Long Term Incest


This all started twenty one years ago. My name is Shirley and I was sixteen at the time, I'm near blonde,and blue eyed with a good figure. I started developing early and by the tme I was sixteen I could have passed for eighteen or nineteen. I lived at home with my mother and younger brother, we lost Dad when I was a child. As I developed I became very curious about sex, I have masturbated for as long as I can remember but as I began to develop the thrills I had from masturbation increased. I was good academically and on the sports field and was popular with both girls and boys.

When I was mid teens I had been very friendly with a couple of lads who were also friends with each other, one hot summer afternoon we were together in an area popular with kids because it was away from adults. Somehow we got talking about sex and, by then, we had a pretty good idea about what went on and I happened to say that I had never seen a boys dick, the boys laughed and one of them said, 'What a coincidence, we haven't seen a girls quim!'Never short of coming forward I then said, 'I'm game if you are, I'll take my knickers off if you'll show me your dicks. 'They quickly agreed. Ihad an old button-through school dress on, a size or two too small, and my knickers so I unbuttoned the dress and took my knickers off, keeping my legs closed until the boys had taken their shorts and briefs off.

Their cocks started rising as soon as they saw my breasts and I was thrilled at the sight of their cocks. I lay down and opened my legs and caressing the lips of my quim gradually opened them so they could see inside. By now they both had their cocks in their hands, I said, 'I'll let you feel me if I can feel yours!'We started with me and I instructed them how gentle they had to be and then showed them how to play with me. It felt great, much better than playing with myself and I was soon aroused and getting very wet. While they continued to take turns feeling me I took a cock in each hand and asked them what I had to do. They told me and in no time at all I had made them both cum, it was so thrilling!They called the stuff that came out 'spunk' and told me that they 'tossed-off' every night, the stuff smelt funny and was all sticky on my fingers.

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  After they had cum, their cocks went all floppy which they told me happened every time, I told them that I could masturbate for as long as I liked. After that day we often met that lovely hot summer and played with each other.

Now, after Dad died, his brother Peter came and stayed very frequently, he slept with Mum, after my activities I understood why. Then later that year, when Uncle Peter was staying, one night I woke at about midnight needing to pee. I had to pass the door to Mum's bedroom on the way to the bathroom and, as I passed I heard Mum say, 'Oh darling, put it in now!'I stopped outside her door and listened, I could hear the bed creaking rhythmically, then I heard Mum gasp, 'Oh, that's lovely, darling!'After a while she began moaning and gasped, 'Harder, darling, fuck me harder!'I was shocked at her language, I had never heard her swear or use coarse language. I could hear Uncle Peter panting and the bed creaking louder and louder, then he gasped, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!'Mum cried out, 'Oh yes! Fill me up sweetheart, fill me with your lovely spunk!''Darling, darling!' Uncle Peter gasped, 'Oh God, I love fucking you so much!'

I thought that one or other of them would be visiting the bathroom soon, so I shot in there and peedthen got back to my room as quickly as possible. I'd hardly got there when I heard someone going into the bathroom, I was lucky that I didn't get caught.

After Uncle Peter had gone home and my brother Tom was out I asked Mum about sex, 'I must say, I'm a bit surprised you haven't asked me before, darling,' she said. I reminded her that when I was ten she had told me all about monthly periods and what it meant. 'Oh, I know, but that wasn't quite what I meant just now. 'I said, blushing like mad, 'Well, I don't quite know how to say this, Mum, but I wanted. . . . er.

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  . . . . to ask you. . . um. . . what having sex is like?''Ah,' she smiled, 'that's more like it!Well, love, all I can say is that, with the right man, sex can be wonderful. If it's a man you love, it's out of this world!Your Dad and I were wonderful together. But he's gone now and, as you'll find out, a woman has needs too, perhaps notquite the same as a man does but nevertheless. . .

