Little Sis and I Part 5


Kyle stared dumbfounded at Phoebe’s lovely snatch and what she was proposing.
“I’m going to take a quick shower to get the rest of Billy’s spew out of my pussy and be nice and clean. I’ll want an answer when I come back. If you keep Billy’s and my secret, this will be yours,” and with that she patted her slit and went to the bathroom.
Phoebe lathered up in the shower and used the hose extension to send a nice warm jet up her tight pussy. She also used her fingers to clean out her cunt as much as possible. Then she moved on to her asshole. “You never know what Billy has in mind,” she thought to herself. She shoved a soaped up middle finger up her dirt hole and cleaned it as deep as she could.
She toweled off lightly and went back to Billy’s room.
“Well, are you going to keep our secret or get us in trouble?” she asked Kyle.
“I don’t want to get you guys in trouble so I’ll take your offer,” Kyle said.
Kyle would not have told anyways, but with Phoebe offering her lovely pussy, this was just icing on the cake!
“First of all, are you a virgin?” she asked.
“I guess. I haven’t fucked a girl yet,” Kyle said.
“Good, let me teach you some things,” she said.

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Billy sat back, interested in this ‘teaching’ and was wondering what was on Phoebe’s mind.
Phoebe laid down on the bed, face up. She spread her slim legs open and then took both hands, grabbed both of her soft pussy lips and spread them wide open. Billy was surprised her lips could stretch that much, but with Phoebe, nothing should surprise him anymore. Her clit popped into view from under its hood and her inner cunt lips were glistening. Phoebe’s fuck hole was slightly opened near the bottom of her cunt and you could see into the start of her wet vaginal dark cave.
“First, I want you to lick my love button,” she said as she was pointing to her little clit. “And then you can move lower and tongue and finger my hole. Go ahead!”
Kyle jumped on the bed and put his head right in Phoebe’s crotch. She let go of her lips and they flipped tightly closed. Kyle opened up her pussy lips with his fingers and found her clit. He rubbed it at first and then started licking it. Phoebe moaned in approval. Then he moved down licking her inner lips. She tasted so fresh!He licked a finger and found her dark wet hole and put it in.

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  She was very hot and wet. He took two fingers and slid them in then pulled them in and out. When he took his fingers out, he licked them and her pussy juices were so sweet!Then Kyle stuck his tongue as far down her cunt hole as he could.
“Ok, you warmed me up, now fuck me,” Phoebe ordered. “You probably won’t last long once you are in me, but don’t be embarrassed. After all, it’s your first time. We can do it again a little later. ”
Kyle’s rock hard cock was dripping with pre-cum as he moved over into position. Phoebe spread her legs even wider for a better view of his target. He took his cock and put his head near her clit.
“A little lower, honey. Let me help,” Phoebe said. She spread her lips for him. He moved his cock lower following her cunt lips until he felt it going in her hole. “Just don’t cum too early,” he said to himself.

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  He pushed and his bulbous head disappeared inside of Phoebe. Then he slowly pushed the rest of his eager cock fully into her twelve year old vagina. Her tight cunt muscles contracted around his dick as if trying to squeeze the cum out of him. As Phoebe predicted, within thirty second he could not control himself and shot his hot load into her cunt cave. He pulled out and she licked his cum clean off of his dick.
“Wasn’t so bad for the first time Kyle,” Phoebe reassured him, “you’ll last longer with practice. ”
Phoebe said to herself, “Now what?I have two boys who will want to fuck me three or four times a day. That’s eight times every day!I think I know who to get to help me.
Phoebe left them just as their father pulled up in the driveway.
The next day the boys were playing video games downstairs. Phoebe came up to them and said, “Come up to my room for a surprise. Only if you are interested, of course. ”She then ran up the stairs knowing they would be on her heels. They rushed in her room right behind her and saw another girl there. Billy recognized that she was on the soccer team with Phoebe but not her name.

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  She was darker than Phoebe, maybe an inch taller with long dark hair done up in two pony tails which flowed well past her tits. Her tits appeared bigger than Phoebe’s and by the look of it was not wearing a bra.
“This is my friend Angela from the soccer team and we are closer than just team mates. ”As she introduced her friend, Phoebe cupped one of Angela’s tits and gave her a deep passionate kiss.
“Billy, you thought I had a boyfriend and I said I didn’t. I wasn’t lying,” Phoebe said smiling. “She’s offered to help me in satisfying you two animals. I had to call in reinforcements,” she giggled. “Angela even has real tits!”And with that she helped Angela off with her shirt. She was indeed bigger than Phoebe, a true A-cup while Phoebe was more budding tits.
Then Angela unbuttoned her tighter than possible short shorts and peeled them down to her ankles revealing a pink lace thong. She turned around to show the boys her fantastic ass and the appreciated it by getting instant boners. Then she slowly pulled down her skimpy panties so that she was completely naked. She turned around and instead of being completely bald, she had a runway of hair about a half inch wide running from the top of her cunt to the natural ending of her pussy hair line. “Just follow the path boys,” she said with a laugh as she saw them staring at her pussy.

