I felt my mom take my cock all the way into her mouth, and down her throat.   Mom slid my entire cock from her mouth, and began licking up and down the shaft, and then begane swirling her tongue over the head, and then took the entire length back into her mouth once again.
"oooooohhhh Mom. . . . . . " I moaned as she sucked my dick.
Kim was watching intently, slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand, and pinching her nipple with the other.  
Mom cupped my balls in one hand, and began to slowly massage them, while stroking my shaft with the other while she sucked on my cock.

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    This was incredible.   Mom quickened her pace, bobbing her head up and down on my stiff dick.   I saw Moms tits bouncing as she sucked me, and I reached down with my hands and cupped her bouncing boobs in my hands and began to squeeze them.
Mom moaned around my cock as I began massaging her big tits, and she began to suck and stroke me even faster.   She looked up and me, and began sliding her tongue all over the lower side of my cock, and began to jerk my cock really fast.    I couldnt take much more.
"Ooooooohhh.   Oh mom. . . Mom, Im gonna cummmm. . . . .

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My cock began spurting cum in thick streams all over Mom's tongue while I moaned in absolute ecstacy.   Mom swallowed my load, and licked her lips, and smiled.
"Kim, come over here and get yourself a taste of your brother's sweet cum. "
I was surprised a little at this request, but Kim was more than willing.   She bounced over in front of me, and took my still-stiff cock in her hand, and began licking the remnants of my orgasm from the head and shaft of my cock.
"Mmmm.   Your dick tastes good Jacob. " Kim said as she licked and sucked on my cock, cleaning the cum from my cock.
"Your mouth feels good Kim. . . . oooh yeah. . .

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  suck it just like that. . . . . oh yeah. . . "
Mom watched as Kim sucked on my dick, and played with it, and after a little while, Mom was ready to show me something new.
"Come over here Jacob.   Its time for you to learn how to eat pussy. "
I did what Mom asked, and Mom laid back and spread her pussy for me, and pointed to her clit.  
"This is the clitoris Jacob.   This is what you concentrate on the most, if you want to please your woman.   You can lick her pussy lips, even slide your tongue in and out, but you will want to concentrate on licking and sucking on this if you want to make your woman cum.

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It seemed easy enough, so I positioned myself between Mom's legs and began to lap at her wet, shaved pussy.
"Ooooh, thats it honey, Oh!  Youre a natural at this. . . . ooh yeah, yeah, keep licking it. . . Ah!!  Oooh, suck on it honey. . . suck on my hard little clit!!  YES!!  Oooooh!!"
I slid a couple fingers into Mom's pussy, like I had seen in the video earlier, and she was loving it.
"Ahhhh! Oh God yes, finger fuck me Jacob!!  Finger me and eat my hot pussy!!  Ooooohh. . .

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Mom began to gyrate her hips harder and faster, and soon she was cumming, her juices flooding down over my tongue.
"Oohhh yes baby!!  Youve made your mommy cum!!  Oh, Ohhh, Ohhhhhh!!"
When Mom's orgasm had subsided, she ordered me to lay back on the bed.
"Now that you know what youre doing Jacob, I want you to do that same thing for your sister, while I slide your wonderful cock into my pussy, and fuck you.    Kim, I want you to sit on your brother's face, facing me, ok?  This is what is known as a threesome.   Jacob is going to fuck me, eat your pussy, and youre going to suck on my tits while I bounce up and down on this cock. "
Kim smiled, and immediately straddled my face, her gorgeous ass and pussy just inches above my lips.   I moved my hands up to her ass cheeks, and pulled her down to me, and began to lap at her dripping pussy, as I felt Mom's hand wrap around my cock.
Kim was already moaning, and rubbing her slit up and down against my mouth as I licked her pussy.   I felt my cockhead at the entrance of Mom's pussy, and then I heard her voice.
"Jacob, Im about to make a man out of you. "
With that, she slid my hard cock into her incredibly hot, wet pussy.  
My hands gripped Kim's ass cheeks hard, causing her to cry out with pleasure as the incredible feeling pulsed through my cock.   I had to fight with everything I had not to cum immediately as Mom began to slide her velvet cunt up and down my throbbing cock.
"Ohhhhh!! Ohhhhh, baby, your cock feels so good in momma's pussy!!  Ahhhh!!  Ooooooooohhh!!"
The room was filled with our various moans and cries of pleasure as Mom fucked my cock, I ate Kim's snatch, and Kim sucked and played with Mom's tits and nipples.    Kim was sucking Mom's boobs so hard that I could hear the popping sound they made when they were released from her mouth.

