Lessons Part 1 REPOST


Ken and Debra lay in bed after a second round of heart stopping sex. Ken had been working out on the coast for the last two weeks, and very seldom in their seventeen years together had they been apart for that length of time. They both loved sex, and had always had an active and healthy sex life. They both had come from families that were very strict, had both spent time in boarding schools before meeting each other in college. At that time Ken was a business major and Debra had chosen biology as her major. Both had excelled in high school and college. They married soon after meeting and had completed their master degrees in their respective fields by the time they were twenty four. Both came from families of money, although success had been won by each without any need of help from their parents.
One of the problems they had in common was with the way their parents had treated them as children. They were never beaten or anything like that, they were just a ignored for the most part. As children they both felt as if they had been conceived because it was “expected” of their parents to have at least one child. The affect of this was a somewhat restrictive childhood that resulted in them both having a lot of spare time to study, and dream about the way they wanted their lives to be. One thing they had both promised themselves was that they would bring their own children up entirely differently.
They decided to have kids right away, their theory being is that they wanted their kids to have younger parents, not old fogies like their own parents were. Unfortunately, Debra found out that she was unable to have children so they decided to adopt. This is where things started to stray from the norm.

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   Debra had done her thesis on genetic engineering and had insisted that her husband father their children using surrogate mothers. Her theory was that if they found the right mother they would be able to ensure that the children had ideal genetic material to start out life with. After a long and expensive search they found an ideal candidate that was just finishing her doctorate in one of the sciences, and was two hundred thousand in debt from student loans. Debra created two fertilized eggs in a test-tube and successfully inserted them into the surrogate’s womb. Nine months later the children were born. To keep things simple the couple had elected to just tell the children they had been adopted, and that they had no idea who their father or mother were.
So back to the present time. Ken and Debra are lying in bed discussing their plans. For the last sixteen years they had been planning for this, and now that the time was here, they weren’t sure how to proceed exactly. Let me explain. One of the biggest problems they had both had with their own parents was the hypocritical way they had dealt with sex. Being well off, and such, both sets of parents had numerous affairs and liaisons all over the globe, but at the same time repressed their children’s sexual education. This is one of the many things they had promised not to do to their own kids. For the most part they didn’t do anything special, except agree that they would always be honest and truthful when matters of a sexual nature came up. Ultimately they planned to give their own kids the best sexual education imaginable.

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   Ken and Debra felt it was time to start their education.
“We can start this weekend,” Debra said, “I’ve been getting a sexual vibe from Mike for over a year now, and Lisa has had her period for almost two years. And as I am sure you will agree, they both look more like adults than young teens. I can’t believe the size of Lisa’s tits, that was the one thing I was hoping she would inherit from her biological mom, not that mine are small, but she exceeded my 36D’s months ago, and I know she needs some bigger bras now. Anyway, I have seen the sex-ed stuff coming home from school so I am sure they know all the facts. I think it’s time we started to educate them in the more intimate aspects of sex. ” All the time she was talking her husband was thinking about how hot their daughter looked. Although he was away on business a lot, it never seemed to amaze him how quickly they had both grown.
“They are back from the school band trip on Friday and school doesn’t get back in until next Tuesday,” Debra continued. “I’ve been slowly loosening the standards in the house over the last few months. Mike has managed to get a few glances of me in my bra and panties and I know he is trying to see more. Let’s execute the plan this Saturday. ” The plan was simple, they would separate the kids and have the “birds and the bees” conversations with them, except with a big twist. For the guys, Ken was going to allow his son to catch him masturbating, this would lead into a frank discussion about sex. Debra was going to take Lisa shopping for some new intimate apparel and use that as the lead into sex.

