Little Renee: Showing Uncle Al - Part 2


Hands shaking, I reached into the drawer by my bed and withdrew a small piece of white cloth. …Renee’s sweet little pussy…I unfolded the panties, still moist from the contact with her leaking slit, and drew them to my face. The scent of her was ecstasy… sheer ecstasy. I laid the panties on my pillow and buried my face in them as I pounded my hips repeatedly and scraped my stiff, sore rod against the rough cotton of the sheets. Heart racing, I licked the crotch, fearful of taking the taste of her away, yet needing to suck in her sweetness. “Ohhhh Renee… my baby!”Inflamed beyond reason, I rolled over, spread my legs and gripped my cock hard. I placed the crotch of her panties, stained slightly yellow from Renee’s little girl juices, across my mouth and nose, then I lifted my balls and rolled them in my fingers. I licked and sucked at the soft white cloth, her smell filling me, exciting me, enslaving me. No other smell would ever suffice… no other taste would ever quench. The pace increased. It was a dance of finesse, fisting my cock, stroking my balls and flicking my tongue across the fabric that had recently housed the cunt of my desire… the fortress my cock longed to breach… the gates to heavenly pleasure. “Ohhhh… yes angel…. I want your little pussy. ”My tongue flickered, dancing faster across my prize. I shifted the strokes on my cock, alternating between deep and long, and then short and shallow. My balls tightened in my hand and I heard myself grunt with the exertion of holding my cum at bay.

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  “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” And I sucked in huge gulps of air, my balls on fire, helplessly thrusting my shaft into my fist. It was coming; there was no stopping it now. The cum was rising up and up from my tight balls as I ate at the crotch of Renee’s panties, desperately tonguing that sweet spot again and again, running my rigid tongue flesh up and down my baby’s juices until I thought I’d never get enough of her taste. I sucked and took huge breaths, filling my nose with pungent, little girl cum. “Renee! Baby, I wanna suck you! … Oh God… I wanna fuck you Renee. I wanna fuck you! Ohhhhh…. Ummmmmm! Yes, oh fuck yes!” And then I exploded, pulling my prick, massaging my balls, and lifting my legs high. I aimed my cock at my face, overcome with hot lust. My cock surged once, and cum spilled over the slit in one long stream that struck my baby’s panties full on. I ejaculated endlessly, mixing, in my mind, Renee’s sex juices with my own cum and sucking them both through the wet fabric I held in my mouth. God, I had to have her. Sated, I removed the precious panties from my face, suffering a sharp moment of regret for having spilled my seed onto the place that held the juice of my darling, but it was too late for that. Tired, I drifted off immediately, sleeping in my own cum with Renee’s panties still clutched tightly in my hand. The very next morning, she made an appearance, even earlier than usual. “Uncle Al?”“Yeah sweetie?” I was making coffee having just stumbled out of bed.

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  “Mom and Dad are going to the races today. Can I stay with you?”My hackles rose immediately. I was still terrified to be left with her for too long, and my rapidly swelling cock told me I was not to be trusted alone with this angel. She stood there, shifting from one leg to the other and tugging at a length of black hair. “What’s the matter with the races? You always have fun there sugar. ” I gently reminded her. She flounced her body down in a chair and whined a little. “Uncle! Pleeeassee! I don’t wanna go. I wanna stay with you. ”“I don’t know Renee. I think it might be best if you go on along with your parents this time. ” All at once my taste buds fired and my mouth was filled with saliva as I remembered the child’s flavor. Damn, she was madness! She jumped up immediately, tugging at my sleeve and unleashing a slew of playful pleas. She begged unabashedly, and my limits were soon reached, and in the sweetest way imaginable. “Okay… okay.