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"Oooh yes Kimmy!  Suck on momma's titties baby!  Oh that feels so good!!  Oh! Oh, suck my titties while I fuck your brothers wonderful cock!!   Oh!! Ohhhhh. . . . OH JACOB!!!  Ohhhhhhhh IM CUMMING!!  IM CUMMING!!  AHHHHH!!"
I felt mom's pussy get really, really wet and slick as soon as she said she was cumming, and it felt awesome.   She began bouncing up and down on my dick even faster.    Kim was squealing as I licked her wet slit, continuing to grab and massage big handfuls of her ass.    Mom started kissing Kim really deep while she continued to fuck my cock and an incredible pace, and Kim ground her pussy harder into my mouth.   I could hear Kim scream into Mom's mouth as they were kissing when her orgasm hit her and her pussy flooded her juice all over my mouth.
I couldnt take anymore, and I announced that I was going to cum, and in an instant Mom got off of my throbbing cock, and gripped it at the base.
"Come down here and get some of your brother's cum, Kimmy. "  Mom said.
Kim squealed in ecstacy as I slapped her ass cheeks and grabbed two more big handfuls of her ass cheeks.   Kim leaned down, and I felt her tits rubbing against my body as her face got close to my dick.
I felt Mom's hand begin jerking on my dick, and I felt Kim's mouth come down over the head of my dick, and that was it for me.


"Oooooh yeah Kim!!  Oooh suck it!!  Thats it!  yeah!! Im. . . cumming!!  Ahhhhhh. . . . "
I felt my balls tense and release my load, stream after stream into Kims mouth, and instead of pulling her mouth away from my cock, she actually took my cock deeper into her mouth, and began swallowing each stream as fast as I could shoot it.   When my throbbing cock had finally shot its last load, Kim began slowly bobbing her head up and down, and then took my cock out of her mouth and licked every inch of it clean.
Mom was obviously very proud of Kim's first blowjob.
"Now that's how you suck cock Kimmy.   You keep sucking cock like that, and youll have men that will do anything for you.   Isnt that right, Jacob?"
"Mmm hmm" was all I could muster, I was completely exhausted.
Kim crawled off of me, and laid beside me, running her hands over my chest, and then licked some of her juices off of my lips.   I opened my mouth and we shared a deep kiss, and I gave her tits a squeeze.

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     Kim moaned as I played with her nipples, and I felt my cock beginning to stir once more.
Mom looked on, and then got up and gathered her clothes.
"I think Ill leave you two here to do some exploration of each other.   Threesomes are fun, but two people alone can be extremely hot as well.   Im going to go take a shower, and Ill be back later to check on you two.    Jacob, Kim has been on the pill for over a month now, so you can cum inside her if you want to, you wont get her pregnant. "
"We will be fine mom" Kim said, already stroking my dick, and Mom left the room.
Kimmy crawled on top of me and slid my cock into her pussy.   As she rode my cock like a woman possessed, I knew that I was extremely lucky, having two hot pussies available to me whenever I wanted them.
Kim and I fucked each other for the rest of the night, well into the morning, before we finally fell asleep from exhaustion.  
When we woke up in the afternoon, Mom was standing beside the bed, completely naked, and holding a video camera.
"Hey guys, its time to try something a little different today. . . .

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