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   In both situations they would end their conversations with the ultimate request. After years of discussion and planning, both had trouble falling asleep that night because of their excitement.
The Boys Talk
It was Saturday morning and Ken and Debra had already put the wheels in motion. The girls had left the house at 10:30 in the morning allowing Ken plenty of time to set up his scene. He had taken some very explicit videos of his wife over the last few years and these were going to be the bait for Mike. Ken had everything setup in the den and knew Mike would be home from ball practice just after 11:00. He put the video on, sat down on the couch, took out his cock and started to stroke it until it was hard. He had sat so that there was no way Mike would not see the movie or his dad masturbating when he came into the room. He knew that Mike would be looking for him because they had already made some plans for the afternoon. Ken had watched this video of his wife a million times and it still turned him on. She was sitting on the same leather couch he was now sitting on, naked, with a big plastic cock going in and out of her sopping pussy. Every once and awhile she would take out the dildo and lick her juices of it.
He heard Mike getting dropped off in the driveway, which is what he was hoping for. He flicked the television remote to check out the security camera, just to make sure no unscheduled guests were coming home with Mike. The coast was clear so he put the sex tape back on and continued stroking his cock.

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   It seemed to take hours for the minutes to pass as Mike came through the house looking for someone. Ken heard him approaching down the hall and jumped when Mike opened the door and stood there gazing at the scene. There was a long pause, maybe thirty seconds, before Mike apologized and turned to leave. He had seen the movie, had time to recognize his mom, and had looked bewildered at his dad stroking his cock. Just as he was turning Ken stood up, not trying to hide his massive hard-on, and suggested to Mike that it was time they had a father to son talk. The moment of decision was there, would Mike continue to turn and leave the room or would he acknowledge his dad’s statement. Ken looked at him and knew he was hooked because his eyes had glanced back at the TV, where his mother had just shoved another smaller dildo up her ass, and Mike just could not look away.
Ken grabbed his hard cock and stood there watching his son watch the movie. He waited until he knew Mike would not be leaving as long as the movie was running. Finally, when he felt the timing was right, he broke the silence. “Kind of embarrassing isn’t it  son, for both of us. The one thing I do know though is that all men masturbate, and my guess is that you do too. Am I right?” Not waiting for an answer he continued, “I started jacking off when I was twelve or thirteen myself, been doing it ever since. Love it as much today as I did back then. The best part now though is I get to do the real thing too.

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   The means I not only get to fantasize about fucking some nice looking piece of tail while I jack off, I get to fuck your mom anytime I want to. ”
Mike turned his head towards his dad thinking how he could even respond. Sure he jacked off, although he had kept that a secret from everyone up to now. Sure he fantasized about fucking, even fucking his own mom who he thought was the hottest mom in the whole town. But how could he talk about that with his dad. What was he supposed to say anyway, something like ‘Yeah dad, is mom as hot a piece of ass as she looks in this video, by the way can I borrow it so I can go have a few strokes over it myself. ’ It was then that he actually realized all the details around him. Fuck that was his mom on the screen, and his dad, although not jerking right now, still had his cock out. It was also then that Mike realized that his cock had started reacting to the images on the TV.
Ken’s cock had softened a bit so he put it back in his shorts so Mike would relax a bit, and because now was the time for talk. “Come on son, relax, why don’t you just sit down and we can discuss this whole thing. ” Mike did feel a bit trapped, he still couldn’t take his eyes of the TV screen. He finally gave a slight shrug and turned completely towards his dad. Ken picked up the remote and paused the show, making sure the video was left leaving a nice shot of his wife’s cunt on the screen while he talked to his son. They both sat down on the couch and Ken started the talk.