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  . . 'She left it in the air, then went on, 'I expect you've put two and two together and realised that Uncle Peter sleeps with me when he's here and we have sex, I love it and it means I don't have to look elsewhere. ''But, you know. . . . . . what I mean is. . . well, what does it feel like when a man's thing is inside you. ' I stuttered, blushing like a beetroot.

Mum hugged me, 'I knew that you'd ask questions like that sometime, the trouble is that it's so difficult to answer.

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  I know the first time it happened to me, I didn't like it much when the boy pushed his dick into me, it seemed such a personal intrusion somehow, but then he started thrusting and it just got better and better. After the first time, when I wasn't too sure how I felt, I just had to do it again to see whether I really liked it or not. And I did!It just got better and better!Neither your Dad nor I wanted someone inexperienced, your Dad was very good at making love and making me feel absolutely wonderfulbecause he had found out that making sure the woman was thoroughly pleasured meant that he had a good time too. That's the most important thing a man can learn, so when you come to make love you may have to tell your partner what does it for you and then you'll really enjoy yourself!'She hugged and kissed me and I thanked her for what she'd said then added, 'I so want to do it Mum, I think aboout it all the time. '

Mum laughed, 'Yes, most young girls your age do!What have you done so far, with a boy I mean, because I guess you play with yourself just like most of us do. 'Blushing again I told her what I had done with my two boyfriends together. 'Well, I must say that was a bit enterprising!I'm sure you must have trusted them not to do anything silly otherwise you wouldn't have done it. But, I tell you what, when I think you're really ready for full sex, I will arrange something with someone I trust, how do you feel about that?'I grabbed and kissed her, 'Oh Mum, I think that's fantastic!Thank you so much, I can't wait!''Well,' she said, more seriously, 'it's not about to happen any time soon, you're too young, but just trust me. Oh, and by the way, no messing about with boys because, believe me you will regret it. ''And that was where we left it.

Two years later.

Now I was sixteen and my hormones were really raging, all the same I had taken my mother's advice however hard it was not to play around with boys. It was my habit, when Uncle Peter was not with us, to take my mother in a cup of tea on Sunday mornings, on this particular morning I did just that. Imagine my surprise therefore, not to mention shock, when I tapped on the her door, as I usually did, and walking in found Mum and Uncle Peter lying naked on the bed. They sprang apart as I stuttered my apology and turned to leave, but Mum said, 'It's alright, Shirley, you weren't to know but Uncle Peter arrived very late last night.

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  Now you're here I think you can stay. 'She glanced at Uncle Peter who nodded. I turned back and closed the door. They were naked and Uncle Peter had an erection, I know that I mhad seen boys dicks but I had never seen a grown man's. To me it looked huge, I gathered later that it was about seven and a half inches long but it was the thickness as well that surprised me, I only had to look at it to realise that, if I took it in my hand, I couldn't encompass it. Mum said, 'It's alright to look, sweetie. I expect it's the first man's dick you have ever seen, it is bigger than most men's, which is one of the reasons I like to make love with Uncle Peter. Now it's going to be your turn!'

Mum was lying on her side but as she turned onto her back I could see her open quim, what's more I could see spunk in it. 'What's the matter, you've seen me naked often enough?' Mum said. I apologised and said, 'Not after you've had sex, Mum. ''No, of course, I'm sorry. Uncle Peter is just going to have a shower, then we can see what we can do. 'Uncle Peter got up, put a dressing gown on and went to the bathroom. 'It's only because he's just made love to me darling and we did wanty to be sure that there was no trace oof e on his dick. '

Uncle Peter came back, Mum's bed was a big King-size one and there was plenty of room for the three of us.