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Phoebe quickly took off all her clothes followed by the boys with their hard cocks stiff in the air.
“I’m giving Phoebe a break; so Billy, you first. Get on the bed face up and cock up,” Angela ordered. She licked his cock and balls to get them nice and wet and then sat on his stomach facing away from him. “Phoebe, hold his cock up straight and I’ll sit down on it. ”
Angela moved down to Billy’s crotch and lifted herself over Billy’s rod. Phoebe was holding Billy’s cock and when Angela was over it she went down. Phoebe guided his rock hard dick expertly into Angela’s awaiting twat. Her cunt was as tight as Phoebe’s and Billy was more than thrilled to have two girls servicing his dick.
Angela bounced up and down for a few minutes and went high enough for Billy’s cock to pop out. Phoebe was right there watching closely and grabbed his cock, licked it and sucked it to be nice and wet again; also she loved the taste of Angela’s sweet cunt juices!Then she put it back into Angela’s hot pussy.
After several more minutes, Angela said, “Phoebe, really wet up his cock, because I want it up my ass now. ”
Billy could not believe his ears but rolled with the flow. His cock popped out of Angela’s cunt and Phoebe spit on it and blew it so it was really wet. Then she licked Angela’s tight ass hole and even managed to get her tongue a little in her.

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  Phoebe stood Billy’s dink straight up in the air as Angela slowly sat down.
    Phoebe wiggled and wiggled Billy’s cock until his head finally got past Angela’s tiny asshole and into her colon. Angela loved things up her ass. Billy’s cock was not too much of a stretch for her because she put in large dildos and even cucumbers up her ass regularly.
    She sat fully down so his rod was completely in her bowels. “Damn, that feels good!” she said. “Now I have an empty hole though!”Kyle, come over her and fill up my pussy for me. ”
    Angela leaned back and was now resting her back on Billy’s chest. She spread her legs to let Kyle have room to enter her. Kyle went over and could only see Billy’s balls and where his dick was supposed to be was deep in Angela’s intestines. Her cunt hole was dripping with her juices and he wasted no time in filling her twat with his rock hard dick. Billy really couldn’t thrust his cock in and out of her ass from where he was and just laid there with his dick inside of Angela mingling with her shit. He felt Kyle’s dick near his as he went into Angela’s cunt. Kyle had some stamina now and pumped Angela several minutes until he unleashed his hot load into her cunt cave.
    Phoebe was hot seeing her friend getting double penetrated and climaxed repeatedly by fingering herself and rubbing her enlarged clit.

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      Kyle pulled out and Phoebe jumped at the chance to lick the combination of his cum and Angela’s cunt juices.
    Now Angela sat back up and started riding Billy’s cock again. She said, “Phoebe, be a honey and re-lube your brothers cock for me please. ”Angela got high enough so Billy’s cock popped out of her shitter. What happened next boggled Billy’s mind. Phoebe spit on his dick then put his cock as deep as she could in her mouth. Then she licked every inch of if so it was glistening wet. “My cock was just in her shit hole and Phoebe licked it clean. They must be closer friends than even I imagined!”Billy thought to himself.
    Phoebe guided his dick back into Angela’s stretched asshole. It had not closed yet and Billy’s dick easily went back into her shit filled bowels. After riding Billy for several minutes, he just could not hold on. He had to let go and he did, big time. Billy shot his load deep into Angela’s intestines just as she was coming down on him. Then he burst a few more shots of spew into her as she kept riding.

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    Angela got off of him and both she and Phoebe licked his cum and her shitter juices clean off of his shaft and balls.
    “Well, I hope I gave Phoebe a little break from you guys. At least until tonight!” she laughed. With that, Phoebe and Angela both went and took a shower together. The boys almost could not believe what had happened. “Phoebe always has something up her sleeve,” Billy thought to himself.

    ----------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED IF YOU WANT IT TO BE ----------------
    --------------------------- I THANKALL COMMENTS -----------------------------

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