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   If it’s all right with your folks you can stay here. But you better be good Renee. I mean it. ”She smiled her victory, hugging my arm tight and instantly asking if we could get a movie and pizza. I let out a little breath; maybe she really would behave and in turn, so could I. Leaving me standing there, she raced home to tell her parents the good news. About an hour later, she came back in, followed closely by Jimmy. He was toting an overnight bag and an armload of furry stuffed animals. Inwardly, I groaned. The little vixen hadn’t told me this would be an overnight, but all the signs were there. “Al, you sure you don’t mind keeping an eye on Renee for us?”I glared at the child, as she stood with that knowing smile of amusement on her pretty face. She had me nailed in a way that almost pissed me off. It just wasn’t natural for a girl so young to be in such control of a grown man, even if it was a subconscious control. I vowed to be good and thwart any attempts to involve me in her sexual games, but my cock vowed a different promise. “No, I don’t mind. 

   When will you be back?”“We’ll be home tomorrow evening, well before you start your shift. ”Feeling like a victim of foul play, I accepted the armload that Jimmy held out to me as Renee jumped up and down excitedly. She was already planning the day… the night… tomorrow… as her infectious energy soared to new heights. Part of me – a big part – was pleased that the child seemed to adore me so, but another part said that she was only interested in using me for her own pleasure. I was deeply puzzled by the conflicting feelings that ran through my head. She was only a child, how was this possible?Jimmy scooped her up and endured a thousand kisses upon his clean-shaven face as he told her goodbye. “You be good now little girl and mind your uncle. Did you kiss your mother goodbye?”“No… I forgot. Be right back Uncle Al. ” She screeched as the screen door slammed behind her. Jimmy gave me a conspiratorial look after she was gone. “Hey man, I really appreciate this. We got permission to use my boss’s condo while we’re there and I’ve been itching to get Rhonda alone. With Renee always around, Rhonda gets a little uptight in the bedroom. It’ll be good to have her all to myself.

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  ”I told him it was all right, assuring him repeatedly that I enjoyed spending time with Renee. Little did he know just how true those words were. At last, Jimmy and Rhonda had the car loaded and took off for Daytona, some sixty miles away. Renee and I stood hand in hand and watched the car fade into the distance, excitement and even a bit of dread filling my heart. Back in the house, we unloaded Renee’s things in the unused spare bedroom. She had grown quiet and I began to become concerned, as it was so unlike her. “What’s wrong sweetie?” I asked. “Nothing really. I think I might miss Mom already. ” Her voice was small and quiet. I took her hand and pulled her into my lap with all the compassion an uncle had for his niece. “Don’t worry Renee, they’ll be back soon. We’ll have fun in the meantime, okay?”“Okay. ” She said and snuggled deep into my arms, her small face breathing against my throat. Her hair smelled like apple blossoms and the feel of her bottom pressing into my lap set my cock to throbbing softly, each wave a small burst of pleasure.

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   Unwilling to have these feelings, I gently pushed her to the floor and suggested we go get that movie she wanted. Considerably cheered, Renee shouted her glee and we took off for the video store. It was there that the depth of her unusual need would begin to make itself known. I could never fathom the reasons she trusted me above her own parents or likely any other adult she knew, but it became clear to me that day that I was her chosen one, her reluctant helper, her partner in depravity, her protector. Helpless to resist her, I simply hung on for the ride that truly began that hot summer day, trying desperately to come to terms with my own part in her sexual awakening. We were like two buddies as we entered the video store, laughing and talking, enjoying each other’s company. Renee was animated and excited, moving off immediately to the children’s section while I took my time scouring the new releases in search of a drama or a horror movie. Surprisingly, the store was virtually deserted that day. I saw a lady with two teenage boys in tow, a young couple perusing the adult section, and a solitary older man who seemed to be wandering about aimlessly. As a huge movie buff, it didn’t take me very long to lose myself in the titles, reading the back covers and looking for the perfect movie to enjoy after Renee went to sleep that night. I completely lost track of both the time and her whereabouts, as I was unused to the role of caretaker. It wasn’t until I had my choice tucked securely under my arm, that I glanced at my watch and realized we’d been there for the better part of an hour and I hadn’t heard Renee’s laughter for some time. After carefully checking the children’s section, I roamed the huge store for a few minutes, my mind in a panic. What if something had happened to Renee? I just couldn’t bear that thought. When I had been over every inch of the store, I casually asked the clerk where the restroom was and she pointed me towards the back of the building.