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  She told me to take my nightie off, which I did. Uncle Peter gasped, 'Christ, how beautiful you are darling!'His cock rose immediately, at sixteen I was, as I said, very well developed. My breasts weren't large but they were very firm, stuck straight out from my chest and were tipped by little pink nipples and swollen looking aureoles. My body was all in proportion and I had excellent legs. Mum said, 'Kneel up so that Uncle Peter can see your quim properly. 'I knelt with my legs apart, proud that he was obviously affected by what he was looking at, a plump mound and neat closed lips that had rounded edges. and no pubic hair. Pulling me down he kissed me, it was a kiss like no other I had ever experienced and it thrilled me to the core. More kisses, from my mouth to my eyes, from my eyes to my breasts andfrom my breasts to my nipples. Then he sucked my nipples, I had never had my nipples sucked and was completely unprepared for the thrill that ran through my body and right down to my quim. All the while he was kissing me Peter was caressing my body, my arms, legs and flanks, very smoothly and very gently.

My body began to react, first my nipples erected, firmer than they had ever been, then I could feel my quim swelling, like it did when I masturbated although it hadn't been touched at that point. More kisses and caresses and I knew that my quim was opening like a flower bud, it throbbed too, soon I felt my inner lips engorge and just moving my legs caused a thrill to emanate from my cunt. My thighs became slippery. 'Oh, Uncle!' I panted, I felt for his cock, the knob was slick on the top, like the boys' had been when I played with them, and the shaft seemed iron hard.

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  I wrapped my fingers round it and started wanking him, his hand slipped down over my stomach and started caressing the lips of my cunt.

I was becoming aroused like I had never been before, I had always beeen in control of the situation before, now I wasn't and something was happeningto me. I felt hotand langorous, laid back and enjoying what Peter was doing to me. My cunt throbbed and thrilled and became wetter and wetter. The Peter started kissing me again but this time he didn't stop at my breasts bt went on down over my stomach. Instinctively I klnew where he was going, I must have moved or something because Mum said quietly, 'It's alright darling, let Uncle Peter do it, you'll enjoy it. 'She was right, I felt him kiss the lips of my cunt, then he ran his tongue up one lip and down the other, he did it several times, I'd never felt anything like it. But he didn't stop there, I felt his tongue licking my inner lips then all round the mouth of my cunt until he found my hole and pushed his tongue in and simulated fucking,I thought I was going to faint from the pure pleasure
that he was giving me. Then he stopped and suddenly he was licking my clit, it galvanised me, I found my hand grabbing his cockas tight as I could. He stopped and the next thing I knew he was sucking my clit and all the surrounding delicate tissue into his mouth and pulling at it. The thrill it gave me completely overcame my senses and there was a roaring in my ears, heat suffused my body and somehow my mind and I think I passed out.

When I came-to I had no idea how long I wasn't with it but Peter was spreading my unresisting legs wide apart and moving over me. He kissed me, 'Just relax you wonderful girl!' he murmured, I felt his cock nocing between the lips of my cunt, he held it in his hand and rubbed it all arond and on my clit, I felt the thrills overcoming me again but before anything copuld happen he was pressing his cock at the entrance to my vagina, 'Relax, relax,' he murmured. I felt the muscle at the entrance to my vagina stretching as he repeatedly exerted a bit more pressure against it, then suddenly I knew it had entered me. 'It's in, it's in,' I gasped then fell silent as I flet his big cock sliding up inside me.

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I thought about what Mum had said when she had her first time and I knew exactly what she meant, it felt like an intrusion into the most personal part of my body and I wasn't sure that I liked it. When Peter's balls were trapped against my bum he stopped moving for a moment or two, letting me feel it's size and the way it throbbed with his heartbeat. Thenhe pulled back and slid gently in again, his cock was rubbing my clit and the thrill masked my feelings of intrusion, but he went on, very gently but increasingly faster and harder until suddenly he cried out. 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!'I heard my mother said, as if from a distance, 'It's alright, cum up her, I'll deal with it after. '

Peter rammed his cock in with a groan and, as he drew back I felt the hot fierce spurt of his ejaculation. He repeated it, not once but four times and I felkt the viscous fluid filling the void of my vaginal channel. It thrilled me more as, at the same time his cock was still rubbing my clit, this time I didn't pass out but did realise that I was having an orgasm, just like Mum told me happened if one really enjoyed the thrills. Then Peter flopped on me and I held him tight as the thrills continued to course through me. After a short while it all stopped and I felt his cock shrink, I turned my head to look at Mum, her face was suffused with pleasure, her hand was between hr thighs and I knew what she had been doing.