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   “Listen son, I know they’ve been teaching you all the basic, physical stuff about sex in school for awhile now. I am not going to bore you with that. What I want to discuss with you is all the other aspects. Like this situation here, and oral sex, and fucking, and all the other stuff they don’t teach at school. Your mom and I think it is very important for you to get the whole picture. Is that okay? I don’t want to lecture you either, so ask questions. To start, let me ask you this, have you ever had any type of sex with someone else, anything at all?”
Mike was starting feel relaxed a bit, although he was still a bit embarrassed. “No, not yet, but all the guys at school talk about it a lot. I’ve just never been that close to a girl. ” Ken would have been surprised at any other response.
“That’s good son, although you could think of masturbation as sex, either on its own or with someone else. So what do you think about sex? How often do you jack off, and what do you use for stimulation?”
“Oh, I don’t know, a few times a week,” Mike lied. He actually jacked off a few times a day, most days. “Mostly I think about different girls from school, sometimes something on TV gets me going, geez dad do we have to talk about this?”
“It’s all part of sex son, and I want you to be open, not ashamed of anything. For instance, when I was your age I think I jacked off more than any other single activity.

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   And I know you been checking out porn on the Internet, so don’t pretend you’re not. It’s not a bad thing son, it’s good. What about your mom and sister, they are both beautiful and sexy ladies, ever think about them when you’re jacking off?”
Mike couldn’t believe his dad knew he lusted after both the women in the house. “Well sometimes I see them in their underwear, that turns me on. ” Mike looked at the paused image of his mother on the screen, he just couldn’t keep it in any longer. “What about this video dad, is mom some sort of porn actress? How could she do something like that anyway. ” Ken expected this reaction sooner than later. Of course his son was going to wonder about his mother’s motives.
“That’s a private video Mike, who do you think is running the camera anyway. It was my idea and you mom went along with it after much persuasion on my part. She was really shy about it at first, but came to enjoy making them as much as I do. Besides, I think she is as hot as any of those porn actresses. What do you think?” Ken knew this was an important turning point. He also knew that Mike would have a tough time saying his own mom wasn’t hot. He picked up the remote and turned the video back to play.

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“Well,” Mike said slowly while he watched the action on the screen, “who wouldn’t get turned on by that. ” Exactly what Ken was hoping for, his son would be enjoying himself today.
“You’re right son, who wouldn’t be turned on. ” Ken said. Just then the picture changed and Debra sat up straight on the couch and Ken walked up to her, his cock aiming directly for her face.
    Ken paused the movie again just as she grabbed his hard on and smiled at the camera. “Now, about oral sex son, it is important to note that it is a two way street. This next bit has your mom giving me one of her great blow jobs. Sometimes oral can be used as foreplay before you fuck, and sometimes it is what the sexual encounter is all about. ” He restarted the video. They both sat there and watched for a few minutes, Mike was mesmerized, Ken was smiling to himself. Ken broke the silence, “So what do you think of that son, would you like to know what it would be like to have your mother suck you cock like that. I do, and let me tell you I have never been able to get enough of it. She gives great head and enjoys every second of it. Fuck, I get turned on just thinking about it, let alone watching it on video.

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      ” Ken paused the movie again. “I don’t know about you son, but this is why I was in here for in the first place. I’m going to turn the movie back on, you can stay and watch, or leave, it’s up to you. I’d prefer it if you stayed so we can keep talking though. ”
    Ken hit the play button, reached into his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. His cock was nine inches long when hard, and pretty thick. He started stroking it while watching the movie of his wife sucking his own cock. He could see the bulge in Mike’s track pants. “Come on son, go for it. I know you want to jack yourself. It’s just us boys here after all, and we all love doing it. ”  Mike hesitantly pulled his own cock out thinking how weird it was jacking off with his father, let alone someone else. But he could not have stopped himself if he even tried. His cock was a bit longer than his dads, but not as thick. The scene on the TV was incredible, watching his mom suck his dad’s cock.

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       “I bet you wish she was wrapping those juicy lips around your cock?” Ken asked. Mike was mesmerized, between seeing his mom naked, let alone giving head, and his preoccupation with getting laid, he was not sure how he should respond.
    “Masturbation is one of the most self indulgent activities we participate in son. As much as I enjoy it when you mom jacks my cock, she just can’t seem to get it perfect. I am the expert on how my cock should be pulled, squeezed, rubbed or whatever. ” Ken was just talking hoping to get his son to open up a bit. “I dream about girls jacking me off sometimes. ” Mike responded, “but I can’t say whether it would be better or not. This is pretty good though. ”
    “It’s just like fucking,” Ken continued, “there’s nothing else like it. I remembered the first time I fucked, I thought my cock was going to melt it felt so hot. I will never forget it. ”
    “Was mom you first fuck dad?” Mike asked.
    Ken had to chuckle, “Not really, although she is far and away the best fuck I’ve ever had. You will learn about how that all started in good time.


