“He got a hardon. My son got aroused because of me! And the size of the thing! I know he was growing a large one from peaking in on him from time to time but it was fucking huge! I know what you said but I just didn’t believe it. Yeah, he bought the story about having too much to drink. Do you really think he will? God I hope so. Ok, I gotta go too. See you soon…

Saturday morning, the day after my glorious birthday, I awoke to the smell of breakfast cooking and my memory of sweet Rachel. I dressed and went down to the kitchen to find Mom bending over to retrieve a pan from a cabinet. She had on her sleeping shirt that wasn’t quit long enough to hide everything when she was in this position. The edge of her shirt rose just high enough to reveal her blonde pussy hair. I was stopped in my tracks with my eyes locked the site before me. I slowly backed up around the corner only to hide my body but keeping my eyes in full view of my mom’s pussy hairs. She seemed to linger a bit before rising. I slipped my head back for a moment to compose my self or at least hide my rigid cock. I peeked again and quickly moved to the bar and sat on a stool. “Morning Mom. ” I announced.

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   She jumped and spun around and said, “Good morning Son. How are feeling today? Are you hungry?” she quizzed. Without another word she bean a series of tasks to provide me a sumptuous meal while seemingly giving me several views of her tits and pussy. I couldn’t decide if they were by accident or not but it was driving my dick crazy. With the experience I had with my aunt the night before, I definitely didn’t have a moral issue with incest, but I wasn’t convinced that I could or even should fuck my own mother. Her long blond hair and those massive tits could corrupt the pope. I guess I could fuck her but would she be willing? She did get laid last night by her brother in-law but she seemed to regret it. Still I couldn’t help considering the possibility that she was giving me this show on purpose. Why? Why would she tease me on purpose? Well no matter what her motives were, I definitely needed to take Aunt Rachel’s offer and learn far more than I knew then.

After the best breakfast I’ve ever had, I left the safety of the breakfast bar and headed to the shower. I ran up the stairs and sprinted to the bathroom. At last I was in the shower where I could release my pent up sexual tension and I proceeded to do just that. I trained my thoughts on Rach and the many possibilities that could result with my cock slamming into her. Still though, my mind kept drifting back to Mom. “God she turns me on!” I said to myself.

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   I closed my eyes and my fantasy of my cock being licked by both of them at the same time. Mom on one side and Rach on the other. The image of looking into their eyes as the fought over my free flowing sperm. “Steve?” broke my mom. “Are you ok?” she asked. “Yeah, yeah Mom just taking a shower. ” I squeaked. “Well it sounded like you were taking more than that. ” she giggled. “Sorry to surprise you but I needed to pee. Please flush for me when you done, ok?” she requested as she left. “By the way. Your Aunt Rachel called. She needs help with moving some boxes. ” she announced from outside the door.

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   “Rach’s!” I said to my self. I finished the shower and got dressed in record time.

My cock could hardly contain itself during the drive over to her house. I did my best to not crash my car while pushing it to it’s limit. When I arrived the garage door was open and she was standing in front of it dressed in her bathrobe. She waved me to park in the garage and then closed the door behind me. “I don’t want any talk from my nosy neighbors. ” she said. “Well Little Stevie, I just couldn’t wait any longer for a chance to have that wonderful cock of yours stuffed into me. ” she continued. I jumped out of the car and followed Aunt Rachel into the house. Once inside she walked to the living room and turn around to face me. With a lustful smile on her face, she let the robe fall to the floor. My eyes were filled with a complete vision of paradise. Her breasts were large and vivacious and the nipples were a bright red.

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   I bet she had been pinching them all morning. Being in her late thirties, her body showed that married a long time look but I didn’t care. My prick strained against my jeans for freedom. It was like my cock could smell the musk of Rach’s cunt and it was summoning my man meat for it’s meal. Her pussy by the way was trimmed perfectly into a small patch above her clit and I could see it drip with moister. She held up her hand as a stop sign to keep me from tackling her and said, “We are not blessed with a lot of time because your uncle will not be gone long. But I need to get fucked by that huge cock of yours. This isn’t part of your lessons, just call it your first installment for your tuition. ” With that, she slowly walked up to me and grabbed my belt buckle and undid it along with my pants. Her tongue darted into my mouth and my pants fell to my ankles. My head started to spin as she lightly stroked my dong. She moaned and whispered in my ear, “No matter what happens, I hope you will always want to fuck me Stevie. ”

Her head immediately lowered to the deep blue head of my dick and devoured it hungrily. Her hands worked in unison in stimulating my sexual excitement while her mouth acted as wet vacuum. I could feel my balls heating up and my cum surging through my scrotum and there was no stopping the flood of my juice.