After we had recovered a bit Peter rolled off, Mum said, 'Well, did it come up to expectations?''Yes,' I nodded, 'his cock was rubbing my clitoris all the time, apart from when he first entered me I was thrilling all the time. ''So, you'd like to do it again?''Oh yes! Of course Mum!'Then I thought, 'What about all that spunk Uncle Peter put inside me?''Yes, well, now comes the bit you probably won't like, come on, into the bathroom with you!'I followed her and found out what a vaginal enema felt like, not very pleasant at all!'That shouild take care of any possibility of you being pregnant,' Mumsaid, 'on Monday I'm going to take you to the Family Planning Clinic and have you fitted with a diaphragm, then Peter can do you as much as you like and you won't have to worry. '

Well, that wasn't very pleasant either, quite apart from the obvious disapproval of the nurse who fitted with the diaphragm. She told Mum that I shouldn't be having sex at my age, Mum took the sting out of it by agreeing, 'Of course she shouldn't,' she said, 'and if I find out that she's been doing it again I'll murder her. But, at the same time, I don't want her getting pregnant and ruining her life either. '

To carry this part to a conclusion, after this Uncle Peter made love to me every time he came as well as doing Mum so I became quite experienced by the time I was sixteen.

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  This was relevant because of what happened with my brother Tom.

Just after I turned sixteen, Tom then being younger, he asked m about sex. 'I've never seen a girl's thing,' he told me. Now Tom was a bit of a loner, he was okay with boys because he was good at sports but as far as girls were concerned he was too reserved and they virtually ignored him. I did feel sorry for him and guessed that, like most boys and a good proportion of girls, he masturbated every night, so I said to him, 'Haven't you ever seen even very little girls?''Well, yes,' he replied. 'Well that's what an older girl looks like only bigger,' I told him. 'Oh yes? And that's what yours looks like is it?' he responded. 'Well, more or less,' I shrugged, then I thought'Oh what the hell,' and I said, 'Why do you want to see?'He said, 'You're kidding!'I said, 'No, here, have a look!'And I pulled my pants down and lifted my skirt. 'Wow, gosh!Lie down Sis so I can see it properly!'I said, 'Come upstairs. 'We went into my room and closed the door, Mum was still at work, so I stripped completely and lay down on the bed. Then I let Tom look and feel everything he wanted, I said, 'I bet you've gota hard on!Let's have a look. 'He willingly undressed, it was obvious that he took after the male side of the family because his cock, even at fourteen, must have been well over six inches. I grabbed it and started playing with it, he put his hand between my legs so I showed him how to play with me. I quickly became aroused I said to him,'I'm getting all worked up Tom. ''I know,' he replied, 'your cunt's gone all slippery!

I was far more aroused than I imagined I would have been and I suddenly said, 'Would you like to fuck me?''Cor!' he gasped, 'Me?Put my cock up your cunt?''Yes.

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  ''Christ!'I spread my legs and he got between them, I took hold of his cock and gently inserted it, 'Go on then. 'He began fucking but, of course, he only lasted a few strokes before he gasped, 'I'm going to cum, Sis!''Go on then, just let it go, you can't make me pregnant. ' And the next moment he was shooting his spunk deep into me, it was great. Despite how quick it was I had really enbjoyed it and I showed him trick for getting him hard again quickly that Mum and Peter had shown me, I sucked his cock into my mouth and sucked and licked all the juice off it and gradually got him hard. The second time he fucked me he lasted a lot longer, I tell you we really enjoyed that afternoon!