       The reality is that even though I had been laid before your mom came along, nothing compares to her. As memorable as the first time was, it’s just the physical memory that sticks with you. It’s definitely different when you love your partner. ”
    Mike heard his dad but he was definitely paying more attention to the show. He could feel the heat in his balls as he was close to coming. He cupped his hand over the end of his prick and stroked hard with the other. He couldn’t believe it when he glanced at his dad and found him looking right at his cock. Considering how reluctant he was at first he was surprised that he didn’t mind that his dad was watching, in fact he wanted to see his dad come to. “Go for it son, I’m just about ready too,” Ken said as they stared at each others cock. Mike came first but his dad followed in another couple of strokes. Mike thought it was probably the best blow he’d ever had, his left hand was overflowing with come.
    Let’s go clean up this mess son, your mom and sister will be home and I need to talk to you first. They went into the shower room by the pool and washed. Ken then led his son back into the den and removed the movie and put it in one of his desk drawers. “Feel free to borrow these at any time son,” Ken said indicating a drawer full of tapes, “mostly home made but a few standard porn flicks too.

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    “Listen son, like I said earlier your mother and I understand that you and your sister know all of the mechanics of screwing and such. What we want to teach you about is the art of making love and sex. We have been planning this since you two were kids. The deal is that your mother is going to seduce you, and I am going to seduce your sister. We both feel that the best way for you to learn about sex is to practice it for real, and what better way then with someone you feel safe with and love. A lot of people would consider this abnormal behavior, and it is even against the law in most states, but we don’t care this is what we think is best for you and your sister. ”
    Mike couldn’t believe his ears. He thought jacking off with his old man was kind of weird, but his parents planning on seducing him and his sister,  that was unbelievable. He’d heard about incest before, and didn’t think too much about it. He thought it was normal for young guys to lust after their moms and sisters when they jacked off, but this was definitely a lot bigger deal. He just sat there with his mouth hanging open waiting for his dad to say something.
    “Come on son, think about it. You saw the video,  you were certainly enjoying your mom sexually a few minutes ago. Nothing has really changed; you just get to taste the real thing instead of getting yourself off. And believe me, after fucking your mother for the last seventeen years I will guarantee you satisfaction.

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       Just relax and think about. ”
    Mike had done nothing else since his dad had told him the plan. What the fuck did he think anyway, that I was contemplating last night’s baseball game? Having your fantasy turned into a reality doesn’t happen to guys his age. He knew everything his dad said was right. Who was he to complain anyway? He knew the idea turned him on because his cock was starting to react to all the thoughts of his naked mother laying on her back waiting for him to shove his cock into her that were running through his head.
    “God dad, this is all happening so fast I feel like I am in a dream,” he said finally. “But you got to know that I’m already thinking about this as being real, I won’t know what to say or do, and I definitely don’t want to turn mom off. How am I going to be able to control myself until it happens? Do you guys have a plan? How was mom planning on seducing me?” Everything was just pouring out, Mike could hardly control himself.
    “Slow down son, everything is going to work out great. I told you about this because I want you to prepare yourself, you and I are going to go over all the details, and you are going to have the best first fuck ever. So here’s the plan as far as I know it. ”
    Mike’s dad proceeded to go the details. Making sure that Mike understood all the things he was supposed to do. School wasn’t back in until Tuesday so they had lots of time to get very, very friendly with the whole family.
    This concludes Part One.

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       Part Two will have us joining the two girls on their shopping trio to see what they are up to. Feedback is always welcome. rabbits@ehmail. com .
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