  The sounds I heard coming through the door sent my mind spinning and I paused, suddenly aroused and paralyzed with fear. Groans and whispers filled my ears as I carefully, slowly, pushed on the door, certain it was locked, but somehow not surprised when it yielded and allowed me entrance. My worst fears realized, I could only gaze in silence as the scene before me took root. Renee was up on the counter, her slim legs spread, her panties just a memory. She used her usual technique, finger shallowly inserted, pressure applied to her clitoris. Her eyes were mere slits and her chest heaved seductively. It was the older man, as I had known it would be. Unaware of my presence, he stood to the side, whispering obscenities, his dick sticking out from his zipper as he watched the child stroke her cunt. “Yes little slut. Rub your pussy. Oh hell yes!” He hissed, pumping rapidly on his leaking dick. I simply watched, shocked into stone silence, excited, as I had never been before and feeling my cock surge again and again. Renee saw me though, and her eyes lit up with naked joy as she doubled her efforts on her hardened clit. Moans flew from her throat as she continued to stroke, and I, evil man that I was, simply watched, silently praying she would continue. “W-watch… please watch,” She begged, speaking directly to me though the stranger could not know that.

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  “Yes, whore. I’m watching. Keep on rubbing your pussy! Make me fucking cum!” He wheezed his voice punctuated with shaky exertion as he fisted his cock. I reached down and ran the palm of my hand over my own erection, filled with a sick mixture of pride, revulsion, and deeply ingrained lust. God, the little girl was sexy. That she wanted to share her desires with me filled me with tenderness. That she so obviously loved to show her pussy off to a strange man caused my mind to veer into overdrive. Confused and aroused, I unzipped and Renee got her first glimpse of her uncle’s hard cock. Once more, her joy shone on her face. The stranger and I jerked our cocks in tandem as Renee began to hump down on her flicking finger. She scooted her ass to the edge of the counter, lifted her legs lewdly, and bore down with a vengeance on her oozing pussy. I saw her lips flower open, revealing soft, wet, pink pussy flesh as her jerking finger moved on and then off of her protruding clitoris. The stranger moaned deep and took a step forward, his hand outstretched, his body shaking violently. “Touch her and die,” I whispered, “Just keep watching. ”The old man startled, his cock softening instantly with fear as he backed against the wall.

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   Renee paused, doubt seeping into her eyes as she looked from me to the stranger and back again. “It’s okay honey, go ahead and cum. We’ll watch you. ” To the stranger I simply said, “Just keep watching her. Jerk your cock and cum; she likes that. Just don’t touch her. ”He swallowed and nodded, digging the no danger vibe, and turned his attention back to the erotic sight of Renee frigging her clit. She was groaning softly and sliding her slippery finger up and down across her pleasure center. I was close and so was the stranger, but the child seemed insatiable. She twisted her body, nearly lying down on the counter, and she thrust her small hips up and out, her beautiful cunt lips spreading still more. Groaning, I gripped my prick tighter and whispered encouragement, afraid suddenly that someone would come in and catch us… me… watching a child masturbate. The old man’s entire body was trembling, and he whispered excitedly under his breath. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. You hot little bitch, rub that pussy. Rub it! Fuck your little cunt! Ohhhhh shiiiittt!” And he suddenly squirted huge globs of semen across the faded linoleum; his face twisted in pleasure, and his old man legs shaking.

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  “Uncle! Oh, oh, oh ohhhhh…. Uncle Al! P-please! Watch me… now!”Renee screeched her pleasure, her body freezing in place, that lone finger digging deep up and into her pulsing cunt. I could see her labia tremble; I could see the convulsions that wracked her tiny, sweet pussy. I began to cum. It seemed to flow softly, my extreme pleasure suspended as waves rolled over my entire body, eyes glued to Renee, my own hips silently thrusting. Again and again my seed oozed from my throbbing cock, and Renee whimpered as she took it all in. “Oh fuck!” I hissed, swaying slightly as the last squirts of hot cum poured from my dick. Taking no time to recover, I simply zipped my cock back into my pants and ordered Renee to pull herself together. Turning to the old man, I pushed him against the wall just as he’d secured his dick once more. “If you ever tell anybody about this, I’ll break your fucking neck!” I whispered roughly. “Shit, who would I tell? I’m just as guilty as you are. ” He ground out, and I felt his heart pound rapidly inside his ribcage. Realizing he was right, I blinked and released him, but he spoke again. “That’s one sexy little bitch you have there man. What’s it like to fuck her?”I saw red, and almost punched him, knowing the trouble it would cause the only thing stopping me.