After that we had sex regularly until I met my future husband. Dave and I moved away and we didn't see Mum or Tom very often, I had two daughters and they were still only babies when Tom came to visit. Dave was away at the time, we didn't plan it that way, it was just a coincidence. Nevertheless later that afternoon, while the girls were having their afternoon nap, Tom and I had sex, not once but three times and I loved it. I remembered what Mum had said all tthoses ago, sex with Dave was a woman's dream, it was wonderful and I couldn't get enough of him, sex with Tom was extremely enjoyable and, for some rerason I never felt any guilt about it.

Some years later.

Time went on, Tom visited frequently and we always made love when we could, then, just like Mum, I lost Dave. I lost him in a car accident, he was well insured and we didn't need to worry about money. It was devastating , nevertheless, particularly for the girls it took a couple of years for us to come to terms with it. Tom was a great help and the girls growing up fast loved him too. They somehow accepted the fact that Tom slept with me but when they were thirteen and twelve respectively they did question me about it.


  I was always very open about sexual matters and growing up and I knew, because they told me when they experimented a bit with boys and the fact that they masturbated, that they trusted what I told them. I had told them that I didn't mind if they did experiment a bit as long as they were sensible, did it in safe conditions and didn't go too far. They did more or less what I did and I trusted them in return. When the questions came about Tom it didn't seem to worry them, 'We don't talk about it, Mum,' they said, 'but we do think Uncle Tom's very sexy!'I had a feeling that I knew what was coming. I had told them how I was introduced to sex by a very understanding mother who wanted the best for me and how the relationship with Tom had developed from the fact that I was trying to help him. The fact is that it was obvious that my situation excited them, it made me think that history was going to repeat itself.

You've guessed it of course, history did repeat itself in a way. One day Tessa, theTeenager said that both my girls were really into sex (as if I hadn't guessed!) and wanted to experience what it was like to have a man inside them 'doing it', as she put it. I asked her if either of them had ever put anything inside themselves. She blushed prettily and said, 'Well, you know, Mum. . . . . you know what the handle of my hairbrush is like, so I tried that!''Did you enjoy it,' I asked.

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  She shrugged, 'Sort of, but not as much as I thought I would. ''Did Trish do it too?'She nodded, 'She was very tight and said it hurt!''Serve you both right for being so silly,' I said, then I went on, 'I don't want you doing anything silly like that again, alright?'She nodded, 'Yes, Mum. ''Alright then. Well, I'll tell you what I'll do, I certainly do not want anyone outside the family having anything to do with this, but I'll have a word with Uncle Tom and see if he will teach you. The only proviso is that I want to be there too, no arguments, if you don't like that, too bad, it won't happen and that's all I have to say on the matter. 'Tessa looked excited nevertheless and , no doubt, Trish did too when her older sister repeated what I had said.

A couple of years later Tom came for a week's holiday, we had talks about relieving the girls of their virginity he agreed with alacrity, what a surprise. I talked to the girls and ruled that Tessa was to be the first and I was going to do exactly what my mother did, she would have the complete experience then I would make sure she got fixed up. . On Saturday night we all went out for a meal and I allowed the girls a glass of wine, Tessa looked as if eating her meal and drinking the wine was a chore, I reckoned for all her grown-up attitudes she was nervous about what was to happen later. Nevertheless we had a good evening, Tessa and myself showered together followed by Tom, by the time he had finished we were lying on the bed naked. He came inand his face lit up when he saw my gorgeous daughter in all her glorious nudity. I said, 'First of all, Tess, Tom is going to make love to me so that you can see what to expect. '

Tom took the hint and began kissing me, then the caresses started, he took his time making sure that I was thoroughly aroused as he always did. It was strange knowing that one of my girls saw me in that state with my cunt wide open and being played with, but soon I got into the swing of it, I always particularly liked the oral sex as I usually had a nice orgasm before he even got his cock into me.

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  Tessa watched closely, although it was obvious that she was playing with herself. Soon enough Tom entered me and began fucking, I responded to him with enthusiasm as I usally did and lost myself in the pure pleasure of sex. I stopped Tom before he came so as not to prejudice what Tessa was going to get, being made love to twice.