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   “I’m not stopping it Rach! Eat my cum you slut! My balls have ached since last night and it’s your fault. “ I screamed as Rachel gagged and coughed as she tried to swallow stream after stream of cum. When she finally came up for air, I was already planning my next move and pushed her onto the couch. I knew that my cock only needed two or three minutes to recover and that was all I needed to put my self study to the task. I dove right for her pussy and locked my mouth on her whole vagina. In the mean time my tongue explored her lips and clit. Rachel tossed and turned her head with my head in her hands. Her moans were my guide as I sucked up her juices and teased her clit. I could tell that when I flicked her clit with my tongue, she moaned louder. So I proceeded to spend more and more of my time swirling my tongue around her big button and I added three of my fingers to her gapping cunt. Rach went mad with lust. “Oh Stevie, you eating me so good. I didn’t think you knew about that. Ooooohhhh fuuuccckk, I’m cuuuuummmmingg. Aaahhh!” she screamed and she flooded my mouth, nose and face with the most fantastic tasting fluid that I have ever known.

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   I raised up from her pussy to see her heaving for air and looking at me with a look of astonishment. I smiled as I moved up to her face and she kissed me passionately then licked her cum off my face.
    I slowly moved my cock in between her legs and slid it into her inch by inch. Her eyes opened wide and she started to growl like a bitch in heat. Her hips began to gyrate on my dick as I got deeper and deeper. At about 8 inches I could feel her cervix contract on my head and I stopped. “No Stevie, don’t stop there. I want all of you in me. Force it baby. Fuck me my Little Stevie, fuck me hard. ” she pleaded. And fucked her hard I did. I slowly pushed my thick pulsating cock deeper into her. I managed to submerge all of me up to my balls and I could have died right there and not cared. I pulled it out all of the way and sat up and watched as it went back in till the hilt.

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       I repeated this process for several strokes. Then I picked up the pace, Rach grabbed my ass in her hands and slammed me into her with abandon. “Fuck me baby, fuck me with all you have my big stud. Fuck me! Your cock is driving me crazy. Make me cum again Stevie, I want to drown your cock. ” she cooed. “Rach, my cock is going to explode soon. Should I pull… “ I started to ask. “No, Stevie. Cum in me. Fill my cunt with your hot cum, baby. Stevie, cum with me. Cum with me please!” she screamed. I nodded and continued to hammer her pussy like my life depended on it. Her body began to spasm and I knew she was starting her orgasm.

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       I quicken the pace and I felt the heat increase on my cock. “Shoot your cum now! Fill my cunt! Mix it with mine Stevie!” she announced. I released every muscle I had and blew my load into her like a fire house. She was so full of my cock that cum poured out of the sides of her gash and soaked my ball sack. Our bodies collapsed intertwined on the sofa.

    Our breathing started to subside and we heard a car door close outside. We jerked up, grabbed our clothes and ran for cover. I headed for the bathroom and Rachel ran to the bedroom. I hurried and got dressed and straightened myself up before coming out. Rachel was faster than I and she was standing by the front door when I came up behind her. “Who was it? I asked. “I don’t know. I could have sworn someone was in the driveway but I guess I was wrong. I placed my arms around her and cupped her clothed breasts. She immediately pulled my arms down and spun around.

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       Shesaid, “Stevie you have understand something. You can’t just grab me when ever you want. I’m married and we are relatives. I could go to jail for what we have done. We have to keep this between us or else we will have to stop. ” I lowered my head from the scolding and she added, “Oh Stevie. Listen to me, you have a wonderful, beautifully large cock and I love being fucked by it but I love your Uncle Morton. Now I will teach you if you want but I will not leave him for you or anyone. Do you understand?” I looked into her eyes and said “Of course Aunt Rachel. I do understand and I appreciate what you have done for me. ”

    With that I left and went home. My mind was numb. I just an incredible fuck session with this beautiful woman. It was my first and no one must know about it. So am I still a virgin? No of course not.

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       I just reamed her cunt good! But if someone was to ask, would I have to lie? If I boast of my conquest. How can I name the conquered? No I wasn’t heart broken. I would have never asked her to leave anyone for me but I really loved fucking her brains out. And who the hell was in the driveway? Morton? Did he see anything? Does he know? Does he know that I know about mom and him? Does Rachel know? Fuck I need a milkshake and with that I cruised Main Street towards the Dairy Queen.

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