   Instead I stood before him, nose to nose, trying to murder him with my eyes. “Don’t you dare say that about her or I really will kill you… you fucking predator!”He sucked in his breath, shook me off and left the restroom, but not before eyeing Renee lewdly as she stood in the middle of the floor. “Come on Renee. Let’s get the hell out of here!” My voice was harsh, I knew it, and I knew she was frightened, but I was too upset to stop myself. She put her hand in mine and we exited the restroom nearly knocking over a young woman in our haste. Mumbling an apology and a stupid explanation about Renee being too afraid to use the bathroom alone, I led the two of us past her and approached the door. “Uncle Al? What about our movies?” Renee squealed, pulling her hand from mine and stopping in her tracks. “I left mine at the counter when I went to the bathroom. ” She said, her eyes holding mine. I groaned, “Damn it Renee! We need to get out of here. Right now!” I hissed, barely keeping my voice under control. Her eyes filled with tears and I cursed myself. “Shhhh, hush baby. It’s okay. We’ll get the movies, but we have to hurry.

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  ” I led her to the counter, panic rocking my chest and wanting only to flee. The old man was nowhere in sight, but my urgency about getting Renee as far from him as possible was increasing. What if he followed us? What if he tried to hurt Renee? To fuck her even? Unbearable thoughts clouded my mind as I paid for the movies and took my enigmatic niece out to the car. Silence filled the small vehicle as I tried to still my shaking hands and calm my heartbeat. I glanced wildly about the car lot, still looking for the child molester that had threatened my angel. Somehow, I ignored the voice in my head that whispered I was no better than the dirty old man that had followed Renee to the bathroom. But I felt the truth anyway, and it scared me worse than anything had ever scared me. I tried to calm myself enough to reassure Renee. I explained in my best soothing voice that we would order the pizza when we got home, but she only sat still and quiet, sullenly staring out the window. Disbelief at what had happened at the video store still seemed to reign in my head. I mean, those kinds of things you only read about, yet I had just seen first hand the work of a predator and it had come far too close to a person I loved. I knew I had to talk to Renee, or tell her parents, and the latter was just too difficult to imagine. If I told Jimmy and Rhonda, I would also have to confess that I had let her put on a show for me too, and that I’d even participated. The most important thing was just how close to real danger Renee had placed herself. I wondered if her parents had ever explained about strangers and how her body was her own, not to be shared with someone she didn’t know.

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   I cursed both Jimmy and Rhonda while my mind flew ahead with sickening speed. As the street signs passed in a blur of color, I decided just to get her home. Let her clean up, let her eat, then we could relax together. I could take care of her… …and lick her pussy…until a good opportunity to talk with her came up……slurp it… eat it…then everything would be all right again. Renee would be safe and… … maybe fuck her too…she would still love her Uncle. …yeah, it’s time I fucked her…No! … she wants me to anyway…No! In desperation, I turned to her, searching for forgiveness, or just some small clue that she was okay. “Renee? Sweetie? You okay?”She turned her head, her big brown eyes filled with sorrow. “Uncle Al? Am I… bad?” She asked, her voice tight with tension. I stared at her for a moment, wishing I could make it all better. “No Renee. We’ll talk about it later tonight. But don’t worry. I don’t think you’re a bad girl. It just scared me when I couldn’t find you. Okay?”The small smile that curved her lips warmed my heart.

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   “Okay Uncle. I feel tired… and sticky. ”“You can take a bath when we get home and I’ll order the pizza. What kind do you want angel?” Just a few more blocks and I’d have her home, safe from the world and all to myself. …to lick and suck and fuck…My hands began to tremble. “Cheese and pepperoni please. ” She said sweetly. My heart melted a little and I thought I might actually survive the night with Renee after all. Copyright 2003 Julie HypnoticMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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