As soon as Tom rolled off me, Tessa lay back and opened her legs, her cunt was totally different to mine, very full lips with virtually no mons, her inner lips showing even before Tom got to work, and, of course, no pubic hair. Tom did to her as Peter did to me, she became aroused very quickly and was very ready when he moved over her and, holding his nearly eight inch cock in his hand caressed her cunt with it before entering her. It seemed a lot easier than when I was deflowered and Tessa thoroughly enjoyed what was happening and came while he was fucking her. He was well experienced and made her initiation last much longer than mine did so that before he'd finished she came. Afterwards, when he rolled over onto his back she knelt over him and, to my surprise sucked his now limp cock into her mouth and cleaned it just as I was used to doing. He was aroused and hard long before she'd finished with him and mounted her again immediately. This time she dictated what she wanted, a good, hard fucking lasting as long as possible and that's what she got. She came several times and was very proud of herself afterwards.

To be honest as I took her to the bathroom I was astonished athow she'd taken it all, 'Oh, Mum,' she said, as I used the enema, 'times have changed, all the girls know about oral sex and cumming and everything, Trish will be the same. 'I didn't know what to say. I then went and got Trish, she was all excited, 'How did Tess take it?' she asked, I told her how Tess had virtually taken charge. 'I bet she gave Uncle Tom oral sex, she's been mad to do it for ages!'Once again I was speechless.

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  Trish had a shower and we went into the bedroomand lay down on the bed while Tom showered again. We went through the whole performance a second time, Tess was extremely interested in Tom fucking me and made no bones about playing with herself as she watched.

She was obviously well prepared when Tom turned to her, Tess was very much like me, smallish breasts, very firm with little pink nipples and swollen aureoles, lovely figure,great legs and the largest mound of all three of us. She had neat cunt lips, rounded like mine but already her inner lips were visible, more to do with her playing with her clit than anything else I fancied, my daughters were nothing if they weren't sexy.

By the time Tom spread Tessa's legs and moved over her she was almost pleading for him to do her, she grabbed his cock and placed it before he could do it, she lay smiling and relaxed as he began pushing gently. It took some time for him to enter her, 'You're very tight, darling,' he commented. The next time he pushed she suddenly pushed up at him and cried out as his cock went in, 'Ow! That hurt!' she complained. Tom kissed her, 'That's why I was being very careful,' he told her, 'next time let me do the pushing!'The next time he slid easily into her until he was ball deep in her cunt. 'Oh, gosh!' Tess said. Then he started gently and slowly fucking her but, after a while she pleaded with him to fuck quicker and harder. This time he lasted a long time, there can't be many girls whose introduction to intercourse lasts nearly half an hour. When he finally shot his load deep into her she cried out in delight and promptly squirted. I was amazed, I had heard of this phenomenon but had never observed it before. Tess took no notice of Tom or I and kept on making herself squirt by wanking herself almost brutally, it worked another three or four streams spurted out of her soaking everything, until she slumped back exhausted.

I took her to the bathroom, 'Have you ever done that before?' I asked.

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  She blushed deeply,'Yes,' she responded with obvious reluctance, she shrugged, 'when I sleepover with Maxine we play with each other and she nearly always makes me squirt!''Why on earth didn't you tell me?''I dunno, I thought you might not like it,' she replied. I gave her an enema like her sister, 'There, now you can't get pregnant. Do you want Tom to do you again?'She shook her head, 'Not now Mum, I know I got carried away, but it was all. . . . well. . . a bit strange feeling him inside me like that. 'So we left it.

On the Monday I took both girls to the Family Planning Clinic and had the nurse fit them with diaphragms, it was noticeable that there was no criticism of young girls havimg sex this time. Later on in the week they individually came to bed with Tom and me and had sex again. This started a pattern of behaviour and he fucks all three of us when he comes now, he says he always needs a holiday after he's visited us!.
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